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I will settle for seeing a well coached team that is fundamentally sound on both offense and defense. The future with already established good recruiting will be bright .

When have the teams ever finished in the order predicted? There will be several surprises both plus and minus in nature. I predict the Vols will be on the plus side.


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We'll see...

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You can't blame Manziel for sleeping through a camp-lesson from a boring, has-been like Peyton Manning. Besides Manziel has the Heisman so what does he need to learn from Peyton?

Hey youre right!

Maybe he needs to get some tutoring from Aaron Murray on how to beat the lil lizards twice in a row.

While Murray is at it, maybe he can teach Flarda's QB's how to be competitive in a Bowl Game versus a Big East team.

Louisville??? I don't think even UT lost to a Big East team last year...

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There is nothing more sad than a delusional UT Fan like you. I feel sorry for you

I don't know about that. Them lizard fans looked pretty sad after that LOUISVILLE beat-down in January.

They also been looking fairly sad the last two years at the SEC Championship Game. Oh wait, you guys haven't been to the Atl. to play in that lately cause of those 2 whuppin's you got from Georgia the past two years.

I recall them lizards were ranked #2 in the nation last year when them dawgs put you back in your place.

What's that stupid thing you like to quote? Oh yeah....just sayin'

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Kiffin said, "sing Rocky Top all night long after beating Florida next year."

Dooley said "You wont have Tennessee to kick around anymore"

Butch said "Brick by Brick"

These are cheap, hollow, empty talking points.

Tennessee is a 4-8 squad that will get waxed just like Kiffin and Dooley got waxed.

Just Saying

How 'bout them dawgs, Flarda boy?

Just sayin'

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I liked the kid better when he was just a really good football player.

I'm just not at all interested in anything he does outside of playing ball.

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I'm not suggesting that college athletics doesn't need rules. But limit them to no more than 25. Obviously it is wrong to pay high school players (Alabama). Obviously it is wrong to falsify academic test scores (Calipari).

But instead of hazy rules about accidentally bumping into one recruit when you visit another one, or a rule that says it's OK for a high school senior to be somewhere but not a junior, just limit the overall contacts per player per year. Better get your sales pitch across in, say, six contacts -- whether by phone, text or whatever, plus one in-home visit by coaches and one on-campus visit by player and family -- and let the kid have a life.

The reason there are so many rules is people continually find ways to skirt around them as they are written.

So, a new rule is written to avoid that again, and on and on and on.

If you are looking for a better way, you wont find it for one simple reason:

Though it has been proven a million times you can't legislate morality, our society continually tries to do so.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

73-29-5 is UT's all-time record vs. Vandy in case you have forgotten.

Anchors Aweigh-- Or in your case, AWAY

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Good for them and Coach Fulmer!

Some of my greatest memories as a Vols fan came from watching teams Fulmer coached.

If you can't be happy for him now that he has moved on, you could at least be respectful and hold your tongue.

I guess some folks wont be happy till they can literally pee on his grave.

It is this poison mouthed portion of the fan-base that sometimes makes me wonder if UT deserves to be amongst the best again...

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For his part, Jancek bemoaned the team’s poor tackling.

“Obviously we’ve got a lot of work to do with our tackling,” he said. “That’s pretty obvious for anybody that was out here. We’re missing a lot of tackles.”

That’s why Jancek said he was more concerned about the basics right now than the installation of his system.

Tackling has been a problem at UT for years. Too many attempts at arm tackling and not wrapping up the opponent. I hope that Jancek can get the guys to go back to basics and learn how to tackle properly.

Nail on the head. Doesn't matter what the system or if a guy is in place or not if he doesn't know how to tackle.

As a group, UT hasn't tackled well the past couple of years.

At least this defensive staff seems to recognize the importance of wraping up and making the tackle.

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Thank goodness Coach Jones hired a quality black man for this opening. Reading and hearing about how few African American coaches the UT staff has compared to others had already gotten old.

Maybe now we can all get back to talking about football instead of color of skins...

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Okay...let's look at your goof-ball reasoning.

Cutting to the chase...if we who want better coaches and programs than currently are in place really are like those Bama fans...

then you are saying, implicitly, that this bunch of coaches in place now is as good as Sabin and crew, that everybody wil be pleased with their on-field product---that it will be as productive as Saban's...and that nobody needs to say a word.

Horse Manure. Your reasoning stinks. No wonder you could compliment the guy; both of you are devoid of understanding about football, coaches and organizational development in sports organizations.

Congratulations. One of you can take the day off and the other write posts for both of you. No differenct. Both posts are full of stuff...

I've been coaching and teaching football for over 25 years now. Got a wall full of plaques and trophys to prove I understand that, organizational development and sports organizations, too.

You, on the other hand, appear very quilified in name calling and not knowing what you are talking about. If those were Olympic events, you could win a medal every 4 years...

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Whoa, Kev! Who got YOUR panties in such a wad? You two need to get a room, or at least find a spot underneath some bleachers to either duke it out or make out. At any rate.........keep it off here.

Hey, I thought I was very restrained there.

If someone doesn't like the new staff or the administration, I'm fine with that. But, when you compare playing to an audience (as all coaches do on occasion) to having morals of a Petrino, I think someone needs to point it out as a poor comparison. So, using my God given East Tennessee wit, I pointed it out. The humor was unappreciated, though.

Still, If our new coach ever gets caught playing dirty with a lil co-ed, then he's fair game. But, theres a big line between playing to a crowd and ruining lives. And making that jump is inappropriate at best and idiot at worst, thats all.

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You-hoooo! Pssssst! Kevinnn!!!!Over-Here! Hey, uh, it's safe to take your meds. The asteroid will NOT hit you if you take 'em. Promise.

Listen...nobody said the guy is Petrino, or like Petrino, except both tend to have reporters and fans wondering about some of the stuff they say. But Petrino takes that to a whole other level...or maybe two levels.

And just to help you out... programs that win 11 or 12 games in regular season are national one year...or year after year...

Uh...pssssttt! Uh, Kevin...just to help you out...

when was the last time that happened? And...pssst...uh...Kevin...who was head coach then at UT? And, many times did that Head Coach do that???

And...psst...uh...Kevin...what did the national leader level leaders of the Athletics Department and University do with that guy, when he was about to turn the corner in a bad year and win eight games????

Here's a clue: they fired him on Homecoming Monday! Guaranteed to make the players do well!

HamilHart type ethics---you know, like either pushing out Pat Summitt or making it look like that was being done. Class leadership all the way. And most fans do not say a word, because it goes right over their head.

That level of fan ignorance would be confused enough to think that the messenger is responsible for the message---

confused enough

to believe that somebody who says the Orange Emperors have not had clothes for several years on Mount Knoxville...

was going to cause irrepairable harm to the naked emperors, who are making Mount Knoxville the laughinstock of the Football Kingdom.

Some fans, thank The Almighty, are smart enough to tell hens from their cackles, cars from the honk of their horns and football performance at UT from fan comments about the lack of that performance.

Just so you can now say you have been told...but that probably was too deep for you...

Please allow me to help you a little further, so you do not shame your homehtown...

it is okay for Secretary Rice to be on the course @ The Masters. You do not have to do anything about it.

It's okay to take down the 1958 calendar...


Gee, you wrote a whole book just for me. What can I say except, I'm flattered.

I wont attempt to argue with you on all that, because I frankly don't wont to invest the time.

I will say you absolutely did compare the current coach to Petrino. Even an East Tennessee education (Sweetwater is the hometown, not Augusta) could figure out your comment was meant to compare the two.

"B.S. artists are easy to find. Arkansas had one who got caught". Your quote, not mine.

If those words were not intended to attempt to convey Jones' character is comparable to Petrino, then you need to learn how to write, instead of me to read.

Sorry you didn't like my sarcasim. It is simply my way of making a point about idiotic comments without actually calling the author an idiot.

I judged your comments, not you. You, in turn, write a book to call me a homophobe and / or a racist. Nice.

I'm guessing by your responding by name calling that you are not voting the straight Republican ticket lately. It's ok, nobody is perfect. Have a great day!

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"Some of the stories may have been embellished, some of the one-liners polished a bit to get maximum laughs from the crowd. And some of the assertions — like the one that quarterback signee Riley Ferguson has lost only two games in his life dating to Pop Warner ball — are difficult to verify."

I see that Mr. Woodberry is beginning to get wise to Jone's tendency to exaggerate.

"Best coaching staff in the USA." "UT was always my dream job." "saw UT play growing up."
"We don't go by stars." "We have our own evaluation system." etc, etc.

B.S. artists are easy to find. Arkansas had one who got caught---but he could recruit and compete with coaches at the highest levels.

At UT maybe it would be a good thing to cut the B.S., stop the exaggerations and just perform.

Next year, if Jones recruits players with lots of stars, or if the class's ranking is high, he'd better not mention it.

He has already painted himself into a corner.
But you can bet that he has always wanted to be in that corner, and it's the best corner in the USA.

Yeah, you stay after him, bud! Don't let this guy get away with any junk...

The nerve! Actually playing up to the crowd! No other coach or staff in the country would dare do such a thing.

Stay after 'em. Let us know all about these important issues your investigations uncover.

Also, thanks for the comparison to Petrino. Bet the average UT fan has not seen evidence that leads to that conclusion!

UT fans who step up and continually point these things out, help keep our proud program a national leader in college football year after year...

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Are Saban and Urban Meyer actually the best coaches or best recruiters. How good a coach is any coach if they play with the best recruits in the country. Isn't Saban supposed to win? Would he not be a poor coach if he can't win with the players he has?

I grew up in Sweetwater and am a UT fan for as long as I can remember. And at 53, that's a pretty long time. But, I give those 2 coaches all the credit they deserve for the teams they have had.

Meyer coached teams that were top notch when he was at Utah--and he didn't have top 10 recruiting classes there. Same with Saban at Michigan State.

I'm a Vol all my life but even the best UT teams of the early 2000's couldn't beat Meyer's boys. And if Jones gets UT back in anywhere near as good a shape as Bama is within the next 4 years, I'll be a his fan for life.

You gotta give the devil his due when it comes to good coaching results. These guys have been there but continue to produce teams that get them back.

If Fulmer had done that--with similar rated talent--he would still be at UT. In hindsight, he probably still should be anyway.

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Witch Doctor say as you can read we only have Vandy and UK football trolls and they are like arguing with boy cheerleaders! lol.
Witch Doctor ask did you hear? UK is bringing back the Air Raid sirens..last time no touchdowns but 100s in the state was killed by Tornadoes because everyone come to think it was another false alarm!! HAHA
Bones never lie.

Saw that UK ad, Witchy. Evidently, those sirens scared off most top notch recruits, too.

Kentucky may have a better known coaching name now but this guy's first name isn't Bob. Heck, Rich Brooks is a better coach by far. He was the best football coach they had up there since Claiborne in the 80's.

Stick to basketball, Bluegrass boys. Y'all know what your doing there...

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Way to go Ole Miss!

That pat on the butt Coach Freeze got from Sandra Bullock musta been good luck.

Heck, maybe some of our beloved trolls will take their talents to the Ole Miss website after today...

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why recruiting rankings mean more than you think :

Oh yeah, if its in an article on Sports Illustrated its got to be right! Gimme a break!

Anybody who recruits top 25 or so talent can win big. Sure, ability is important but there is a huge amount of ability out there. Its developing what you have that seperates the big winners from the also-rans.

When I see a high school kid on national TV saying "i'm taking my talents year", I want to throw up!

God bless 'em all and good luck to them but its more about development than raw talent. If not, USC would have won about 10 of the past 20 national titles.

When they had the coaching and the talent, they were there every year. Since they have had just the talent, not so much...

UT has had decent classes for 4 years now. They can compete. And they will have to do that first, before the national bandwagon starts playing Rocky Top again.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Blahh, blahh, blahh....

A supporter sick of supporters who are sick of the University leadership.

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Reading the comments here it is obvious that CPF is a very polarizing figure. I think all would be better off if he left K-ville and found another coaching job. I think ETSU would work very well. Hope it works out for him. It's a dead cinch that no major program is going to hire him.

I think you may be a little off base on the no major program will hire Fulmer comment. Unless you are privy to info no one else gets.

Whats obvious is that he hasn't been offered by a big time program that he wants. Otherwise, it becomes a definition thing. As in what is your definition of a big time program?

I define big time as a D-1 (or FBS, or whatever they call D-1 nowadays). Anyway, there are about 120 of those schools. Fulmer himself has said the situtation had to be just right or he wasn't interested--that likely eliminates about 3 of every 4.

IMO, there are D-1 schools out there who would hire Fulmer in a minute. But, something in the top 30 or so are what he wants. And, you are correct in that respect.

The upper-tier guys wont hire a Fulmer for the same reason they would not hire a Bobby Bowden (if he were looking) or some other big names.

Its a safer hire as an AD to get someone coming up or to hire someone away than it is to hire someone who was fired, period. Fans look at a hire like that as taking another school's reject. That is something that many fans think a top 30 or so school shouldn't do.

Fulmer isn't the end-all greatest ever college coach. But, he's a heck of a lot better than a lot of people give him credit for now-a-days.

This comment is coming from a person who thinks that Fulmer stabbed John Majors in the back, back in the day. Still, that doesn't mean he can't coach college football--and coach it well.

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The NFL has plenty of coach's Phil's age, so really that's a flawed argument.

Fulmer's a better football head coach than Watson Brown. But, I get what you are saying.

Written on Should the Vols recruit more junior college football players?:

No. We should recruit more pro players.

Just have them wear masks like 'rasslers and nobody will ever know...

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Fulmer was a great coach at UT.

Like anybody else, he has some flaws. And yeah, things slipped a bit in the end. But, his worst four years in a row would be Heavenly compared to how UT football has been the past 4 years in a row.

It takes more than a head coach to have a championship college football program. As for me, it is plain 4 years later that there were more issues BEHIND the curtains than in front when Fulmer was fired.

But its done now. Throwing stones at the last guy to lead UT when they were on top for where they are now, is irrational.

Give the guy his due respect and wish him well. He has only good things to say about Tennessee, he deserves the same in return.

Also, before blaming Fulmer now, think back to when UT was playing for a SEC title about every 3rd or 4th year. Then, spoiled Vols fans (not all, but enough!) thought that was poor coaching.

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Someone...too funny. The better thought is can we find 25 that want to play at UT?

You are just, just....mean! And, we are not your friend anymore.

If we were not smart enough to know better, we may think you are just trying to stir up trouble here.

So, until you can play nice and frame your comments in a more positive way, we will not play with you anymore....Meanie!

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I wish this Fall was going to be different. Jones will do no better than Dooley on-field: beat Austin Peays & get racked up by Oregons, Floridas, Bamas & SC's. I am ill at ease from what I have seen. Here's why:

a. A widely respected friend-a friend among Cincinnati powerful says people there were stunned when Jones left. Jones had assured townies, school & players how much he wanted stay, a few weeks before bolting.

b. Here, Jones proclaims he will have the best coaching staff in the USA. He hires his from Cincinnati, without talking to several available widely respected, nationally known coaches/coordinators.

c. He claims he has wanted to coach here all his life. Strange for a Michigan guy---especially one who wanted to stay in Cincinnati.

d. He says UT can win the SEC with Tennessee H.S. players, which East, West, &---to a lesser degree--- Middle Tennessee fans, want to hear. Within two days Phillip Fulmer, who could have said nothing, says Jones has never recruited nationally, but must, he is to succeed here.
When he left, Jones made sure to take one of UC's committed recruits---a 2-star lineman. Maybe from UC or Central Mich., a 2-stars is national recruiting. Not in the SEC. SEC Coaches doing that when leaving, are not very well thought of.
e. Trust is apparently not bedrock in cultures that he comes from.

1) This week we learned that his mentor, Kelly, at N.D. , whom Jones followed at Central Mich., then Cincinnati---as Kelly got better jobs---does the same kind of you-gotta-cut-the-cards when he talks.

Having proclaimed love for N.D., Kelly then interviews at Philly. Then we learn Notre Dame football under Kelly has covered up lies by his premier player---lies designed to get support from those who bestow post-season honors.

2) Also Jones told John Adams, for this article, a story which embarrasses the President of the University of Cincinnati, but makes Jones look prescient.
My take-away:
a. Jones tells everybody what they want to hear.
b. Jones tells things to make himself look good that make others look bad.
c. Phillip Fulmer, in the meeting w/Jones, could not have missed discussing how mentally NOT tough & undisciplined Vols were w/Kiffen or Dooley.

Jones needs backing of Fulmer and former Vol players; so he hires a popular says what Fulmer wants to hear...says everywhere in Tennessee what they want to hear...tells recruits and parents what THEY want to hear. Jones does so to position himself. Jones is no reincarnation of The General; he is a masterful politician.

This guy gets multiple million$, plus his mid-major staff raises of 50%, his own contract makes him richer than the town he came from, regardless.

No wonder he tells everybody what they want to hear; Cheek, the Pres & Hart certainly told him what HE wanted to hear.

That will work until Oregon takes the field. Maybe Jones will have figured out by then what Oregon wants to hear.

Everything you say here has happened a thousand other times, with a thousand other coaches coming into a new school.

You may be a Vol through and through and would coach the team for free. But unfortunately, these guys who do it for a living, want to get paid.

No different than a first rate upper executive changing employers. Your new company is the biggest and best. Also, if you have any class, you don't trash where you came from.

While I applaud your seemingly heart felt emotion, your message isn't exactly breaking any new ground.

Also, if you expected UT to be a giant killer (Oregon, these days) in the guys' first year, you may have been setting the bar too high for year one.

I expect UT to be among the very best in the college game. But, I'll give the guy a couple of years to get them there before I start throwing stones at his character.

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TN needs to follow suit.

Silly monkey! Tennesse can't fire Kevin O'Neil, he no longer works here.

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Okay. Why is Quenshaun Watson no longer with the team? Some insight into why we are losing players would be nice.

There's some insight in this article:

Read it, then do a little math. My math says he either has some real big personal / family issues which are not our business. Or, he's a drama queen.

Either way, if he divorced UT or the new coach divorced him, doesn't matter. He probably was an issue for the team just waiting to happen if he stayed...

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I hope to God you are not saying Vanderbilt is the standard! I want to be on a level playing field with the powers that be in the SEC. If not, let's get out of the SEC and play somrwhere else.
But since you brought it up, I understand that Vandy is making exceptions that UT will not!
It's ridiculous!

Nah, not at all. I was just making a point using this year's 'Dores and Notre Dame. They were both winners and they both have high academic standards.

Not saying that UT has to have the same standards as an Ivy League school. But, expecting your athletes to attend class and make decent grades--especially with the amount of free tutors available to help--isn't too much to ask.

The bottom line is UT's football problems are not the result of academic standards being too high at UT. Using that is just making excuses for the real issues they have had.

Also, Vandy was better than us this year. But I certainly don't expect that trend to continue or for it to even become 2 in a row.

My whole point is the answer is not always firing people, as the guy I was replying to seems to think. Wonder if he is judged as harshly by others as he judges?

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in response to DwayneElizondoMountainDewHerbertCamacho:

Because, what if he said no? What if he exposed the real problem with UT football which is the administration? What if he exposed that the real reason we can't hire a great coach is that, no matter the money, no great coach is willing to work under Cheek's ridiculous academic standards and Hart's inept leadership?

Are the standards set by Cheek more ridiculous than those set at say, Notre Dame or Vanderbilt?

They have high academic standards and they won last season.

I'd say that Cheek wouldn't be doing his job correctly if he didn't insist on high academic standards.

You don't have to have a team full of ignorant morons to win football games. You can have good academics and good football. Matter of fact, you should have good academics and good football.

If Vandy can so can UT.

Your answer on here to every issue UT has is "fire somebody!" Yeah, now there's a plan everybody can get behind...

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First and foremost, I'd like to thank these guys for being Volunteers and secondly, best of luck on draft day and even more luck in practice. No doubt all four will at least end up in summer camp. I don't know about most underclassmen going pro early, but it seems like they typically either issue a press release or have an interview thanking the fans they are leaving. Have we heard a peep out of Bray?

I read where he told someone he loved playing college ball for UT and may have stayed for his senior season if his OC had not changed.

He also said that he loved Tennessee and their fans.

Obviously, he didn't read this site too much, not that I blame him.

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You must not have seen the ending in the LSU and Clemson game last night? Same old chief and his crazy prevent defense, he can always find a way to lose a game. He did it at UT and still is doing it at LSU. Miles is just as bad, three passing plays when they had the chance to end the game. If I remember they had second and three and passed the ball twice, who called those plays? Remember the Alabama game, they both found a way to lose.

John Chavis is an excellent D-coordinator. Even great football coaches lose a ballgame every now and then. No such thing as a coach who wins them all.

Nothing but top 10 national finishes and double digit winning seasons at LSU since Chavis got there. His defenses there average giving up less than 18 points a game playing SEC schedules. That's why he will make over a million a year as an assistant next year. LSU is going to try and keep him there-and happy.

I wonder if you are as critical about your own performance as you are some of the best coaches in football. If so, you would have to be the most miserable person ever. Or, the only guy since Jesus who never makes mistakes.

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in response to claiborneh:

Text from Patterson to Butch Jones:
Mr. Jones, I forgot to tell you I'm going to the NFL. Do you have any last minute persuasion that I might consider worth risking ripping out my knee before I sign a multi million dollar contract?

Txt reply to Mr. Patterson,

No, not me personally. But, a few boosters got together and purchased a $15,000,000 Lloyds of London disability policy in your mom's name, just in case.

What's her favorite color Mercedes, by the way?

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My problem is not with the staff he put together. My issue is his comments at the press conference where he promised the best coaching staff in the country. I believe this Coach is going to be prone to over promise and under deliver. Our recruiting class is second to last in the SEC, so January will tell whether or not he can recruit. Dave Hart claimed he was a fantastic recruiter. We'll see. I don't mean to pessimistic, I'm just tired of losing. And it makes me absolutely sick to see Vanderbilt with the #12 recruiting class and growing. If this doesn't work out after the money Tennessee has shelled out... Butch Jones won't be the only person to lose their job. I just want to be an 8 win team again. Not asking for the world... yet. Maybe next season I'll ask for that.

Did you watch any of the other new coaches first pressers? I watched clips of two others besides Jones. Both of the other coaches said they were going to put "the best staff in the nation together."

That stuff is just coach speak 101. Every new coach thinks he has the best staff. It's like saying "we're only focusing on the next game" or "Our next opponent is really much better than their 1-10 record indicates.

You don't expect them to say I'm gonna put together a fairly good staff and hope we can come together. That's not going to instill much confidence or generate much money.

You just can't put any weight into those type comments, it's all coach speak.

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If Patterson was on teams in the 90's he would have played db or would have sat due to not knowing blocking schemes or not being a great route runner.

Maybe, but he would definitely have returned kicks. After a few of those, they would have figured out ways to get him involved more.

When you have a game changer, you work a bit harder to help him figure it all out or to work him in anyway. That's coaching 101, regardless of who is coach.

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FIRE DAVE HART AND JIMMY THE FREAKIN CHEEK NOW!!!!!!!!!!!! Hiring a guy who lost to the worst coach in UT History!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Upgrade this site!

Fire eduardo!

Written on Polls: Are you confident in Dave Hart? Should UT re-hire Phillip Fulmer?:

UT has some of the greatest fans in the college world. But, it also has a certain vocal minority of some of the most idiotic people who call themselves fans as well.

Every single time something goes the other way with UT football, the message boards light up with:

Fire Foolmer!
Fire Doolittle!
Fire Hartless!

What the Vols need is to fire about 5,000 or so of that particular brand of fan...

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Gruden says kick in free yearly admission to the public to watch John Adams dance buck nekked on the 50 yard line and its a done deal.

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in response to TKO:

I still think Petrino would be the best college coach to take. How does Gruden do with recruiting?

Petrino, great football coach. But, UT will not even seriously consider him for the following reasons:

1) He should be in jail right now.

Not for dating the lil honey on the side who was engaged to someone else. Not for running away from the Falcons like a coward. Not for all the other bull he has done and lied about. But, for using U of Arkansas funds to give a salaried job to his mistress.

There actually are laws against that. UT will not hire an admitted theif to coach the football team, no matter how good he can coach.

2) UT at least wants to hire a coach they THINK may be in it with the school for the long term. Clearly, that has never been the case with this guy in the past.

It would be nice to think they will hire a very capable coach. But, they are not this desperate, yet.

--Not even Auburn is this desperate and they are in worse shape than UT right now.

Petrino will get back in, but I doubt it will start with an SEC team this year.

Written on An early look at candidates to replace Derek Dooley as Vols' coach:

in response to DavidB:

That list will get longer. I think there are more candidates out there. We really need an sec coach. Wouldn't hurt to offer Myers or Steve spurrier. Sure they may turn us down but never hurts to ask.

I asked Steve Spurrier myself if he would consider an offer from UT just before he went to Carolina and Fulmer was under the gun. His exact answer to me was "they don't want me up in Knoxville."

When I said I thought he could easily win over the majority of the fan base, he made it clear he wasn't talking about the fans when he said that...

Spurrier will never be the coach at UT.

Written on Missouri beats Vols in 4 overtimes, 51-48:

in response to GlennFordsFoible:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

I thank UT has a great coach. Just needs more time.

Ray Goof
University of Georgia

PS-- It's easy to sit behind your keyboard and make negative comments about a football coach.

It's more difficult to support him for an appropriate amount of time to see if UT made a good hire in spite of doing it out of desperation.

Yes, it's time to make a move and yes, you and all the Dooley haters turned out to be right. Not because most of you knew what you were talking about, though. Rather, the odds were in your favor and you picked correctly.

Congrats, you guys are sooo football savy...

But, thanks to all the good UT fans who survived 3 years of the name calling to support a coach NO ONE knew for sure about.

PSS - The "idiot" is going to make over a million a year just to leave. You doin' better?

Written on John Adams: Schedules have taken toll on UT, South Carolina:

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Not at all what I said. Try reading it, understanding what it says, then commenting.

Your current comment doesn't make any sense if it is in response to my post. Read the post again and really try to get what it says. You may find that you and I agree way more than you think.

But your reply has nothing to do with what my post says as is.

Written on John Adams: Not enough resilience to mask the mistakes :

in response to windsorwales:

Its time Bray sat out and let Worley start. Bray has cost us way too many games this year.

Based on your post, you must think that Bray was the reason the Vols lost in SC. Bray has made his share of mistakes no doubt. But, he is the best option the Vols have at QB.

I thought his over all play vs Bama was poor. I thought he messed up late in the Miss State game. But he played his tail off in the SC game.

Bray completed 28 of 44 passes for 368 and 4 TD's yesterday. His lone interception came when all was lost and they were throwing long into 8 guys in coverage out of desperation.

Bray has some issues but that kid played a heck of a football game yesterday.

2 things:

1) If you think that fumble was his fault after seeing the play, you don't understand how this works. Based on how quick Clowney got through, where Bray was in the throwing process and Clowney's angle of attack plus the downward force he generated when stricking the ball, it would have been big news if the ball had not been stripped.
2) Worley got a chance to play most of 2 games last year when Bray was out. He played most of the SC loss (14-3) and the Arky loss (49-7). 2 ballgames, total UT points = 10.

Worley is just a sophomore. No way he will do a better job than the one Bray just did. During his 2 games last year Worley was 25 of 55 thrown for a total of 308 yards, 0 touchdowns, 3 interceptions and was sacked twice for -17.

Bray is fine for right now.

Written on John Adams: Schedules have taken toll on UT, South Carolina:

in response to HopeisNotaCourseofAction:

Why would Gruden take any college gig? Muschump was promiised the 'little ut' job back then (coach in waiting) and once he realized the the HC was never leaving he bolted for uf. Those 2 are not good examples.

"They may win big next year..."? How can anyone remotely believe that is possible with these coaches who lost by double digits and several blow outs this year to ranked teams? Over half the SEC teams will pummel us again in recruiting so we are not gaining any ground there either.

Yes, let's give CDD 2, or 3 or 4 or 5 more years to fix it. So if we are still wallowing around at the bottom of the SEC in 2018 with a 5-7 or 6-6 record, and CDD is 0-50 vs ranked teams, may we all agree it is time to replace him then?

Did you read my comment before you wrote this reply? Because if you did, I cannot communicate with you.

Read it, understand exactly what I am saying. Then, if you dissagree, I would expect you to write.

Examples: You said Gruden and Mushchamp should not count as coaches who were asked and turned the job down? Why not?

The reasons they turned it down are immaterial to the fact--They turned the job down at the time. That's a fact! Facts do count, regardless of why they exist.

Written on John Adams: Schedules have taken toll on UT, South Carolina:

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

No answers, just complaints. Typical I ain't got a clue how its done but I want my team to win right now or it's "fire the coach."

You can believe it or not but Dooley has improved this team. They may win big next year, or it may take 2 or 3 more years with Dooley. But he will eventually win well if he is here.

The only real question is can UT find the appropriate, qualified, quality person. One who is also WILLING to take the job from here and make them win sooner? If not, may as well hang with what they have until they can or till he wins.

That may not be a great plan or one many of the "fire the coach" crowd likes but it is at least A plan.

A minimum of 5 other coaches turned this job down (icluding Gruden and Muschamp) before Dooley took it last time. Because they could see it was a mess, included extra weight they didn't want and would take longer than normal to fix. Why ruin their good name if they had no guarantees they too wouldn't fall victim to the "fire the coach" crowd before the job was done?

A year before that, the then AD was listening to the "fire the coach" crowd before he hired a suitable replacement.

That's where the whole mess started. Because he fired a coach before he lined up an appropriate replacement.

Before UT fires the coach again I hope we have an AD who has a plan in place that actually works out. Otherwise, the past 3 years go to waste as well.

How about we fire some of the "fire the coach" crowd around here?

They are the root cause of the issues to begin with. Oh that's right, that would cut the numbers by about 50% on this site.

Written on John Chavis urges Tennessee's fans' support through rough patch :

in response to NatanElias:

Fulmer's success was due to Chavis and Cutcliffe.

Bingo! Correct answer. But, to Fulmer's credit he did have them and even managed to keep Chief.

Written on John Chavis urges Tennessee's fans' support through rough patch :

in response to pcorange:

Nice article. Reckon there was any other reason for Chavis being in town?

Just off the press!

Yes, Chavis was here for a reason! The touchdown club paid his expenses and gave him a check for speaking.

Same as was happening in about a 50 other places across the nation...

Written on John Adams: Vols playing at a level that could get their coaches fired :

in response to whatthe84:

I know the popular opinion on this weekend was not positive. I saw a different game I guess. I saw a defense that was spot on at the begining of the game. I saw a Tyler Bray who had fire in his eyes during the first series. With this week we begin South Carolina week and another giant foe no doubt looms in Columbia. The Orange men and I say men will take the field at Williams Brice as an underdog of about 6 points I predict. Tyler Bray will rise to the occasion and charcoal the yard birds with his sharp sword he carries strapped to his long side. Our defense is much to stout for the SC offense that is mistake prone. Steve Spurrier aka the Ole Ball Coach will be out of his league when CDD strolls onto the field without his crutches and inspires the Volunteer nation with his gritty toughness. The team will rally around CDD and pull off a win for the ages. A win that might bring home a goal post to K-town. Ole Rocky top will prevale and the rest of the season will be all Dubs with a momentum into next year that will be climaxed with the crystal ball being hoisted at the BCS National Championship. Go Big Orange, keep chopping the wood CDD and believe in each other and the mighty Volunteer nation!!!!! Wait till next year, we have a couple of red shirt freshman who will dominate the D line. Next year the trifecta will be complete: SEC East, SEC Championship, and the BCS National Championship!!!!!!! FACT!

Spurrier doesn't like being referred to as the "ole ball coach." He says he ain't old. He does call himself the head ball coach from time to time, though.

I've heard some sports casters saying Carolina is real fragile right now. Because of the 2 losses in a row and being basically out of the SEC East / national championship picture.

Heck, if that's what makes a team fragile, imagine how the Vols must be right now? They should have breakable stickers plastered all over each player.

I think that the team in the most sensitive mental shape is UT right now. Spurrier is going to rally his troops and try to turn things around against the Vols at home.

I hate to say it, but Clowney and co. are going to crash into Bray several times early on. They know he doesn't like to be hit and it may rattle him. UT's fine offensive line may keep him from being sacked much but S.C. is too good up front to not get their hands on him some. They will be hitting him.

If Bray acts as immature and has his head as far up his own butt as he did after the Bama game, CDD may need to warm up Worley to finish this one up anyway.

Like Dooley said, Bray needed to "man up" and show for the presser like his team mates. Instead, he left them to hold the bag and went off pouting. He may become a leader but it's obvious he ain't one yet...

Written on Vols' slump could put Dooley's future in question:

in response to UTKin1992:

Would you go to a football coach for legal advice?

Then why does UT believe a lawyer can coach our football team?

I've read some dumb comments on here but you win the award. That is officially, the dumbest comment I've ever read on a UT board.

So dumb in fact, any explanation why by me would make me about as dumb.