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On a similar note, I have a Yugo for sale.......

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"Kentucky was in last place, with only two players on the third team".


Made the whole article worth reading. Glad we got some dudes on each team, though.

Joker Phillips = WORST Coach EVER!

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Hopefully this dump of a basketball program will make the NIT

You seriously saying that?
I give UK fans credit for having basketball knowledge, you are just one of the exceptions.

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Hey, leave Jeff alone! He is soon to be a big time $$$ man when he writes the check for the Jeff Flowers Jock Wash Station. Ok, ok.. It's only a sink, but it brings back so many fond memories for him.

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We appreciate your obsession with everything Vols.
Glad you'll be watching.

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Maybe I am reading more into this, but I wouldn't be surprised if this came about at the "request" of , hmmm, say some old ball coach in state, just to try and discredit the current staff at Tennessee. Bet it would be used on the recruiting trail....

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Team allegiance matters not when we lose someone so young. Tragic.

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Scheduling only P5 games means the demise of football programs elsewhere. It is these sacrificial paydays that keep their programs running. Now, if you want to talk about breaking away from the NCAA and starting a new organization, I am all ears and would back that 100%.

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Butch Jones is only building up one thing on the hill ... your expectations!! Same happened with Kiffen and Dooley. The Salvation Boys didn't save you afterall, and neither will Sgt. Carter.

I am quite the realist. Unlike basketball, you are not going to win a championship with one recruiting class. It takes several, especially in the SEC. Either be along for the ride, or get out of the way as the motor is running and we are picking up speed. Just requires some patience.

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Sad day indeed. My condolences to her family and friends.

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But we do care about the athletes right? Especially their bodies and their brains?
From the article:

"For us the main thing is, 10 percent of kids will get concussions, but 50 percent will show changes in the way their brain behaves that is almost equivalent," said Nauman. "I'm not worried just about the defense, I'm worried about the linemen on both sides that might take 70 hits in a game. We're looking at somewhere between 60 to 90 hits to the head per week is all you want to take."
Researchers have consistently found that it's not just the number of hits that contribute to brain trauma, but the magnitude of those hits. That's why all those who were interviewed for this story stressed the risk that comes with fatigue-induced breakdowns in technique. A player who does exactly what he's been taught by his coaches -- blocking with hands, form-tackling -- should minimize the number of high-impact hits he sustains to the head.
However, linebackers and defensive backs worn down from chasing receivers all over the field are more inclined to lunge with their head. Exhausted linemen may default to a head-on bull rush rather than using their hands. "We would anticipate these issues become more problematic the more fatigued you are," said Talavage.

We've added and/or increased penalties for roughing the passer, roughing the kicker, spearing, and etc. Big man dehydration and fatigue obviously contribute to poorer execution. Studies have shown defense can be more fatiguing than offense. However, when severely fatigued, both sides are more prone to concussions, due to the sheer number of increased plays throughout the year. Some of these will have severe consequences. No, we shouldn't consider the young men who come to play for Tennessee as fodder to the football game. If research indicates a necessity for a rule to allow replacement, so be it. Our athletes brains are more important than the W-L column any day of the year.

The point made about exhaustion and dehydration is very valid. What about creating a hydration system for use between plays that fits inside the helmet? This not only supplements the athlete with needed fluids during play, but would also act as a cushion for the head inside the helmet. A flush mounted nozzle for quick refill could be added so it could be replenished between series.

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Bielema probably believes all schools should get a crystal football trophy for participation

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Andy Kennedy is so mad at him he went out and punched a cab driver

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Many have PLAYED pro baseball and came back to college to play football.

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Maybe when commenting on BASKETBALL articles, you should go by the name "UTownsus"

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Waiting for a certain "handicapper" to give us odds on guilty or innocent.

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As one who has watched a parent go through this disease, I do hope they can help make a difference.

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Hopefully, he has been away from the SEC long enough to be good. There is not one single SEC official that would have deserved this job. Simply put, SEC basketball officials are the worst of the worst.

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I hope the SEC officials are next to be investigated. How else can you explain some of the calls these clowns make.

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Waiting on a few to blame Dave Hart.......

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Left a LOT of runners on base early, but rallied when it counted. Time to send the Huskies to the "other" bracket and get Saturday off.

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My take on this article is 1) Dobbs is a very intelligent kid. 2) Dobbs WANTS TO BE A LEADER.

Those are 2 intangibles it takes to be a very good / great quarterback.

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They need to abolish this "Bullying" and give everyone a participation trophy!

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Bada bing. Bada boom.

Those 9 years of high school were the best years of his life.

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We have a number of Vol fans who are on the same team. We have simply 2, maybe 3 trolls here who as most have said, are present with an agenda to stir things up, run down the AD and coaches, and in short..........just be nuisances to everyone else who wants to attempt to enjoy the site.

Stay tuned. IMO, once again, with these ignorant screen names.........they may very well be history. We'll see.

Go USAF, and Go Vols

Always complaints, never offers solutions. Typical of a sad, sad person with low self esteem.
If they do want to have a say, write the big check and I am sure they will be listened to.

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First whiff was when Chuckie laughed out loud at the UT job offer.

Second when Charlie Strong turned down Tennessee to stay at Louisville everyone knew the UT program was in the complete dumpster.

I think it is hilarious that PHart is now bragging about hiring the third or fourth person on the hiring list.

Next season Bobby Petrino's Western Kentucky team will wax Tennessee and all the vol fans will be calling for Jones' head.

Just Saying

UK All-time record 580–582–44 (.499)

And you are laughing why?

As for WKU, sure, they will come into Neyland 1-0, but leave at .500, something you aspire to be.

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I believe that, given time, we WILL be back with CBJ and his staff. As for his recruiting, check out the link on 2015 commit Zach Stewart:

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Last night, I drank my Doolaid along with a few shots of Johnny Majors and smoked Kiffin blunts.

I listened to the Florida St./Bama version of “You Cheating Hart” while having a conspiracy plan in the form of a Gator tattooed on my Cheek.

Now I am deeply in debt and owe everyone money, and all my ex’s are filing lawsuits against me.

This morning, I read from “The Book of The Truth Squad” where the stories of The Greatest and his disciples made me realize I betrayed Coach Phil Fulmer, Coach Butch Jones is the second coming of Dooley, and I am delusional, a sunshine pumper, and a sycophant.

It is written that unless I start posting apocalyptic comments with multiple screen names about the UTAD that are totally unrelated to the GVX articles others are commenting on, then I am destined to burn in Hades along with the rest of the VOL NATION who dare to say anything constructive or positive.

Gosh, now I feel so guilty for being a supportive VOL fan all these years. I must’ve been hallucinating. Boohoohoo.

This is a Hall of Fame post!

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I wonder how jeff_aint_no_richmond aka 1percent brain usage will put a negative spin on this

I am sure everyone will be called a "sycophant".
Really wish he would turn the page on his "Word of the Day" calendar and find a new one to use.

On topic, a very good read.

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The beer bottle throwing, jet ski idiot round.

But he won't do time like your hero Richie Farmer is about to do.

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With all the summer camps and clinics, these kids are competing with some of the best in the nation.
I think we need to look at the individual, no so much the geography.

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Sophmore from Coalfield? Just gotta say WOW....Perhaps there is a 8th grader out there that should be given a shot? My how desperate UT has become.

Just Saying

Wanna lay some bucks for that last game of the season, for say, the next 30 years?

Didn't think so.

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You have just defined "fair-weather fan." Since you aren't actually a Vol fan, maybe you should go somewhere else? I understand Bama is having a pretty good run right now. Maybe you should become a Tide fan? When they fall on hard times again (which they eventually will), you can move over to whomever is winning then.

In the meantime, you can work on your character issues.

Probably been a Ravens fan since Feb 3.....

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I would encourage all of you to head out to Rochelle Field on a Friday night to watch Zach play. Coalfield fans will welcome you with open arms.

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I've said it before and I'll say it again, this kid will be playing on Sundays, after a great career on The Hill.

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Atta boy Zach! Coalfield already knows what they have got and soon, so will Big Orange Country!

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MORE BS FORM A LOSER? Yeah, you prove that with every post you make.
On topic, he obviously doesn't associate himself with the idiots Hopson did. As for Stokes, a year with Maymon in the line-up will get him the stats to be noticed.

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For all of us who played for the VOLS...thanks Peyton and God bless !

And THANK YOU as well!

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Peyton should stick with resurrecting his career in Denver and selling cars on TV commercials because nobody is going to buy any of this jazz.

Jones was about 5th on the Vol wish list behind Chuckie and Charlie Strong and everyone who follows this program knows this is a dud/thud hire just like Dooley and Kiffin were duds.

Since Fulmer is gone the program has fallen apart,

Just Saying

Timmy Couch selling used cars in Hyden these days or did he buy a franchise of meth labs down there?
Yeah, there is your all world QB.......
You wanna talk football programs? Go find a Vandy fan so it can be somewhat equal.

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LSU's chances to make some noise just went up. As stated above, a quality player and with the others returning, LSU could be pretty darn good.

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Actually it was 42. A true freshman in his very first game scored 42 points.

I remember listening to that game in my mom's kitchen as she was cooking. John Ward's play-by-play with King playing was electrifying.

The story about the game in Memorial Coliseum was told to me by John Ward himself, as I was fortunate enough to sit at the table during a UT function with him. He went on and on about how great a player King was, and he saw some of the best! Also for any REAL UK fans, he also talked about one of his best friends, Cawood Ledford. Could you imagine getting to listen to those two talk basketball! On topic, Congratulations to the best that ever wore the BIG ORANGE!

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From his LinkedIn profile:

Director of Recruiting
University of Tennessee
January 2013 – Present (4 months)Knoxville, Tennessee Area

• Oversee the day to day operations of the recruiting department
• Oversee all film production for evaluation process
• Oversee data and prospect information in recruiting database
• Oversee head coach recruiting travel
• Oversee scheduling and coordinating recruiting travel
• Oversee recruiting calendar
• Oversee planning and supervision of all recruiting related functions coordination
• Responsible for creating and executing the recruiting marketing plan
• Responsible for all recruiting services
• Manage the day-to-day responsibilities for all student workers.
• Recruiting reports
• Prospect Identification

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Well, you sure predicted the basketball outcome correctly...... Oh, wait.....

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You are always right and a heck of a good guy!

Now, we have the number 1 biggest lie ever told on this site.

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There was a discussion about his size and his grandmother confirmed he measured in at 6'4 298lb in Myrtle Beach. Feeling old as I remember watching his grandparents playing basketball at Coalfield.

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Please remember this is the typical troll. Total of 3 posts, all negative and 2 of them dissing a kid from Coalfield. Sad.

Here is something for your viewing enjoyment:

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Hell YES!!!!! Very proud of my fellow Yellow Jacket!

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There's no place for your kind of smugness on this or any other site, know-it-all.

He doesn't know everything. Pitino did it on top of the table......