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I guess Mulkey is still playing UConn have to wait and see her schedule. If it turns out she dropped all the top teams I guess we know what her agenda is and I feel even better that Louisville knocked her out of the tourney.

I doubt Baylor's going to drop the UConn game this year since it's Baylor's turn to play at home. The athletic department probably wouldn't be too happy with Mulkey if she decided to drop what would be a big ticket selling game for them. If she drops it next year then it becomes all the more obvious that she doesn't want to play the top competition without a once in a lifetime pair of players like Griner and Simms.

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Based on the short video ESPN's recruiting site had on Russell I think they player she reminds me most of right now is Chiney Ogwumike perhaps trading a bit of aggressiveness on the glass for more shot blocking ability. I'm really looking forward to Tennessee's post game next year. Graves, Harrison, and Russell are all good and they each have their own different style in the post. We're going to be a nightmare to defend next year.

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Graves to me has to be the Freshman of the year in all of wbb. Breanna Stewert is having a good year but not a huge impact playing along side Dolson. Jewell Lloyd is good but not making waves like Graves. I'm really surprised she is not getting more pub. I hope Russell comes in playing like Plaisance(Lsu) and Dolson is now with the strength of a Elizabeth Williams or Kelsey Bone. If she's that type of player Watch out!! From clips I've seen she's graceful and smooth.

If Graves doesn't get Freshman of the year it will be a travesty. Stewart hasn't played well in tough games and I don't think Jewell Loyd has the numbers Graves does. Anybody who doesn't think Graves deserves it needs to watch the last few seconds of that LSU game.

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The ladies did what they had to do. Note:
Vandy apparently lost one of their best players to an injury near the end of their game with U K.

Lady Vols alone in first place. Still, there will be some who don't even accept that.

Oh by the way, good comments by you positive Vol fans, led by Johnlg.

Not quite alone in first place. Texas A&M was able to pull it out against South Carolina late so we're still in a tie for first. We'll just have to show them who's first in the SEC when they come to play us!

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Total scoring defense doesn't really tell the whole tale when it comes to a team's overall defensive performance. The Lady Vols play such a transition heavy game and score so quickly that both sides are going to have more shot attempts and thus have a higher overall score. The LSU game is a good example of the reverse being true. Both teams shot pretty well. Tennessee almost shot 50% for the game and LSU was above 45% but the final score was a rather low 64-62 because LSU's offense's is slower than Tennessee's and slows the game down. A better stat would be average points per possession in which Tennessee is 4th in the conference allowing opponents an average of .84 points per possession. Tennessee also leads the conference in their average points scored per possession with 1.07.

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This could be a dangerous game for both teams. Neither LSU nor the Lady Vols can really take another injury and LSU/Tennessee games are usually very physical. If we had Harrison, I think this would be an easy game for us since LSU's style of play doesn't match up very well against Tennessee's, but we don't so Graves will have her hands full in the post. I think if Simmons or Burdick have a good game the Lady Vols should be able to get the win.

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Splain this, A&M is ranked #1 in SEC after defeating LSU last night although we are tied at 8-1. Why are we not tied for top conference? Doesn't have anything to do with overall, 18-5 them; 17-5 us, does it? I heard the commentator say last night that A&M would be in sole passession of top spot... after defeating the Tigers.

What am I missing here?

I watched that game too and Pam Ward was doing the commentary and she frequently doesn't know what she's talking about when it comes to women's basketball. Right now A&M and Tennessee are tied for first and while Texas A&M might be first if they were to award the regular season championship right now, there's still a lot of SEC play left to go including the Texas A&M/Tennessee game that could answer any lingering questions about who's the best in the conference.

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I was also a bit surprised to see an Unranked Florida Team play the Lady wildcats that close on their home floor. Maybe florida is better than their ranking but with that UK home court advantage the LWs just didnt look as good as they
have been talked up this season. I suspected as much when Baylor beat them by 35 and it was much worse than the final score. At any rate it should be a good matchup this year with the LVs speed and athleticism.

Georgia beat Rutgers by 6 so I think the LVs should be able to get that win at home.

I was flipping back and forth between that game and the Fiesta Bowl so I can't say for certain, but it looks like Kentucky still has problems against the sagging zone that LSU and a couple other SEC teams (like Tennessee in their second game against them) used against them last year. From what I've heard Adia Mathes isn't playing quite as well this year either. If the other top teams in the SEC practice that zone and use it against Kentucky they could be in for quite a few losses this year.

Great game from the Lady Vols. It was great seeing Spani get into a groove and watching Harrison demolish the South Carolina posts. I can't wait till next year when we could potentially have a front 3 of Harrison, Graves, and Russell. It should be amazing.

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I was able to watch the game in person and it felt like the two were fairly evenly matched teams. The difference was that one team was hitting their shots and the other wasn't. Sometimes the shots just don't fall and against a top opponent that usually results in a loss. I hope we can meet Stanford again in the tournament and show them just how much this team is capable of.

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I hope that Coach Warlick takes a good look at Stanford's game against South Carolina. South Carolina was able to really shut down the usually efficient Stanford offense. South Carolina and Tennessee's defense are both disruptive and force turnovers, but Tennessee usually causes turnovers with on the ball pressure and South Carolina caused the turnovers with their pass disruption. If we can play 75% of the defense that South Carolina played in their game and match that with our usual offense I think we have a really good chance in this game.

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I turned the game off after the Lady Vols could not score for 7 minutes (I get depressed by ugly basketball). Did the "Volume Shooter" for the Lady Vols hit 20% of her shots. You know who I mean, you know "Sputter," I mean, "Speedy." Simmons is like the little girl with the curl. When she is good, she is very, very good; but when she is bad, she stinks up the joint.

If we ignore Jones who was 1-2, Simmons was second on the team in shooting percentage behind Williams. She was 6-18 which isn't great, but it's still above the teams average of 29% for the game. Simmons shot selection has gotten much better since her sophomore year and it's reflected in her percentage of made shots which has also gotten much better.

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I'm going to try and look at some of the positives. We actually outscored Baylor in the second half 36-34 despite Baylor getting most of the foul calls. Griner and Simms didn't play as much in the second but it generally stayed around that 23 point margin regardless of whether or not they were playing.

The team looked much more confident in the second half. It shows that they stopped being intimidated by Griner in the second half and displayed a real grit and toughness that we haven't seen in the last few years. I still wouldn't want to face Baylor in the NCAA tournament before the final four, but if we do I think it will be much closer especially since we would probably have Harrison back.

Kentucky got beat by a bigger margin than us so there's a strong possibility that Tennessee is the best team in the SEC. An SEC championship isn't unrealistic with these ladies.

I like our chances against Stanford. We always play them tough at home and this team is going to be playing with something to prove on Saturday.

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Lady vols not very good. We are in for a long season. Lots of talent , but no pat.

I certainly hope we're in for a long season. That would mean that the Lady Vols make a deep tournament run. This team has so much potential and shows improvement with almost every game. Let's hope that the Lady Vols use these next four games to really turn some heads and shake up the rankings at the top.

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I still think that people who criticize Simmons for being a ball hog haven't watched her play this season. Her shot selection is much better than it was last year and the majority of her shots have come from open 3 point shots, open mid range jumpers, or drives to the basket. I believe that last season her shot percentage was around the low 30s or even the high 20s for most of the year. Right now it's in the mid 40s that's the sign of a player who is taking better shots. Kamiko did some amazing things to help us put the game away, but Simmons was just as important at keeping the game close in the first place.

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Awesome play from both teams. It was a really exciting game down the stretch and I really like the grit the Lady Vols had to come from behind from the win. I think UT sports is gonna put up a replay of this game sometime in the next few days, so if you get the chance watch it!

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Yeah, in the games I've seen, Simmons shot selection has been better and she's been much more willing to pass to the open player. She's still quick to pull the trigger, but her she does a much better job of getting open.

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The turnovers this game were very odd. Most of them were unforced and a lot of them came off of good passes that were mishandled. Seemed to me like it was just a case of butterfingers at times. It's really the first time I've seen it from this team, so I wouldn't expect it to persist. Really liked the movement on offense and for as many turnovers as the Lady Vols had, they forced even more and ended up with more assists than turnovers.

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The biggest concern I have for this team right now is that they don't play as well on defense in the second half. If we can lock that down this team will be really tough to beat. Great to hear that Carter's injury was nothing significant. She could really become a special player for us. Her defense is spectacular and if she develops a consistent offensive game, she'll be an All American.

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Spani, Williams where's the leadership? You two are leaving these young girls out there to fend for themselves. They need you.

I think I heard that Spani bumped her wrist during the game and the coaches didn't play her much afterwards. I was watching the ESPN3 stream though, and even when she was on the bench she was standing and giving encouragement to whoever was on the floor.

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Looks like most of the SEC coaches weren't able to catch our exhibition games. They're gonna be in for a surprise.

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So, LadyVolsFan789, are you telling me this team is more fun to watch than the 3-Meek era team? If that's the case, I may have to make an effort to see them somewhere.

By the way, don't feel embarrassed about asking for help. You are among friends here, hopefully.

To be honest, the 3-Meek team was a bit before my time. I'm only 22.

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Hmm - my 2 cents - and trust me that is about all their worth is that I would go two guards, and three front court. I just think you have to have Burdick in there. For a team that doesn't have many upperclassmen she seems to be a real emerging leader.
With Harrison and Graves I don't think you give up much quickness by going three "longs". I guess they don't use the term "bigs" anymore.
Anyway, really excited about this team.
Go Lady Vols!

OK, I'm embarrassed to ask this but I don't know how to watch the Lady Vols games on the computer. I actually don't know how to listen to them on the computer either but that seems even more pathetic. I'm currently dependent upon a 2" X 3" radio that I got free from subscribing to Time. The static on the AM channel is so bad I only pick up about 75% of the broadcast.
Can anyone help a sister out here?
This site will put up a link live video for any game that's not being televised anywhere and they will also have live audio for all of the games.

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Maybe WE, the fans, could begin today being cordial to each other on this site. Somehow we need to band together as real Lady Vols fans, get behind our team and ignore any comment that remotely resembles anything other than complete support of our Lady Vols.

I know it is difficult to not fire back by instinct. Not unlike a mother bear defending her cubs ; ) As much as I want not to, I retaliate at times. I'm asking my fellow Lady Vols poster-friends to gently remind me when I do.

The exibitions are one thing; the real season starts Friday with Wes Moore's Lady Mocs as our challenge. By listening to the games on Sports Animal, I cannot get a realistic feel for the (new) Lady Vols, but I surely am excited.

I like the up-tempo style which requires the players to be in tip-top condition. Get serious about toughness, Lady Vols, and take care of the merchandise. Nutrition, rest, mental toughness is a must.

You're going to be in for a treat the first time you get to see them play. Mickey Dearstone is my favorite radio announcer, but it's hard to capture just how hard and fast they played in these two exhibition games. This could be one of the most fun teams to watch the Lady Vols have ever had.

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Loved the effort and intensity throughout the game. I think the 3 point defense is more inexperience than anything else and it should get better in time. I really liked what I saw offensively. They were aggressive, unselfish and had great ball movement. This team is gonna be fun to watch.

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What I gleaned from last night's tune-up game:
Need to clean up turnovers, freethrows, same old stuff which I hope will improve with more playing time.

Mickey's comment: "A lot of similarities between Graves' & Glory Johnson's style of play."

17 Points, 15 boards is a pretty good outing for Bashara. Simmons was clicking on all cylinders. Overall, I was OK with the exibition. The annnounced crowd was impressive.

I was able to watch most of the second half on the UT sports site and they do look extremely similar in their style of play, extremely aggressive at grabbing rebounds and putting them back up. Depending on how she develops she could be just as good or even better than Johnson.

Moore is also aggressive on the boards and she plays aggressive defense, but I don't think she's as skilled offensively as Graves or Johnson but if the coaching staff can develop her game she could give us very valuable minutes from an unexpected source.

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Duke is NOT a Top 3 team...LOL! Delaware should be #20 UT is the #11 squad. We'll see how the road goes early.

I agree with you. Delaware and a bunch of Big Ten teams are overrated. #20 is just disrespectful.

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I like our Bracket. The lady Vols must shutdown Delawares other players because like Griner DelleDon is gonna get her points. She is a elite WNBA allstar type player already. We should just have to keep the rest of the team in check and we should do fine. I just hope she doesn't go for 42 pts on us. Same for Baylor if we reach them. Playing zone would be our best defense. Force Griner outside the box with shotclock going down and hope she doesn't find a open player and force her to shoot. Easier said than done. A lot of high - low . And is like to see our guards go fearless to the basket forcing a couple fouls on the tall chick. Is take that chance of getting to the line .

While the selection special was going on endlessly about Griner and Baylor, they mentioned some defenses that worked better than most against them. One was Texas Tech's 3/4 court press which did a great job of slowing them down. We ran that defense a lot earlier in the season but haven't used it as much lately for some reason.

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if, and I mean a big if, the lv get to elite 8 to play Baylor, it would mean they have exceded most peoples expectations, considering the up and down season they've had and recent history in ncaa tourney. good luck to lv.

I'd say our path is pretty favorable. Delaware is going to have trouble against our posts and as long as we stay focused we shouldn't lose before we face them. I think we should make it to the Elite Eight and we only shot 29% against Baylor in the first game. If we can play with the same passsion and intensity as we did in the first and shoot the ball just a bit better, we can definitely beat them.

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If it weren't for College Park and Notre Dame both hosting 1st round, I would expect LVols to be in the bracket with Notre Dame. However, they do so that makes for a lot of uncertainty.

I hope not, I think out of all the one seeds we match up with Notre Dame the worst. I think we'd match up better against either UConn or Stanford.

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Its obvious that the Lady Vols were not motivated to play like Lady Vols tonight. The coaches failed in motivating their team to step up and beat the team they stomped in the dirt in Arkansas. Evidently this team takes for granted they will win every game. Evidently this team simply cannot get up for the games they should easily win. I absolutely HATE to say this but Gino would have this team in the top 5 and win consistantly. I can't stand the guy but HE DOES NOT LOSE GAMES LIKE THIS....PERIOD!
I give Arkansas NO credit for they beat a team tonight that a high school team would manhandle. NO DEFENSE. Pathetic coaching and NO SPIRIT.

Its Dooley's fault. Ever since he came here the whole athletic program is infected with a losing disease.

Geno actually lost a game similar to this just last week.

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In WNBA news, Anosike and Parker will be playing together again as the Sparks traded with the Mystics to get her. It'll be nice to be able to see some more of that potent Annosike, Parker frontcourt duo that won the 2007 and 2008 championships.

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I really liked what I saw from Massengale. When Auburn made their run to cut it to single digits in the second half, she responded and forced 3 straight turnovers.

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You could tell that just her presence made a difference in the Georgia game. Her consistent outside threat helps everyone else on the offense so much.

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I watched that game as scout only. Yuck I hate both teams. Really not impressed by either team. Duke looked cold and Uconn played subpar in my opinion. Uconn had way too many turnover and ND will kill them if they don't get that corrected. There's a chance we can go up into a 2 seed if we win out and Miami loses. Still plenty of bball to play and I believe our game with Stanford was a fluke. Nkeke O will never score 42 again like that on anyone and they were just hitting on all cylinders.
The teams I still wouldn't face in the elite 8 would be ND, Uconn, and a wildcard ...Delaware. Delle Don would score 40 on us. Lol

Yeah, Duke was unimpressive. UConn's transition game looked good at points, but a team with more than one good post is going to give them trouble, especially if they play physical. When Duke started to get physical, that was when the caused the most turnovers.

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Very encouraging game from the lady vols. Burdick and Massengale both had good games and Stricklen was amazing today. Spani looked much improved from the ND game and after she made that three it looked like she caused Georgia to change up their defense. It looked like Simmons is trying to be more patient. Particularly in the first half, she seemed a bit more pass oriented and it wasn't till we were up big in the second that she jacked up a few ill advised shots. Good defense overall.

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If everything plays out for the Lady Vols , who would you rather play to get to the final 4? And why?
Pick your poison

I'd say Stanford. I want to say that it's between them and UConn for who has the worst defense of the top 4 teams and I don't think Kokenis will get as hot as she did in that game. Glory's going to ensure that Nneka doesn't score 42 on us again. We also didn't have Kamiko who looks like she could be a big difference maker for us in the big games and Massengale wasn't at 100% for that game. The Pac 12 is really weak so Stanford will be relatively unchallenged. They good experience a bit of whiplash if Tennessee is one of the first good teams they play.

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With regards to Cain, she was slow, but those big body type post players tend to do well in the college game, see Danielle Adams at Texas A&M, Courtney Paris, and Jayne Appel. Taber Spani can not come back soon enough. She was playing at the top of her game this year and turned our team from a mediocre 3 point shooting team to a great 3 point shooting team. She will really open up the floor for pretty much everyone else. Hope she can get back in time for Notre Dame.

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The most painful thing about this defeat is the way UCONN held down Ogwumike (22 points) and the other Stanford players.

Ogwumike only played 23 minutes in that game due to foul trouble. If not for that she might have picked apart UConn's defense just as easily as Tennessee's.

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Oldster said to play Baugh more????

The same Baugh who once again picks up early fouls and sits? Also, the same Vicki who is at best 50% at the line?

But the bottom line is the defense or lack therof to allow career games by Stanford players.

Yes, the road trips must have worn them out. What other reasons? Also, Stanford has won a ton in a row on their court, and yes, they would have probably beaten anyone in the country tonight.

Last year the Lady Vols lost 3 all season and they have that already. To cut down any nets in Denver they will have to make significant changes
from now on.

Vicki has always shot FTs very well so I'm not sure where you're getting that 50% number. Glory's the one who is a bit shakier there.

Also, there's not excuse for Kokenis, but give Ogwumike some credit, she was making everything tonight.

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You put any other team in the nation against tonight's Stanford squad and the result will be similar. There's not a team in the nation that can handle Ogwumike when she's playing like this. Sometimes teams play games where they are absolutely unstoppable. We had a game like that against Kentucky last year, tonight it just happened that Stanford had that type of game.

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Shooting 29 percent, they well lose most any game. Not sure what the fuss is all about. Every great team has a bad day. This particular team has more pressure on them than any others ..... with Pats onset medical condition. Complainers lay off.

Playing like they played today, they can beat a lot of teams even if they only shoot 29%. They just won't be the top tier teams like Baylor. This was a good game for the Lady Vols in almost every aspect aside from shooting.

Also, untimed_vols_ghost makes an interesting point about Manning. That could very well be the case for her. It did seem as though her playing time seemed to increase as the year went on last year. I'm a bit curious about Burdick. We've seen very little of her so far which is a bit surprising for such a high ranked recruit. It she turning out to be a bit of a dud, or are the coaches developing her to be a secret weapon for later on in the season and she just hasn't reached that level yet?

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Good effort. Defense and rebounding was impressive, just needed a couple more shots to fall and for Baylor to not shoot something like 97% FTs and we could have come away with a victory.

Written on Brittney Griner a tall order for Lady Vols :

Tennessee is out hustling Baylor right now. Baylor's had a bit more luck getting shots to fall so hopefully we'll start hitting those shots a bit more. We've got to guard the three better.

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I think they mentioned that Vicki had a slight injury from the Miami game and that's why she didn't play. Real shame too, that's a game that we would have won with her in the game.

Overall, consistency on defense and rebounding killed us. Virginia played about the same throughout the game and when we were playing good defense and rebounding we were winning, when we didn't we lost. It just happened that we stopped doing both in OT.

On a more positive note, Spani is still playing lights out and Johnson and Stricklen played well. They just didn't get much help aside from the Freshmen who made as many mistakes as they did plays. I'm also going to make a bold prediction and say that I think we're going to beat Baylor. Tennessee's going to be playing mad whereas Baylor might let pride get the better of them after beating Notre Dame by double digits. Simmons rarely has two bad games in a row so look for her to catch fire.

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Vicki 6 points, 4 rebs...won't get it! Shekinna nominated for POY?! Those come out like that against Baylor, we will be for a world of trouble! I see why Stricklen was benched the 2nd half, in fact if coach Summit were smart, she'd continue to bring her off the bench. I don't see her doing well in the WNBA playing the way she does.
Vicki, needs to get in basketball shape! I like Isabelle playing over her. The coaches need to play Bri, she could of taken some charges out there, we needed her speed and senior leadership. Cierra, should of played...Taber, Meighan, and Shekinna need to look in the post every once in a while LOL! Glory, is wide open. Alicia, needed more minutes on the floor. Too many cooks in the kitcheb, coaches! The defense needs to get better, Shekinna and Meighan getting burned one too many times!
Vicki, is just not there mentally! Glory, Taber, and Ariel saved this game for the team. U can tell who puts work in the gym. It's obvious!!! I'm not sure what's going on in practice, but its being carried out on the floor come game time! I hope coach Summit, never gives this look again, there is talent on the bench!

Baugh only played for 19 minutes and for only playing that much she had a good stat line. I think the coaches are being cautious with her because she's such an emotional leader for this team and she won't have the same impact if she's sidelined with another injury. Harrison played like a freshmen for a while, but she did make some nice plays later on in the game. Masssengale is the real deal.

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Let me preface this by sayiing I hope I'm wrong. I'm not convinced that Bjorkland has the skill set: ball handling and ability to create her own shot that is needed to play professional ball. When a play is well defensed or breaks down, a player must have the ability to freelance and rely on athleticism to make a play and I just don't think Bjorkland will be able to handle that intense demand on her athletic skills. Hornbuckle could do it, Tweety Nolan could do it,but Angie is not in their class. As a second round pick, many of those are not around even to the final cuts in the WNBA. As an aside, despite her current physical woes, I was surprised to see Kelly Cain was not drafted. Being 6'6" height is something you can't coach. Some team should have drafted her even just to own her rights.

I don't think Cain would play in the WNBA even if she was given the opportunity. The whole reason she's not playing her last season is because the physical demand is too much on her body and she wants to stop before her injuries return or get worse.

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The amount of Coach Summitt bashing on this board is completely excessive. It seems that people are forgetting that winning a national championship isn't easy even if we have the best recruits and the best coaching staff there will be times where the other team has a phenomenal game. People were talking about the big 4 all year, but Texas A&M and ND played their best games when they counted and both completely deserved to be in the championship game.

People who say that Coach Summitt is too old, or that the game has passed her by are just plain incorrect. In fact ESPN has been making a big deal about how the two coaches who won the national championship this year were the oldest ones to ever win it. In my mind there is no shame in losing to the team who went on to play in a National championship game that went down to the wire.

Finally, we need to look forward to the positives. We lost Cain and Avant who left for legitimate reasons, but we have the best recruiting class coming in and will probably be preseason 1 or 2 behind Baylor. Additionally Coach Summitt says that she will look for someone to fill the additional scholarship spot. Here's hoping that she finds a good junior college PG. The last time she got one we won 2 NCs!

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Looking at the rest of UCONN team just watching Maya play by herself was awful. They are going to stink next year. Oh the Lewis kid coming in is just a pure shooter. No where close to being the next MM. Who will step up for them next year ? Hayes? Anyway our Lady Vols should be #2 in nexts years Preseason polls behind Baylor and once again Win the SEC. Lets go after #9 !! C ya next year.

I think the preseason polls could go either way. Baylor also lost in the Elite Eight and while they were ranked higher than us, UT has the better incoming class.

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It was just one of those games where nothing goes right. From my point of view, the whole game shifted when Cain got the Technical foul. I thought it should have been a double technical. Give ND credit for playing a great game. Until next year, go to work ladies, I still love ya.

Yeah, reffing was terrible on both sides. Those two quick fouls on Simmons affected her the whole game and Peters for Notre Dame never got to play more than 5 minutes at a time. That technical foul was fatal for us. We were looking like we were about to go on a run and that completely stopped it and took away all our momentum along with giving ND two more points.

Written on Lady Vols fall to Notre Dame in Elite Eight, 73-59:

Really sad to see the Lady Vols exit the tournament before the final four. It was just one of those nights when Lady Vols couldn't seem to find offense when they needed it and Notre Dame made a bunch of really really tough. Skylar Diggens is a player and I wish her and Notre Dame the best in the rest of the tournament, hopefully 4th time will be the charm against UConn if UConn gets past Duke. Some of the passes she made tonight were absolutely stunning to watch. Wished we had played Avant more, I think her defense really helped us to get back in the game in the first half. I think Pat should have played her more since Simmons was having the worst game of her career.

It's not all bad news though. We return everyone except for Bjorklund and have the #1 recruiting class coming in next year. Additionally, Baugh, Cain, Brewer and Avant will be able to use the off season to get back to 100% and Simmons and the juniors will hopefully get even better next season. We'll probably be the preseason #1 or #2 next year depending on how far Baylor goes in the tournament. If they lose tomorrow, I'd say that we'll probably be the number one. If they lose in the first round of the final four its a tossup. If they get to the NC game or win it all, they'll probably be the #1.