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Ahhaaaa, there's old wilted flowers sticking his head out of his
Dooley-Hole! Good morning Jeff, how's your famous brother, Richmond?

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I'm just curious for the dumb arses in Vol world, such as yourself, who you think that we could have possibly hired, that is more credible than Butch? You guys kill me!!!!!

10 SE, You are Troll Shat! Go to a blog where you're welcomed, we don't want you here, arse-clown. Loser.

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And Fulmer won a national Championship while Chavis has won National Championships at two schools. Cutcliff coached Peyton and Eli Manning to the NFL elite status. Trooper Taylor won a national Championship at Auburn. Kippy Brown won a National Championship nad coached in the NFL playoffs last year. Much better than any of these coaches yett they all have one thing in common, they were sent packing by the University of Tennessee.. How is that working out for ya? You now owe 9'6 million in buyouts , you are broke, you are at the bottom of the Conference, went 1-7 in the SEC and now are praying these guys can somehow match what you already had. Lack of loyalty has decimated a once decent program. Karma has come home. Vols for life? Ha ha
.. Ask T martin why he siad no way after watching Chuck Smith get run out of town also.

Go away, troll scum. Nobody likes you, and we don't want you on our blog. So go away now, shoo scumbag, beat it Troll Trash!

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Maybe some of you don't get it; maybe you don't want to. Obviously you are not a Southern Californian.

Parts of L.A. (SoCen, Watts, some of Anaheim, etc.) with racial tension are not big areas. In Knoxville, they would seem large.

Los Angeles metro is over 10 times the size of Knoxville--- TEN TIMES THE SIZE.

Regarding the interview(s) there was a "disconnect." Jones and he did not connect well. Nobody's fault, perhaps. Perhaps a move to make sure another Cincinnati coach could come here. No way to prove either.

Martin makes more than $400,000 per year plus bonuses, cars, expenses & other benefits at private USC, that public universities cannot pay.

Tee Martin Drive was only named after him after ill feelings. Black leaders suggested racism in NOT naming one after him, following the 1998 championship, since Manning already had a street.

Dooley ignored him, when he wanted to come back to UT---ignored one of the best young recruiters in College Football---despite almost a lily-white coaching staff & only marginally good recruiting.

Martin would have had to start over, for far less money, in an area with a fraction the opportunities, where many people think he did not get equal opportunity. ( name the street, turned down as a coach, etc.)

Martin's wife is a singer, who can find more work & exposure in a month in L.A. than a decade in Knoxville.

He is building a motivational speaker business as a 2nd career. Exposure, contacts in L.A. & other benefits are at least 100 times better than Knoxville.

U.S.C. will always be a national brand; in seven years Hamilton, Hart, Dooley & Kiffen destroyed what Dickey, Majors & Fulmer took 25 years to build, here.

Martin & family can live years & never hear much about race, at his standard of living, in L.A. But in Knoxville/East Tennessee, that is simply not so. & everybody---especially blacks---are aware of it.

So in Los Angeles, Martin has far more opportunities & so do the members of his family. & race will almost not be much hurdle.
Many of those posting about him have no clue about what it is like to be a minority. Most do not know what involved with two sets of children, either.

Some comments, frankly, are red-necked, ignorant & offensive to minorities like Jews, Blacks, Hispanics, & others who did not grow up on some mountainside near Knoxville---offensive enough that if his children read this newspaper or other online Vols' chatboards,

red-necked comments will prove to them Martin made the right decision in not coming back.

He has an older child here is from a previous relationship. Obviously he is not as involved as if the relationship had worked out differently. There have even been horrid comments about that.

To many criticizing him: please be quiet; your ignorance is showing.

The kind of comments from some of the ignorant on these sites help to underscore that Martin would be taking a step backward to return.

Waaawaaawaaaa! I'm a "minority", fool, and I ain't walkin around crying my eyes out, looking for some sympathy, get real. What a big long book of sad stories, hate that I even wasted my time reading this garbage!

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Tee Benedict Arnold Martin!!

Pess on Tee "TheTraitor" Martin, he can stay his whipped as_ with his "Daddy", Lane "The Loser" Kiffin"!!!!

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Gruden would cost a tad more than 3 mil a year. What drugs are you smoking?

Beare, you should know all too well you can't rationalize with idiotic TROLLS from Texas! I could give a phooey less what their username is, maybe the idiot will start supporting the "other" UT..., hopefully!

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Go Away, Stinkin Gator Troll!

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To even mention Dooley's hire in the same breath as Butch Jones proves without a doubt you know absolutely nothing about football..

Just another ignorant troll posting, Beare. Wish we could weed them off this site, Brother.

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Fire Dave Hart!


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Are you proud of yerself for posting something like? I've viewed the clip and it is clearly not what everyone is saying it is.

How old are you?

You Have To Remember, Old Friend, Most Of These punks Are Barely Old Enough To Drive, Can't Expect Much From Immature Brats.

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Should had hired Fulmer.

U Should Get A Life; Ur An Idiot.

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i can't wait to boo him and hart when they are announced at the next basketball game. i know, i know. all of you hollier than thou fans will say that makes me a bad fan. when in fact most of you that will say that won't be at the next basketball game because they aren't playing well. that makes you a bad fan. i pay thousands a year to that place and while it is nothing compared to the big donors, it is a big chunk of my yearly income. so the way i see it i'm entitled to voice my anger on the hire. boo.

Yes, you are a bad fan, smokey mountain. Give the man a chance, for Gods sake. A true, loyal fan stands by their team through the good times and the bad times. And it doesn't matter how much money we donate, a Vol fan is a Vol fan. And again, yes sir, you are entitled to your opinion. Booing at a UT game does make me question your allegiance to the Vols, act your age not your IQ, my friend.

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The suspense is KILLIN me! Come on, DH, pull the trigger and let's ink Gundy!!

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I see the "doom &gloomers" have came out to hammer Charlie Strong, and he has yet to be officially announced. Slackers! BGO

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I don't care who they are playing, but in our family we always root for who Alabummer is playing. With that being said, "GO DAWGS"!!!

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I've got a message for Mr. Big Bucks Chuckie: Go Fluck Yourself, Vol Nation doesn't want your "unproven arse" leading our football team! Now, Mr. Hart, lets get a proven, quality HC and move forward !! Hip Hip Hooray!! GBO!

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The Gruden fanfare has got us all in a frenzy, & I have to admit I am somewhat disappointed, but now we must move on. I have confidence in AD Hart, as we all know HIS job probably teeters on making a Huge Hire. I love my VOLS, GBO!!

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Muschamp is a goofy looking Brain Minniehoon looking clown. I hope him and the stinking Gators get their arses handed to them on New Year's Day! And I don't care who gives it to them! LOL!

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Look grumpy, you're not my elder.

Actually, I believe that the Glenn Ford fellow was quoting a fan ... me. I do believe that Dooley did a lot for this program, a job no one else would tackle, and deserves a little more respect. Dooley is gone, act your age and stop beating the dead horse.

Ha! I can tell your my age or older, you ole big orange grouch. Our arthritic fingers won't allow us to post as fast as these youngsters. Just proud for the kids we got a victory today. I have to admit, grumpy is much nicer than what the old maid calls me daily. I really thought Coach Dooley was a damn nice fella, just wished he could have made the cut in the SEC. He's still young, got a lot of years left in his career, he'll bounce back.

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Most adults usually understand that beating a dead horse is only a show of your own ignorance and it doesn't affect the dead horse one bit. You may question Derek Dooley's ability to do the job he was hired to do, but he gave his all for Tennessee. Sometimes you're better off simply saying "Thank you" and then moving on. That would be the adult thing to do.

First, that guy (GlensFord) was quoting Hart, and Dooley, excuse me, but I wasn't beating a dead horse, I support PETA. I am almost 70 years young, with a pretty boring life (retired), so I look forward to football season to watch my Vols play. I think you may be the south end of a horse headed north for insinuating I'm anything less than an adult. Maybe you should have some respect for your elders.

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Not to take up for glennford but I think he was just making fun of how our athletic director tried to deflect some of the negative issues about Dooley when he fired him. Those were things that Hart said about Dooley and they were not true, just trying to be civil without telling the truth about how bad our program had fallen.

Yes, Gerry, some of us find just a little bit of solace in being sarcastic, and quoting clueless administrators. It sure beats the hell- out of going nuts watching our inept defense watch UK running backs go into the end zone untouched.

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All you turds can say you heard it here, So Look here, It WILL be Gruden, ya hear me?? R.S.B.

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Screw Kiffie, he's a grade-A jackarse who needs another good whippin! And I could care less who plays for the national championship, until the 4 team playoff system gets cranked up, we will still be left wondering who the champion truly is!

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Quite frankly, I think you're both FOS. People having the kind of bucks you two clowns claim to have don't have to brag about it and waste their time posting on GVX. Both of you, quit your posturing and get another Natty Light.

Quite frankly, I could give a sh_t less what you or anyone else thinks about ole Killervol. Been on the frosty treats for several hours, and out of respect for you I will explain quickly. Ole Killervol was trying to explain to loffellet,or whatever that clowns name is, that being a donor or season ticket holder doesn't mean squat to anyone on here. JMO.

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You are the one who needs to stuff some bird in your pie hole. Yes UT is big,but those big $$$$$ donors are tired of putting money into an organization that hires coaches who get fired after a couple of years or Kiffin out. Big $$$$$ donors did not get those big $$$$$$ by making bad investments. Until UT starts making good coaching hires that give a return on investment then the donations will continue to go down. It would make me so happy to see Gruden on the sidelines but those so called behind the scenes $$$$$$$ are not behind the plate like you think. Cheek and Hart know it. I buy season tickets to the football, mens and womens basketball plus I make large donations to UT every year. I will continue to do so. Feel free to continue with your Negative Nick name calling and all of your other little silly sayings. You are hearing this from someone who knows exactly what is going on over at UT.

You're a clown and a bad joke. So, buying season tix to all sports at UT makes you a AD genius? Well, counting my lofty donation to the university , along with my season tickets makes me.... Albert Einstein! With that being said, I'm right and you would be.... Wrong. So go eat some left overs, and chase it down with some orange doolaide, and stop trying to discourage Coach Gruden and any 4 star recruits from coming to UT, "Negative Nancy".

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Hey, I also want to remind all my friends on here, as well as the slug trolls that we all should be thankful that we live in a free country, where we all exercise our freedom of speech on these boards. Also, VERY thankful to our men and women serving our country to protect our freedom and rights. God Bless them all, God Bless America, and God Bless Vol Nation. Happy Thanksgiving, & Peace be with you all. :-)

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Gruden comming to UT would be fantastic but it ain't gonna happen. Where is UT gonna get the money to pay him what he would want on top of the contract buyouts already comming up? Gruden can write his own ticket in the NFL. Would UT get in a bidding war with an NFL team?

Put a sock in it, "Negative Nick". Go stuff some bird in your pie hole, and let the big money folks worry about OUR team. Judging by your post, you obviously know NOTHING about UT, it's big, and I mean BIG $$ donors. They are stepping up to the plate behind the scenes, now you go step up to yours and eat you some turkey, youngen.

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I think Coach Gruden WILL come to TN, AD Hart and the Haslam brothers are probably finalizing the deal while all the "Negative Nancy's" are stuffing their pie-holes with Turkey! Maybe that will slow down some of the ridiculous posts I've had to read on here the past few days. I have been a religous vol fan since 1977, and Vol Nation WILL RISE AGAIN to be a major player in both the SEC & National CFB landscape. Prediction: UT-48, UK-24. GO VOLS!!

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Commodores don't suck as much as a BIG ORANGE!!!

0-7 in the SEC

Sure they do, arseclown, you're just in denial. Enjoy your V, you won't get another over UT for another 30 years ! I'm actually proud for Vandy, where they are now , and how far they've come. But do yourself a favor, Cummadore Clown Captain, and go on a Vanderbilt chat board and gloat, we don't want you on here Troll Turd!

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As the voice of the Commodores, feel free to jump on the bandwagon and have a team to pull for over the holiday season (again).

Just think you don't have to wake up every morning wondering what current or ex UT (VFL) player got arrested the night before.

Welcome aboard and ANCHOR DOWN.

Go find yourself a furry farm animal to spend some quality time with, dirtbag. Slummadores still su_k!!!

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Sitting here freezing in Nashville , score vandy 34-UT 10, 11:00 left in 4th. How much more can we take, Mr.Hart? Fire Dooley when he rolls back into town!!

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C'mon , who really gives a rats arse anywho? We have posted oir lousiest record in years, time to move on.Thank goodness basketball has started, GBO men's basketball!!

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Witch Doctor say if you want Saban coaching talent, you got to pay Saban'esk type money. Witch Doctor say gonna have to dig deep this time. Witch Doctor hope work is being done behind the scene now to save or boost recruiting. Witch Doctor last year saying 5 million a year..but that might be low...Witch Doctor say throw the bank at Gruden..thats how you win in todays sports lets be real Go Vols
Bones never lie.

FINALLY, the doctor is in to weigh in on all this HC controversy! As for me and my clan, we always trust da bones, cause "Bones never lie". Good to see you back on here, WD.

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Mr. Adams, you, Sir, are a jack arse! Can't you come up with anything better to write about? Is this what is commonly referred to as "desperate journalism"? Have faith in Payton and Co. as they assist in the search & selection of our beloved alma mater's next head coach. If we wanted a HC with the name Graham, why not just give Jay Graham the job, good grief!

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Tyler Bray, I commend you on a job well done so far, given what you've had to work with coach-wise. Someone posted on an earlier comment (different story) that " the coaches have nothing to lose, and certainly nothing to gain, so why not let Bray make his own calls versus Vandy"; I wholeheartedly agree, let's let Tylo win this interstate rivalry Saturday!! Go Vols!!

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I'm sure the wheels have been in motion for some time now, and the newly yet-to-be-announced HC hopefully wll be a doozie! Stay tuned!

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Wow, what bowl might we be playing for, the "toilet bowl"? LOL. Worst season I can remember in the past 25 years, sad time to be a Vol football fan....

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Mike Hamilton and others including Jimmy Cheek gave this guy a contract like he was a top notch proven coach who has won games. Yet he never had a winning record and was a head coach at La Tech. Even Wil Muschamp at Florida does not have that kind of buyout, Florida will hardly owe him anything if they were to let him go now. In my opinion anybody associated with this hire should be fired and let go with the rest of the coaching staff, it was a horrible business decision. The question is...does UT have enough money to buy out this overpaid coaching staff, and bring in another high paid coaching staff next year, because you know Dave Hart has to hit a homerun with this next hire or it could be him on the chopping block

As someone posted on a previous article today, if AD Hart & Cheek both sit on their hands and do nothing , Gov. Haslam does have the authority to send Chancellor Cheek packing, as well as his buddy AD Hart if they don't make a move. The Haslam family are probably the biggest donors to our beloved university.

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The silence from Hart and Cheek is deafening. Their leadership is just as bad as Dooley's.

Dooley sealed his own fate today by not believing in his team. The clock is ticking hard folks. Time to end this nightmare.

I couldn't agree with you more, Friend...

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Name me five athletes that UT lost to admissions that went on to good careers at other SEC schools. And while you are at it ask Matthews to name you five. There is a reason he is doing talk radio and not coaching.

Nice post, Zippy. I'm gonna have to ask you to calm down before you have a coronary over there, Mr.doolaide drinker.

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Dooley inherited a mess, the previous coaches wrecked the program, and Dooley needs 4 more years to fix this mess. He is doing all he can we just got to keep moving foward!

Friend, I'm not sure what you're smoking, but evidently is some good stash. Also, it's quite obvious you know VERY LITTLE about SEC football, and UT football. People are going to hammer you on this dimwit comment you made, I suppose some folks are just glutten for punishment. Enjoy.

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It's almost as if the defensive players want CDD fired, I think CDD getting involved with the defense this week was just a little too late. Hey, look on the bright side, Alabummer went down at home to A&M!

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Go to sleep pretty Vol fans, this is your post Hall of Famer reality!!!!!

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

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So, CDD, CCM, and AD-DH are all "happy" with the admission system that's in place......Yeah, right, I bet they are. Do we expect them (who are on Jimmy Cheek's payroll) to actually say no, we believe it's hurting UT? Get real. I am 100% sure Coach Doug Matthews knows what he's talking about, and that our stringent admission guidelines are hurting us, and keeping us from being competetive in the upper tier of SEC. I am a small donor, but I call all BIG TIME donors to keep banging on Florida-Boy Cheeks desk for answers, and to fix what's broke!!

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Vols 42-Mizzou 32
Vols 37-Vandy 24
Vols 55-Kentucky 21

Bowl Game Vols 42-Miami/TCU/Boise St/Michigan St 24

You are almost as ignorant as J Adams; UT has no defense, and when playing a defense ranked 22 in country, this will mean (2) things: another SEC loss for our beloved Vols, and CDD's fate sealed at UT. I soooo wish I was wrong, but I'm afraid I'm right.

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3 stars 5 yrs and 5 losses to the Crimson Tide.
NFL stands for not for long league, but hopefully he can make a few paychecks.

What a loser, you go way now, alabummer turd-boy, you no come back here! This may be an open chat forum, but none of we UT fans care to hear your slanderous bull@$&%!! Beat it scumbag.

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What a useless article, Mr Climer. Looks as though you have wasted both your time & ours (the faithful readers) by working so hard with this stupid article! You go way now! You no come back !

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I'm confident CSS will have our guys ready to play an "explosive" game. bahaha. Also, this article neglected to mention Missouri's vaunted defense, which held the gators to 14 points last week in the swamp. After the UT debacle last week with Troy, I'm figuring this will be SEC loss #6 for our beloved Vols. Nontheless, Our family will be gathered around the TV rooting the Vol's on. GBO!

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Problem this year = No coaching
Solution for next year = Fire Dooley & Sunseri, and hire someone who can both coach and recruit!