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sorry to everyone that is normally on here, i am hating! just sick of people stuff.

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GO BIG ORANGE, GO BIG ORANGE, GO BIG ORANGE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rememberwhen, care not to remember! AH & FU

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LMAO!!! Can I get you another cup of kool-aid??? First, there is nobody on this roster that will ever make a dime in the NBA. Second, NC contender next year? Seriously? This team - even as you project it for next year - isn't anywhere near as good as Pearl's best team that went to the Elite Eight yet you wanna talk NC???? That pure delusional - funny, but delusional!!

Hey D!c) head, get off his back, he is thinking positive, something you can not!!!!

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Anybody that thinks this team is in the Dance because of today's win is delusional...Jimmy Dykes included! There's a whole list of things still either unknown or against TN...including:

1. They still don't have 20 wins. Check the history of how many at-larges there have been with less than 20 wins. Even if they beat SC/MissSt to get to 20, they still have to beat Alabama in a "bracketbuster" game to have a shot. And even if they do that, and then lose to FL, they're only 21-12 which is still not a good thing in a bad league!

2. Nobody knows what upsets may occur in conf tourneys by teams that won't get in otherwise. Those upsets in leagues with a team or two that are already locks will knock out bubble teams from bigger conferences - aka TN.

3. History hasn't been kind to at large teams with RPI's above fact, it's been VERY unkind. TN will not get below this number. The SOS doesn't help and the mix of quality wins vs bad losses isn't favorable.

4. The committee isn't going to be favorable to the SEC. 4 of the 9 members deciding (not counting the SEC member that must recuse himself) on SEC teams are from the west coast, 1 is from the Big 10 (which is well-known to hate the SEC), and 3 others are from the ACC, Big12 and CUSA - all with biases of their own. This is the one time each year that others can get a little payback for the SEC football arrogance and there is no doubt they aren't going to give any SEC team the benefit of the doubt.

5. They're in SIXTH place in a league that is not strong and will likely not get more than 3 or 4 bids. They have zero WOW factor, no stars, no star coaches, and were a .500 team just a month ago! Don't believe all that nonsense about the last 10 games - the committee isn't going to ignore the 2/3 of the season with some of the losses this team had.

6. With 37 at-large spots, you can go through top 6-8 conferences and make a solid argument for 30-34 that are better cases than TN. Add in the next tier with solid 2nd place teams - assuming their best wins the conf tourney - and you quickly run out of room for not just TN but several others in the big boy conferences.

Bottom line, TN must make it to Saturday in the tourney to have ANY chance and may even need Sunday! Not hating, just the facts.

Your just a debbie downer, not hating, just facts.

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Most all you guys on here trip me out!! During the streak CCM was doing great, the conditioning of the players was outstanding, the players (whom ever you are downing this week) are getting it done, it's all rah,rah,rah! They play a bad game and it's, "We Suck!" Coach needs to be fired, players need to be gone, blah,blah,blah. That kind of carp just gets old and tiresome. GA length did give us alot of trouble today, we looked slow as a team overall, I don't know why they played poorly today, I'm not in the huddle, I can't see there eyes and you can't either. I'll cheer them on the next couple of games and hope they can win a couple in the sec tourney. Let the chips fall where they may.
GO BIG ORANGE!!!!!!!!!!!!

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"The sophomore power forward ripped away an offensive rebound and converted a three-point play, nearly blowing the lid off Thompson-Boling."
I yelled and stompped across the floor. My wife with her headphones in looked at me like I was a crazy man. She's probably correct.
GO BIG ORANGE!!!!!!!!!!!!
What a win.

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The trolls that like to goad,
carry such a mental load.
Instead of moving down the road,
They remain, croaking, like toads.

Names, with numbers and letters,
And one of them, a wannabe "better".
Grandmas' basements they haunt,
There they deliver their taunts,
Sad lives, that won't get any better.

Poet and didn't noet!

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Way to almost take one for the team, buddy! Glad you got to see the end of it and placate the wife at the same time. Well played, sir!

Thanks and GO BIG ORANGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Great Win, Big Orange! Wife wanted to go out to eat. I said after the game. Game goes into overtime, she's a bi039ch'n, I'm hungry, resturant not far, so I say let's go. Go to mexican establishment, figure soccer would be on, but no, its the TN/TAM game on, I say, Cool. One of the best games in recent history, I'm giving her play by play, she can't see, but I can, to bad for her. Like it, love it, won't some more of it. I have a buzz and didn't drive.
Go Big Orange!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Living it, Breathing it, Digesting it, Dreams do come true. Good for you young man. Your doing what alot of us in this state would've liked to do when we were young. Maybe didn't have the talent or maybe it was the drive. Glad to see you have both. GO BIG ORANGE!

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OK it was a great game and UT won. So my question is where's the UT defense??? They allowed LSU to get back into the game three or four times; getting the score down to single digits. I like what I see but the defense? What has happened? Have they just decided to out score everyone?

Isn't that the objective? to outscore the opponent? Just asking.

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Very sloppy play, way to many turnovers. Just like the headline reads.

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So, anything exciting happen in tonights game? I left with 3 min remaining....

We Won!, Better than losing, I think.

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Where's Bruce?

Oh, you didn't see him? He was on the post game commetary show. He was even wearing a orange tie.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Why don't you just climb back up on your mountain and don't come down til Spring, hopefully you will have a better attitude. He said (may) which means he is hoping We will make the tourney. I don't think we will, but at this point in the season I'm not going to burst his bubble. We he is referring to is the Big Orange as a whole. He knows he is not on the team, but the ones who cheer in the stands sometimes do make an impact on the game. So just go take your negativity back up the mountain. Axxh0le.

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Please try not to be so negative all the time people, if you want to critcal that is fine, but then at least point out the good things that happen. I liked Bruce as much as anybody, but he ain't coming back, Sorry.

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I'm first tonight. At least we did score some points, but we have no one that is quick enough to stay with UM's point guard. They showed some heart when down by 20+ points at one point. Didn't watch the whole time was watching some of the Cotton Bowl at the same time. We win 15-18 games this year, let maymon redshirt and get ready for next year, Hope HCM recruits a quick guy.

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Who is that blue and orange team getting hammered by those guys from Louisville?

Think they are called the Flureda Chumps?

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They can take the big linebackers and make DE'
s out of them. We used to do that quite fequently.

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This is UT's most athletic team in a decade. Not sure why PS got hung up on big, slow players, but we're now playing fast and well.

Don't you think she probably recruited these players, since this is the 1st year without HCPS. Please think a little before you post.
Have a Merry Christmas.

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You people that I'm reading on this comment board would b!t^h if the biscuits had to much butter. This was not a pretty game to say the least, but you know what, we did have a chance to win. Really how many of you thought we had a chance to win? I didn't. We need a shooter or two that can be consistant. Free-throw shooting was just down right pitiful, I would have them shoot 1000 tomorrow a.m. But people bringing up it's another dooley performance and phooey like that is not needed. You guys wouldn't be happy if we(UT) went underfeated, you would find something to complain about. I'm proud of the way we competed, made alot of mistakes, but still had a chance to win. They(Gtown) were long and we are not. That is why a zone works for them. I think, I will drink a couple of more beers and watch when they are on again. Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!

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I'll take Freethrow for 200, Alex.

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You gentlemen have had a long hard road to travel, may it make you stronger as you go forward in life.

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Blacked out by DirectTV, anyone else? Wilkerson should replace Kessling on the play by play.

No it wasn't. It was on FSSN, chnl 600 and something. I watch a few mins. before going out out to eat.

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TN defense is just plain Sorry! Pitiful! Terrible! etc, etc. Just lost as my kid's Easter eggs of 10yrs ago. IDK, IDK.

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I hate to say it, but it maybe time to pack some bags. I like HCD, but they just are not getting it done. The defense played better the 2nd half, but dog-gone-it, couldn't get a stop when we needed it. Moral vic's (if you call it that)suck. Some things have gotten better, but others are worse. We have found a running game, but the play calling when we need a 1st down is less than to be desired. Frustration is at it's maximum. Defensively we are not very good, but from time to time they make some good plays, then follow it up with el suc o play. I don't know, just very frustrating. I don't know what else to say. DAMN!

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We've had the ball 13 stinking plays/to there 35plays, I don't know what to think, ????????????? this is so frustrating.

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Goodness gracious, they don't even know how to call for a fair catch, this is unbelievable.

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Patterson is crazy!, but can we stop them? That is the million dollar question.

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Our defense is as lost as last year's Easter Egg!

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I'm sorry to say but coaching was not the problem today. It was execution. Defense needs to learn how to get off of blocks. Do not let a blocker get into your chest, keep him at arms length in open field. Linebacker played terrible for 3 qtrs. Bray did not execute at the end of game. Run game was 100% better than I expected. Kids finally showed heart in a hard fought game. Coaches finally had the kids play for 60 mins. Sucks we (ut fanbase) lost but if they (the players) play the whole game minus mistakes we could win some games.

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I love watching the Vols play no matter the opponent or what time kickoff is. Taking my daughter to her first game and we can't wait.

Hope ya'll have a great time. She will remember that for a long time to come, my son and daughter both remember there first visit a few years ago and want to go back badly, but they/we are to busy with high school things.

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After skimming over these comments, I get the impression that SevenT pulled Gillislee's groin.


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Dang! I didn't expect such optimism from Adams. If he thinks 9-3, then there must be some possibility of that, since he has never exactly been a Vol homer. Gives me a little more hope after the whole Ra'Dick thing.

Sometimes there is an addition from substraction. This is one of his more positive articles that I've seen in awhile, a long while. If JA can keep things in perspective, there may be hope for him yet, but I doubt it. How about those boys from G-ville, TN. What a crazy game. That was about the wildest baseball game I've ever seen at any level. Probably won't do very well tomorrow, cause of pitching, but hey, I'm proud of them win or lose. Them boys show alot of guts and detemination. Most, if not all would have wilted losing a 10 run lead. Go Big Orange and to those little leaguers from G-ville. Sorry not sure how to spell it.

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Toot! Toot! Hear that?

Trolls Obsessing Over Tennessee.

I actually don't think any of you are real fans of any college team. A real fan would be too busy supporting his/her own team to come over here and rant about ours. Losers.

Amen! +1

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That would luxury accomodations for him, he lives in the shed outside of the single-wide and internet from the neighbor.

would be luxury//// steals internet, sorry for not proof reading better., maybe I should go work for John.

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One day, you will grow up and move out of Grandmas basement...just hang in there, life will get better for you.

That would luxury accomodations for him, he lives in the shed outside of the single-wide and internet from the neighbor.

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The day I met Pat Summitt for the first time I was fifteen and one song popped into my head and it wasn't Rocky Top. Standing there as she spoke with us I realized that she was a model for the Helen Reddy song, "I am Woman". I was immediately a fan and I shall remain so always. Even as a man, I am not ashamed that the tribute video brought me to tears especially the revelation of the miscarriages. Her courage to bear that privately for all these years is amazing and the fact that no knowing person broke her trust is a tribute to her ability to choose her closest friends wisely. She truly is a woman for the centuries and a person that anyone could choose as a role model. She is not only a great coach, she is one of the greatest persons of character I've had the pleasure of knowing or meeting, which is saying a lot since I've met three winners of the Nobel Peace prize, President Carter, Al Gore and Bishop Desmond Tutu. My prayers and thoughts are with Pat, Tyler, her family, friends and the Vol nation.

Please don't put her in same category as the three you mentioned, she is a much higher class of person than any of them.

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I've read all the scenerios that has been batted about. I think imho that the 8-team playoff would be best, because, the six conference champions and two at-large, but if a conference champion is not at least 10-2 in regular season they can't be eligable. No more than two losses. Then that would make the regular season important and also give the BS and TCU's a chance to get in with a 12-0 or 11-1 record. They also should keep the BCS scoring format, I think it makes it less bias.

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When I lived in Austin, I would tell those who talked about UT: You mean the University of Tennessee? They would say it was Texas; I would counter with the real UT is in Knoxville and was established long before Texas even thought about statehood!

I got some puzzled looks, but never an argument!

Tennesseeans are still held in pretty high esteem in Texas.

I think we did send 30,000 Volunteers down there for them to get their statehood.

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It must suck more to be a pos like you

no i must disagree, a little, i think the the 8letters stands for BALL-SACK, just a thought. Probably what he smells like as well.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

(hand raised like in school) I DO, I DO!!!!,,,,A-HOLE

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Even at a 3 seed we still will be opposite of KY. The 2 and 3 seed will meet in the semi's.

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Mr. Tatum, May you have a great day. Keep the hard work attitude and you will have a great life.

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Pat Summitt is the best basketball coach of all time men or women in my book. What she has done for women's basketball is greater than any other coach has done for their sport. The fact that almost half of her games played have come against ranked opponents is greater than Coach K, Wooden, Knight and the cheater in the NE. All of these other coaches gained most of their wins against weaker opponents.

Pat Summitt changed the game of basketball for women and she has championed the sport when other coaches have done basically nothing but benefit from her hard work. She is tireless and the greater part of it all is that she treats each person she meets like they are a part of her family.

What other great coach reaches out to other coaches for advice? What other great coach helps other coaches in their own conference? What other coach has the amount of former players and assistants coaching at other schools?

She is an icon! She is a national treasure! Without her on the court women's basketball is less somehow.

I had the great pleasure of meeting her and I count that as one of my greatest accomplishments and her autograph hangs on my wall at work and another one is encased at my house.

I read, I weep. Good post!