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Written on Butch Jones challenges team 'to pick it up' during Tuesday's practice:

I thought josh smith played for CAK

Written on GoVols247: Tennessee adds four-star receiver Booth:

still got to put the pads on and play the game on the field-hope these blue chippers pan out

Written on UT's prayers answered as Vanderbilt misses chances to win at buzzer:

Any coaching clinics out there for Coach Martin to attend with some help with the offensive side of the team. I think Coach Martin goes out and hires an assistant with an offensive backgound, they try to run some flex/motion but it appears to be over their head when it comes to floor spacing quick passes to cutters. We know the obvious the Vols need a true point. I know Lopez was pumped but he got beat to the rim on the final play -he's doing his best but that ball just rolled the right way for the Vols. I just think we need an assistant for Coach Martin who can develop the offensive of the Vols game plan>

Written on John Adams: Butch Jones' parent policy a bold move:

Think John before you compare athletics at UT to Fighting the Taliban.I just lost all respect for your writing!

Written on UT tells students not to paint Rock to welcome recruits:

Sounds like the NCAA need an Oliver Cromwell to put that house in order

Written on Video highlights of the Tennessee-Memphis game:

It doesn't matter if its middle-high school-D3-D2-D1 or D1AA you have to have a point guard who can QB the offense!!UT doesnt have one-period.

Written on John Adams: Fan mail contradicts negative posts :

if you dont like his articles dont read them

Written on Tennessee's Stokely Athletics Center closing down :

extensiopn of the football field what the world for-you guys have enough now-how much more do you need. I say make into a multi-sports plex for other sports such as volleyball and indoor track and field.

Written on Report: Zach Azzanni new Vols receivers coach :

in response to asleep#212036:

If one more person remarks that Jones wasn't the right guy because he couldn't get better than 3-star athletes at Cincy, I will scream. Recruiting is a sell job for the school and the football program. A guy in Cincinnati can't sell that program like that same guy could at Tennessee, period. He outrecruited Strong so far this year before he left (and beat him two out of three as well) and has hired several strong recruiters with SEC ties. Martinez was fired as DC, but he's not our DC, so.... Thigpen was, according to my Auburn friends, their best coach and recruiter but Malzahn was told to clean house. He did and we get great staffer. Graham, 'nuff said. Azzanni I know nothing about except that Urban Meyer, good friends with Butch, hired him twice to coach receivers and we will run a similar power-run spread so.... The men from Cincy that came with Butch were mostly the same men that won all those games with him. Folks who win at lower levels tend to win when they move up, that's HOW and WHY they move up after all. If this recruiting class can be saved during a coaching change, congrats to Butch and staff. If not, it happens, not his fault. One bad class won't hurt any program and we'll see what he can do with an entire year to work these kids/HS coaches. But to say that he will fail as a recruiter because he couldn't get 4- and 5-star kids to Cincinnati is silly. No wonder our coaches are under so much stress - all the "experts" in our peanut gallery won't even give them a chance. Go Vols!!!

Amen to that!

Written on John Adams: UT fans thinking new coach and 'same old Kentucky':

in response to PUL4VOLS:

Go to the PennState site with your observations and questions.Maybe you could tell them how better off they are than the Vols. We do not care how they finished or what they went through. We are Tennessee!

whats that address

Written on John Adams: UT fans thinking new coach and 'same old Kentucky':

Question to all the media types,know it all Basillio, UT coaching staff and players of the UT. How did a Penn State football team go through all they did and still finish the season like they did today? Tell us ! You guys didnt go through any thing like they did but THEY(PSU) were able to focus and play the game of football like its meant to be!!!

Written on UT's Cheek: No plan yet for funding coaching buyout :

and we all thought that a bad season in football was terrible......the financial woes of the university don't look real good either.....anybody checkout last night's 60 minutes session on money and college sports... its mad out their... it all started with ESPN.. I blame them... what they have done to college sports.... for the first time I stopped quit watching an ESPN televised game of UT.. to much... just tired of where its all going.., I dont guess it can be stopped.. nothing like watching a bunch of middle schoolers enjoying just playing the game...

Written on Tennessee-Troy Report Card :

I appreciate his efforts but BRAY is not playing a defense that is as talented

Written on Vols' slump could put Dooley's future in question:

in response to TBone5:

I really wish you idiots woould wake up and see that there are 3 people to blame for the way Tennessee football is the reason it is today. Here are those people in no particular order. 1. Mike Hamilton- This idiot has ruined Tennessee football. Yes i know you will say well he isn't here anymore. That may be true but his "leftovers"are!. 2. The HASLAM'S!-You will understand what i mean by that after reading the next one. 3. THE FANS OF TENNESSEE!- You people went nuts cause Phillip Fulmer went 5-7 1 TIME in his career at Tennessee. You whined and complained(in place of a word i can't use on here-starts with a B though) because UT lost to Wyoming. Yes it was a embarassing defeat and CPF may have gotten soft in his older years but i truly believe if all 3 of these componets would have left him alone things would be just like they were then right now. So to sum it all up suck it up UT fans you are a reason this has happened. And i have been a UT fan for 26 yrs!

I think your exactly ________________

Written on Tyler Bray says 'bandwagon' comment was response to hateful tweets:

Got a word of advice for you Bray-you want everyone to keep up with _you___ on twitter. Well turn the dang thing off on and quit worrying what everyone says about YOU. Play for your team-time to develop the chemistry between YOU and your teammates. Facebook and twitter what a bunch trash-you got in the kitchen Bray-now deal with the heat-it will make you leader I KNOW YOU CAN BE!!!!! BEAT BAMA___heck no ----GO OUT AND DEMOLISH THEM----Play like your hair is on fire, DL especially MO and Sentimore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. DONT LET UP UNTIL IT SAYS 00:00:00 on the clock and 4th qtr. I dont care if you guys are up 100, think like Coach Lombardi and pour it on. Start acting like the Volunteers who manned the wall of the Alamo. Stand up and fight against all odds-adversity what ever, heck fight for the STATE OF TENNESSEE.Tired of all the whining I'm ready for
the game now-coach can I dress out? I'm ready to go.gggooo >>>>>oooooooolllllsssss.
OL- pound the rock!!!!! until the rock is dust. UP the Middle, to the left or to the right it dont matter get it done. UT FANS QUIT USING YOUR HANDS AS BUTT MATTs-that means you folks who sit in the elite seats tooo. Your not to good to get up and start yelling for the MEN in orange...
I'm KILLDEVIL and I approve this message.

Written on Report Card: Tennessee-Georgia :

I really didnt know our defense was that slow>>>>
Mcullers hasnt really mattered much this year.
Wagner has taken a giant step back this year with his performance level. CP looks to have leveled off with his ability level, dont really see what all the fuss was over his athelitcsm. Hunter great cuts-but not would I call Primetime hands. Good blocking up front-still dont know how someone so big cant get a better push. Who is J Smith-plays LB-for who? He sured hasnt shown up this year. Special teams play calling-why do you pooch kick to an Offense that is driving at will and give them the ball at the 30-35 yd line...hmmm. I thought UT KO coverage was very good all day.

Written on Tennessee's defense to be tested by 'student of the game,' Aaron Murray :

I was just looking at the picture above of Aaron Murray-by rule is he legally equipped or can you play college football without knee pads-in our our state High school football regs do not allow you to play with the pant designed the way Murray is wearing them. Murray is a true athlete and a student of the game. I've always wondered why Bray doesnt look any stronger than the day he got to UT. Does he not have weight room requirements. I am now seeing why he wasnt a priority for more D1 schools when he was coming out of HS. Yes he can sling it-but I question whether he is a true passer through and through.
I hope Peterman and Whorley are learning and working in the weight room-we need that toughness that QB Murray shows at Ga. Neal will have a good game this week-he looked like he gained confidence in the Akron game. OL pick it up-I couldnt believe how large they were when I saw them in real....WOW-how can you not win at the LOS with these guys-simple-they dont look fleet of feet. Great arm length to keep DL out on flanks -but slow feet when attacking with that push in short yardage.

Written on How Tennessee's 2013 football commitments stack up in the 247Composite rankings:

Do any of you have anything better to do than over analyze. Just let them play then run your traps.

Written on Mike Strange: MTSU's celebration comes at UT's expense :

Final thoughts-Jordan Mcrae lives off big plays-not much of a factor if the going gets tough.He needs the weight room bad!!!!!!!!!

Skylar McBee-had something to prove-I think he did with his toughness on defense-but not at all on offense-i wish he could transition to a point guard-could be a good one.

Maymon-He was hurt last night- atrue warrior-why dont we get the ball to him more-he has to develop the 15 footer touch jump shot.Be a more vocal leader-take charge attitude.

Stokes-great things-but do think he is a bit lazy-that could be a result of not being physically prepared for this level of basketball.
Needs to develop his footwork. This spring and summer are very important to his development.

Golden-he is slower than I thought-no. lateral quickness-we saw him work on pushing ball up the court-driving to the hoop hitting some jumpers-but his lateral quickness was exposed this year by 5 different point guards. We need help with a true point!!!!! Hopefully a lefty.

Cameron Tatum-tried to be a leader but I couldnt see it on the court, he turned the ball over to much for a senior-I thought his overall body strength was below par for the typical SEC player-he needs the weight room.

Written on Mike Strange: What will Jarnell Stokes do next? :

Things to remember about Jarnell:
*He could or should still be in High School today
* we are at the sametime asking him deliver this program to great heights dispite his age and circumstance-(WHERE ARE THE JUNIORS AND SENIORS OF THIS TEAM TO DO THIS!!!!)
* he hasn't had the the preseason conditioning that everyone else had to develope or improve their play-(boy what would it be like if he did?)
*he demonstrates remarkable sportsmanship following a game-he is one of first (as I have observed) to be in line to shake the opponents hand(win or lose).
* he draws no attention to himself after making a good play or awesome play-WHAT A ROLE MODEL!!!!
* It looks as if Maymon is becoming peer role model for Jarnell. Maymon looks as if he has purpose in life-lead and live as a TRUE ORANGE AND WHITE VOL.Haven't seen as much chest thumping from him, as if he realizes there is more to the game than self indulgence.*

* Whose next on the squad to make that move!!!!!

Written on Poll: Who do you want as UT's defensive coordinator?:

my sources tell me they know absolutely nothing. RELAX!

Written on Poll: Who do you want as UT's defensive coordinator?:

Read the bio on Coach Spangler-researched found good things to say about his football knowledge. May not be the bright lights for recruiting but may be more solid in his intentions while here.

Written on For Rob Patrick, a life well-lived includes Lady Vols' volleyball success:

Heard Coach Patrick on the radio last night, very impressed with his insight on volleyball. I liked his football analogy(the wishbone offense) to a volleyball offense- now here's a person who knows how to use annalogies that make sense. Good Luck Coach Patrick.

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