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Written on Mike Strange: Vols took it to Virginia in every way:

Something happened between NC St. and Morehead St. TN came out against Morehead and ran a completely different offensive look. Either Cuonzo had an epiphany or a phone call but something changed.

Written on Dave Hart says 9-23 record in volleyball was 'a blip on the radar screen':

I don't suppose the new facility will also house an indoor track. Dave hasn't said a word about the track team having nowhere to practice.

Written on Tennessee men's basketball freshmen hope to tune up defense in final exhibition game:

I suspect all fans are going to struggle watching these new rules. What looks like poor defense is simply trying not to get what we used to call a cheap foul. They've gotten even cheaper...

Written on Knee injury ends Joseph Ayres' UT career:

Tuesday must have been one heck of a practice...

Written on Dave Hart, J.J. Clark want to see Tennessee get back on track:

What did Dave Hart have to say about no indoor facility? Couldn't possibly effect recruiting...

Written on Jarnell Stokes a golden boy once again as Team USA beats Serbia for the FIBA U19 World Championship:

Most athletes are 19 the first day they show up on campus. He's ahead by my account...

Written on Cuonzo Martin expects 'lots of Lopez' in Trae Golden's absence :

Lopez barely gets minutes even in practice yet he's our backup point guard. That's impressive coach...

Written on In welcome letter, Butch Jones says parents of UT players can call anytime:

in response to Enki_Amenra:

You can always tell when someone realizes they have lost an argument or fight when they begin to offer slander to their advesary and those associated with them.

When they see their enemy making strides in the right direction, where they can not find a way to slow their rise over them and to the top, they resort to typical behavior of someone afflicted with a fear. They fear the inevitable, their enemy will soon be better than they are and they can't change that fact.

They raise their voice and shout snide and foul remarks in a last ditch effort to create an illusion of present and future failure. They say these things as a projection of their greatest fears. That fear is knowing they are becoming mediocre and largely irrelevant. They say these things because they are in denial and projecting their own fears onto others gives them a false sense of control and security.

You are talking about Republicans. Right??

Written on All-American Kelsey Robinson among 4 players transferring from Tennessee volleyball program:

Outsiders don't know what insiders do. Come on people. You can't intelligently ignore the obvious...

Written on Central Michigan focus for Butch Jones' coaching staff at Tennessee :

The changes in grading and its effect on GPA have made it more difficult for students with less academic prowess to maintain GPA...

Written on UT takes steps toward razing Stokely Athletic Center :

Oh yah. Then there's the fact that we no longer have an indoor track... and of course there is no money to build a new one. Thanks Dave...

Written on Cross country teams face full season on road:

Maybe there will be some home indoor meets.... Oh yah, no track. Nice....

Written on Ellen Wortham's day short at SEC :

Live coverage of the running events can be seen today and tomorrow @

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