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I have always found it amazing how you people bash Cal, who has never been suspected, accused, or convicted of breaking a single rule. Yet you can't wait to have an admitted, convicted, and sentenced cheater and liar back as a coach. Priceless

"Think Kentucky was worried about the NCAA stigma when it hired Calipari, who is the only coach to have a Final Four appearance vacated at two schools (Memphis and UMass)?" i guess the manure you got for brains limits your reading comprehension !

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I was fed up with the inept way the game was being played in the latter years and I think that resulted from the assistant coaches under Phil becoming either complacent or uninspired after the NC. I wish Phil good results at ET and here's to UT coming back to prominence under bUTch Jones. Your assistant coaches in my opinion are the makers and breakers of any team. Get good ones and u win, get bad ones and u loose. Just my 2 cents.

i guess Dickey meant alot more to U T football program than alot of us realize , sounds like Fulmer realizes that too . I wish these journalists would quit hatching up these blame game articles and write something bout this years team .i hope Fulmer can get to the point where he can become more involved on the hill , that will only help , nice that Jones sees that .

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Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I like it myself. Changing it up a little is not going to hurt anyone. The kids seem to like it and that's the most important thing. We can't live in the past and expect to move forward. Upward and onward! This Coach is doing about all a person can do. Good things are coming. The way he's engaged former players and coaches, formed relationships with recruits and worked his butt off to get this team ready for the season, is nothing short of amazing.

Keep up the good work Coaches and players! We believe in you. Don't let anyone tell you that you can't win! If you want it bad enough and work for it hard enough, you will win!

well put , these kids are the ones bleeding and sweating , whats wrong with them having a little say so in the uniforms they wear on game day . too many fans make it more about themselves then about the players plus its a well known fact that Tennessee old farts are again change , and yea i can say that cause i dwell in the old fart category !

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It's good to see Maurice off the Couch.


how much coin he pulls in on draft day next year is hanging in the balance of his performance this season . i hope him and our whole D come through this year , cause we been lacking there too long .

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From what i have read about Jacques religion and faith are a big part of his life . with all the hardship he has had to deal with (mainly coaching ) should only make him more determined . i expect these coaches to put him in a position to succeed not only this year but on Sundays too , something that will greatly help future recruiting .

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havent some of you who reply to the troll/moron figured out that its the same person with different names ?keep replying to it ,that will show him . geez

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Well, the cupboard isn't exactly bare, but it is a bit thin in some essentials. I think the team will look better this year, but they have a monster schedule and little experience of winning against decent competition. I think we have a fine staff, and they should make a noticeable difference, but there is still work to be done to raise the talent level. They would seem to be working on that already!

when the vols stack a couple of recruiting classes like the ones Jones is putting together for 2014 i think us fans wont be so jittery bout opening day . i see why these players/recruits like coach Jones so much. He never seems to bad mouth them but only refers to them with praise or encouragement , very fine qualities that will surely go along way to minimizing the tension that seems to have been hanging over the team the last few years .

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make a kid go to a school he really dont want to be at , they are kids and at their age nothing is for certain . Any kid who commits and changes his mind is utilizing a valuable tool , to rethink or to apply much thought to make sure , why in the world would you want to remove this equation from the process ?

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one troll with 3 different screen names and it replies to itself , how silly is that ? I agree with Tennfan , a kid from south Fl. decommits from U T and commits to Miami don't sound to surprising to me. I guess we should be glad our recruits are good enough to be sought after by other big time schools .

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We'll see who the cupcake game is when UT plays kensucky. Your pitiful team couldn't score but 17 points against the weakest defense UT ever fielded. and your team will be worse this year than last while UT is improving.

Feel better ? that dude aint no Ky. fan , just a bitter Fulmerite who cant put away his 98 natl. champ. autographed golf ball .dip has a few names including 9willbefine.

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“There wouldn’t be no use for (Tennessee recruiters) to come back to Dillon,’’ Hayes said."

The guy speaks like this and we want to give credibility to his words! Lets all get serious, now!

yea i think that was a poor choice of words , Jones seems to be such a genuinely good person and very carefully Speaks , acts , replies with so much thought i cant believe he would leave dude hanging . There has to be more to this story and Jones seems to keep information private when it involves a young person but when it involves recruiting i gotta believe one of these news outlets will report what really happened .

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Why do you care?? You've admitted you're not a UT or SEC fan so why bother?

he is a U T fan still bitter over Fulmer getting fired who has several different screen names , crying out for attention like a little girl who was probably never man enough to buckle up a chinstrap himself !

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6 for sure loses and a couple toss up's. Could end up 5 - 7 and be sitting home during the bowl season. That would be sweet!

Sat, Aug 31 Toledo = W
Sat, Sep 7 Miami = W
Sat, Sep 21 Tennessee = L
Sat, Sep 28 Kentucky = W
Sat, Oct 5 Arkansas = W
Sat, Oct 12 LSU = L
Sat, Oct 19 Missouri = Toss up
Sat, Nov 2 Georgia = L
Sat, Nov 9 Vanderbilt = Toss up
Sat, Nov 16 USC = L
Sat, Nov 23 Georgia = L
Sat, Nov 30 Florida St = L

i think they might win one of those Georgia games .

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Tenn. didnt win or lose because of the color of Dooley's britches. Anyone who saw the end of the Missouri game could surely vouch for that !

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6 years ago this story could have be written about Alabama . i know alot of people will disagree with me but i wish we didnt have to play Bama every year just because of tradition but if Jones can stack 3 really good recruiting classes on top of each other Tn. will be able to go toe to toe with most anybody .Signing quality recruits not only raises U T s talent level it also keeps it off the sidelines of our opponents .

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only time will tell how strong this class will be , but i like their chances . these kids sure do believe in Butch Jones ,guess when you think about it thats all that really matters for now .

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

ever notice how this dopes posting times coincide with Hardees business hours .go make your biscuits fool .

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great defensive ends have come and gone in the SEC , so have great offensive lineman .he will get handled some plays and some plays he wont ,dont really know why their painting him out to be the cure all end all . but his instincts to stay out of trouble and avoid drugs and social media speak volumes for his maturity !

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Really excited to see this guy in action. Great pick up Coach Jones and I gotta say, congrats to coaches Azzanni and Thigpen. You guys are TEARING IT UP!!!

seems like i saw you name in a movie , Idiocracy ? i cant remember for sure but seems like i saw it somewhere , not trying to be mean . on topic seems like U T landed another quality recruit for a very nice 2014 class .

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6' 4" 222 lbs , Justin is a big boy .

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notice how every time Jones or his staff are asked questions about the lack of coaching from last year they never bite. that says alot about their character .

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one should always remember when dealing with kids chit happens .

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as bad a coach as Dooley was i think he could have beat Wyoming here .

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you were the 3rd post on this article . you post on almost every story written about the vols , and you keep babbling how their not relevant . your to stupid to see they are more relevant to you than most everybody else who posts on here .

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im old enough to know that Bama is the Vols biggest rivalry , that being said with 14 teams in the league for the benefit of playing all teams it should not be a have to play game(for the old timers who think we have to play it, get over it its not about you its about the kids who play now)

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From CNN ...

"Bad bosses: The Psycho-path to Success?"

very interesting read .

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I'm ready to drive to Denver if it means moving from that horrid Jojaa Dome.

just curious but what you got against the Ga. Dome ? Besides the vols record there.

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I said my last reply to caffy65, but saw yours and felt clarification was needed. I am not SYBIL of many personalities. I have been on here since 2007 with a boat load of words that don't come near our two/or one lil cronies drivel they send out. I respond sometimes and others I let go. It's an exercise that is sad and yet humorous at the same time that they think they are seriously taken on this site. Sorry for spoiling your day if it did by muddying the waters further.........

i often read your thoughts and i would never confuse your opinion with that clueless one .your just a vol fan and you get offended when someone rags your team , the same as i . guess i have fallen into the same "reply to the idiot trap " and was just trying to prevent another from repeating my misfortunes but i realize vol fans speak their minds which is admirably to say the least . if anyone is guilty of "muddying the waters " it was probably me .

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You and happylessunvol are two peas in a pod. Unhappy with lil agendas that you weave into every article whether they apply or not. So blinded that any UT victory is usually missed because you can't(apparently) wait to type tirade #3000 in a continuous series ASAP. Funny how you poster chillin' type/appear right after each other right on cue. Anyway Go Lady Vols take down the Huskettes of Washington U.!!!

i dont know if you and him are the same , i know these morons reply to themselves but if your not what possible reason could you have replying to such a dip ? do you actually read what it says ? Ive never heard anyone who knows less about UT athletics run their pie hole as much as it does . why would you give it the time of day ?

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The amazing thing is the Patrick Brown used to work at KNS. I wonder if he was asked to leave, because he was doing too good of a job. And he was stepping on the toes of John Adams.
I agree with you that it is sad that a Chattanooga paper has better info than the hometown paper.

what you say we get the ball rolling ,competition is usually a good thing .

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Can you read in fluid sentences? At what point did I ask to describe why Dooley sucked? Please point that out to me in my statement. I claimed I was wrong about Dooley, and yes it made me feel like a major chump. I don't need you to rub salt in my wounds. Simply being supportive of a team and whatever coach does not make me any less of a fan. Where is it written in Vols code that being optimistic with whatever is dumped on you is forbidden? Now back to my ACTUAL question. why do you believe THIS YEAR, let me clarify, 2013, the year we are in now, is going to go 4-8? What about JONES, he's the guy who is our coach now, something you fail to realize, makes you think we will do worse than Dooley, who you clearly hate? What about this year? THIS ONE. What about Jones do you not like? Why do you not believe he can get the job done? And I swear if you bring Hart's name up I'll lose it. Hart is not the coach. I want specifics about Jones, his staff, and his team that you think will field the worst team in UT history.

people like that dude have no friends in life thats why he on here day and night . none of us thought Dooley was much of a coach but were fans , what other choice did we have . That dude is the kind of dip to throw stones at Jones while he hasnt even coached a game yet is recruiting great. "I told you so" is the motto of a lonely fool, and that moron proves it !

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wonder how much Cronan is making in her emeritus position . I guess Hart combining mens and womens athletic departments is looking more sensible . I hope they are able to use this stuff in the upcoming lawsuits , sounds like it has been a sewer for some time .

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

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Pittman is a good coach , his up tempo suggestion last year vastly improved our offense from the previous year .That being said the number 1 draft pick in the NFL this year was an offensive lineman from Michigan recruited by Jones . i guess only time will tell but at the very least two teams have upgraded coaching IMO .

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Really nice to have a coach who is real, and who has more energy than anyone else.

He represents the school, players, and fans in an extraordinary way. His actions last week in supporting our Lady Vols in the Super Regional showed a man of great character, and a real team player who has bought into everything Orange.

Glad he is our coach!

well put .

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We look forward to you celebrating your 9th birthday. Your humility is underwhelming at best. Glad lady chompers are joining THE Lady Vols. Hoping for a W in our column vs them. Weather looks dreary all week long. But cheerup as SEC will showcase two of its best programs for national audience to see. Go Lady Vols beat the chomperettes!!!

BTW the Renfroe sisters are more concerned with the inner beauty of following Jesus Christ. Like with my bride of 28 years they were also blessed with the outward. Though the inner is what attracted me to her the most...........

i guarantee you he could tell you how white Fulmer's rump is .

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one thing comes to mind when i read stories such as this and thats the movie "Junction Boys " about Bear Bryant . after seeing some of the stuff those players endured most else just dont seem that bad ,especially name calling . .

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I may be in the minority, but she shouldn't resign. It's not her fault the university didn't check her background thoroughly. Furthermore, Christie needs to keep his fat arse out of it. The university presidents alone are responsible for the hire, it's not up to her to decide her own fate. She should hold on with a death grip and have Rutgers terminate her and in turn sue the cramp out of them..

i do agree they should have done a better job investigating her but i dont think a lawsuit would be in her best interest . She might win a few 100 thousand but you and i both know she is a bald face liar (who is a bridesmaid and catches a bouquet at a wedding and dont remember being there among several other lies ive heard mentioned) .in the end her employment opportunities after that would amount to high schools or worse . i sure would be surprised if Summit didnt know anything about this will be interesting to hear her take if she was aware of anything going on ,seems like in an article i read earlier Cronan endorsed Hermann favorably for the new job .

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She looks like the chick who beat up Ray on "everybody loves Raymond" Peggy .

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look at dumb dumb above using multiple screen names ,only thing worse than an idiot is a grown idiot .

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was probably the same 30 or 40 years ago , the big ten and other leagues didnt have to play teams from this region because sportswriters decided most of the titles, now it has to be proven on the field , and that hasnt bode well for the rest of the leagues .

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At the presser to announce Coach Dooley's firing, Hart denied having any thing to do with the Sunseri hire. Who Knows?

back that up, it aint hard to provide video. cause i know your not one to make stuff up , right ?

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

would that be the prime of ignorance ? its pretty easy to see you came up with a new screen name and replied to yourself , dont you think that is kind of silly ?

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

there will always be people this dumb who post comments such as this , they just cant help themselves ,they just couldnt cut it on the field in their prime and they think if they run their pie hole enough it will make up for their cowardness on the field . they will never get the fact in football you see and feel your opponent , on the internet you just see and feel yourself . right toddy ?

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i think Adams is showing Jones alot of love cause Jones is so open with journalists/sportswriters in all facets of the program , i think Adams even mentioned that in the last article or two he has posted . people and recruits just seem to like Jones . i know the TROLLS do .

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I wonder how many other conferences are meeting in the Super regional?? Is it me or does it seem like the SEC always ends up cancelling each other out enroute to the CWS..GBO!!

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i wont reprint your foolish comment but Fulmer aint coming back , no matter how many names you post under moron.

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I realize the trolls are only trying to rile us up but its fun sometimes to give it back to them

i would not consider that dude a troll , he is a bitter Fulmerite who posts under several names including 9willbefine and a few others . just bitter Fulmer aint coming back. click his name and read some of his old posts,and 9willbefine too . alot of the times coincide .

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Hurd balked at the idea of working with the safeties at the Alabama camp. That means he thinks he call tell Coach Saban what position he is going to play. Hurd is a "prima donna".

Just Saying

replying to yourself, you have officially lost it dude .lol