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Hey KNS, for your vaunted "new look", how about dropping Mr. Sad Sack, John "Gloom and Doom" Adams? He hasn't had much positive to say since......I can't remember when. Don't you think he's outlived his usefulness?

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They'll never admit it but they'll miss him when he's gone.


Written on John Adams: Like its players, UT coaches have something to prove:

More of Adams' frothing at the mouth. When is KNS going to get tired of his recycled, regurgitated drivel?

And Mark Wiedmer may be a "better writer" but you can write well and still write BS.

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I could use some stereotypes about you as well..Do you use hair gel to make your spikes stand up?

You are so far off the mark you aren't even in the same galaxy. Go open another beer, maybe you'll see even more fuzzily.

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KNS needs to look in a mirror and ask themselves why they continue to print such complete drivel from a so-so "sportswriter." Is it really too hard to find someone who knows what they are talking about AND can write? (To answer my own question, probably so, because they've proven over and over that they can't hire people who can write.)

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I really don't understand the hatred of the women's programs. They have more SEC championships and NC than the men and if it weren't for CPS and women's BB we would really be off the college sports map. UT men's programs have at best sucked the last ten years. Maybe Dancin' Dave needs to get some gay guys from alabubba to coach here.

Bivolar and his ilk are just representative of a bunch of guys who get their jollies sitting around drinking beer, scratching, belching, and hating on women who are quicker, smarter, and more fit than they are. The only women they want to see at sporting events are the cheerleaders.

Written on Jenny Moshak retiring from UT over 'issues of equality':

I see the greasy fingerprints of Dave Hart all over this one. He will not stop until he has completely wrecked the Lady Vols program.

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Since when is gray a UT color? Oh well, it's not the end of the world as some want to think. It's just one of those things that might be corrected in a few years. Or not. The fate of the world doesn't hang on stuff like this.

Written on Lady Vols to play at North Carolina on Nov. 11 at 9 p.m.:

This should be a good game, even early in the year....UNC's "fab freshmen" and the new improved Lady Vols with Russell, Reynolds, and a healthy Carter. Go Lady Vols!

Why has the full schedule not been released? Most other schools have theirs out already. ACC has even published their conference schedule.

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Somehow I don't think there will be a repeat of last year. This group should be, and probably is, a lot more focused.

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About time, but it sounds like there was a careful and thorough investigation. I am sick and tired of thugs getting a pass just because they are "athletes." "Oh, you can't charge him with anything/give him that grade/suspend him/etc., it will hurt the team!" Nope. They should get treated just like anyone else and have to take responsibility for what they do.

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Can you say "spoiled brat"? I thought, when I read an article on how his parents made him go to anger management and a drug/alcohol rehab program, that maybe they had something good going, but apparently either he wasn't in any program long enough to do any good, or that was all for show.

Archie and Olivia Manning need to run parenting classes for parents of athletes. People could sure learn a lot from how they raised their boys!

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Good for Alicia! Those who watched "Pat XO" on ESPN probably noticed a graphic mentioning that of the 161 women who played for Pat, 48 are or have been coaches at some level. Alicia makes 49. That speaks volumes for the Lady Vol program and Pat's legacy.

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He's just relaying gossip, which as we know is not a reliable source. Mean-spirited gossip, also.

Let's give Taylor a chance. It looks like he's designed workouts for basketball players before and his training is appropriate. Besides, he'll be working under Jenny, and we all know she's one of the best there is.

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I hope they beat the snot out of UVA. That would make up for the awful 2011 game which I saw in C'ville. UVA was not then, and is not now, in anywhere near the same class as UT. I thought they just went in overconfident in that game. Let's have no more of that!

Written on John Adams: Maximizing improvement: Follow 8 'Don'ts of Sal Sunseri':

Best thing to do would be to forget Sunseri entirely. John Adams can't come up with anything new so must resort to picking at scabs. KNS needs to kick him upstairs somewhere so we don't have to read any more of his drivel.

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Is the NCAA investigating? They should be....even just to ascertain whether it's play money or the guy is really that stupid.

Written on Golden era: Another FIBA title for Lady Vol Bashaara Graves, Team USA:

Offense scores points. Defense wins games. France was restricted to 8 points in the second half. I'm glad Bashaara had such a productive series with the US team, but I would bet a lot of what she did will not show up on a stat sheet. Can't wait to see her back here!

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I sincerely hope some of you never have to deal with mental illness in yourselves or your family members, because you don't have the first clue. Mental illness is not an "emotional condition" that someone can just "snap themselves out of" with what you refer to as a "personal acceptance, personal knowledge and focus." Mental illness is as real as cancer or heart disease and requires just as much care in determining proper therapies *including* medication and therapy. Just as you would not use the same treatments on leukemia as you would on, say colon cancer, you don't use the same treatment methodology on people with different mental disorders. Even within the same family of drugs there are differences, which is why one may work well for some people and be a complete poison for others. I have a brother who has had a lifelong battle with both depression and chronic migraine and he tells me that when his doctors finally hit on the proper combination of medications, it was like being able to breathe again. And oh, by the way, he's a doctor, are you going to tell me he doesn't know what he's talking about?

Are you aware that the biochemical makeup that can lead to mental illness has a strong hereditary component? And are you aware that (this is not a secret, she has talked about it herself) Chamique's father is a *diagnosed* schizophrenic? If a person already has the genetic tendency, and has enough stressors in their life to affect the brain chemicals that can exacerbate that tendency, it is not surprising if they develop a mental illness. I am happy for Chamique that she is finally getting the treatment that is right for her, because I know how long it can take.

A couple of you insist on being ignorant, insensitive jerks. I REALLY hope no one in your family ever suffers from mental illness, because I'm sure your "positive reinforcement" would be just the treatment they need....NOT.

Written on Bashaara Graves scores 13 points in U.S. victory :

Wow! I cannot wait to see her play this year. I think the international experience can't do anything but improve her, not that she needs a whole lot of improvement.

Written on Johnny Manziel says he 'overslept' at Manning camp:

"Oversleeping" doesn't get you sent home. Bye-bye, Heisman II, hello NFL where you can do what you want.

Written on Ariel Massengale assists Team USA in winning gold medal:


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Too bad you don't just dry up and blow away, clueless.

Written on Mike Strange: For John Adams, a Hall of Fame sportswriting career started early:

One idiot patting another on the back.

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in response to oldster:

Who prejudged? I based what I said on what I observed, in person. Moreover, I did not criticize her offense, despite the fact that her shooting was erratic. My issues have been with her defense and, please note, the use of past tense as well as my hopeful tone. If her bad wheel was the cause of her defensive lapses and it is better now, great because it is hard for any team to go further than their point guard can take them. This is particularly true for a team that wants to play pressure man to man defense.

I was addressing my comments to the bashers in general, not to you personally as I said in the first paragraph. I seem to have hit a tender spot with you which was not my intent. My initial reply, and most of the second one, were directed at the person who made the initial anti-Massengale post as well as all the people who have slammed her relentlessly. They were not directed at people who make more analytical observations.

Written on Mark Wiedmer: 'Pat XO' is a wonderful love letter:

It was indeed a fine tribute. My only complaint is that there was very little on the recent years since the first "three-peat" team.

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in response to oldster:

I HOPE she has not come close to her potential as she has had a great deal to do with the LVs defensive struggles. She has simply lacked lateral quickness and, as a result, been unable to keep quick point guards from penetrating and breaking down the entire defense.

The real problem is that by playing her, Holly may not be so smart, as without any better options. Without Carter this past year, there really was no other true point guard.

I am sorry if you think this is "bashing," but I do not think that it does any good to ignore problems and short comings in anyone or anything (myself included).

Analyzing what you think are problems is not the same thing as bashing. I would think anyone who can analyze would see that.

I think Ariel has had her problems, but it may be that these have improved over the summer; playing for a different coach often gives a player a different perspective. Obviously Sherri Coale, when she picked this team, saw positive qualities in her that some refuse to see, and I would trust Sherri before I trust an armchair coach. Ariel's assist/turnover ratio was good enough that ESPN announcers commented favorably on it, for starters. And you might want to remember that Ariel was playing on a bad wheel for at least part of last season. Let's wait and see how things may have improved since then and not prejudge before the season even starts.

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in response to SummittsCourt:

Do you really feel the need to be so stupid?

Of course he does. The bashers always do.

Ariel is a rising junior. That is about the time one of our greatest point guards, a young lady named Kellie Jolly, really started to light up the place. Anyway, the US coach is obviously more intelligent than this fool of a basher is and sees what Ariel has going for her. I think that says more about her that what some armchair coach spews out of his keyboard.

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Stay on your own board and quit with the schadenfreude (go look that up if you don't know what it is) already. Your team's best years are behind them along with Foster. Melanie Balcomb's best teams wore an X on their shirts.

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I wonder if Daddy Dearest didn't have something to do with this. I've never trusted him since he pulled that "decommitment" business. And speaking of parents from hell, you don't want Kaela Davis. Not if you ever watched "Real Housewives of Atlanta". Uh-uh. No way. That's her mom on there.

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Since she signed a loi, will she have to sit out a season?

She never played a game and isn't enrolled in school, so I think not.

UConn fans are already gloating that Tennessee "has its very own Delle Donne." That hurts worse than not having her, because we already have good guards in Carter and Massengale. I worry more about the short bench and injuries.

Written on Before arrest, Aaron Hernandez had brushes with violence at Florida:

Sounds like he's been trouble for a long time. Yet another example of a kid who got a "pass" over and over just because he happened to be a good athlete. Has nothing to do with school or ethnicity, that is just a common practice for athletes in a lot of places.

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1. Reduce the price of student tickets
2. Give students a decent place to sit
3. Stop treating students as second-class citizens at sporting events. They will be your boosters one day! Of course having a winning team helps, but I went to Wisconsin at a time when their football team was lousy and the stadium was still usually full.

Written on Poll: What is the best way to increase student attendance at home football games?:

Don't price the tickets out of the market, give them a decent place to sit, and stop treating them like second-class citizens.

Written on Pat Summitt excited about 'Pat XO' documentary:

Can't wait to see it. I have the date circled on my calendar.

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You also so Right!!! Why don't Val Ackerman go back to where she came from.....and keep her opinions to herself! This is College Ball.....

I agree. I tried to read the actual report and there's stuff that's even dumber in it than what Dan Fleser is reporting on! Complaints about tattoos and baggy shorts, even. I think Ms. Ackerman, in her heart, is still living in the old half-court game. I'm cautiously in favor of the 10-second back court rule and not much else she suggests. She needs to take her report, fold it 5 ways, and I'll leave the rest to your imagination. Or burn it, I don't care which.

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Peyton and Kara have shown time and again how much they are a part of Tennessee, even though they came here from somewhere else. The amount of good things they have done for UT and for Knoxville are amazing! Good job, y'all!

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Wake up, there's only one with those initials in any D-1 conference where halfway respectable basketball is played. Does the name Southern Methodist ring a bell.? Of course they won't be playing long if they don't get their APR up over 930.

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Prove me wrong..Crickets chirping.

I don't need to. You prove it yourself every time you post. Have a nice day under your bridge.

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Call it 30 years of experience classifying people and listening for clues that reflect deception.

Go ahead and give yourself "special powers!" You know nothing about what or who anyone knows. Although I have not posted anything that isn't common knowledge to people who really read and pay attention, there is no way you can "know" that I do not have a personal acquaintance with anyone. You sir, are a very large bluffer.

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My point was that you act as if you are some kind of confidante to her/family..Give me a break, you're no more in the loop than anybody posting on here.

And you would know that exactly how?

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Uhhh, she had mental issues for years?? Hello, are you a clinical psychologist that has access to her EMR? If so, you would know that was a clear HIPAA violation under the patient confidentiality law. Furthermore, no one just loses or disposes of mental illness, it must be treated daily through medications/therapy to maintain any kind of normal life.

Not a violation at all. Chamique has spoken openly about her struggles with clinical depression for a niumber of years now. Perhaps you just weren't listening. And you don't have to be patronizing about mental illness, I already knew that.

Written on Former Lady Vol Chamique Holdsclaw pleads guilty, gets probation:

I hope Chamique will get the help and support she needs. She's had mental health issues for years, and when you read beyond the headlines it is no wonder they are not worse. When you meet her you soon realize that beneath her height and imposing physical strength she is a sweet, soft-spoken and almost shy person. I wish her the best.

keepitreal, with all due respect, that is bull puckey. We are what we are. And in case you didn't know it, one of her strongest influences was her coach at Christ the King HS who is male. He was a father figure to her. And Chamique's grandmother was a stronger person than most people you will ever meet, male or female. Her own father was a diagnosed schizophrenic and was abusive, that's why her grandmother raised her. There are some things you can't control.

Written on John Adams: Vols can turn APR dilemma into a winning number:

While the football team's APR is 924, which is pretty bad, that of the Lady Vols basketball team is 990. I rest my case.

Written on Rocky Top League schedule, rosters:

Dang, I wish I was still in Knoxville! This sounds like fun.

Written on Tennessee football takes another hit in NCAA academic rate, could face serious penalties without improvement:

in response to gc_scvol:

Well, at least you're not sexist.

It is not sexist to state the truth. I think you need to look at the GPAs of women's teams vs. the men's, and how many female athletes stay in school and graduate. And I am well aware that there are good students on the men's teams, but the GPA and graduation rates are not the same as for women's teams. And yes, I did know that Peyton Manning was Phi Beta Kappa...did you?

Written on Tennessee football takes another hit in NCAA academic rate, could face serious penalties without improvement:

The difference between male and female student athletes is that a lot of the male athletes are just in college to get noticed by the pros (and when you come right down to it, the numbers are not necessarily in their favor!). Female athletes know that sports are a ticket to their education, and they buckle down and study while they're in school. I can remember seasons when at least half of the Lady Vol basketball team was on the Dean's List. And it's not just the basketball players, there are plenty of good student on the softball, tennis, golf, swimming, cross country and track teams. It's the guys who think school just isn't that important, and then you wonder why so many of them flounder around in the world after they leave UT.

Written on Guard Jasmine Phillips not returning to Tennessee Lady Vols:

in response to vol4life1983:

I am aware of that and who doesn't know Ms. Stiles. She couldn't recruit top players at NC State so what make you think she will do it at MO State. I don't doubt that she will do a great job with the resources she has but not to a level where UT needs to play them at that point in the season when they played Baylor.

Stop cracking on Kellie. Recruiting in the ACC is a whole different ball game. It's even different from recruiting in the SEC, especially in the Carolinas where UNC and Duke definitely have the upper hand. In case you hadn't noticed, Kay Yow's teams didn't do so great in recent years either. I wasn't really happy when Kellie went to NC State because who wants to follow a deceased legend? It's like chasing a ghost. Think about how some so-called fans around here talk about Holly, and she'd been at Pat's side for years and Pat's still around. Now multiply that by a few and you'll see what Kellie put up with *in addition* to the recruiting difficulty that goes with being "the other" NC school. She'll do fine at MO State, though it may take a few years to really develop her program.

As for the hole in the schedule, at this late date UT may not have much choice, which was my original point.

Written on Jim Foster, Sue Wicks laud Summitt's vision for Hall of Fame:

When Pat beat Geno in the NCAA it was a case of taking care of UConn *before* the title game. Blame the bracketers for that one.

Written on Guard Jasmine Phillips not returning to Tennessee Lady Vols:

in response to vol4life1983:

We need a team that will make UT better and expose their weakness not just a throw in game

What you call a "throw in" game may be what we can get at this late date. The "name" schools have pretty much all got their schedules set already. And I wouldn't crack too hard on MO State...they have a history (they used to be SW MO and had a player named Jackie Stiles) and they have Kellie. If they aren't that great this year, I'm betting they will be pretty good before long.

Written on Jim Foster, Sue Wicks laud Summitt's vision for Hall of Fame:

in response to Ichabod:

Coach gets fired, and weeks later, ends up in the 'Hall of Fame'. Who does he think he is, Phil Fulmer ? I am sure the 3 to 4 people who visit this Mecca each week, will pause at this latest inductee to 'greatness'. I mean, how many more can they put in there? Greatly devaluing the brand, when having sat on a bench, or put on a jersey allows you to be in the same venue as PHS.
That place is a joke.........

Vanderbilt was at its best with Foster coaching (Melanie Balcomb's best teams mostly wore an X, not a V). The Big Ten does just not get the quality recruits that the SEC does, although some places think they do. Foster took most of his teams to the NCAA so quit cracking on him. He's got his retirement taken care of, and if he wants to coach in a lower pressure environment for his last years, why not? I'm betting UTC shows some improvement, and maybe they will at least be in shape. The conditioning of some of their players last year was appalling.