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Written on John Adams: CAK QB Charlie High still thinking big despite recruiting rejections :

Isn't Drew Brees only 6 ft? I have seen him stand on his toes to throw a pass.

Written on John Adams: Comparative shopping: Petrino, Tuberville, Jones :

I fully support the Jones hire. UT was not (still is not) in a position to attract a big name.
If Jones is able to improve his game, we will have a great hire. Coaches can improve their game. Butch will have a chance to do that. At the worst, he will stabalize the program and make it ready for the next step up.

Take a look at Muschamp. He had no clue what he was doing his first year (other than beating UT). He made changes and appears to be ready to really compete in the SEC.

Jones will struggle with recruiting this year -just because UT is not the sexy place for the young studs to go. I would be ecstatic with a top 25 class. But, I don't expect it.

Good luck to Coach Jones.

Written on John Adams: Next coach will realize UT doesn't have speed to catch up :

UT's defense had many problems - lack of speed was one of them. You can't coach it. You have to recruit it. If we are able to get one speedster in every recruiting class, we will be lucky. I can't say that Dooley was able to bring in even one in his years here.

Written on John Adams: No shame for UT in a big-name rejection :

Everyone needs to take a deep breath. TN is not going to get a big name to clean up the mess. Hart will find someone who will check off all of his boxes (HC experience, good recruiter, & whatever else he has on his list) BUT, why would a coach leave a successful program?
Unless there is someone out there who is unhappy, but has not made it public, we are going to see an experienced head coach, with several years of success, from a second tier college.

And that may not be bad!

Written on Former Arkansas head coach Bobby Petrino. Despite his disgraceful exit from Arkansas, Petrino is goi:

Please! We don't need to bring on known problems. There are other good coaches.

Written on Derek Dooley 'madder than I've ever been' over defensive breakdowns:

It was said earlier, "speed can't be coached". Until we recruit some speed, we will continue to be burned.
I expect the coaches to solve some of the defensive problems. We ARE improving. The improvement may not be fast enough, but we were in terrible shape.

Written on 'Second chance at life' puts Antone Davis in position to make impact with VFL program :

"Wish we knew what criteria it is that he fit."

That is a valid comment. It seems to me that the VFL program should be a Dave Hart hire - not just the football program.

Written on Two Tennessee swimmers wagered on sports :

These rules are much too complex. I'm not sure what the answer is, but having more regulators and more compliance people is not the answer.

Written on Derek Dooley to SEC: 'You're not going to have Tennessee to kick around anymore' :

I would have preferred that DD just be quiet and let the actions of his team on the field, speak for themselves.

Bravado does not fit him well.

Written on Vol tight end Cameron Clear suspended “indefinitely” after theft arrest :

Everyone take a deep breath. Clear will be gone. The Athletic Dept (Hart) will do it the right way, at the right time.

Written on Brian Randolph maturing before UT's eyes:

He had me at "start saying stuff."

Written on Trip to NBA draft briefly cost Trae Golden his eligibility :

No wonder there are so many violations in college sports. Who can keep track of what is allowed and what isn't. (other than the NCAA)

Written on UT men's swimming signs 6 for 2012 class:

Don't we need a permanent coach? Are we on autopilot?

Written on Competition went beyond the floor in Maui for Vols :

in response to BodeaneVol:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

It means the reporter can't spell.

Written on Chris Rainey, Jeff Demps stayed out of defense's reach :

I said it in another post that Chris Rainey and Jeff Demps are both faster than any Vol. But, then there is the issue of team speed. UF was faster to the ball, faster off the line, faster in all aspects of the game. Some of this speed can be coached and some of it is young men still learning their position and being hesitant. As the young guys learn and not have to think, team speed will come.

Written on Snapping ball not on center for Stone:

I can't disagree with any of the problem areas mentioned. But here is one that has not been mentioned: Speed Kills! UF had at least two men faster than any Vol. You can't teach speed. It needs to be recruited. CDD knows that and he knows it is a need and is trying to recruit it. Let's hope he is successful.

Written on Dooley on Hart: 'I'm not going to have to educate him on football' :

in response to Volstate:

Since they both have the same barber I'm sure they'll have lots to talk about.

Now, THAT'S funny!

Written on New UT athletic director Dave Hart's annual salary is $775,000:

This can be nothing but a big step up!

Welcome to Big Orange country!

Written on Finding Vols on pay-per-view:

Down here, in Texas, the DISH guide says that it will be on Ch 455, at $25. I'm sure the channel is subject to change.

Written on Bruce Pearl disappointed; Tony Jones criticizes Jimmy Cheek:

"having a kid over to your house for a hamburger" does not get you three years away from your passion. Lying about it to the NCAA does! As much as I liked Bruce, it was just dumb!

Written on Janzen Jackson dismissed from Tennessee football team:

I hope that Mr Jackson is able to eventually get his life together.
I applaud Coach Dooley for putting team standards above star status. The other players WILL get this message. UT is moving into the quality program status. The wins will come.

Written on Vols wrap up training camp with 'spirited' practice :

in response to BobbyGraham:

Just make sure we have 11 out there

Just make sure we don't have 12 out there!

Written on Pat Summitt diagnosed with early onset dementia:

I have to admire the way Coach is handling this. I wish her the best.
I hope the Athletic Director is right now working on a succession plan for the day that Pat can no longer meet the challenge.

Written on Janzen Jackson opens up on absence:

This should settle the question "Did we hire the right guy". The wins will come. Be patient.

Written on Twelve-member committee will decide punishment for UT :

Pearl is toast. He should have been toast from the moment he lied to the NCAA. Hamilton didn't have the alls-bay to make the right decision. I wouldn't want my son to spend 3 or 4 years of his formative years with a man that has to decide if he is going to tell the truth!!

Written on Ex-Vol football player gets diversion on sex charges involving teen boy:

Did the boy's parents get to weigh in on this diversion?

Written on Grading the Vols: End-of-season report card:

Unrelated, but I couldn't find a better place for it. From the Dallas Morning News:

The Cowboys had no comment on cutting ties with Sherman (wide receiver coach). The list of potential successors includes University of Tennessee wide receivers coach Charlie Baggett, who held the same spot when he was on the Miami Dolphins staff with Garrett in 2005-06.

Written on Vincent Dallas says he'll join Vols for bowl practice:

I don't think the Vols need any distractions during practice. Certainly not someone who won't be in the game. Let him study the play book.

Written on Channing Fugate key to running success :

I believe that next year will be as difficult as this year has been. We are losing a lot of talented seniors that will have to be replaced. CDD and his staff can do it, but it will be another tough year. THEN, things should really start improving

Written on As Vols trusted the process, results came:

You can't look at this team's progress over this season and not be impressed. The athletes learned and improved and the coaching staff showed their worth. We should all be very proud of the team and the coaching staff.
However, we are not even close to being over the hump. Many of the most productive players on this team are seniors. Next year, we will still be young, inexperienced, with not enough depth. But, that is part of the process of rebuilding (even if CDD will not use that word). We have another tough year ahead of us to get past the problems left behind by the two previous coaches.
I am sure that CDD and his staff will keep us moving in the right direction, but, it is going to be one more painful year. GBO

Written on Bruce Pearl: 'My character is on trial' :

Pearl: 'my character is on trial'

No, Bruce, your character WAS on trial. You have been convicted of poor moral character by both UT and the SEC (that is the pot calling the kettle black). Only the final sentence is yet to be handed down. The fact that he turned himself in provides only minimal mitigation. I keep asking myself if I would want Bruce to be my son's coach. Coaching basketball? - Yes. Teaching life's lessons? I don't think so. Recruits parent's will be asking themselves if Bruce is the person that they want helping their son become a man. There is more to coaching than X's and O's. There is integrity, or their isn't. Integrity is not a part-time trait.

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