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Written on Marlon Walls says hospital visit with Katelyn Norman changed his life :

Thanks for the great story Evan. God bless this little girls family and you too Marlon. I was reading this before going to sleep tonight sort of feeling a little down because things didn't all go my way today. This really put things in perspective. Go Vols!

Written on In Butch Jones' 'VOLympics,' UT players will earn, lose points for actions away from field:

in response to Rumblefish:

You wish junkboy. Got something wrong with being skeptical about another mid-major hire after seeing how bad the last one worked out???

Get bent.

Yes Grumble I have something wrong with being skeptical at all at this point. Coach Jones has been here what about 2 months had just a few short weeks to try to put together a coaching staff and a recruiting class and won't coach his 1st game for over 6 months. I'm trying to be positive here. Would probably help your attitude to try and do the same. I still think a good Butch slapping would help you also. If that didn't work I'd be happy to do it for him. You're the one that's bent Grumble.

Written on In Butch Jones' 'VOLympics,' UT players will earn, lose points for actions away from field:

Has anyone heard from Bones lately? We could use some words of wisdom from him about now.

Written on In Butch Jones' 'VOLympics,' UT players will earn, lose points for actions away from field:

in response to voloffaith:

Are you asking to be called Grumblefish instead?

On topic, new and fresh and at least trying to make culture changes that affect team chemistry etc...

Maybe Rumble just needs Butch slapping. Thanks Fall Creek for that line

Written on David Climer: Vols staff looks close to home for recruits:

in response to FanNotSheep:

Fact: East Tennessee is not a recruiting hotbed. But you have to recruit the good ones that do come up from time to time. I would rather get the guy who feels connected to the state when you can. Look at the old Nebraska teams.

Fiction: The program is worse now than when Dooley took over. Even with the departure of juniors to the NFL and the attrition of 7 guys from the 2012 signing class, the roster has more bodies now than when Dooley put his first team on the field. But he could have done much better.

Fact: The next two or three years are critical if the Vols want to get back to the top half of the SEC. Jones better be the right guy, in recruiting, player development and game day coaching. The revolving door has to stop now.

The revolving door should have never been opened to start with. Hall of fame coach VFL one year removed from the SEC championship game and he is cast aside like yesterday's paper. How many of you are the #1 in the nation in your profession every year? Those of you that ran coach Fulmer out of town deserve what you are getting right now. The rest of us don't. I ask again, how is all this hope and change working out for ya?

Written on In welcome letter, Butch Jones says parents of UT players can call anytime:

in response to Enki_Amenra:

You can always tell when someone realizes they have lost an argument or fight when they begin to offer slander to their advesary and those associated with them.

When they see their enemy making strides in the right direction, where they can not find a way to slow their rise over them and to the top, they resort to typical behavior of someone afflicted with a fear. They fear the inevitable, their enemy will soon be better than they are and they can't change that fact.

They raise their voice and shout snide and foul remarks in a last ditch effort to create an illusion of present and future failure. They say these things as a projection of their greatest fears. That fear is knowing they are becoming mediocre and largely irrelevant. They say these things because they are in denial and projecting their own fears onto others gives them a false sense of control and security.

That has to be one of the best articulation of describing someone as a piece of solid waste I've ever read. Good post Sir!

Written on Butch Jones selling UT tradition and new staff to recruits :

in response to 6972:

I'm not anti-Fulmer. I am thankful for the victories over the years. However, it seems strange that he has had no offers (to my knowledge) since leaving UT. What do we make of that?

Maybe he has has offers and turned them down. Either way he is a Vol thru and thru. He is a good man and was a good coach for Tennessee. He was one year removed from the SEC championship game. His last 4 years record was better than the most recent 4 years.

Written on Butch Jones selling UT tradition and new staff to recruits :

in response to GlennFordsFoible:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Y'all ran Coach Fulmer out of town. Do you really think we'd be in this bad of shape if he were still here? How's all that hope and change working out for ya? Go Vols!

Written on Butch Jones selling UT tradition and new staff to recruits :

in response to 60s70s80s90s00s10sallvol:

This article is frankly such an indepth piece it will take me some time to absorb it all. This just in, Butch Jones will wear orange at various times throughout the recruiting process and on game days next year.

Liked your post but we are talking about John Adams guys. Did you expect something different? Go Vols!

Written on Tennessee, Butch Jones plan post-Signing Day celebrations across the state :

You go Coach! I like that you are embracing Vol tradition. Now bring back our winning tradition. GoVols!

Written on Tennessee walk-ons Derrick Brodus, Tyler Drummer, Dylan West receive scholarships :

in response to NeylandWest:

Brodus! Much love for you all the way over here in Afghanistan! The TN guys on my team smiled when I told them the news! Glad to see your hard work and dedication finally pay off! To the others, congrats! To those Vols reading this, we fly the Power T on our GMV's! Still showin' the love, hooah! RLTW!!!

Thanks for your service to our country Sir. We may need you to come home soon and fight our intrusive government. Go Vols!

Written on Newest additions to coaching staff talk about Tennessee's tradition, appeal:

I've been reading this page for some time now and sometimes just can't believe how many of you folks are just a bunch of sniffling sissies. You don't have any sense of realism. General Neyland, Bear Bryant, nor any other coach would have faired much better the last couple of years. I'm sure you nay sayers were probably #1 in your company or industry the first couple of years on the job. If not, you ought to be fired by your "logic". I've been a Vol fan my entire life and always thought we had more class than fans I've encountered at other schools. I see now that's simply not the case. How's all this hope and change working out for you since Coach Fulmer was run out of town? About like the hope and change promised by Obama I bet. Go Vols!

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