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Fulmer is totally FOS. His comments totally lack class. He was by far the biggest reason for the program's deterioration--and now he tries to pretend that that wasn't the case. It's the administration's fault! Please--man up, dude. This was his problem in his last several years as head coach--always making excuses and sidestepping the blame. I've come to dislike the man.

It is always a risk to fire someone in the SEC, even a poor or mediocre coach, because the conference is so good and you never quite know what you're getting with the new guy. Kiffin would have quickly turned the program around--we just got very unlucky when Carroll suddenly resigned. I won't say that Dooley was a good coach, or might have been--but when he took over the SEC was probably the toughest it has been in 40 years. bama, florida and georgia were all top 10 teams--auburn won a national title; even kentucky, miss. state and vandy were much improved. When Fulmer took over, the SEC was not nearly as strong--florida was the only great team; georgia was decent but not exceptional, and all of the SEC west teams were in a trough==not good. I'm sorry Fulmer is so delusional--but I've come to expect it from Mr. Excuse Maker.

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Kelly Washington? You mean the guy that only stayed two years (only played the first), and had over 1000 yards receiving six years before Fulmer got fired?

Urban Meyer has owned everyone, everywhere he has been. If your list of qualifications for a coach includes out coaching Spurrier or Meyer at Florida, then your list of qualified candidates doesn't exist.

I would also remind you that the fan base was desperately calling for change when Cut left. They were sick of the "three yards and a cloud of dust" philosophy. Dave Clawsen had success before he came to UT, and he has had success since he left. Perhaps when he was hired it should have been expected there would be a transition period while shifting offenses. Or maybe we could look at Crompton who routinely missed WIDE OPEN receivers running 15 yard routes against UCLA which represents the only time I've ever thought a quarterback single handedly lost a game. Tajh Boyd has worked out pretty well for Clemson... think he could have been more effective than Crompton and Nick Stephens?

Fulmer has routinely acknowledged the things he feels he should have done better over the second half of his tenure. Acknowledging administrative turmoil is hardly throwing anyone under the bus. Fact of the matter is, roster attrition from coaching change and repeated poor hiring decisions are more to blame for where the program is than Fulmer ever was.

When Fulmer got fired he was one year removed from the SEC championship game and SEC coach of the year. UT was ABSOLUTELY NO WORSE THAN MIDDLE OF THE PACK at the point when he got fired. Now they have the dubious distinction, along with Kentucky, of recruiting well with a new coach expected to have a losing season...

You can argue all you want over if Fulmer SHOULD have been fired at the time. What you can't argue about is that hindsight shows that it has damaged the program.

You are delusional, man. The fan base was "desperately calling for an [oc] change when Cut left--they were sick of the three-yards and cloud of dust." Perhaps you missed about 15 years of UT football. Cutcliffe was the best OC we've had in 30 years--and his strength is //throwing the football.// He alone turned Ainge into a productive QB. Nobody wanted him to leave--that's a crazy-stupid idea.

Fulmer tries to blame everyone but the obvious culprit--himself! He got stale, the staff got stale, the recruiting fell off. He made a TERRIBLE decision to promote Sanders--that was an absolute disaster and started the program's slide. Clawsen was another terrible hire.

Fulmer's comments about Hamilton are total BS as well. Of course he hates Hamilton because the guy sacked him--and he should have been sacked, make no mistake. Hamilton was a good AD. Pearl was a brilliant hire--and Kiffin would have been a brilliant hire, too; we simply got very unlucky when Carroll suddenly decided to flee Southern Cal and when Southern Cal decided to hire Kiffin, which was their mistake. UT was in a long slide when Fulmer got sacked--his best years were far behind him--and his comments blaming everyone else are tacky and incorrect.

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She was a great asset to the UT athletic department, that's all I know. If she says the work environment was bad and unequal, I choose to believe her. Not a big fan of Hart, with his fake black Alabama hair.

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I like the way the new staff is coaching up the team. I'm optimistic--but not about this year. Our passing game surely will be a problem--and I don't think the defense is going to be very good, either--not as laughably bad as last year (nothing could be THAT bad), but not good. Hope I'm wrong!

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"Randolph's helmet did appear to make contact with North's helmet." Really? Didn't see the play--but I hope they are not going to call penalties and eject players because of helmet-to-helmet contact. It will be a circus--absurd. Ball-carriers often run low and bent over: there is no way you cannot make contact with a helmet when you are tackling! Yes, deliberate attempts to launch at someone with a helmet should be flagged--but nothing else. Watch it: This rule will be a DISASTER this year with officials making bad judgment calls.

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I notice that he's wearing a knee brace in the photo on this page. I wonder if that's the same knee--and if he had some issues with it when he got to UT. If he can't he's not ready to play against the SEC teams in the first half of our schedule, he might as well be redshirted--why waste a year of eligibility so that he can play against kentucky and vanderbilt?

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No, he needs to be at 335 to be able to move, show stamina and be REALLY effective. 350 is still too heavy. He's getting there but more work to do. As for being as good as Henderson, that would be something as Henderson was not just big but strong as an ox--he was on the of the strongest guys in college AND the NFL.

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It's good that the SEC wants to crack down on illegal hits--but ejecting a player is a BIG deal, and there is no doubt that the officials will screw it up and throw guys out of games for hits that look tough but actually aren't illegal. It's just a question of how many times they blow it--and when you're ejecting players from games, blowing the call can have some very harsh consequences. There really should be a warning first, and then an ejection on the second illegal hit, IMO. I don't trust the officials to get it right.

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It doesn't sound like any of coaches had established a real good relationship with this young girl, despite the fact that she committed to UT. I say that because she emailed Warlick rather than called. Maybe she was just copping out because she had bad news....either way, it's a blow.

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The program has been stalled for a while--one step forward, one step back. I'm not sure why the coaches are caught EVERY YEAR, seemingly, by a shortage of players. Summitt never had enough players--and we've got the same recurring problem with Warlick. You'd think by now that the coaches would understand that transfers and injuries and no shows are going to happen--pretty regularly--and so would recruit extra players. They don't do it, however--and the Vols have personnel issues almost every year. Absurd.

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Oh, my: This hurts--she's supposed to be a very good player. I wonder what's up with her.

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No doubt the Gainesville police--like other police who come into contact with major-college football players--looked the other way when it came to some Gator crimes. How do two people get seriously shot and nobody is arrested, especially after one of the people in the car ID'd the player with Hernandez. That's BS. I also know that some major-college programs are ignoring some drug-testing results--and I'm SURE bama is one of them. It also wouldn't surprise me if there were more than a bit of PED use at bama--believe it.

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in response to GBOEngineer:

The article doesn't address the greatest weakness of the game - it's women playing basketball.

Don't make stupid posts, man.

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I have only one objection at the moment, but I adamantly disagree about the officiating "less physicality" thing. I say let them play basketball and call it fair & square. Ticky tack whistles have ALWAYS made BORING games. Officials should let the game play out and call blatant, flagrant fouls. Touch fouls are just plain dumb. My opinion, refs make women's bb boring by stopping the clock for stupid reasons. Call walking like it is called in NBA, never! A walk is an extra step. Simple enough. Swallow those whistles and let the fans enjoy the game and the best team wins. So many officials think they are pretty and sexy. They are merely stripes. They need to blend in; not take over.

I disagree about "walking" calls. Sports have rules for reasons. The NBA should enforce the rule.

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This is college basketball, not the WNBA. The sport doesn't need a commissioner--that's an absurd idea. Which other NCAA sports have commissioners? I think the answer is none. Speeding up the game? Why? Don't the women have the same 35-second shot clock as the men? Yes, it would be nice if the women shot better-but that has been true for years, and there is nothing to do about it. I'm curious to know the shooting percentage in men's basketball--I'm betting it's not much higher. As for a 24-second clock, that's a very dumb idea that will only make the shooting worse!

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Can he play in the pros? I'm skeptical but then I didn't think the Russell Wilson, the small Seattle QB, could either. I think Wilson will find it a bit tougher in the NFL this year--and Manziel simply won't be able to run around in the pros like he does in college.

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Talk about a hardy perennial: Every year we get the same story about how the offensive linemen have lost weight and will be more agile, and the strength coach has boosted...strength! Let's hope these improvements help the Vols on the field!

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Speaking of weak.....get a grip..this a tough field which will challenge them....What did that weak Louisville team do the next game after shellacking us? They beat who? Beat who with who on the team? Your point is off that this team had a meltdown. They got beat by a team that was peaking......oh everybody else knew that so now you can join us and try and move on. Some of us don't live in the past......It seems....

Did you watch the louisville game? We choked. The game wasn't even 5 minutes old and we were in a FULL PANIC mode. Spani and Simmons had their usual big-game meltdown--couldn't make a shot--and Warlick did a terrible job of calming them down. We had a better team but couldn't handle the pressure. Even one of the assistants said that afterwards. That's just a fact. We've played badly against every top team we've played for about two years--have lost our mental toughness.

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Bahamas? After that weak and embarrassing meltdown against louisville, this team should be taken to the desert for some mental-toughness training. The old Vol steeliness has turned to putty, it seems.

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Let's find a /good/ guard to replace her.

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This was a VERY GOOD team, and it could be a while before we have another that's as good--though the Weeklys are doing a great job of recruiting. I'm disappointed that we do not have a title yet, as we should have at least one--but no matter the sport, it always seems difficult for UT to get over the hump. But I loved this team, which absolutely can play with Oklahoma, though their left-handed pitchers were tough. That Monday loss was absolutely brutal--although knowing our luck, we could have won that one and the lost the next two, with an extra-inning loss in game three. We have been to 6 CWS in 9 years. That's an amazing accomplishment. Now we have to figure out how to win the d*mn thing.

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Maybe one of the best coaching seasons ever for the Weekleys. This team over-achieved every step of the way. There is so much for the Lady Vols to be proud of this year. Watching on TV I felt a hurt for the players but at the same time I was proud to be a Vol!

Overachieved? You have NO idea what you're talking about! This was the best UT softball team ever--and we've had some good ones: we had about six players who were either ALL SEC, All America or both. We will be hard pressed to put together a more talented unit. Pay attention.

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I am sad for this outstanding team and great group of seniors. This was easily UT's best softball team ever--that is saying something. It was CERTAINLY worthy of being national champion. They showed that throughout the season and the tournament.

Unfortunately, for the second time, we could not get over the last hump. We blew it in 2007, when we were one hit away from the title, and then this year we ran into a great Oklahoma team, one of the best ever--but of course our chances were ruined by the epic collapse on Monday night, one of the most bitter defeats in UT history. It's tough. We should have /at least/ one national championship. It may take a while before we have a team this good--we had about six players of All SEC/All America quality, but the Weeklys have built a tremendous program and should be congratulated for that. The coaches have done a great job--UT softball is the BEST PROGRAM at UT, men or women. I'm still a bit stunned by the loss on Monday, but proud of these outstanding women and outstanding players. This was a stellar team.

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This was one of the most disastrous losses in UT history--any sport, seriously. I love the Weeklys, but why in the world did they leave Ellen in when she was struggling in the 11th? What were they watching? They relieve one sister with another all year--and then with the national title on the line they do something different and it will cost us the championship. This was shades of the Arizona (st?) game n 2007 when we had had about 4 different chances to get one hit and win the title, and we didn't, lost game one, 1-0 in extra innings, then lost game two and with it the title. What were the Weeklys watching in the 11th? Oh, my: I couldn't sleep last night I was so PO'd. Just a disaster.

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Warlick MUST start recruiting great guards--and not just one but multiple, talented guards. This is a big reason why we've fallen--guard play has not been good enough.

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in response to Columbo:

Are you really blaming a tornado on the greed of the NCAA? Almost anywhere on the east coast it would be hurricane season. Should we not have any sporting events around the ocean this summer? Natural disasters happen, but life goes on.

You are wrong. Tornadoes in Oklahoma at this time of year are a MUCH bigger problem than hurricanes. That's a silly comment. Hurricanes are rare--you might get one a season, and they take weeks to move up the coast from the Caribbean. Tornadoes can pop up daily--Oklahoma has had dozens of tornadoes, large and small, in recent weeks and months.

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Tornado season ranges from about February until November. So when do you suggest playing these games? Where do you suggest playing these games. OKC has won the right to host because they were the one and only city stepping up to host this event before it became an espn showcase event, back when softball wasn't on most peoples minds.

Wishing ill on someone like that makes you look really bad especially when you are uninformed on the facts.

Isn't this the height of tornado season--late spring and summer? Oklahoma has a serious tornado problem nowadays--and the NCAA should not be holding a World Series in a state where there is a high chance of life-threatening weather during the tournament. It is no knock on Oklahoma, but why would you have a tourney in a place with this kind of threat when you can hold it in any of 45 other states? It's absurd. This isn't just some passing thunderstorm--Oklahoma gets major tornadoes now ALL THE TIME.

Written on Tennessee-Washington postponed; will play at noon Saturday:

Why not move the World Series around among various cities? I know they do a good job in Oklahoma,'s oklahoma.

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A lot of work to do. Let's hit the ball and win today.

Written on Mikelis Libietis, Hunter Reese upset in NCAA doubles :

Libietis was injured earlier in the week, but I don't think it was serious and it was not mentioned in relation to yesterday's loss. He didn't have a good NCAA tourney at all, but he had a great year and will be even stronger next year if he stays. Winterbotham and the rest of the coaching staff have been great--built a really solid program. Kudos to them and the team. Keep it up!

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I hope they play relaxed--best way to play well.

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I've seen her play several games and watched several workout sessions. She can shoot lights out every game. Ball handling skills great.
Comparing here to Shanna-pretty close. She is money in the bank on that three point shot.

Are you saying she's like Zolman? That would be a disaster. The only thing she could do was shoot uncontested 3s. Sorry to be critical, but in every other aspect of the game, and there are many, she was pretty bad.

Written on Strong pitching the fast track to Women's College World Series:

Vols are a good hitting team--that is our strength. They need to hit the ball and score some runs.

Written on Raven Chavanne named top 3 finalist for USA Softball Player of the Year:

Chavanne deserves to win it. She's been great for four years--does it all.

Written on Guard Alexa Middleton commits to Lady Vols :

She seems talented--but how athletic is she? We've had troubles with recruits (shooting guards, specifically) who were heady players and good shooters in high school but not athletic enough to play at the highest level in college.

Written on Lady Vols, Alabama meet Friday at 7 p.m. on ESPN2:

We had to play bama in the first game of last year's World Series, didn't we? I think there IS a conspiracy--really. This has to be the year for us--I hope. I think this is our best all-around team ever. We've had better pitching--and should have won the WCWS--but this is UT's best hitting team by far, yes? Let's git 'er done.

Written on Lady Vols rout Longwood, face N.C. State next:

Why are the winners playing before the losers? Doesn't make much sense. If the losers play first, they will get a decent crowd that builds as the game goes along; fans get to see all four teams. This way, 80 percent of the fans will leave after the first game and Longwood and JMU will be playing in front of sparse group. Seems odd way to run a tournament. What's more, by playing the early game the team eliminated from tourney gets a head start on going home. This way, they will get a late start unless they plan to stay another night.

Written on John Adams: Hurd's commitment makes Beech a Tennessee team:

I don't know. I hope he's great--but his height might be a problem. At 6'3 he's already /very tall/ for a RB, and he may still be growing. There is a reason most RBs are compact and not very tall--they are not easy to see behind blockers, and more important, they are not so easy to tackle when they are running low. Hurd will not be able to run low, and he'll be a big target. Fingers crossed.

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Crompton was pretty much terrible at UT, though he played a little better the last half of his senior season under Kiffin. He's one of 5--count 'em 5--qbs on the Edmonton roster, and I read that two of the other QBs will compete for the starting job. So Crompton must esssentially play well enough to make the team as 2nd/3rd-team QB, depending on how many they keep. And I doubt he's making much money. Good luck to him.

Written on Tyler Bray has moved beyond 'stupid mistakes' at Tennessee:

There is much talk about Bray's off-the-field issues being a problem, but he had plenty of on-the-field issues too. He'll have to learn better footwork, be smarter, be tougher and be much more of a leader than he was at UT. He's got to make a huge amount of progresss in a relative ly short period of time. His arm may keep him around the league for a year or two, but he'll need a much better head to make it in the NFL.

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The team will have talent in the front court and at wing--but UT looks weak and inexperienced at guard, and that spells trouble, especially without a point guard. Good teams start with good guards--multiple good guards. I'm not sure we have even one right now.

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Great win, great story, very happy to see our strong tennis program back in the "sweet 16." I think the proper grammar is "a sophomore WHO attended...."

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What had been a tremendous season was somewhat ruined by a terrible last week of the season. Big hitting team gets shut out by arky, no hit by Missouri and then gives up 12 runs in last game after earning a big lead? The coaches all year have replaced one sister with another in games, often mid-game when the starter begins to look a bit shaky. Yesterday, the move backfired. Oh, my. This team will go as far as its hitting will take it. Pitching is good, generally, but not great. UT has an outstanding team but they will need to show it from here on. Good luck!

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in response to kdaff51:

Yes she was but the state of women's basketball is a lot different today than it was when Coach Summitt was 22. Do you think that Tennessee would turn its program over to a 22 year old this day and time? I would hope not.

Precisely. The game is MUCH more competitive now than when PS started. Tyler Summitt has one year of experience as an assistant--not enough at all to merit a head-coaching job. Pay your dues, young man.

Written on Pat Summitt's 1-year contract dips from $354,375 to $85,000 :

I'm not a big fan of Hart, but he handled this properly. It is a good thing to keep Summitt on staff and part of the athletic department and women's basketball program, and it is a good thing to reduce her pay to a nominal amount. All of comments suggesting that Hart fired PS are stupid--she is ill and needed to step down.

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She should be the Player of the Year in collegiate softball. Outstanding player--maybe the best all-around player in the game.

Written on Grilled by Jon Gruden, UT's Tyler Bray says he needs to improve preparation in NFL:

Bray has a pro arm, for sure--but it takes a LOT more than an arm to play, and play well, in the NFL. Takes intelligence, guts, quick decision-making, leadership, mobility and, yea, intense preparation. In all those areas Bray is a major question mark. He'll have to get rid of the ball a lot faster in the NFL, and be accurate when he does: THAT will be a challenge. But I wish him well and hope he makes it in the league.

Written on No style points, but Lady Vols extend lengthy softball win streak:

I'd like to see Ravan Chavanne get the NCAA player of the year award--she deserves it. She's been an exceptional player for four years. This team is a legit championship contender, though the pitching worries me a bit and basically it often comes down to who among the best teams can win close games in the tournament. But this has to be the best LV team ever, no? Certainly the best hitting team.

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in response to SevenT:

Peyton should stick with resurrecting his career in Denver and selling cars on TV commercials because nobody is going to buy any of this jazz.

Jones was about 5th on the Vol wish list behind Chuckie and Charlie Strong and everyone who follows this program knows this is a dud/thud hire just like Dooley and Kiffin were duds.

Since Fulmer is gone the program has fallen apart,

Just Saying

No, Seven: The program fell apart //while// Fulmer was the coach. That was the problem--that's why he was sacked. The Vols fell apart his last seven years, but perhaps you've blocked that out.

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Mike in Storrs:

Go away, troll. And Storrs is a dump.