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And the indoor track that Tennessee doesn't have? Where will that go? There once was a place where Football and Track worked together and they both were good. It was called The University of Tennessee. It is amazing how both programs have been allowed to slide. At least someone cared enough to try and fix football.

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I can't believe that the track program for Men and Women is so horrible now. If UT doesn't ask JJ Clark to leave it just shows that it doesn't matter in 2013. It is amazing to watch one person basically ruin 50 years of tradition. George Watts is now at ETSU, Doug Brown is selling track equipment. Someone with UT ties needs to run this program and bring it back.

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Why did they bother to show up?

They didn't! The team they played was well coached too. Our team is not. Mercer ran the same play over and over again, we never defended it. I wonder which NCAA top level teams that make a coaching change this year will be considering our coach as a possibility?

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Don't know why he is so baffled! Beat Bama and don't loose to GA twice and you're in. In other words...TCB!

What baffles me is why they are not fundamentally sound and why they don't play hard all of the time.

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Why would anyone go watch this? Tennessee won't play hard in regular season improtant games all of the time. What would make one think they will do it in a no count game against another no count team?

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Folks, the UT men's and women's track teams are horrible. Too bad no one cares. They were once among the best in the US.

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The Vols looked like a tourny team tonight. Stokes is now playing like the beast he is. I was really impressed with his passing out of the double team. Golden seems to be getting his game back. Really nice team effort. Always a pleasure sweeping the Dores. Now lets find a way to sneak into the tourny. GO VOLS.

While they did win, and that's great, the Vols do not and will not ever "look" like a tourney team. Their passing against the press in the last two games was still horrible. When they learn to throw a bounce pass they will look like a well coached team. I did, at least, see Stokes roll the right way on a pick-and-roll last night. I know it was only once and may have been a mistake, but I am pleased anyway.

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Wait, people seem to be getting this wrong. The basketball team plays dumb and the coaches seem to be dumb if they don't know or care about the rules. It doesn't matter how silly the rules may seem. I would hate to be the compliance person at UT.

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I enjoyed Rogan as a player. I wish he had gone to school somewhere else so he would have been out of Knoxville.

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JJ Clark needs to be forced to read this article. Hopefully he would fee so guilty about the state of the program he will resign today.

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The really sad thing for me is that the players are starting to say the things that players did when Wade Houston was here. This team is clearly getting worse and is poorly coached. If they aren't poorly coached they are so dumb that they can't begin to play with any effort or fundamentals.

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Yeah, this is awful. They are "coached" to dribble more than any team I have ever seen. They dribble a lot but not very well. Into and out of double teams. In the post they dribble and get the ball stolen. Coaching against Tennessee would be easy. Wait until they dribble then steal it. They will not win on the road this year.

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Yeah, bad players, bad basketball IQ. Watch them pick and roll...they don't know which way to roll or why to do it. They defend for a while then get exposed and can't shoot.

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We will lose 70someting to 40something.

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Sounds like a heartwarming underdog story...avoid like the plague

That's right. We don't need kids who want to play for Tennessee. We need to get more kids that we have to beg. Those kids who may leave if they aren't "taken care of." How has that worked out? The kid passed for 10,000 yards. Let him walk on. Take a look at him on the field against our defense. Then you will know something.

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This is just a bad team. Martin would look better if they had Mamon. The don't have a go to guy. They don't have a shooter. The "offensive" players thay have are defensive liabilities. Whoever had Stokes in the weightroom should be fired. They made him bigger but less explosive. This team may win 4 games...tops.

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Hey, glad they won but the Vols must find two people one who can score inside and another who can score outside. I am stunned by the lack of improvement and effort by Stokes.

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I never knew you could coach speed. I thought you had to recruit it. Just goes to show you can learn something every day.

I know you are kidding but speed, measured in tenths of seconds, can be coached. If you know what you are doing.

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Mora Jr. or an NFL guy...the only real splash we can make now is to get the old band back together. It would at least get us some positive publicity.

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Why is John Adams commenting on this? He is just like Donald Trump...clawing his way to stay relevant.(And btw we will see how long it takes the KNS to delete this comment)

If this season has taught is anything it has taught us that you don't change schemes unless you have the people in place to do it right. 4-3 to 3-4...good job.

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Tell this to our Defesive players: I have no Confidence in them! They are soft,slow,lack toughness,lack the ruthless rage required to be Beastly in the SEC and are plain and simple not very smart on the field! Maybe this will motivate them to be the team that played in the first half against Mizzou! GO VOLS!!

You forgot to mention that they appear to have no basic defensive fundamentals. Good coaching!

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What a waste of time that read was.

John, I am still not mad at you like everyone else semms to be. You still have not lost a football game for UT like the current staff has (and a lot of them). I do not, however, want Petrino as UT's coach. No matter how many games he has won. Petrino left the Falcons during the season. He also left the folks at Louisville in a bad spot. Tennessee needs to hire someone that wants to finish at Tennessee, and he needs to be a Tennessee guy. Please write an article about that guy. Then I'll get excited.

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Very crucial game in the history of Tennessee football. Back to back losing seasons last occurred in 1910. Will Vandy or Kentucky make that happen. I hope Dooley is fired monday. I think the team has a better chance of winning out with Dooley gone.

Including Phil proves your opinion isn't valid. Phil was one year removed from an SEC championship game vs LSU. We are now one full year past a Music City Bowl try.
Dooley shoud have, however, been fired before the overtime or at the half last week.

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There's no way I'm going to try to read all ten thousand comments on this one.

I've been a supporter of the coach all along, based on my feeling that he has been doing a good rebuilding job on the roster, and there's been improvement steadily in almost everything but the win/loss columns, and that it wasn't fair to judge him strictly on the win/loss record against a lot of very powerful teams during the first couple of years of rebuilding. Anybody who disagrees with those things is, in my opinion, just a moron.

As of now, I am off the Dooley train. It isn't because of how many games we've lost, and it isn't because we lost today. It isn't because he's a terrible coach -- he isn't. It is for one reason, and one reason alone: his decision to hold on to two turnovers with 40 seconds left in regulation, in excellent field position, with one of the best offenses in the country. Even if all it got us was into position for a long field goal, that would have been better than being complete wussies. I'm surprised he didn't actually have Bray take a knee! That kind of piss-poor decision-making during games has just happened to many times. Don't accuse me of being some Fulmer-loving idiot who lives in the past, but Fulmer wouldn't have dreamed of doing that. Neither would Spurrier, Saban, Kiffin, Richt, Mullen, (insert names of every other head football coach in history here).

I like the decision to fake the FG, and it was maybe the ballsiest call I've seen in years, but that doesn't change the way regulation ended.

If this were Hollywood, Bray would have gathered the players together, given some little pep talk, and run a couple of plays on his own to win the game. Then the coach would have gone quietly back to his office and cleaned out his desk, without a word.

I'm sorry, but if I were one of the players on the field at that point, I would have called the timeout myself and forced the coach's hand. He would have to do the right thing, because he wouldn't be able to admit publicly that the players revolted against his call.

Wow! Good post!

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Vols 42-Mizzou 32
Vols 37-Vandy 24
Vols 55-Kentucky 21

Bowl Game Vols 42-Miami/TCU/Boise St/Michigan St 24

What are you smoking? Tennessee will lose tomorrow then Dooley will be fired on Sunday.

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Well Mizzou, welcome to the SEC.

In the words of Mr. T..."gonna bust you up."

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Why is everyone mad at John Adams? He isn't the coach of a team that is bad. He didn't hire Sal and give him a big contract.

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We played 4-3 the entire second half against SC. They got 10 pts.

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The defensive line continues to be awful. They were better in the second half when they played almost all 4-3. The ends are still losing the outside they have since the first game.

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Did anyone notice that we played 4-3 for the entire second half? We scored 21 they scored 10. Finally a good adjustment.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Dooley will be fired on Sunday or Monday if Eavn's score is correct.

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After seeing Worley, I truly believe that Bray is about 10 times better and gives us a chance to win. With Worley playing we were horrible last year. We don't need to change QB's we need to coach the one we have.

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Tennessee will be massivly out coached by SC. That's the plain unfortunate truth.

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Tyler Bray is the ultimate front-runner. if things are going well in a game, Tennessee is ahead and Bray is completing passes, then he plays like he is All_World. But put him in a tough game where the offense has to grind out completions and first downs, then Bray folds like an oily beach chair.

one other thing - if i hear one more player or coach talk about "missed assignments", i'm going over to the football offices and punch somebody.

missed assignments = bad coaching !!!

On good teams, missed assignments means someone else plays. We don't have the depth to sub so the same mistakes get repeated with no options for the coaches.

Your assesment of Bray is spot on!

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I think that is the first time I have seen an actual 'F' given from the writer.....many from the fans mind you, but first from staff. Wow - very deserved though. And, I don't even think Teague is playing anymore and they are still that bad.

This may be the closest to accurate that these grades have been. This team is getting worse every week. It starts with player leadership. They have it...all negative from the quarterback. Secondly you need playmakers. We have that too...negative plays. When we have the chance to make something happen we usually do in a bad way. Alabama is everything we hope to be but on our current path we won't get there.

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Four years after Fulmer was fired, the Tennessee football program is a train wreck. Thanks Mike Hamilton! The state of Tennessee has lots of Alabama fans, sickning! Most fans have given up on Dooley, any hope of turning this thing around is gone!

Let this post sink in again. We have beaten Ole Miss, Ky and Vandy under Dooley. Fulmer had 12 wins against Bama. Average under Fulmer was 9-3 or 8-4 (with class). I would take that again in a heartbeat.

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Offensive Line: A-

Running Backs: B+

Receivers: A (Patterson) and D (Hunter for Disinterested)

Quarterback: C (For Crybaby)

Defensive Line: F

Linebackers: F

Defensive Backs: F-

Coaching: G (For God Awful and for Get Out!)

Interesting post. I so much agree with you assesment of the defense. Our front 7 seem to be out of position on almost every play just after the snap. If an opposing team watches film (and they do) we are so easy to run on. Johnson makes a ton of tackles, 10 yards down field after running around and taking horrible angles. The 3-4 may be better but these guys seem to be too dumb to run it. We are making the same mistakes we were making at the start of the season.

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The Vol defense does not know what to do in the 3-4. The Vols gave great effort at times today but this team is not mature enough or disciplined enough to be a top college team. The Vols will go 7-5 this year and lets hope for a better 2013 (if Bray, Hunter, and Patterson stay.)

I agree with 7-5 if TN wins against Miss St. This defense is a disaster. The D-line was bad against the run against NC State and they still make the same mistakes now. Watch the way the outside guys dive inside on every play. Any decent coach can see what they do ane exploit it like GA did. The secondary is average and has communication problems. Offense struggles when there is game pressure. I have now decided if we go 7-5 it will be a miracle.

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If UT baseball got the top 5 players in this area each year and the top 5 players from the state's JR colleges they would win more than they do.

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Look. We're all disappointed. At the same time, I want to take something good away. I think this group has a good spirit. They help each other in workouts, they've been working harder, there is alot more team unity and support. I was around some of the guys this morning, they are hurting, but they are determined and sticking together. I want them to come back swinging, and I want all of you to keep loving them. All we did last night is watch - we didn't have to get out there and play the game. The guys that did have some hurting egos and bodies. Let's see what they do with it.

I almost cried. Look people shouldn't quit on the team but the team did quit on Saturday.

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As a Gator fan I believe attitude, and not talent, won this game for the Gators. I'm sure Driskel would love to have Patterson and Hunter to throw to. But when TN was leading and looked like they would run away with it, the Gators kept fighting and did not give up. On the other hand, when the Gators went up by a touchdown, TN looked like they gave up. As an SEC fan, I expect to see both teams fight to the end.

Good post and as a Vol fan I saw UT quit and Florida stay the course in a tough place to play. I saw the pitiful body language of a team that quit. Looked like the KY game last year. It is hard to be excited if we have a team led by a quarterback that is a "front runner"...Mr. Everything until things get hard.

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Good job track team...he was a risky signee and didn't produce last year anyway. JJ get your act together or resign.

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Defense definitely needs work! Florida won't be as easy to outscore. We need the defense to man up next week or it could be a long day. We won't be facing Georgia State-type receivers or runners. If we give up as many catches and runs as we have the last two games, we'll be in trouble. Go Vols!

We will have a difficult time against the run. Our backers and linemen don't seem to stay in their lanes so any cutback play will work against us. If I noticed that probably Florida did too.

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NC State's All American corner was exposed, really the entire ACC was exposed, if that guy is supposed to be good. He was toarched. Someone said during the game that he needed to fake an ankle injury if he wanted to be All American this season.

Written on Tennessee-N.C. State Report Card :

Great start for the team. Once the D backs got lined up right we covered well. #55 Smith was really exposed on running plays. He got pushed inside at least 4 times for the only big gains NC St. had. Hopefully we will fix that against Ga St. and get ready for Florida.

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Have you seen any empty seats this year? Didn't think so. You're like those silly Gata guys ... always tellin' us how great it was and how great it's gonna be. About the last couple of years ... they don't have so much to say.

Win 8 or 9 football games and there will not be a money problem.

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Dave Hart is doing a fine job!!!! It is time to clean house..

Man, you are so right. That women's athletic department at UT really sucks. The men's program is...oh wait.

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How about a bit of discipline on the coaches part when things get a little cockeyed out there? Lead by example. Remember who was really responsible for the debacle at Lexington. Take control and fix your own problems first.

Wow, thanks for a good, on topic post!

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Would making the SEC tournament secure an NCAA birth for the VOLS?

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If they wanted to help Football, they would throw mondy at Vince Anderson to come back as director of T&F and recruit sprinters and hurdlers who are likely skill position bakllplayers (Flowers, Gault, James, Hancock etc etc) ringa bell. This would be more effective than paying yet another football assistant mega-bucks.

Yes, Vince is the answer!