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I concur lol..... yep

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Vol Fan had to wait about about 40 years post Neyland for the master Phil Fulmer to guide UT to the top only to see the program get wrecked by the idiot Administration.

Hope the anti-Fulmer crowd enjoys losing

Just Saying

Can't believe I'm doing it, but I agree here. I'm not hollering bring him back. That day has passed and I'm super stoked about our future with CBJ, but at the time of the idea's conception to fire CPF, it was a huge mistake. He made a bad call in his OC hire which made for a dismal year, but prior to that he consistantly posted 8-10+ win seasons throughout his previous 10 years. I would take 8 wins a year and still have dignity in the program rather than the mess admin has put us through over past 6 years. Again, not saying bring him back now. I fully support CBJ and am excited about our future. BUT CPF fire was wrong on so many levels

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Both deserve to be on that list. They both were only shining lights on a dismal defense last year. They will make great leaders on defense this year

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We just gotta hold tight and support all sports UT has to offer. From football down to bowling, the athletes respond better to great fan support. For any of our school's up if you have the time and root on whatever sport it is. I know no one can make it to everything, but if everyone tried to get to what they makes a huge impression on the athletes playing that sport and you can see it from our major programs. Football buckled in games that they didnt have fan support. the same applies for Bball. I saw nights that the upper level of TBA was just shut down. I've always said that the fans are the X factor. Help all these different sports out by supporting them and showing up to cheer for them. I promise, you pack a stadium, pack TBA, pack the bleachers at a track meet or swim event or soccer game, or even the back of bowling alley....... these athletes will respond to the love and perform better

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What in the world is your issue lol..... we're a buncha no ones that are elated that Pat is getting, literally, put up on a pedastal. She deserves it. Let us true fans enjoy it. No need for all that mess you're spewing. There are atricles and post streams that I will debate the runnings of the AD admin, but this article should be left alone and praise given to Pat. Don't argue just to argue. At least have a reason. And that reason won't be found on this stream.

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Best of luck Bray. There's fans that loved you and there's fans that hated you, but regardless.... On the back of your football cards its gonna say you came from Tenn. Make us proud.

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Get serious. The 2012 non-conference schedule included such "elite" non-conference teams as Georgia State, Akron and Troy. The 2011 non-conference schedule included powerhouses Montana, Buffalo and Middle Tennessee State. The 2010 non-conference schedule included elite teams like Tennessee - Martin, UAB and Memphis. Yes, there was a 2012 game against NC State (not a great opponent, but not bad), a 2011 game against Cincinnati (overrated team, but not a total pushover) and a 2010 game against a strong Oregon team, but for the most part, the Vols non-conference schedule is a total embarrassment.

Dooley era, or maybe Kiffin year had a little input into it softened our out of conference schedule. Now keep in mind ill admit we lost every one of em lol.... but Fulmer lined up a Pac-10 run for a 4 year stretch with UCLA and Cal when they were relevant. I have to agree that in past few years we've padded the schedule in a vain attempt to make it to a bowl but going forward I don't think we will see any shying away from tougher out of conference schedules. On the flip side of that, if we do go to a 9 game in conference schedule, I will be a fan of padding schedules. It's not about the win column. The SEC beats on each other in a way no other conference can claim. Just from an injury and safety of players stand point..... If you're gonna put your guys through a SEC gauntlet, schedule some games that give those players a chance to breathe and heal up if already injured. The SEC isn't for the faint of heart and I know we should train our guys accordingly, but on a 8 game schedule you see players dropping like flies from all teams. Throwing in more high risk games is just asking for injuries. Most other conferences, at least right now, could have their whole season described as a padded schedule.

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He couldn't even "sell the UT Brand" to a third rate NFL draft reject QB Tyler Bray to come back for his Senior year?

He didn't wanna sell it to Bray. Im sure he was polite about it, but he probably was happy Bray left. Nothing against Bray. I wish him the best, but Bray doesn't fit his scheme

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Several posts noted that haters will hate and no statement can be made more true. CPF deserves our respect. The last time UT was relevant was under his leadership. I was not a fan of his firing but as a fan of the school and not one person I have moved on and fully support what we are doing now. That being said, CPF is a great Tenn man. Same as CBP. It means the world to me that even though these men couldn't remain our coaches, they still care about East Tenn. They help fundraisers, become prominent business men in the area, and still support the school that fired them. That's class. They got passed the pain and still are man enough to know East Tenn is where their hearts are suck up the humiliation they endured and continually give back. God forbid any of you haters ever need the support of the oUTlive program or any other charities CPF or CBP still support in OUR lil corner of this great country.

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Good attitude from the coaches. All I can say is it really does seem the coaches are dedicated to rebuilding, not just using the word. We do need to brace for a rocky year though. I have faith this staff is going the right way. I just don't wanna see a buncha fans go nuts over losses this year. These guys seem to truly wanna rebuild and that takes time.

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Just my opinion, as we are all just ghost opinions.... To the people saying it's too much of a risk and we would have such a huge target on our back.... CBP took the biggest punishment and public embarrassment that the NCAA gives out since SMU. You're right that the NCAA would probably be breathing down our necks, but I truly believe he has been humbled enough through this process that he will run a tight clean ship. And this thought goes for whoever gets him as a coach, Tenn or otherwise

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Yawn. Another story about a fired UT coach. We've never seen this in the KNS, have we?

Time to move on. This is old news.

As I have said before, that ship has sailed and will never return.

I have to agree..... move on. I am actually a supporter of bringing CBP back, but I don't think it will happen. I love the guy, think he paid his dues, didn't do anything that we all do on a normal basis.... etc. What he did doesn't make him a bad person, it makes him human. I lie all the time to my boss to keep my rear out of trouble.... there's just not a committee set up at my job to sniff me out. And anyone that says they don't or haven't done exactly the same at some point in their life is a liar themselves. All that being said, I would jump up and down if Bruce came back, but ArmyDad is right, I just don't see Hart going that route and we need to just let it go. Support who we have if you're a true fan and if CCM doesn't get it done next year, support whoever Hart brings in. (still crosses fingers tho lol)

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Well wouldn't ya know it..... A CBP article following another depressing bball season. Who woulda thunk it.

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Cornwell isn't a Vol yet, so I wouldn't get all that excited. Besides he is from Norman, OK. I think Bob Stoops might have something to say about where this young man plays his college football!

The consensus thought is not that we have landed the kid but an overall sense of contentment that Jones and staff are working their butts off. Even though I was against the firing of CPF, what brought him down was complacency. Dooley had issues on several levels. We are just happy to see a coach excited to be here, excited to work hard, and doing whatever it takes to be in the mix for recruits again. Whether we land this kid or not, if we are on a huge name's list then other recruits see that and start to think "hey if the #1 pro style qb is considering UT, maybe I should too". CBJ gets the recruiting game and thats refreshing.

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I think everyone is missing the X factor in our loss to Mercer. Ill be the first to say that I didn't go but everyone needs to keep in mind these guys are still kids. Just because you reach the age of 18 doesn't mean you're a "man". They were already bummed about the NCAA and then they walk out onto the court and see that 18,000 people that were cheering them on against Missouri weren't there. Like it or not, that affects these guys heads. Prolly McRae the most. For a 10 game stretch us fans built him up like a king and had nothing but good things to say and then we don't get into the NCAA and 4400 people show up for the Mercer game????? Yes, these guys need to be coached to play better in bad situations but fans are a factor. Im 32 and like to think I have my head on pretty straight but I know I woulda been bummed to walk out on the court and see only 4400 peeps minus the Mercer fans, so less. I'm not making excuses for the loss but if we as fans, myself included, had been there making noise then they mighta played harder. I know as a vol fan, now that the frustration has simmered down, I wish I had gone instead of being disgruntled about it.

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Sat here and read through and typed out a big long post about how I felt about last night and decided to delete it all. Its all already been said. I'm not giving up by any means, but man it's tough to be a Vol (all sports) past several years.

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I can't say I agree totally with that statement. But the not getting excited yet part has merit. It wasn't a talent issue last night. It was an interest issue I believe from not only the players and Coach Cal. I would LOVE to join the hahahahahahaha stream but PLEASE VOLS, get your job done tonight so we don't take the return humiliation tomorrow

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At the end of the day we are all just faceless opinions. I can agree with the guys posting things that make sense and are logical but I can also sympathize with the people that are calling for the coaches head. That doesn't mean they aren't fans. It does mean they might be a little too irrational but at the same time insanely passionate about UT athletics enough that mediocrity isn't an option for them. This is a stigma that follows every program that witnesses success. CPF was king of the world in the 90's and loses some and gets axed. Dooley couldn't produce, axed. I like CBJ but he also needs to understand our urgency for wins. Likewise here in bball.... We had unprecidented success under Pearl, 6 straight dances, our first ever 30 win season along with our first ever #1 ranking. Now the bar is set high. I have nothing against CCM, but just how every other program handles themselves, us included, if you're not producing as a coach the seat gets hot. CCM should be shown no more luxury than Dooley or CPF was shown. If he can't produce then it's hot seat time. I'm NOT saying Pearl is or should be the answer, but from a $ stand point we dont have the cash to lure a big name to Knoxville. We blew all that on football. MOST of UT faithful still like Pearl. He owned up to what he did, stayed loyal to UT and it's charitable functions, refuses to leave Ktown, etc. He screwed up and he knows it, and he's paid for it. I promise this, when his suspension is up, teams will be clamouring for him and I personally think he would come back to Tenn for cheap, at least to start. Let him have a chance to redeem himself IF.... IF CCM can't pull it together next year. As far as this year goes, I hate to say it but we got what we deserved. Maybe got shafted in the seeding in the NIT, but none the less, we are where we are supposed to be because of the losses we showed the world. I hope that the team energizes and plays the NIT with heart, represents us, and it also = more game experience for hopefully a stout returning roster. Sorry for the length, I'm at work and have to cram alot into a single post =)

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not that ESPN likes Tenn but I read this morning that their "lead" bracketology guy Lunardi has us as THE 1st out.... but thats as it stands today if the season were over. 3 more wins and we shouldn't even have to win in the SEC tourny. Not saying we pull a sleeper and ignore the conf. tourny to rest the players. I wanna win one, but we don't HAVE to win any in the SEC tourny if we play a solid final 3 games

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wow.... you stereotype much? oh wait... it's your shining troll moment. Lemme help you out. Uz hur redniks in tenucee likes dem dere racen boys so just cloze yur pretty mouth bOOOOOy. What does all that bliss feel like bud when you're floating around in your pool of ignorance?

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OK... Johnny... You're any idiot, but moving on. I like this, more than even for Tenn exposure and recruiting and getting our name out there etc... Since he has gotten here CBJ has gone out of his way to embrace not just the UT name and football program, but also the culture of East Tenn. Racing is an big sports arena in East Tenn as well. I still can't say whether or not CBJ is gonna win BIG at Tenn. I think will win but delivering a powerhouse to us is still up in the air. What I can say about the man though is he clearly WANTS to be here. That is a refreshing feeling after Kiffin and Dooley. Records aside, I'm ready for a coach that WANTS to be here and CBJ is getting out there and embracing us beyond the campus boundaries.

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Great win and great end of season push. I won't lie a bit, this is first game I've watched this season. I am a true vol fan and I'm sure I'll get some hate out of this, but I'm still crushed by the Pearl firing and want him back. It is nothing personal against CCM. He is a very good guy and is proving he can be a good coach. I've just had a chip on my shoulder since the Pearl days. That being said, I decided last night that I can't not watch Tenn play Florida. I was very surprised to see what intensity I saw. The style of play was even up tempo like Pearl ran. It was a very fun game to watch and I wasn't expecting that. If you all knew me in my personal life you would know as much as I preach BBB, it's taking alot for me to say this..... Congratz CCM, great win and it looks like you may be Donovan's owner just like Pearl owned Calipari (when he was at Memphis). Keep up the great work BasketVols. You're proving to a sour fan that maybe life can go on without Pearl.... (still want him back tho.... sooo much bleeping energy, loved it)

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Im extermely interested in seeing how Jones works out. I can only speak for my era (starting at Majors) but Tenn hasn't had a all the time wired up coach. Majors, Fulmer, Kiffin, and Dooley all had their eruptions on the side lines from time to time but mostly stoic figures. Jones is wide open ALL the time, kinda like some guy.... whats his name.... oh yeah Bruce Pearl that Tenn loved. Im not promising Jones will win or anything but I am very interested to see someone with his intensity level lead us. Hope the guy don't have a heart attack on us though.

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Haters hate lol.... Bray is and will be good. He may never be a "superstar" but he will be good and will start for a NFL team at some point. It's really a shame that this years D over shodows the accomplishments he made. I've never been a fan of laying the weight of a team on a QB's shoulders. I know that's the nature of the game but it's still unfair. Everyone talks about he couldn't win the "big one's"..... I disagree, he did his part. The defense didn't. We hung more points on GA and SC than anyone they played by large gaps. We missed hanging the most points on Fla of anyone they played by 6..... Tyler had no running game either. You guys hating just want to hate.... Tyler, best of luck in the NFL and I honestly hate that everything you put into your career here will be over shadowed by haters because the defense and coaching staff failed the outstanding offense.....

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Well V4E neither school is without scandal, so i'll leave it at that, i enjoy talking sports with other sec fans, an no school in this league is pure as snow, i understand your relationship with coach cal goes back to the memphis era and i understand that you dont like him..i for one do not want sympathy for the team...Its just a game.

And adding to this... We have no problem with Cal at Memphis..... Pearl owned him when he was at Memphis

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Nice how you wrote a paragraph trying to explain how Cal cheated, with no proof, but not one word explaining Pearl's actions. You said some very good things, most of which I agree. But to act like a coach is 100% responsible for everything players do before they get to campus is insane and impractical. Again, to call someone a cheat, there needs to be proof. Not my opinion, not your opinion.... Fact 1- Cal has never been accused or found guilty of any wrongdoing. Fact 2- Pearl has been found guilty of wrongdoing. That is undisputed.

No worries bud.... i still defend Pearl to this day. He just had the unfortunate luck of being the guy that got caught. EVERY coach in all the different sports divisions are guilty of something. It's just whether or not they get caught. Pearl got caught, Tressel got caught, Carroll jumped ship before he got caught, Kiffin is still getting caught, Gillespi (spelling?) got caught, that guy for the Hoosiers (forgot his name) got caught..... THEY ALL DO IT, even your precious Cal. Just cuz he pulls a Carroll and bails on a program right when stuff is coming to light doesn't make him innocent. I'm serious, you blue guys are the only ones in the nation that don't see him for the scoundrel he is. I hated him when he was at Memphis and I hated him at UMass so please don't mistake this for just a Orange v Blue argument filled with rivalry banter. Your statement is correct..... Pearl got caught, but under your logic if my wife kills me and dumps my body in lye and no one ever finds me.... she's not a murderer?

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Mr 4Ever,

Cal- Never been accused or found guilty of breaking rules. One player was found to have cheated on SAT six months before he arrived on campus, while he was being recruited by other schools. Once it was found out he cheated, games he played in were vacated. Just happen to be a Final Four year. Next player took gifts from boosters. Cal found out and turned player in to the University which informed NCAA of violation. Again, that team just happened to be good enough to get to Final Four. So unfortunately two of his best teams that achieved these things had two men that cheated. Had it not been two Final Four teams, this wouldn't be as big a story. Again, please tell me how Cal cheated in these two instances.

Pearl- Had a recruit and his family at his house knowing it was a violation. He called recruits father and told him to lie to NCAA if they asked. He then lied to NCAA not once, but twice. He apologized while crying for breaking rules and lying. He was fired and received show cause and got his school put on probation. All of this is fact. Yet you call us cheats?Haven't even got to football and baseball team. You really need to do research before you speak, or type.

Every major sports netwrok, journalist, and anyone with an opinion will vouch for this. At the college level the coach of each respective program is responsible for the actions of the players he recruits. Whether Cal "knew" about it or not (which most of the nation besides you blue guys believes he did know and is the master of lying himself), he is responsible for evaluating players character traits and backgrounds when recruiting. When a coach signs a shady player over looking the bad stuff because he's a one year and done guy, the weight of the bad the kid does still falls on the shoulder of the coach, the face of the program. Please don't use the same excuse that everyone does, including some embarrassing situations here at UT, of blindly blaming the player. Look at USC, Pete Carroll "didn't know" either did he.... He was just smart enough to jump ship when he let it go to far.

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Are Saban and Urban Meyer actually the best coaches or best recruiters. How good a coach is any coach if they play with the best recruits in the country. Isn't Saban supposed to win? Would he not be a poor coach if he can't win with the players he has?

Yes, as much as it pains me to say, Saban and Meyer are that good of coaches. All you need to prove that is LK's debacle. Even after USC tanked this year they still are considered one of the most talent laden teams in the land. You can have all the talent in the world but if you don't have coaching and good play calling, all that talent is wasted.

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As of this morning ESPN has us rising to 29th. Still not a top 10 but improving. Im glad to see as time passes more and more fans, unlike you if you even are a fan and not a bored troll, are getting on board with CBJ and recognizing the work he's putting in. By no means am i promising he will get us into a NC or anything, but he's diving head first into UT and most of the comments previous to this are dead on..... It is a GREAT sign that CBJ has been able to get these kids to even look our way. Speaks volumes for the future.

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I know for a fact, football tickets are part of the student body fees at Texas A&M. It is a nice place, cool town and they have great tradition. but, not a lot else at College Station.

We have to build the excitement and make it affordable at TN. Hamilton pandered to the rich in the skybox seats.

I was using their "spirit" as an example. I know prices are an issue and I don't take that away from anyone. The prices at UT are high.... BUT I have read posts and seen first hand that the true problem is fans want to win BEFORE they come pay for tickets. There's plenty of "fans" out there willing to pay the prices for tickets, fair prices or not. We have a culture here that wants wins first and thats not how it should be. The BBall program is the same and those tickets are far cheaper. Look at Thompson-Bowling. Tenn fans need to support their team thru the bad times as well. In fact.... this past half of the season tickets could be found DIRT cheap and fans still refused to go support them. You didn't have to be there to support Dooley, but the guys out there in orange deserved the support. Granted they weren't box seats, but I got my pair of Missouri tickets off Craigslist for 40 bucks and Kentucky for 60 bucks. All I'm saying is whether you like what Cheeks and Hart are doing or not, whether you like who the HC is or not..... If you show up at the games and make some noise, the players will play better. If we don't show up, the players respond to that. I know there's people out there like me that don't make a fortune but love the Vols and find ways to get tickets at resonable prices and get into the games.....

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Win ten and they will come !

This is the kind of attitude I hate about our fan base. "Win and I might show up".... Smh... When I have the money I am at every game I can be. Tenn fans need to get behind their team. There is sooooo much to be said for players getting energized by the fans. TA&M has it right, fans are the 12th man. I can't count the number of times I saw a lackluster performance by our guys and then I looked around the stadium and saw empty seats and heard booing.... That affects the players. I'm not saying we will win 10 games, but if the fans get out there and shake Neyland everytime our guys do something good.... I can say they will play harder for US because they want US to love them and scream for them....

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Bell would be an AWESOME land for us and I hope he comes, but even if not I'm happy to see CBJ taking that step and trying. I played ball in HS (and no im not saying im some huge expert) and remember that players that were getting recruited looked to former players for advice and guidance so even if Bell doesn't land here, CBJ going after him and having a good effect on him may help a future recruit that knows Bell or played with him. If Bell turns out to be the star everyone is expecting him to, players that don't even have a personal relationship with Bell will look to him for guidance. However it turns out, I'm glad CBJ has the kahunas (spelling? lol) to step in there with the Bama's and the Ohio State's and fight for the bigger names. It may not get them here this year, but that work put in will show up in the future.

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Best of luck CDD. Tenn obviously wasn't the best fit for you but you still put your heart and soul into trying. That's what I look at as a fan. For all of you downing CDD, don't place Tenn's last 5 years on CDD's shoulders. He is a great person and a good coach that was thrown into a horrible situation. I'm glad that era is over. Don't get wrong in thinking I believe CDD shouldn't have been let go, but I do firmly believe whoever stepped in at that juncture would have been dealt the same fate after 3 years. It's over and I'm happy to wish a coach that poured his heart into Tenn all the success in the world. Even if the mountain was too tall for Dooley to climb, he gave it his all. I won't even blame the admin for his hire because i truly believe whoever took the Tenn job AT THAT POINT..... had their fat sealed

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Here is the problem. Vol nation had experienced much success in Men's Basketball with Bruce and have come to expect, even demand success. After a person once experiences success, it is much harder to accept little to no success.

It is like driving a Ford Escort most of your life [DeVoe, Houston, Green, O'Neil, Peterson], then hitting the lottery and driving a Mercedes 550 [BRUCE] for a few years, then losing all your money and having to bring the old Ford Escort back into service [Martin]. It is an automatic recipe for disappointments, anger, and regrets!


I don't believe a better analogy exists. I just hope that Hart realizes the golden ticket he has in Pearl when the suspension is up. Besides the winning factor, the money the athletic dept would generate from packing Thompson Bowling again would help ease the financial burden of the football payouts. 90% of UT fans would open their arms to him and maybe even cry from happiness. Most of us, even ESPN peeps, thought penalty was too rough. And just a little conspiracy theory.... we hired CCM really quick and hired him outta nowhere. IMO it was Hamilton's plan to ride the suspension till Pearl could come back. Quickly hire a coach that they could get away with paying a low salary, maybe even under the table CCM was told "hey this is just your's for 4 years". That would explain CCM's lack of enthusiam because he knew what Tenn was about under Pearl, excitement and energy. But we have Hart now...... hopefully he will see the prize he has and act on it. It would be a move that might actually get the fans behind him instead of criticizing every breathe he takes.

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Just a queastion if anyone knows. Is a quality control position something a person can work another job as well? The Terry Fair hire which most of were excited about shows he is only making 20k. Are they allowed to have supplemental jobs? Now a days its hard to live off 20k

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It's less a matter of UT swallowing its pride than that they don't want to risk the NCAA setting up permanent shop on the campus. He has been on their radar for years, so they will continue to watch him like a hawk. Also, Pearl wouldn't be available until the year after next because of the existing "show-cause" order. And firing CCM after this year, almost no matter what happens the rest of the way, would deny him a chance to coach a team that should be much deeper, more talented, more experienced, and maybe healthier than this year's, not to mention obligating the university to yet another buyout of a fired coach.

IMO Pearl would mind his P's and Q's this go round so the NCAA could have their own office on campus if they wanted. And as far as the buyout, it would be nothing in comparison to Dooley. CCM ain't the millionaire you might think he is and even if it was pricey, Pearl filling Thompson-Bowling to the rafters would more than pay it back in less than a year. BBall ticket sales have hit the floor since Pearl got fired.

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Actually, not ALLLLLL bball coaches lie to NCAA investigators. Theres an old adage in college sports that if the NCAA comes asking questions, they already know the answers. That being said, Pearl turned what would have been a minor infraction into the debacle that cost him his job. Though the energy and level of success he brought to this program is indeed missed, I'm of the opinion that his teams suffered from many of the same problems that people are on here complain about with Cuonzo's team re: poor free throw shooting, unorganized offense, inconsistent play, and so on...I'm just tired of living in the past and and listening to see people praise the very person who put us in this situation.

I love people's blindness to reality lol. Throughout college sports every program has something to hide. You're right, there are coaches out there that haven't lied to the NCAA, but that's because they haven't been caught. In the age of "win now or you're fired", you had better believe that no matter how upstanding a coach may appear, behind the scenes he/she is hiding something. Could anyone honestly say that they thought Joe Pa would EVER do anything wrong? Well he covered up the biggest scandal college sports has ever seen. Im telling ya, just because coaches don't get caught and put in the position to lie, doesn't mean they aren't doing it. Pearl is a great man that had a barbeque and told a fib, and he is taking his punishment and making the best of it. And he still supports the school that fired him. Just like when any of us told our parents and lie and got spanked for it, he's paid his due. It doesn't mean he can't come back and correct what was wrong. The ones that can't get over the past are the ones that can't forgive and see what's right for Tenn's future. This isn't like the Fulmer debate. I love CPF, but his days as a coach are done. Football moved on to a new era and Tenn has made the right call not bringing him back. Pearl is a different story. He's taken his punishment. He will remember this daily as he handles himself going forward. He LOVES orange. He fills Thompson-Bowling to the rafters, and.... he wins. Im not holding on to the past, im looking to the future

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I will make any bet with you of any amount on that one. Pearl is done at tennessee. Good coach, bad liar, NCAA magnet

You're bet may be a good one. Odds are stacked against Pearl coming back but please respect reality. ALLLLLLL bball coaches did and continue to do what he did. NCAA just wanted to make an example out of someone. Pearl wouldn't make that mistake again and is still loved in Tenn, except looks like maybe you.

Written on Vols lose to Ole Miss, 92-74 in SEC opener:

I just scrolled down to post and didn't even read so I dunno if anyone has posted about this or not..... CCM is a great guy, but not a great coach. He was a quick hire. Im gonna be a fingers crossed conspiracy theorist here. We hire a quick hire that from day one everyone looked as "he shouldn't be here". Pearl has not left Knoxville in spite of offers to coach outside of the NCAA world. He still works closely with the oUTlive program and supports UT functions. No one believes in their heart of hearts that what Pearl did was THAT wrong. He just had the unfortunate luck of being the guy the NCAA decided to make an exampe of. SMU scenario.... everyone is doing it, but they gotta hammer someone to get a point across. Very very few fans speak ill of Pearl and EVERYONE I speak to would love his return. For any ney sayers, if his punishment did fit the crime (which even the TN hating ESPN commentators say was bs), then his time has been paid after this year. If Hart wants to win the hearts of the VFL community, BRING PEARL BACK. I don't care if he has a commentator job now. If anyone thinks that Pearl wants to do anything other than coach, they should be admitted to a pysch ward. He would jump if we called. His punishment was way too harsh. After this, he wouldn't make the mistake again. And finally.... we could be EXCITED about tenn bball again. He and CBJ have identical prsonalities. There would be excitement everywhere on the Hill and that's what Tenn needs desperately.

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I haven't had opportunity to see either Of our 2 QBs. Anyone know which of the 2 has the best foot movement and best speed? They've got to have more than TB. Wouldn't ya think?

From what I've read Peterson is dual threat but I haven't seen either. That being said, I'm not a huge fan of the dual threat thing. This atricle is seemingly based on the 1 team that managed to beat beat Bama. That same team managed to lose 2 games as well. Vick never reached the NC. The only "shining" dual threats i can remember bringing home the crystal is Cam, Tebow, and that kid Osborne had at Nebraska a while back. The consensus "most prolific offense in college ball consistantly is Oregon and as fun and flashy as they are, they won't bring home the crystal. I know that it was "Cam" that beat em, but the true story of that game if you remember was Auburn shutting down a team that avg'd like 50 pts a game, i.e. NFL style defense found in the SEC. And these players don't convert to NFL well either. Cam was all anyone could talk about last year. RGIII is all anyone can talk about this year and neither are producing results. RGIII is already hurt. They definetly are fun to watch, but not effective in getting W's. Tebow is sitting on a bench. Vick has never seen a Super Bowl either. We want the guys that leave here to live on in the NFL and continue to represent Vol nation. Not sit on a bench or have mediocre careers. The closest thing to a dual threat with success is Big Ben and he isn't a dual threat, he just gets lucky on some un planned scrambles. Again, all these blogs are is opinion. I'm a Manning guy. Loved Ainge, loved Casey, and overlooking maturity, loved Bray. I like an avg 300 lb line that lets us sit back and rack up 3500-4k yrds a year. If we are talking tradition and CBJ doing all he can to continue our tradition...... We are Wide Reciever U, which constitutes having a pocket passer. This past season should show that. If we had a defense worth a bleep, we coulda beat anyone.

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When you are a little older, you will look at it in terms of decades, or eras. Translation: I am old as dirt.

If you look at the Wallace Wade era for Bama, with the 1926 Rose Bowl as perhaps the seminal point for Southern Football's dominance:

...and then Neyland taking the mantle, with Gene McEver's Kickoff return as the starting point for the Neyland era: Oct. 20, 1928: Gene McEver returned the game's opening kickoff 98 yards for a touchdown to help Tennessee beat heavily favored Alabama 15-13 at Denny Field in Tuscaloosa, Ala. The game rekindled the Alabama-Tennessee series, and the Vols and their third-year coach, Robert Neyland, launched themselves into the upper tier of Southern college football powerhouses. That win was also part of a 33-game stretch in which Tennessee didn't lose a game from 1926-30.

Of course we know that Neyland went on to be perhaps the greatest defensive mind the game ever knew, and his legacy includes one home loss over 21 years, 17 straight shutouts, an unscored-upon season and having never lost to Bear Bryant...

Anyhow, fast forward through Bear's emergence, our decline after Neyland, our resurgence under Dickey culminating in the 1967 Bama game and then, the 1982 win as the end of the Bear Bryant era, the 1985 game where we lost Tony Robinson in a close match, opening the door for another Dickey to finish that masterpiece known as "The Sugar Vols," the 1995 win as perhaps Peyton's most iconic moment (conducting the band in a victory rendition of "Rocky Top"...boy dude, it would be alot of tradition kicked to the curb!

As Keith Jackson put it: "...Neyland Stadium, where you could look up the river on the third Saturday in October and see the leaves changing and the Tennessee Walker [horse] going by with the bluetick hound barking at him. And afterward, you could sit on the porch of that old hotel on the riverbank, eat salted cornbread and watch the moon come up. And if Tennessee won, that moon was always orange. But if Alabama won, why, you'd swear it was almost red."

I can't feel it now, but we will be back up again at some point -- I think we have to respect the tradition of this game, though. Bama is a strong rival - they've had Wallace Wade, Bear Bryant and now the Nick Saban era - but lets not shrink away from the challenge. Let's take our lumps until the pedulum swings, whenever it may be. SOmeday, we'll be back, and it will feel really good!

I 100% agree with you. There is massive tradition in this game. I personally own like 12 or so of the DVD's that get put out chronicling those eras for Tenn and i make it a point to love the past of my team. I'm not saying shy away from it. There will be plenty of meetings between Tenn and Bama regarless due to how the SEC makes schedules. We can still play them 2 times every 4 years. In my humble opinion, we have several years till we can hope to break the Florida cycle. Even in our 90's hayday we were still owned by Florida. I just think we need to beat the Florida monkey off our back since we have to play them every year and maybe just a lil less attention to this Bama rivalry. Look at all the conference realigning going on. Teams are giving up rivalries yearly to do whats best for their team. By no means am i saying switch conferences lol, but recognizing that a series may be detrimental to your team's current growth is not a bad thing. My Tenn hero is Peyton Manning. I was 14-18 during his years and I will always regard him as the best qb to ever set foot on a playing field no matter the level.... BUT anytime he is brought up, its rare that someone doesnt add in the comment that "but he never beat florida". We are entering a new era. I hope a great one. I just feel that leaving ourselves in a situation of playing them every year will stunt our growth. All other teams on our schedule are up for grabs, could lose em or could win em. Recent history (past 20 years for Florida and past 6 for Alabama) shows we need to diversify for the good of the program. Of course all of this is just my opinion and won't come to pass anyways....

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Others can fill you in more on why the rivalry matters.

I'll be a bit technical: in this era, with limited scholarships, there are a lot of good players out there who won't be going to Bama. One way for them to make a name for themselves is to go to a school where they PLAY Bama. Playing well against the best matters.

That kid from ND, the LB who got lit up?? He's an example of a kid who's never played football at SEC level, much less the "best" SEC level.

I do agree with what you're saying. I'm only speaking to the state our program is in at this point and time and what growth will require. I promise i have back read my teams history and understand the signifigance of the rivalry in the past. I'm not saying cut the game out completely. We will still be forced to play them 2 years out of every 4. My problem is look at the stigma "streaks" cause. Our streak against Kentucky "was" a huge motivating factor for our strength in that smaller rivalry. And the same goes for Vandy. I just don't think its a healthy situation for a program that wants to rise to the top to have the stigma of being beaten x number of times in a row by any other team. As much as i love my Vols, im a realist. It doesn't help us build back up no matter how much CBJ improves the program (which i think he will)to have streaks against us that can and DO sit in the players heads. This is the SEC. What you're saying about the players playing against the best will happen year in and year out. 3 SEC east teams finished in the top 15 and 5 SEC teams total finished in the top 25. Tenn players will face top tier teams without having Bama on our schedule every year

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I have to say even at 32 yrs old, im still young when it comes to the Tenn/Bama rivalry. By no means do i not understand tradition and hope this steps on no ones toes, but I grew up in the heat of the Tenn/Fl hatred years and to be honest i wouldn't mind not playing Bama every year. It doesnt help our program to face that kinda team every year. Like i said, to all the vintage fans that LOVE that rivalry please keep in mind that when i was a teen we beat Bama 7 yrs in a row and split with em up until Saban's arrival, so for me i just don't think Tenn/Bama is what it used to be. I'm thinking only of Tenn's growth and if we gotta take a loss to them every year that could potentially knock us out of contention of just getting to the SEC championship (which we would probably have to face them there anyways lol), why continue a every year meeting. Under the current structure we would be forced to meet them twice in every 4 year gap anyways. I don't see Saban leaving anytime soon. 5 mil a year and he's a god in tuscaloosa. If this was the 90's for the Vols i wouldn't even be making this speech. And sure this sounds like I'm scared for my team to play Bama, but if we are all honest with ourselves, for the last 6 years, every 3rd sat in Oct, whether we say it out loud or not..... we've thinking "bleep, i wish we didnt have to play this game". I felt that way about Florida as well for several years but we are in the east with em and can't do anything about it. I swear im VFL. Im sitting in my office surrounded by orange of all types...... Im just thinking we are at a crossroads and scheduling someone every year that everyone in tenn has to pray for a miracle to win is not in the best interest of growing the program.

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UT gets the Lion's share of the educational dollar from the Leglistature in Tennessee for sure. So wave your "flag".

Bruce Pearl was kicked out of coaching for cheating and lying while representing UT. I know that makes you proud. All he recruited was thugs and that has been well exposed.

Memphis has accomplished more in men's basketball than UT has, that is not even disputable. Nationally, Memphis gets respect. Why should we play a school who trash talks the like as UT?

Peyton Manning lost to Memphis, when favored by 42 points. I was there, it was a great night in Memphis! Memphis only plays UT in football for the payday. Finacially, the need to play UT is not what it once was. Our football schedule is still far better with the Big East members staying. There is no comparison in the budgets of the two programs. It will never be on equal ground.

UT is not "being nice" to Memphis throwing us a bone. Your AD is begging Memphis to continue to play the series to add some creditibly to your schedule and help with recruiting Memphis players. Pastner is smart to tell you guys to take a hike. Calipari wanted to end the series too and he managed to get rid of Ole Miss and Arkansas for the same reason.

As a fan, I would like to see the game continue every year, in Nashville splitting the tickets evenly between both schools with referees from another conference. I think Hamilton regected that offer when Calipari proposed it.

UConn and Cincinnati are still in the Big East and Louisville has agreed to a long-term deal play Memphis as well. Top to bottom, the Big East is still a better basketball league than the SEC. The SEC v. Big East challenge will decide that.

Tom Bowen, Memphis AD is new. I am sure our football coach will have a major stake in future dealings with scheduling. Playing the Vols has long lost its luster for Memphis. UT has done everything in its power over the years to keep Memphis out of the SEC. Face it, you just don't matter to us anymore.

Impressive book you wrote there lol.... anyhoo, 1 I wouldn't speak of Pearl since he owned Memphis and you guys also loved a snake named Calipari, 2 I hate when anyone talks about the shame Pearl left us with. That's rediculous. Pearl got caught doing something all the coaches do and had the unfortunate luck to be the guy that the NCAA wanted to make an example of. Pearl left no shame. He is still widely loved in Ktown and even ESPN guys (that generally hate UT) said it was a bogus punishment. I would love to see Pearl come back when suspension is over and the series between UT and Memphis live on.

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For the most part, CCS did this with 2 and 3 star players from Florida. With the right guys, you can coach up and get great results. Hats off to CCS. Easy to see why he did not jump to Rocky Top. They'll do well in the ACC.

Agreed, hats off to CCS and his squad. i have no dislike of him for not choosing to come here, but it does remind me of a post, i forget who, that said "don't stress over it guys, florida is gonna show you all why you don't want CCS as your coach" lol. Louisville will be great in the ACC and strong showed he is a great coach. Im happy with CBJ, but to all the people that were squalling that Hart shouldn't have been going after CCS..... well, you were wrong. GREAT WIN LOUISVILLE!!!!! I am an SEC man but when it comes to Florida..... HAHAHAHA

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Tisk Tisk Graham..... you are entitled to be here more than most. LOVE that you are still with us

Written on John Adams: Time for 'serious' changes at Tennessee :

the more noise, cheaper prices idea needs some revision..... im pretty sure we had points this past year where the boo's shooting through Neyland woulda had them paying you to eat the popcorn. Besides that, if we score and everyone freaks out, the fans are needed in their seats for the kick off, not a on a mad dash for the cheapest hotdog

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Texas and USC have had top 5 recruiting classes...but look how they have done the past 3 or 4 years. More to it than stars alone

someone may have beaten me to this further in the stream, but EXACTLY.... and has everyone forgot our heisman trophy winner Johnny Football. He was a 3 star recruit. Hell, he was 3rd on A&M's depth chart last spring. Stars aren't everything.