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I just want to see som intensity and heart from the team thi year. With CBJ leading the way, I expect to see lots of vol piles this fall.

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On the surface it sounds like a good idea, except for the bible studies. But, will these kids buy into the idea? That remains to be seen. This isn't high school,but I'm all for helping kids mature mentally as well as physically. However, I have a feeling this will start out strong and then peter out. It sounds a bit too dooleyesque.

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Don't count Charlie High out just yet. The kid is a winner and he just might surprise some folks. He's a dark horse, but that's to his advantage.

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He better get some speedy and tough tackling defensive back recruits.

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I'm cautiously optimistic, but after the last four years, I'm also quite a bit jaded. After a full season, I think we'll all know if the program is headed up or down. No matter, this is what we got, so we best support it and hope for the best. I have to admit, he does sound a whole lot more enthusiastic than Derek Dooley ever did. At least this guy knows how to coach, and that by itself is an improvement.

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The sun has set on Sunseri.

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If we have to end up with someone of lesser stature, let's hope we get lucky and wind up with a coach as good as Franklin. There just might be a diamond in the rough out there somewhere who could straighten this program out the same way Franklin has done at Vanderbilt.

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Laugh all you want about Fulmer, but he was a Volunteer all the way through. He loved this school and would have stayed and done his best until they laid him in the grave. That alone is worth a lot to me, and it should be to any true Vol fan.

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Butch Davis? Are you kidding me? The former NC coach had recruiting violations even worse than Kiffen...

Before the Kiffin hire, I was down with Butch Davis. Maybe he learned his lesson at NC. I do believe he'd be a good coach for us. Besides, it's not looking too good on the coaching front. Davis could be just what we need.

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We'll see what Strong is made of if and when Louisville offers him the whole enchilada. The guy can recruit and I heard a rumor that he might be interested in hiring some former Vols like Tee Martin and keeping Jay Graham. Now if he will also bring Dale Jones back to the fold, I would be thrilled.

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No true Vol fan can root for Bama. If the Taliban brought a team over to play Bama I would be wearing a turban sitting with the muslims.

Go Vols......

Man, that is funny! I'd be sitting right beside you shouting "death to the infidels!"

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This is all such fun to speculate and it gives us something to do, as if we really know who the new coach should be. My guess is that we are all wrong, and will be surprised when the new hc is announced. And it won't be Gruden, and definitely not Franklin.

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What a mess. Aside from a few players, we need to start from scratch, not just the coaches but the players as well. I've never been a Bray fan. Cut him loose if the NFL wants him.

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Come on Adams, give us fans a break (at least a vast majority of us) Yes we are upset with the state of our football program, but storming an office to physically do harm to a man? Yes Dooley should be terminated immediately. I feel for the man (yes I know, he is a man getting ready to get 5 mil), especially his family. I am 100 percent sure he did not set out to make UT a loosing program. He has been in over his head. I hoped he would work out. I think he did at least try to bring back some of the traditions that the loser before him destroyed. We just need to allow the powers to be to do their job. Let's act like we got some class and allow him to go without incident. Looking forward to better days. Even with all this going on, I AM STILL PROUD TO BE A TENNESSEE VOL. WILL STILL WEAR MY POWER T CAP AND TENNESSEE RING WITH PRIDE. GO BIG ORANGE.
Class of 83

You make a ton of sense. Too bad it doesn't register with some Vol fans. I don't hate or dislike Dooley. And, many people have overlooked the fact that he did restore some of the traditions. Unfortunately he just wasn't up to the job of restoring one big tradition - a winning program that holds its own with the likes of Florida, Alabama, and Georgia.

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Hire Cutliff as coach, Chavous as DC, Keep Jay Graham at RB coach, Tee Martin at QB coach, Trooper Taylor at WR coach, Dale Jones at LB coach keep the OL coach and get some solid coaches and recruiters. Heck get Phillip Fulmer as recruiting coordinator and wait for Peyton to retire from the NFL. I think this group could get it turned around.

That is what I've been saying for years now. I only wish it would actually happen. What we need are Tennessee men in there who bleed orange and don't need to wear orange pants to prove it.

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I have to give Dooley credit for one thing - he showed up for his postgame interview on the radio. That takes some courage after that embarassment of a football game. He'll be reading the want ads tomorrow morning.

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As much as I love Tennessee football, this isn't it. A fake punt on fourth down inside your own 20? That by istelf is a firable offense.

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What in the hades goes on at halftime in the Tennessee lockerroom? Does Dooley read them bedtime stories? Cheese and crackers!

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Derek Dooley, get ready for the hopper.

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This makes sense. You will probably be banned for it -- and at least reviled by the idiots on this site for thinking for yourself.

The guys on CSS ranked the UT job among the 4 that have or probably will come open in the SEC by season's end: Auburn, Arkansas, Kentucky and UT. Only one of them (a Florida alum) said UT was the best job. One said it was the worst and the others said it was third.

1. Unrealistic expectations
2. Lack of in-state talent
3. How long it's now been since Vols were winning.

So why do fans think the line for the UT head coaching gig is so long? The people who think we will attract an NFL coach are the same unrealistic fans who expect the team to always win the SEC just because they once did.

Yes we have a huge, wonderful stadium with tons of history, and yes we have great facilities. But so do some other SEC schools, and they also have all the players they need to win playing high school ball in their back yard. Saban gets the best players out of Alabama, then sneaks into Florida, Texas and Louisiana (or where ever he needs to) and shows off his championship rings. Then Auburn has to settle for the leftovers, or the ones Georgia can't convince to come across the state line.

When Tennessee was winning, Fulmer got the players he needed. And most of them were not from Tennessee. But back then South Carolina was awful, Alabama was down and Georgia was stumbling around looking for a good coach just like UT has lately. So even if a great recruiter comes along and takes over, it won't be easy to make up ground on Spurrier, Saban and Richt.

If you can change for the better, then do it. But we tried change for the sake of change. And that has darn near killed the program.

There is plenty of talent in this state; but UT doesn't seem to actively and intensely pursue it. One player we could have had, who was just wanting to play at UT, moved on to Kentucky and is now a big time player with the Packers. There are other cases of this, too. There is no good reason we don't consistently get the best of the talent in Tennessee. Randall Cobb was a big blunder in recruiting.

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In searching for a new coach, I hope Hart will be diligent but also careful not to hire someone like Petrino. The program has beenn cleaned up and that is to Dooley's credit; he's just not a good head coach. So let's find a man with integrity who also happens to be a danged good coach. I'd love to have a true Tennessee man in charge, but that's not going to happen, so we'll probably wind up with a mercenary.

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For starters, with the exception of a few players, we don't seem to have players of the same athletic abilities of other SEC teams. But, compounding that obstacle is the fact that they don't look as if they are well-coached. They make mistakes that my middle school kids know better not to make. One would expect that when a kid goes to college, he would improve over what he was when he was recruited. That doesn't seem to be happening on Rocky Top.

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It's time to start over with a new coach. We do not have a kicker who could start for another SEC team; we do not have a running back who could start for another SEC team; we do not have a linebacker who could start for another SEC team; we do not have a defensive back who could start for another SEC team,; and last but far from least, we do not have a single coach who could be the head coach for another SEC team (and that includes Kentucky).

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Look, the answer to this entire problem is quite simple. Dooley is not an SEC caliber coach. We have three years of evidence to prove it. The real question is, what is he going to do with those orange britches once he's fired?

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Dooley once again shamefully puts blame on someone else. He is like an addict that blames everyone else but himself, and he's the head coach. Absolutely PATHETIC. How many times since he has been the UT coach has he either directly or indirectly blamed everyone but himself for the results, or lack thereof, that we see on the field.

He was mama's fairhaired boy who could do no wrong.

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"Some things will never change" is the next line. Oh brother!

Good observation.

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After three years, it is painfully obvious that DD doesn't really know what he's doing. Being a head coach in the SEC isn't a "learn on the fly" gig. You have to know what you're doing or you'll get your butt kicked but good. He could have selected better coordinators and assistants as Les Miles has done. I don't really see that Miles is agreat coach, but he knows how to pick coaches who are. The problem with UT seems to be a collage of errors - coaching, motivation, recruiting, schemes, speed,and football intelligence. If the status quo remains, nothing will ever improve.

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The picture reminds me of Curly on The Three Stooges!

Now that's funny! He really does look like Buddy Hackett.

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At least I didn't fall asleep during this game. But that's about all I can say for it.

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It's just way too painfully obvious that Dooley is simply not a head coach, especially in the SEC. If he is still around next season, it will only get worse. He simply does not inspire me, so I can't imagine that he inspires the team. He's as exciting as oatmeal. He belongs at a small school where there are no athletic scholarships. He's just way over his head here. There is no enthusiasm for this team, and I dread what the next recruiting season will be like with him as head coach. What kid in his right mind would pick UT over Florida, Georgia, Alabama, etc? I doubt there will be many four or five star recruits around that choose UT.As bad as this season is, I'm already dreading the next one. The chemistry on this team is a failed experiment.

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We make a pretty darned good Sunbelt team. Can't wait to hear what Dooley has to say. We will beat the stuffing out of Kentucky (I hope), but Vanderbilt and Missouri are toss ups at best.

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Dooley doesn't think quick enough to be a major college coach. He also is a poor judge of talent both on the field and on the coaching staff. Some guys are just not meant to be head coaches in the SEC, no matter how nice of a person they may be. I don't even kmow why I am continuing to watch this boondoggle of a football game. Even if we win this one, which we should, it certainly is nothing to brag about.

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We'll see what happens with the halftime adjustments.

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This team is like a failed chemistry experiment. Once again, where were the halftime adjustments?

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That was a glimmer of the old Tennessee, but just a glimmer. I hardly recognize UT football anymore.

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This team seems to believe in not winning.

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Oh me...I think I'll go read the Fingerhut catalogue.

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Bad luck for Lattimore. Hope he has been paying attention in class so his degree will save him. Hell what I am saying, we all now they are all thugs that don't go to class. When I went to college, I seen how it really works. They have "tutors" if you will, that "help" them on their homework and class. Remember that I had a starting linebacker in one of my classes, not naming names, but he rarely showed up for class. He showed up for the test though but sat right behind a girl he cheated off of while the professor turned his head. During the semester test, another student took the seat he always sat in because we was all tired of it, and the football player assaulted him and the campus police was called. Nothing was done about it or no one was arrested though. The football player even graduated which makes you sick to think what all takes place. I am not saying all athletes are like that, but most of them are.

Talk about going to college and learning something..."I seen?" "The campus police was called?"

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Tim Priest has said everything except the Vols are a terrible team. But, it's only the first half. Plenty of time to come clean.

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I don't believe there is anything that can save Dooley's job now. Win or lose, he's gone. I used to get excited on game day; not anymore.

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The answer is simple: we don't have the personnel for a 3-4 defense. The linebacking corps is below average and the secondary looks confused on nearly every play. Did I mention the lack of speed?

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As much as I hate to say it, this is just a bad team with poor coaching. Dooley refuses to take any blame for the demise of this program. He blames the players. The kids will get tired of that and quit on him, if they haven't already. This is a confused team without any leadership. I seriously doubt if Dooley could inspire a junior pro team. I also hate to say it, but the guy just can't coach.

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Vandy will be tough. Missouri is no chump, and Ky almost beat Georgia so anything could happen, but I fully expect go 7-5. If not then UT is in bad shape cause things wont get easier next year.

A 7-5 record is a wish upon a star. We will be fortunate to go 6-6 and get a bid to the Irrelevant Bowl against Whodat U.

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We really are between a rock and a hard place. If
Dooley is fired now, who takes over? Sunseri? Cheyney? On the other hand, if he isn't fired now, that cuts down on the time to find a quality replacement. It is now a realistic possibility that we could lose all the remaining games.

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Here's Dooley on his postgame show. I wonder if he'll be asked why he opted to kick a field goal down 44 -10.For future reference, we need to remember that lawyers do not make good head coaches.

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We're a decent two quarter team, which makes me wonder what the heck is going on at halftime in the lockerroom.

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He has until the end of 2015 on his contract, I think. No way we can wait that long. It needs to happen tonight. Time to start the search in ernest.

Hey, 75Vol, I get your point, but what recruit is going to want to come here knowing Dooley and this staff are in charge. Many of these kids are looking for a staff that can coach them up so they have a shot at the next level. This staff isn't capable of that, therefore, the blue chip recruits will be slim pickins' for us.

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You have a short memory, pal. Were you still in diapers during the Shula years?

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Vol fans:

Who likes Dooley now? This is one of the worst Tn coached team ever! We have the talent, but way over coached! Dooley, resign now or the moving vans are coming soon! Get a winner like Petrino! I don't hear from the self righteous baptists! When did you commit a sin? How about two seconds ago? Go Big Or

Yes, we need a new coach, but not Petrino. He has a ton of baggage and not just that scene at Arkansas. He's a man of dubious character, and I don't want that, either. We need a true Tennessee man.

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Gee, good thing we got that last field goal to make a game of it. WTF!