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Written on Mike Strange: Vols' dilemma: ticket sales down, SEC travel costs up:

Ask Mikie Hamilton and Jimmy Cheek to buy up a bunch of tickets since they are the engineers of the decline of Tennessee athletics. The stench caused by those two guys will be around for years to come. It won't even start to go away until Cheek is shown the door. Those guys are an embarrassment!!

Written on Fund established to help Michael Cofer with medical bills:

This story makes me LIVID!!!!! That we even have to think about consulting a bloated, corrupt organization like the NCAA to be able to take care of one of our own is ABSURD!! It's time for the NCAA to go bye-bye. They have long outlived their usefulness and far overstepped their bounds. And their magnanimous jesture to approve contributions for medical expenses only is incredibly arrogant. Those guys make me SICK!!!!!!!!!

Written on With spring break looming, UT coaches say much work still to be done:

in response to Sir_Spanky:

Please don't remind me: Any person remaining at that school that was involved in the decision to hire Sal Sunseri at the salary level they did should be relieved of their duties by the close of business TODAY.

And while I'm at it (CHANGE OF TOPIC) -- If it took a public outcry for Jimmy Cheek to withdraw public funds for SEX WEEK (for which the school has now become a NATIONAL LAUGHING STOCK) he needs to be gone from The University Of Tennessee IMMEDIATELY.

Agreed!!! Cheek has to go!!!!! Sooner than later!!!

Written on Arkansas' in-your-face defense too much for Vols, 73-60 :

in response to BIVOLAR_BEARE:

Are you stupid?? The NIT isn't difficult to get an invite to. It's not worth watching, but UT could certainly still make that tournament.

My point exactly. They can't even play to NIT level. Not the players fault. Talent level is much better than they show. Martin deson't have a clue. This team has absolutely no identity because they have no leadership.

Written on Arkansas' in-your-face defense too much for Vols, 73-60 :

Everyone says this is an NIT team. That's pretty arrogant and unrealistic given their level of play. This team's season will end after the first round of the tournament. Bring Back Bruce!!!

Written on Tennessee governor says Vols must fill Neyland:

Thank Hamilton and Cheek! Cheek has to go!!!

Written on UT tells students not to paint Rock to welcome recruits:

The NCAA AND Jimmy Cheek need to go!!!!

Written on John Adams: Stokes, Golden performing better as a disappearing act:

in response to Col26ca:

I took my son-in-law (Mizzou grad) and 3 grandson's to the Memphis game and have tickets for the Mizzou game for us. After watching the Memphis game and the next 3 i think I am going to just schedule a Root Canal with my Brother in Law for the Mizzou game day. It will be a lot less painful. This team is just about as ugly to watch as some of Buzz's fine teams. If they don't improve fast and have a remarkable year next year (NCAA bound) our Basketball will be in the same shape as our football and baseball is now. Don't know what to say except I am getting very tired of the losing. I will always be a Vol because I'm a double Alumni and would under no situation pull against them but I may choose to spend my extra dollars at other places. I feel sorry for the current students who have never experienced winning programs my children and I did over the years. I personally lay a lot of the blame at the feet of Jimmy Cheek, Susan Martin and Mike Hamilton along with a weak Board. Good Luck My Vols you are going to need it

Agree about the Cheek deal. He has got to go!!!

Written on Dave Hart: Tennessee's brand remains strong :

Cheek needs to go before the brand will start to recover. He and Hamilton presided over the dismantling of the AD and Cheek has not been held accountable!!

Written on Notre Dame No. 1? According to a BCS computer, Fighting Irish still better than Alabama:

in response to oldvolsfan:

garbage in garbage out

Exactly!!!! The only way to determne a champion is on the field. That's why they play the game! The NCAA should be embarrassed!!

Written on Terry Fair 'nervous, but extremely excited' to join Butch Jones' support staff:

in response to lknvol:

Best one I've heard in a while. I just wish they could both loose!

I mean LOSE!

Written on Terry Fair 'nervous, but extremely excited' to join Butch Jones' support staff:

in response to mountainbrook:

Golden Domes vs Mobile Homes.

Best one I've heard in a while. I just wish they could both loose!

Written on John Adams: Avoiding Oregon would be worse than losing to it:

I lived in NC at the time of the buyout and was totally embarrassed. I had waited years for us to play an ACC team. Mikie was a coward and turned us into a laughingstock while destroying the football program. Cheek still needs to be held accountable for his part in all this. Hopefully Jones can restore the pride. I hope NEVER to see Tennessee run from anyone again! To borrow a phrase, These colors don't run!!!

Written on Tennessee to pay Jones $18.2 million over six years :

We got exactly what we deserved, an up and coming young coach who is a proven winner. I for one appreciate that he WANTS to be here and has already turned down two other jobs! Nows if we can just get rid of Cheek, we'll be in good shape. It will take some time, but I'm a VOL and behind CBJ!!

Written on Butch Jones coaching bio:

in response to ellerbee123:

All the negativity from the fans. I would not want to coach here either. FYI Dr. Cheek is the major issue in our athletic dept. It is easier to get in Vanderbilt now as a student athlete than Tennessee. Cheek needs to be fired.

Agree. The AD will not pull out of the spiral until Cheek goes and the administration is stabilized with serious folks. Not the clowns UT has had in the past few years. Cheek is an absolute joke and an embarrassment to the university!!

Written on Polls: Are you confident in Dave Hart? Should UT re-hire Phillip Fulmer?:

I agree with wbsmd1! Clean house, and hire Fulmer as AD.

Written on Charlie Strong spurns UT offer for new deal at Louisville:

Should have kept Fulmer. If you remember all the Bama fans wanted to fire Bryant when he was 6-6, but Bryant didn't have a weasal AD and won several national championships after that. Now Tennessee is in such a shape that no credable coach will take the job until leadership issues are resolved, and I'm talking about Cheek and above. I'm afraid we're in for a long hard climb unless Hart is lucky and can pick a winner from a mid-major. No one else will take it.

Written on New coach has opportunity to revive Vols:

Why are the facilities and financial condition in such bad shape if Hamilton was the wizard with numbers that everyone thought? Maybe it would be a good time for the Trustees to have someone audit the books to see what Hamilton has done. Or maybe they need to hold themselves a little more accountable and take their job a little more seriously. To make this a thorough housecleaning, Cheek has to go as well. He and Hamilton presided over the dismantling of the athletic department and I can't understand why he isn't being held accountable. Hart has his job cut our for him and I hope he's up to the task. I don't think there is an established coach in the country that has any interest in working at Tennessee right now with the situation that it's in unless the pay is exorbitant. That means taking a chance on an up and comer which is risky at best. In that case, Hart better be right. This a very sad state of affairs for the Volunteer nation. Only the most faithful will survive this.

Written on Tennessee's Bray responding well after warning:

Missouri, Kentucky and Vandy will look like top 10 teams against Tennessee's defense. If Phillips could have made it to the Tennessee game, he might have gotten an extension. The KY AD saw that coming and decided to do what he needed to do before that happens. Hart needs to take note.

Written on Vols stall at 60,000 season tickets:

Of course we had an additional handicap the past few years in Mike Hamilton, who did all he could to run off people who had bought tickets for years and gouging those who stayed. He has done more to ruin the program with his bad coaching choices and disregard for the fan than the economy ever did. It will take years to undo, if ever. It's just unfortunate timing that the economy has been in the tank as well. Maybe Hammy can get his corporate buddies or family to chip in and take up the slack. Or maybe he can buy up the unused parking spaces to use with all the free tickets Cheek gave him with his parachute! What a couple of fruitcakes to be in charge of a major athletic department!!

Written on Athletic department lost almost $4 million in 2011-12 :

Thanks for running the Volunteer brand in the ground Hamilton!!!

Written on Limited tickets remain for LSU-Tennessee :

Thank you Mikie Hamilton! Your legacy continues>

Written on Reviews are mixed for Devrin Young's debut :

Thank Mikie Hamilton for the low turnout. His legacy will be felt for years to come. For that Cheekie gives him a golden parachute.

Written on 8,000 tickets left for opener, but new scanner has UT officials on edge:

UT will feel the effects of Mikie's reign long after he is gone. This is just the beginning. Wait until the Buffalo game! And the ticket office is offending the very fan base that supports them. Amone should not be allowed to speak in public. There is nothing going on at UT this weekend that I personally care to travel to see. I don't even plan to watch on pay-per-view. I'm a long time fan, and always will be, but when the dumb-downed the schedule, they lost me until they compete with the big bous again. Good riddance Mikie!

Written on How do you think the search for a new athletic director is going?:

I'm more concerned about the idiots running the search. The search firm didn't seem to know that the GT guy was about to get hammered by the NCAA and Cheek is incompetent when it comes to AD issues. We need to be lookinig for a successor for him.

Written on John Adams: UT has been penalized enough :

Tennessee still has severe leadership problems. I don't see how anyone could allow the weasel who practically dismantled a top class athletic department to leave on his own terms and with a tidy package. I have to question the judgement of that. Hamilton is the worst thing to ever happen to UT and Jimmy Cheek is a close second. Neither has any leadership ability. We will continue to suffer until the house cleaning is complete. As far as Glazer is concerned, what do you expect from an attorney with a high sleaze factor. The same we get from a search firm that recommended an AD who was leveled by the NCAA just days before we were set to hire him.

Written on Chris Fuller: 'Work left to do' on selling season tickets :

This day had to come with a weasel like Hamilton running the department. The AD did all they could to run off the "little" guy and embrace the corporate money guys. Trouble is, when they can't give the tickets away because of poor performance the tickets go unused because the corporate guys have no interest in Tennessee. The University has one more firing to take care of...Jimmy Cheek. Only then can TN athletics start to heal. As long as he is here we will have problems. Maybe they can give the weasel a few more tickets and load Cheek up on his way out the door.

Written on John Adams: Mike Hamilton hasn't had a good year :

Hamilton's ability to raise funds is about to end. Big companies won't pay for tickets they can't give away. Going to a UT ball game is no longer a big deal unless they are playing one of the national powers. Big donors won't give big dollars to support a mediocre sports program, which Hamilton has turned UT into. Magnificent facilities will not attract fans (or players) if the product is not competitive. Hamilton can't attract a name coach because he's a weasel. He deserves worse than what he did to Fulmer. I'm gone until he goes! Tennessee Big Orange Pride is only a memory.

Written on Who do you support more?:

They both need to go, but if I had to pick one to go it would be Hamilton. UT's athletic program is a laughingstock since he took over. He has absolutely no class and knows nothing about how to manage or handle people. He is a very dangerous loose cannon. So far he's botched the Peterson firing, the Fulmer firing and hired Kiffen. I think the NCAA has some issues with his ability to run and oversee a clean program. He has created an atmosphere where the dollar is all that counts. Not one of the coaches fear or respect him, and for good reason. He's a spineless coward and a joke.

Written on John Adams: Lane Kiffin left behind mess for Mike Hamilton :

Pure and simple! Hamilton has to go. He's a weasel. Don't forget the Raleigh hire. All this happened on his watch under his leadership, or lack of. He can't handle the high-powered egos of coaches. Only knows how to squeeze fans and students for more money. But that gravy train is about over for him. I've already told them not another nickle as long a he's there. More donors need to do the same.

Written on College of Charleston shoots Vols' lights out, 91-78:

in response to wazzya69vol:

What great points voice. You cut through all the BS and I couldn't agree more. I definitely miss Bradshaw with his hustle, Lofton with his class and shooting, and Chism for being a team leader--when it wasn't that popular. Again, thanks for good post. GBO!!

Integrity starts at the top! Hamilton has got to go!!!

Written on Are further punishments ahead for Pearl? :

Hamilton is the guy the NCAA is after for lack of institutional control. But they have to make an example of Pearl to do it. And in the process ruin the UT bball program for years to come. The sad thing is, the current talented team will take it on the chin.

Hamilton needs to go to show some institutional control by the UT administration. His "toughness" in handling the Pearl situation was only a clumsey attempt to save his own sorry hide! He showed absolutely none of this with Kiffen.

Hamilton MUST go!!!!!!!! The sooner the better.

Written on Would you rather see a UT-North Carolina series in football or men's basketball?:

No way the cowardly Hamilton will allow it. Be great ato play both after he goes!

Written on Maymon not eligible to play vs. Pitt :

Where's Mikie when you need him? Probably not much clout with the academic side. Or trying to shake somebody down for more money.

Written on It's official: Vols to play North Carolina in Music City Bowl:

Contrary to young Mr. Ward's opinion, there will be no closure to the TN-UNC situation until Hamilton has left the state for good! He is a lying coward and cares nothing about the athletic program. He is a George Shinn clone (those in Charlotte and New Orleans know what I'm talking about-think NBA Hornets who are about to be bought out by the NBA).

Hamilton has got to go!!!!!

Written on UT wanted, gets North Carolina for Music City Bowl:

How can Hamilton say with a straight face that UNC was their first choice for a bowl game right after he paid $750,000 to buy out of a series because they are too tough. What kind of Kool-Aid is he trying to get UT fans to drink now. That guy is not only a coward, but a lying coward as well.

HE HAS GOT TO GO!!!!!!!!!

Written on Poll: Music City or Liberty: In which bowl would you like to see Tennessee play?:

in response to stompintheswamp2:

Hamilton and staff did this for a reason, not being scared. Remember, in the SEC you dont NEED a tough non-conference schedule. If you make it thru murderers row(SEC), it is quite an accomplishment.
We start 2012 in the chick-fil-a kickoff game at the dome against North Carolina State. NC State is traditionally much more dangerous than the Tarheels. I do wish Hamilton would have kept the heels on the schedule if nothing else to avoid negative perception...but he had good reasons to make this move. I hope we get the Tarheels in our bowl game and beat them good so all this talk will go away. Would like to see Bray aka. "The Gunslinger", Demo, and G Jones burn them for 300 yds passing. PS. Those baby blue unis are a little intimidating, lol.

I must disagree. The cowardly Hamilton is on record as saying that he didn't want to play NC because he thought they were too tough for us and would beat us. He was afraid that would hurt our bowl chances and hurt his bottom line. Shows the confidence he has in his players and coaches. NC will laugh all the way to the bank if they get to play TN in a bowl. They get a bowl payoff and the Hamilton buyout, and they still get to play TN. Is Hamilton a genius or what.

Written on John Adams: Bowl trips can sometimes go bad :

Does anuone find it ironic that we could end up playing a team that Mikie paid $750,000 not to play next year? According to his way of thinking, we don't have a chance against NC. Wonder how much it will cost to keep us away from NC in the bowl games?

Mikie's $4 million surplus will go quickly. Hope he goes as well!!!

Written on John Adams: Theory about Newton drags down Heisman :

Who cares about the Heisman anymore. The Heisman lost its credibility and relevancy when Peyton did not win it.

As far as Newton goes, he is without a doubt the best money can buy!

Written on Joe Biddle: Bruce Pearl shouldn't be allowed to coach Tennessee Vols ever again:

I don't agree that Pearl should not be allowed to coach at Tennessee any more. He should be given another chance and be on a zero tolerance policy. Unfortunately, on the heels of Kiffen's stay, this whole thing is now about the Tennessee program in general. Slive didn't like Kiffen and Hamilton's lack of control over his coaches. The rule allowing him to suspend coaches was most likely a direct result of Kiffen's shenanigans. How appropriate that the first time it is used is against the same school that inspired it. Slive took a shot at Hamilton and the NCAA is getting ready to do the same. We are going to get hit with some major "lack of institutional control" penalties and they will be pointed directly at Hamilton.

He has got to go before we will be able to recover from this. Hamilton tried to appear in control by terminating Pearl's contract and docking his pay. I wonder why someone hasn't docked Hamilton's pay for lack of performance by now. That would certainly be appropriate. The surplus announced recently by the athletic department is all going to be spent defending the univeersity and his sorry record. All he did was build up a legal defense fund to save his own hide.

Hamilton must go!!!!!! In spite of all the nice new buildings and facilities he claims credit for, he is ruining our athletic department. We don't need to be worrying about Calipari or any other coaches. We have an alarming lack of ethics and character right at the top of our own athletic department. We have become a puch line and laughingstock nationally. It's all under Hamilton's watch. Fire Mikey!!!!!

Written on John Adams: Pearl still winning popular vote :

Pearl's biggest liability right now is Hamilton. I think the NCAA will hit us with 'Lack of institutional control' sanctions. After Kiffen's embarrasment of UT and the SEC by flaunting as many rules as possible, and now this, I don't think Hamilton is on Slive's Xmas card list. I think the NCAA feels the same. Pearl and UT will be used as an example because of Hamilton's aversion to managing anything except the dollar.

I personally think Pearl is a great coach and should stay. He has manned up and is willing to take his punishment and stay, unlike some other coaches in the league (Calipari who seems to get out of town just ahead of any problems). Pearl can survive anything thrown at him because of his own indiscretions, but he can't shoulder the load for Hamilton's lack of ethics and leadership. Things are going to get worse before they get better unless Hamilton is shown the door.

Everyone has been crowing about the $4 million surplus announced recently. It will take that much and more to fight what the NCAA is going to throw at us. I think Hamilton is the NCAA's biggest concern right now.

Hamilton has to go!!!!!

Written on UT athletic budget shows $4 million surplus :

We've traded a good athletic program for a $4 million surplus. I've said before, Hamilton is concerned about the dollars only. As long as he can fleece Tennessee fans into paying top dollar for a mediocre football program, the surpluses will continue. But once the fans (corporations) decide the football tickets are no longer a good value for the money (meaning they can't give them away), they will not stop buying. The surplus will go away in a hurry.

The problems with men's basketball demonstrates Hamilton's lack of oversight. He's too busy chasing money to worry about ethics. To him, ethics is merely a distraction that has a price tag. His response to Pearls lying was basically monetary. Another chance to save some money. And I don't think the NCAA is through with Pearl or the Bball program by a long shot. I hope he has learned his lesson and is able to stay, but, coming on the heels of the Kiffen and Orgeron troubles with recruiting and all, I think we will get hit for lack of institutional control. And that's a Hamilton's issue. Maybe Hamilton's salary should be appropriately docked for lack of performance.

Women's basketball remains strong simply because of the talent and strength of character of Pat Summit.

Football pays for just about everything else. Baseball is an embarrassment and the rest of the programs do not generate significant amounts of income. Hamilton better hope that Dooley works out because if he doesn't the corporations will abandon him. He has already run off the regular fans. At that point, the whole athletic program will suffer and the surpluses will go away. At that point it will be a very time consuming process to rebuild the fan base to waht it once was.

Hamilton is extremely ill qualified to run an athletic program. He has no understanding of or respect for what it means to be a Volunteer. It's all a dollar to him. And those will eventually dry up the way he operates. He has got to go!!!!!

Written on Strange: Wonderings about the second half :

I hear Mikie Hamilton has been negotiating with NC State about getting out of our series with them because they are too tough for us.

Written on Adams: Bruce Pearl puts Mike Hamilton on the spot:

Hamilton has got to go!!! Peterson may have needed to go, but Hamilton botched the process. Fulmer may have needed to go as well, but Hamilton butchered that process as well. He embarrassed the university and a coach who had given his life to the university, as well as won a national championship, and will go down in history as one of our best. Hamilton stripped the whole process of the dignity that should have been afforded Fulmer. He had certainly earned much better than the chop job Hamilton did on him.

To Hamilton, everything relates to the bottom line. No ethics, no morals, nothing else. If we can make one more buck, let's do it.

Tennessee is now a laughingstock and punch line nationally. Fans mean nothing to him other than a $ sign. He buys out good opponents and replaces them with Buffalo because he can make a little extra money. And then announces to the world that it is because they are too tough for us. No matter that the fans are now getting a substandard product for premium prices. This strategy is already starting to show cracks. Once the big corp. donors can;'t give away tickets because of watered down scehdules, they will stop buying. Then we will have more years when there are still Florida tickets available two weeks before the game (when has that happened in the past. Needless to say, we wouldn't be playing Florida and alabama if not for our membership in the conference. Too tough for us in Hamilton's view. It will continue to get worse until he leaves. He's probably working on a buy-out with NC State as we speak.

It all starts at the top. Mikie is too busy chasing the next dollar to provide any ethical leadership or oversight to the program. He is a total embarrassment to the Athletic Department and the University.

I don't even want to get started on what he's done to the baseball program. Another stellar personnel decision for Mikie. My only hope is that his departure is handled with the same dignity and sensitivity with which he handled Fulmer's.

Written on Adams: Decision has UT on its Heels :

Oh! And don't forget that we have hired the Georgia-coach-in-waiting. I like Dooley and wish he would stay, but just remember how fast Kiffen cleared the area when his dream job became available. Dooley is getting valuable SEC coaching experience in preparation for his return to Athens.

Fulmer for AD!!!!

Written on Do you agree with dropping UNC for Buffalo?:

When is Hamilton going to be held accountable for his poor performance. Pearl is his only bright spot, and that's wearing thin. His handling of the Fulmer situation was horrible, his hiring of Kiffen even worse, and now he wants to buy his way into a bowl game. And don't forget Todd Raleigh. There is something seriously wrong with the baseball program.

Hamilton has personally managed Tennessee to the lower levels of college athletics and made us the laughing stock of the nation. HE HAS GOT TO GO!!!!!

Written on Coach search at full speed:

Skip Holtz!

Written on UT announces Berry for Heisman campaign:

Who cares about the Heisman. It became irrelevant when it was awarded to Woodson!

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