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Written on Alabama No. 1 in AP preseason poll :

KNS: This is Knoxville, home of Tennessee Volunteers and rival to Alabama. Know your audience. Don't EVER send me a app/text alert with "Roll Tide, Alabama's #1" EVER AGAIN!!!
And NEVER post an article in GoVolsXtra with Roll Tide as the headline.
Alabama's ranking is not worthy of a text alert for Knoxville. Stick to traffic, weather, crime, i.e the important stuff when sending me an alert.

Written on Tennessee's defensive players eased by the familiarity the coaching staff has with one another:

in response to OrangePsyched:

Defense will be much improved. I'm not saying that it will be great or very good but it will be much improved. I just want to see some guys fly to the ball rather than be tentative as they seemed last year.

Considering we were dead last in defensive stats last year and the worst defense ever in UT history, I think "much improved" is realistic.

Written on Jabo Lee's coach upset with Tennessee:

Ok Dillon coach, deny your future players the opportunity to play D1 football because of your own selfish reasons. UT found Jabo a 4 year home, more than you did for him.

Written on 5 Tennessee players to watch when camp opens:

Palardy has done what before? Other than missing FG and XP, I'm not sure he's done much of anything before.

Written on Erik Ainge DUI case reset to Aug. 6:

Guilty until proven innocent? This story is on Yahoo sports, National sports blogs, twitter, facebook, etc. If he is found not guilty, Erik Ainge will hit the jackpot lawsuit.

Written on Salaries in Tennessee athletic department rise 9.1 percent over a year ago:

1.I thought Dave Hart cleaned house when he got here and fired/terminated/forced resignation on a lot of athletic dept support staff. but it says we have more employees now then last year?
2. JJ Clark is way overpaid, based on results.
3. The Weekleys are way underpaid.
4. I shoulda been a coach.

Written on Tennessee Tech, not Tennessee, the 'best fit' for Charlie High :

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The reality is the kid would have never seen the field.

But he had a dream and he chased it. No more "what ifs". Never seen or met the kid but I have much respect for him not listening to the nay sayers.
Isn't Nash Nance (DaRick's high school QB) there too?

Written on AP Source: Tide froze football staffer's contract:

Pannunzio, however, was not among the former Hurricane coaches accused of wrongdoing by the NCAA
Of course he wasn't. Because it was the NCAA doing the investigating. Alabama investigated and found wrongdoing. Now seriously, does anyone not named Mark Emmert think the NCAA is even relevant anymore?

Written on Trae Golden to transfer to Georgia Tech, seek waiver to play immediately:

The Ga Tech director of student affairs is some old dude, in case you were wondering....

Written on Coaches feud over impact of fast-paced offenses on players:

Now I understand why Bret Bielema only has 5 recruits committed so far.

Written on Tennessee moving premium tailgating spot to Circle Park:

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Q1: Is it safe to get drunk an toss a football around when a drunk fan's b-b-q'n at the back of his SUV with the tailgate up?

A: No

Q2: Is it safe to get drunk an b-b-q at the back of yur SUV with the tailgate up knowing a football's gonna get tossed around by drunken fans?

A: No

Q3: So, since it's not safe to either toss a football or b-b-q while tailgaiting ... why tailgate?

A: Tailgatin's not the point, ... gettin' drunk before the game is.

A. You need to upgrade and buy a bigger and better grill. Leave that little portable camping stove at home.

Written on Report: Ole Miss backup cornerback Carlos Davis suspended 6 games:

The kid is good at cheating, so he will fit in well at Ole Miss.

Written on UT releases self-reported minor NCAA rules violations:

Once upon a time, the NCAA had a purpose.

Written on Jannah Tucker won't play for Lady Vols:

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Personal reasons = pregnant? Possible. Finding out one is pregnant comes out of the blue and without warning and makes you have to change up completely what you planned on doing in the near future. Stay tuned.

That's some great investigative journalism skills you have. And to think you broke the story before anyone else knew about it. Thanks for digging up the TRUTH.

Written on David Climer: Perception of Vanderbilt changes quickly:

Climer being Climer. In the same breath he makes a harsh statement against VU and then retracts his statement saying don't rush to judgment. Let me guess, if this was UT, there would be no retracting?

Written on Kevin Durant is unlikely to attend Bobby Maze event :

Durant gets $88 million from Nike?

Written on Alabama AD: Tide football on unprecedented run:

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Maybe Battle can do for Alabama football the same as he did for Tennessee football. Go Vols

well played sir, well played.

Written on Butch Jones plans to be in Miami for Game 7 of NBA Finals to cheer on Heat, Erik Spoelstra:

Maybe he will be sitting next to some U of Miami football players who just happened to score a few tix on the street for $20 bucks.

Written on Govols247: Powell commits to Vols on visit :

Derek Dooley is a moron--He couldn't recruit his own momma to play for UT.

Written on Former Lady Vol Chamique Holdsclaw pleads guilty, gets probation:

Getting the right companion (Man) in her life would help her. I don't think she has ever had a father figure (raised by her grandma?) or any type of man in her life. JMO, you don't have to stone me.

Written on Tennessee football takes another hit in NCAA academic rate, could face serious penalties without improvement:

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This comment may be inappropriate. Reveal this comment.

can't spell stupid without the T in tennessee

Enjoying your summer break? Log off now and let the adults talk.

Written on Saban's scheduled Tennessee appearance causes stir:

Next year, maybe they can book Derek Dooley to just stand against a wall and sell $50 tomatoes for throwing.

Written on Leap of faith for Tyler Stepp at ETSU:

ETSU bringing in some former UT legends to get the program turned around. I like the move from my Alma mater

Written on Former UT grad assistant Marc Gesualdo backs Julie Hermann, calls accusations 'a glorified witch hunt':

Can we say witch hunt and still be politically correct? I'm sure some witch group will demand KNS staff go to sensitivity training. Its a crazy world we live in these days.

Written on Former UT graduate assistant Marc Gesualdo: Stop burying Julie Hermann:

It all depends on what the definition of "is" is.

Written on UT preferred walk-on kicker Andrew Gantz going to Cincinnati in same capacity:

in response to oldster:

If he is not better than Palardy, then he needs to go somewhere else. I just hope Bullard is. Palardy may well be the second greatest bust as a kicker in UT history (see the first and only, as far as I know, number one high school kicker that UT recruited, Dirk Borgnone). He is almost as bad as the last kicker UT had from Florida, Daniel "I can consitently kick my center in the butt with the ball" Lincoln.

What do you mean "If he is not better than Palardy"??? Palardy missed 3 PAT, never made a FG over 38 yds and was replaced by a kid partying in a fraternity house. So I believe its safe to assume that yes, he is MUCH better than Palardy.

Written on Point guard Antonio Barton commits to Tennessee:

I like my point guards to have better assists #, I am not familar with Memphis style basketball so maybe the PG wasn't asked to distribute the ball to the scorers like most PG do.

Written on Father of Trae Golden says reports of academic problems are 'totally inaccurate':

Dear Robert-your son cheated. sorry you had to hear it from me 1st.

Written on Trae Golden leaving Vols: 'We wish him well':

Sounds like Trae was pushed out the door. Something just ain't right here.
Captain Obvious

Written on Shooting guard Jordan Cornish commits to Vols:

in response to springtx_vol:

I know nothing about this young man and have mostly trusted CCM. But its this the best we can get? 128th overall, 32ND guard? We are trying to compete with KY and UF who are bringing in top 10 guards.

Well, UK and their super uber talented roster didn't make the NCAA tourney and got beat 1st round of NIT by Robet Morris.
Florida and their top 10 guards lost to UT's "3 star rejects"
so whats your point again?

Written on Parallel lines in two lawsuits against Tennessee:

Life lesson: Don't bite the hand that feeds you.

Written on Butch Jones' UT commitments high-ranked:

in response to Henley-Street-Bridge:

I wish we could beat another team in the SEC before I retire.

Huh? are you retiring in the summer? Our last game was a win against a SEC team so wut u talkng bout Willis?

Written on Jarnell Stokes has a change of heart, will play junior season at UT:

Who gets left out of starting 5?
Golden, McRae, Maymon, Stokes, Richardson, or Hubbs?

Written on Heather Mason relieved of duties as UT's associate strength and conditioning coach:

Life lesson: Don't bite the hand that feeds you.

Written on Houston Fancher leaves Vols, joins Buzz Peterson's staff:

Lets see: Leaves a $87,000 job for I assume less money job. Leaves the SEC for Division II. "wants" to join Buzz's staff again. Wasn't hired by coach Martin....Yep, he was fired.

Written on News Sentinel first in APSE contest for multimedia:

Newspapers? Never heard of them.

Written on Running back Alden Hill caps strong spring with 100-yard game:

Why do you say 61,076 is considered generous? You say half hour before kickoff, upper deck was bare. Then you say at kickoff the lower bowl was full with clumps of fans in upper deck. Can you be any more wishy washy with your reporting???
And if your going to dispute the official crowd attendance, back it up with more than your eyeball guesstimation.

Written on UPDATED: Martin grants Yemi Makanjuola release from Tennessee to transfer:

Yemi avg about the same stats as the new big man we signed from a Iowa community college. So did we really upgrade with this "work in progress" kid with good upside?

Written on Rawane Ndiaye signs with Tennessee:

1st Brian Williams now Pops....UT has a big man pipeline into the Bronx.

Written on Florida DL coach Bryant Young abruptly resigns:

in response to 8inarow:

He is a good coach and we will miss him. But we will make it 9 in a row this September anyway.

Maybe you should take advice for Coach Young and spend more time with your family. You joined the GVX Jan 6, 2013 and already have 140 posts. How about "get a life" loser.

Written on Director of recruiting J.R. Sandlin no longer with UT football:

The less Bammers on the staff, the better.

Written on Louisville stops Lady Vols' run to Final Four, 86-78:

Dang it, just wasn't our year. oh well, at least we don't have to face UConn again.

Written on Phillip Fulmer helps restart football at East Tennessee State:

Package deal with Todd Raleigh going to coach the baseball team?

Written on Baylor not the only ones 'stunned' by upset:

Quick, someone get the Lady Vols film on Louisville. I doubt they ever game planned for the Cardinals.

Written on The addition of Darius Thompson means someone is going or someone isn't coming on Vols' roster:

Why is Brendan Quinn calling and texting the Huntington coach for?
"Hey, I'm a reporter covering UT Sports and was just wondering if Coach Martin has called you yet, we believe he is going to pull Landry's scholly...anyway, call me when you get this message. Bye"

Written on Butch Jones says of event countering Nick Saban: 'I'll do anything in Tennessee':

I've got it, somebody hide all the Chambers' phone books and milk crates. Therefore, Saban won't be able to reach the microphone and won't be heard nor seen.

Written on Robert Gillespie hired as Tennessee's new running backs coach:

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Vols have an Alabama/Florida State athletics director, now they've got a Gator on the coaching staff. Oh well, if you can no longer beat 'em, hire 'em -- I guess.

Life's not fair, deal with it. This new RB coach loves his alma matar like we all love our UT. He wants success and winning is the measuring stick. If he gets Tennessee winning, he will probably get a new job somewhere else, thats a coaches life, So he knows what has to be done and I suspect he will give 100% for UT even when the 3rd week of September rolls around. Go Vols!