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This many qb's just means everyone on here will think the next guy in line is better. One of these guys will probably transfer by season end.

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Wow, an article on football and not the alternate uniform. Hallelujah.

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Oh no.....another article and more stupid comments on a uniform they will wear ONCE. It's not like they have rewritten the maxims or doing away with the vol walk. In this day of conferences adding and losing teams, playoffs, social media, and uniform marketing, this alternate uniform is just the norm for college football these days.

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Man some kids won't even consider a university unless it is a Nike school. Just reality.

I have heard a story from college basketball coach where a student ultimately committed elsewhere due to his number already being retired at his school. Yes, players these days think of other things when picking a school. Some of the current recruits love the uniforms, which is really all that matters. Plus, it is just one game you bunch of whiners. If you are all so stuck on tradition, wait until this spread offense is shown. Things adapt over time, just part of it. Are all of you still using a land line phone and only getting Internet on a pc as well? The last real exciting tn game I remember is SC in 09, which we wore black jerseys.

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I watched this on TV a few hours ago. Lane Kiffen and Dooley both had stupid comments. Kiffen wanted to "sing Rocky Top all night long after beating Florida next year." and Dooley said "You wont have Tennessee to kick around anymore"........ Butch seems as if he has some common sense not to say things like that. hahahaha Good job Jones! GBO!

*Im always watching*

Yes, but we all loved it when Kiffin said that. For the record that was at his opening press conference and not at SEC media days. I think he gave the players confidence, he should have just kept it to his players most of the time. Dooley on the other hand was the opposite of Kiffin and whatever he said, nobody really was that confident. Which is why his comment last year at media days is defined as you call it, stupid.

I think Jones is somewhere in the middle between those 2. He chooses his words carefully with the media, but the fanbase has a lot of confidence in him. Proven by his commitment list. The players attitudes being interviewed in Alabama seem to be more confident than last year too. I think Jones does have the common sense you mention and can get this job done......I just don't see anyway it will be this upcoming season.

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The funniest part is Kirk Cameron is the biggest draw over pearl, fulmer, al Wilson, peerless, pete rose, and the Incredible Hulk. Really?

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Should get plenty of ideas from all of the journalism experts on here.

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Looks like a great event. Note to Durant.......Lofton will drain it over you from 30 ft out, remember? One of my favorite shots Lofton ever made. Nice to see Maze having success overseas. Although not the NBA, your can still make a pretty good living playing basketball over there.

Written on Memphis transfer Antonio Barton completing online courses, due at UT in 'July, close to August':

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Defense and three point shooting, two things UT has needed badly for years. An upgrade from Golden for sure.

Jury is out if he is an upgrade over golden. Golden at least played well against sec competition. Memphis gets blasted for not playing tough competition, especially in their conference. Golden was bashed last year, then he got injured and we wished he was back on the court. He was a very serviceable sec player for us.

I will say this.......Barton is definitely an upgrade over what we had after golden and Landry left. Lopez is not an sec player and McRae cannot run the point and score. I'm sure that lack of a player led Barton to commit here in the first place. Perhaps he can do things better than golden from just running the offense and defense, but trae still had his moments and was a clutch free throw shooter. Regardless, I am looking forward to seeing what this team looks like.

Written on Lady Vols give up three-run lead in 11th, fall to Oklahoma in 12th in Game 1:

I have not watched a single softball game. Since UT was on and in the championship game, I found myself switching over last night to see what was going on. I watched the last 3 innings in their entirety. I don't know any of the players names or who the coaches are, but thought it was a good game with great effort on both sides. It seems that Oklahoma team is a machine and it was pretty impressive to hold them scoreless for that long.

One thing I am sure of is the fans on this board and how they are experts at everything. I bet there haven't been this many comments on softball articles for the whole season combined. But, you can sure bet when UT loses a game on a national stage everybody comes on here and spouts off how they could have done things differently, or the coaches blew it, or a player shouldn't be out there. Which is why TN fans are labeled as some of the dumbest in America and why trolls of other teams come on here to stir it up with you all. I knew we had a bunch of qualified football coaches and basketball coaches who don't even have a coaching job on here, but I never knew there were this many softball coaches here.

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Tampa and St. Louis are to just fill spots, not a permanent site. They are only talking about permanently putting in one location and wouldn't happen until after 2020. Nashville and Atlanta would be logical choices for that. No one really has a home court advantage for the SECT as some are mentioning. The GA dome is not an advantage for GA. KY is the home court advantage where ever it is played. Someone mentioned Orlando and that Old Spice Classic holds like 2,000 people. While I like the idea of traveling to different cities for this tournament, it would be nice if it was settled to one place. Nashville is the city I have had the most fun in even after TN loses. That would be my permanent choice.

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Where do you see where Martin is "pushing someone out"? It very much looks like TG has not taken care of his academics, and has possibly cheated in some way. The UTAD is saying "academics and REPEATED Plagiarism". The UTAD is not, and should not be charged with baby sitting these student-athletes. They SHOULD be held accountable for completing their courses within the grade parameters set by the NCAA. If not, why try to place blame everywhere BUT on the student-athlete himself.

I said "If" he is pushing him out. Sounds to me like reading father Golden's comments that he said it is not grades and that he was fine in that area. So, what is it then???? Either someone is lying or there is some truth to both sides. Perhaps Trae was just unhappy with something and wants out? Maybe Martin thinks the team will be better without him and said he wouldn't play that much. Maybe he cheated and is getting kicked out of school, but there are folks saying it wasn't just grades.

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if he had academic problems..would that not keep him from being eligible at another school..and something we have talked about for 3 mos..

Players get kicked off the team for drugs all of the time and that doesn't keep them from being eligible at other schools immediately. Last I checked doing drugs is an illegal activity.

Something just doesn't add up here and I'm not sure if we will ever find out the real reason. If Martin is pushing someone out after 3 years and also tells an incoming freshman to look elsewhere, that is not a very good public perception of how he will treat my son if I was looking at Tenn to play basketball.

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Who is he going to get? There are no High School recruits left that could play at this level. Point guard is the most important position on the court.....gonna be hard to run the team without one!

According to a lot of the "experts" on this board, we haven't had a point guard the last few years anyway so this is nothing different.

Written on Travon Landry's father on recruitment: 'It's just the nature of the beast':

Nice parting shot from Mr. Landry.

“It worked itself out,” John Landry said. “He found a team that competes at a high level and makes the tournament. We could have gone to a big school and, hell, that’s all it would have been – a big school. At the end of the day, I think it worked out better for him. He found a fit.”

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Don't know why people bash this league. No summer games feature much defense and if these guys aren't playing in PRTL they are playing pick up games. It's great if you have kids, it is the only place where they can get autographs and interact with the players.

Some bash just because they want to complain about something. I agree with your points on fan interaction and it gives the players a chance to stay conditioned and have a little competition as well.

However, I do wish they wouldn't publish the stats. It gives most fans false hope and unrealistic expectations of what these kids can do in a real season. This is just for entertainment only.

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To those who recommended that Bray stay for his senior year, don't understand football. He is a pro set, stand in the pocket, and wing it kid. Our new offense would mean the death of him. He had no choice.

I hope the kid grows up and becomes highly successful. GBO!!!

Agreed and I hope he becomes successful as well. I've never seen a group of fans eat their own like this bunch. Coming back to school with offense that doesn't suit him and zero receivers to throw to would not have helped anyway. Maybe Andy Reid with the chiefs can provide bray something he never had at his ut career.

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McRae and stokes both flirted with nba and ultimately decided to come back and improve their skills. Maymon back in the lineup now. 5 star freshman coming in. Hopefully this isn't a case of 4 different goals from these guys and only one ball to go around and share. Big year shaping up for cuonzo next season to manage all of this. I don't think stokes and McRae came back just to put their hard hats on as Martin says.

Written on ESPN levels new set of allegations against already-embattled Auburn:

This reporter may have some sour grapes or lack of access to have and report all of this dirt on her alma mater.

Written on Report: Former Auburn players detail payments, academic fraud, drug culture, criminal cover-ups:

If this happened under chizik, current coach malzahn was there as well. When will slive jump in? Probably won't. Frank haith was involved in the mess at Miami and nothing has happened to him as we are waiting on official ruling. Yet, slive suspends pearl for games before official ruling was made on him for lying. These other programs have some serious things going on. If this proves true at auburn, how is this different from what happened at smu?

Written on Season ends for Vols in NIT opener, 75-67:

The players were just about as interested as the fans. There was a lot of disappointment running through the team and fans by getting so close to NCAA. The fans showed their interest by less than 5k and players had about the same emotion. Played a team excited to be here and we simply were not. Not making excuses, just is what it is. When you are a bubble team that is that close to making it in, this tournament is pointless. Nothing good can come out of it. Nobody remembers winning the thing and most don't care, everybody will remember when a loss occurs though. Tis tournament is built for teams like mercer who didn't get their automatic bid and they can have a second season. At least they saved us the misery of traveling across the country to play a byu team who rarely loses at home.

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Good to see this for Mcrae. He was coming off the bench to start the season and it turns into contending for player of the year. I also credit Cuonzo for molding Mcrae into the player he is. We will never know, but I think if Pearl was still here I'm not sure he could get this out of Mcrae. Not knocking Pearl or his ability, but he wasn't the best at controlling characters. Some of it could be contributed to Mcrae growing up a bit, but for some reason I think he would not be the same player and person.

Here is some advice for young players out there in high school. If you are a good to borderline great player, you better have a good attitude and carry yourself well on the court and off. That is the difference for Mr. Marshall Henderson not making first team selection.

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I don't think they are a lock for tourney. So many other teams can improve their resume as well. Luckily Belmont escaped last night over Murray. That is what needs to happen in the small tournaments. Hopefully Davidson doesn't get upset and Wichita or creighton win mvc. That is what we need to have happen as well. The potential game with Bama is important too. Two teams battling for final spots and the other team winning may nt look good. Also Bama, miss, ky could get hot and get the automatic bid....they only have to win 3 games instead of our 4.

Regardless, nothing is a lock unless you are ranked or win the conference tourney. Yesterday's win was a huge step.

Written on Jarnell Stokes burns midnight oil to shoot straight at free-throw line :

Don't ever remember when this many scenarios can happen with all of Saturdays games. Vols can finish anywhere from 3-7 that I know of. Not sure of scenario where 8 is in play, but I guess it may be possible. Dividing up divisions should have been done years ago, although the addition of 2 teams is reason why. Huge game Saturday. I don't really like the matchup with Missouri, but I do like the way they have played on the road. Maybe that can continue for one more. Would love to earn a bye until Friday.

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The bracket expert has UT in very safely.

The Full S-curve

ALL CAPS: conference leader





8. Michigan


6. Louisville

5. Duke


10. Michigan St.


12. Ohio State

16. Oklahoma St.

15. Syracuse

14. Kansas State

13. Marquette

17. Wisconsin

18. Unlv

19. Arizona

20. Pittsburgh


23. Vcu

22. Notre Dame


25. Ucla

26. North Carolina

27. Colorado State

28. Butler

32. San Diego State

31. NC State

30. Missouri


33. Minnesota


35. Illinois

36. California

40. Oklahoma

39. Wichita State

38. Cincinnati

37. Saint Mary's

41. Colorado

42. Virginia




47. Iowa State

46. Boise State

45. La Salle


50. Temple

51. Villanova

52. Tennessee

















72. Alabama

71. Maryland

70. Ole Miss

69. Kentucky

73. Southern Miss

74. Baylor

75. Arizona State

76. Providence

All of these bracket experts go by as of today information and assume the favorites win the small conference tournaments. As favorites drop in their conference and someone else gets the automatic bid, that will mean an additional team gets removed from the bubble. Memphis is making the tournament regardless, but if an upset occurs in their conference tourney that will trouble for all bubble teams. If Ole Miss, KY, or Bama get hot in the SEC tourney, that could spell trouble for TN. I like our SOS and the numbers don't lie on the wins, but it seems we only have 3 good wins in FL, KY, Wichita St. We don't have any bad losses like last year so that helps. Winning cures all and beating Missouri will be another NCAA tourney team, but it will be another home win. Our best road/nuetral court win was UMASS, not great. We are certainly in a position to root for all conference favorites to win their tourney and for us to win a few more games. The tournament is hard to predict, there have been years I thought we could be a high seed and we get bumped. Other years I thought we could be a low seed and end up be higher. I didn't even think we would make it Bruce's last year and got in. Who knows what will happen but is exciting to be in this position.

Written on David Climer: SEC-ond rate basketball isn't worthy of NCAA tournament:

When you lose and go from projecting out of tournament to in the tournament just shows there are not enough good teams to fill out the bracket. Some talking heads actually want to increase the number of entrants and expand the tournament. Think that tournament would be watered down at all? Bottom line is TN is not a great basketball team and they certainly have their faults, but getting into the big dance is very exciting and the ride is fantastic if wins happen. TN, Ole Miss, KY, Bama, all of the SEC teams on the is not very realistic to think any can make a sweet 16 run, but this is the world we live in on who qualifies or not. To say they are not worthy could be accurate for some past tournaments, but certainly not this one.

Written on Mike Strange: Vols' tournament hopes derailed:

Sucks to have finally lost, but the Georgia game was not the one to determine if get into tournament or not. Auburn is the must win of the bunch as that will be a bad loss and force them to win the sec tourney. Since that has never happened, I will not count on that. A win over Missouri will trump a road loss to Georgia so this is far from over. The selection process of teams is an ever changing process and changes by each finished game. Yes, we lost but ole miss has had 2 horrible losses to the worst sec teams and that's what get you out of tourney. Tis team still has hope but cannot lose to auburn. Beating Missouri would put them in a similar position to last season where a conference tourney win would help them get in. I don't agree that hopes are derailed.

Written on Vols land a big one, 64-58, against Florida :

Very nice win. Thought Florida would pull this out. 2-1 finish will have us right on the bubble. A win over Missouri will trump a potential road loss at Georgia. A loss over Missouri isn't bad as long as sweep the 2 road games. Cannot lose at auburn. A lot can still happen, but the guys have made it interesting.

Written on Former Vols post strong results at NFL Combine:

Darick scored points for honesty about his dismissal. Funny, I don't think we ever heard that from his coach. Why now? Can someone get the cliff notes from the reporter he told?

Written on Vols' going small (no Hall) might not work against Kentucky :

in response to TheEffect:

Should be a good game. Without Nerlens Noel, I think it will be a challenge for Kentucky to match up with an improved Stokes. I think the key will be guard play though. Can't wait!

Possibly, but stokes has struggled against tall shot blockers and ky has another one. These ky kids will all step up their game and probably rally around Noel. He is a good kid and likable player. Hustling to block a shot down 12 points on the road is playing the game hard, and unfortunately for him he got hurt. Ky has numerous other nba players who will still be tough to handle. McRae had a great game against them last time. Wiltjer seems to be player that has hurt us the last couple of games so let's stop him. Should be a good game and atmosphere.....hopefully we can stay under 12 turnovers.

By the way, does anyone else think McDonald's all Americans are named that based on where they have committed? Hard to believe ky has 5 named to that team. Seems perception is if calipari thinks you are good enough for his team that you have to named to that all star team.

Written on Tyler Bray to participate in Gruden QB Camp:

I have good sources that say gruden is more excited about doing this with bray than any other qb. He can't wait to watch the tennessee film and think about what could have been with him coaching here.

Written on Vols find recipe for victory on the road, 58-46 :

in response to underthehill:

You are 100% on that one..Wiltjer..I think..he is an amazing 3 point shooter..his height..6' 10..makes it easy for him to shoot over you once he gets the ball in position..his lack of speed is the only thing you got to help you keep him from getting the ball in position..he can carry the team against slower players..Fla was too fast for him to get his shots off..gotta hold this guy down..and don't get too excited about Nerlen not being with em..they still are very talented..gonna take an outstanding game to beat them..

Wiltjer has hurt us the last few games. He was big reason they won like they did last year at Rupp even with all of that talent. He is a tough matchup for us. This KY team is too talented to let one injured player ruin their season. I see the other future NBA players stepping up their game and this will not be easy. Would be shocked if Calipari doesn't start pressing from the beginning. TN will continue to turn the ball over in every game so hopefully we can continue to hit some shots and rebound. 18 points in either half against KY will be a loss.

Written on Jarnell Stokes on sophomore surge since Cuonzo Martin stood up for him :

Martin needs to stand up for other players when they feel they are not getting a fair shake. Look how stokes responds when coach stands up. There have been a few opportunities where getting a technical to motivate this team could have potentially come in handy. He doesn't have to be real demonstrative like some coaches, but just think what the players would think if he got t'd up one night. It's part of coaching and can be a motivator if used effectively.

Written on In Knoxville, Butch Jones, John Jancek talk up defense to fans hungry for improvement :

He better be careful asking the fans to put up their fists. With immediate results expected these days, failed defensive stops will result in a stadium full of middle fingers.

I like Jones' energy and salesmanship. Doing a lot more publicly already then Dooley. He is a likeable guy and is doing all of the right things off the field. He is marketing the program like Kiffin without the bonehead quotes. This roster is in a really tough spot to compete in this conference. I hope he can coach the kids up and motivate them and they win some games we are not supposed to. That is the end all in helping recruiting....WINNING. We haven't won a game we were not supposed to in a very long time.

Written on Georgia delivers a punch in gut to Vols, 68-62:

Never had the lead at home against average Georgia team. The turnovers to begin the game shows lack of concentration. Most of them are unforced. Stokes had a good second half, was non existent in first mainly due to lost possessions. Nice to see him have a good night from free throw line. McRae missed a pair of clutch free throws again late in game. Beginning to be a pattern with him. This team is what it is, will lose more than they win, turnovers will continue. Everyone thought Lopez would be the answer for golden, but his lack of minutes truly show what he can't do. While golden drives me crazy, he is needed on the floor.

Written on Kenny Hall won't be suspended following arrest:

Was it Kenneth Mcelrath or Kenneth Hall that had that good of a game against Arkansas. Which one was it against Ole Miss this season? Maybe that is why the inconsistency from him. When they say it depends on the Kenny who shows up, it is meant literally. Come on Mcelrath.

Luckily they didn't find any substance in the car. Rumor is that is what he was suspended for last year. Based on past history with basketball players getting pulled over and only having a suspended license is nothing.

Still wonder why different name on the license.

Written on Cuonzo Martin: Turnovers a sore spot for Vols:

in response to Ironcity:

I like Reese as a shooter. He shoots with confidence. Really am surprised at how bad Mcrae and Mcbee have shot the three. I have noticed they never get the ball from inside They usually get it from the top of the key wheel and shoot. Maybe if we did a little inside out it would increase the shooters percentage. Of course that would mean actually throwing the ball inside.

Reese is a decent shot when wide open. He has more of a set shot and takes a while to get it off. Would like to see him start hitting some with players in his face. Would much rather see him shoot 4-5 threes per game instead of Mcbee.

Written on Cuonzo Martin: Turnovers a sore spot for Vols:

“We have to do a better job of finding shooters and that dribble penetration,” Martin said.

Unless Chris Lofton or JaJuan Smith get additional eligibility it is impossible for this team to find shooters. There are not any to throw it too with dribble penetration. As much as he was maligned last year, Cameron Tatum was a key piece to this offense last season. He could make open threes better than anyone on this team can. Wayne Chism would be the best 3 point shooter on this team. No shooter to be found means Stokes dribbles right into double teams or gets stripped.

But as Martin says, we just to put our "hard hats" on. If I hear that one more time, I will puke.

Written on Not a very Golden outlook for Vols:

This will be a tough test for Mr. Lopez. Arkansas is much better at home than on the road and they will pressure him full court. We are not the best team handling pressure with Golden in there, so to think we will do better with Lopez is a reach. With both of these teams at 3-4 this is a pretty big game as far as end of season position. We only play them once and beating these teams that are equal with us just will help with tiebreakers. With the exception of FL and Ole Miss, the rest of the conference is very mediocre.

Written on Cuonzo Martin expects 'lots of Lopez' in Trae Golden's absence :

in response to Ironcity:

You guys are funny. You are willing to throw away everything Golden has done from last year and early this year because he has had a series of bad games. I Like Lopez nice kid but if he was really decent he would be playing big time minutes with the void of ball handlers on this team. Fact is he can't score and its hard for him to defend at his height. Lets hope Goldens injury is not to serious and he is back soon.

Agreed. There is a reason Lopez hasn't logged many minutes even when Golden was struggling. He is simply a walkon pg. Yes, he played well Tuesday and had some good assists to find the open guy. The sample size on him is not big enough to say that he is better than Trae. Trae has had almost 3 seasons here and while he drives me crazy most of the time and struggles with quick guards, he is still a better option long term than Lopez. We will certainly find out how good Lopez can handle full court pressure on Saturday. He did have some lazy passes on Tuesday he got away with. Most TN fans are quick to judge a player on a half of game whether they play good or bad.

Written on UT's prayers answered as Vanderbilt misses chances to win at buzzer:

in response to vol98champ:

Mcrae, Golden, Hall, And Chris Jones. Oh yeah Jones is playing; just not for the vols. Shelby?. Not a freshman, but one H---of a miss.

Selby was a Pearl recruit who had committed but then backed out and went to Kansas. Craft was committed to Pearl and then backed out and went to Ohio St. Tell me how this is Martin's fault. Jones wasn't getting into school even with Pearl here. Ware was coming but backed out when Martin was hired and went to Louisville. He is not a true PG either and isn't tearing it up there. We have historically recruited shooting guards and made them play point (Goins, Maze) or can't keep the true pg's in school (Ramar Smith, Daniel West), again tell me how that is Martin's fault. Martin has been here for only 2 classes and one of them he came in late on. He signed Washpun last year as a pg, but he transferred.

As far as the 4* heavyweights, other than Mcrae starting to do it 5 games ago have any of those performed as 4* players in college? This isn't high school any more.

Written on Vonn Bell enjoys his visit to UT:

in response to RockVegas:

We were talking about that Saturday at a family members house,Bama and Nick Saban are winning so recruiting's not hard at all when you are winning championships but why in the world would you go somewhere and ride the bench for 2 or 3 years at Bama,when you could go somewhere else like U.T and probably start as a freshmen,I don't get that...GBO.

It still boils down to where you feel comfortable and winning helps as well. If he went to Bama, he would definitely be in contention to play for SEC championship every year and be in consideration for national title. He could potentially not have to sit for 2 or 3 years either. I know he likes TN going back to child hood, which will help, but honestly he could possibly contend for the east maybe once in his 4 years. I hope he comes to TN and could be a nice piece to build future classes over, but early playing time doesn't seal the deal. The RB over the weekend who committed to Michigan felt more comfortable with the situation there than at TN. A commitment from him may have really got the ball rolling.

Written on Report: Dallas Cowboys ready to hire Derek Dooley :

Darick Rodgers to cowboys? Fits jones past character picks. Dooley would have nightmares.

Written on Vols have reason to smile, 54-53 over Alabama :

Played well enough to win at Bama, ky, and ole miss. All 3 were losses. Didn't play well today until final 5 minutes and found a way to win. So is life in conference play. I don't think stokes fouled on the final play, but can you imagine the meltdown on here if that was McRae shooting and anybody on ky guarding him at rupp. A very different opinion by everyone on here if the same call was made. Glad they won today when they really didn't play well.

Written on Marshall Henderson talks the talk, walks the walk as Ole Miss sweeps UT, 62-56:

in response to Show-me-your-TDs:

Martins Inability to cope with the Rafes is killing this team
the say nothing do nothing towards the reff's is killing this team
do you think John at Kentucky would stand for that pitiful officiating... heck no!!!... that's why Kentucky wins!!!...... you gotta stay on the officiating like stink on a skunks but!!!
Martin needs to call his play and then get on the reff the whole time...
he just lets the reffs run him over... time and time again
You cannot let the officials Dictate the game like they did tonight.... you just can't
and Martin's nothing but a scared cat
nothing will change untill he demands change... and that means being stern with the referees
Bruce Pearl wouldn't stand for this stuff!!!!... bring back Bruce!!!

Just because Martin is not yelling at the officials doesn't mean he is not working the officials. Unless you are on the court standing next to him, you have no idea what he is saying to the refs. He is not a yeller. while folks are complaining about officiating, the two teams shot the same amount of free throws until the last minute when we fouled on purpose. Although Bruce would have been yelling at the top of his lungs at the officials, it wouldn't help the fact these players don't have a killer instinct to close out a team.

Written on Josh Richardson: 'It's payback week' for Vols :

in response to usnavyvolfan__times_free_press_can_shove_it:

do the refs know they're allowed to call a foul on somebody wearing a white uniform?

Things usually have a way of evening out. My biggest question has been do the guys in orange know they only get 2 steps. More traveling violations than at a little league game.

Written on John Adams: UT schedule about to take favorable turn :

Agree the schedule is about to become a little easier, but e teams we play will see an opportunity as well. Although the schedule is perceived easier, it still won't cure the inconsistent point guard play, poor perimeter shooting, and disappointing frontline play. After 15 games that is what we are. A lot of the turnovers are just being careless with the ball and some are just self induced. Maybe the quality of opponents mean they won't capitalize. Regardless, this is an opportunity for this team to get some wins and more importantly, confidence.

Written on Kentucky pulls away from Vols, 75-65:

in response to usnavyvolfan__times_free_press_can_shove_it:

I don't know about "calling for the coach's head", but I certainly think if things don't improve next season, his contract shouldn't be renewed. CCM tries hard, but it looks like he might be in over his head coaching in a big conference. I'd love to be proven wrong.

If you are giving up on him after 3 games in year 2 to see if he can do it, I don't understand how someone can prove you wrong. Does year one not count? This team has lost on the road on places tn has never been successful and lost at home to arguably the hottest team in the conference. You are wanting things to improve after next season when there are 15 games left in this conference season for things to improve. I think just in personnel alone next year will be better. Try to enjoy this one first. We just need a win and miss st at home is one to get.

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When will it be time for a players only meeting to "get everyone right and ready to step up". We never win at rupp. I said last week after we lose, some will be ready to jump off a bridge and call for the coaches head. Glad McRae seems to be turning the corner and being someone to rely on. Need a consistent option B to help him. Will someone do it? Stokes, i am really hoping its you. Sec is down and after ole miss next week, schedule turns favorable.

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This team is an embarressment. Especially Josh Richardson. Coach needs to sit him down for the rest of the season as there is absolutely no excuse for missing everything on the Flagrant and 1 freethrows. WHAT IN THE WORLD WAS HE THINKING????

2 weeks ago Richardson was the most improved player on the team. Now folks want him to sit the rest of season. Yea, that's a good idea. Good grief.