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Written on Orange and White Game scheduled for April 20:

i have set and watched the last ten....gona make it eleven...gona be fun

Written on Vonn Bell enjoys his visit to UT:

bell is from my home town...watched him play..not only is he good on the field he is a great kid also...shook his hand told him that i would love to see him in orange...what a great player we would get if he does choose the BIG ORANGE..... some of his friends said they dont know what it would take to keep him out of the orange...lets hope he found nothing... WE NEED VONN BELL at TENNESSEE......BABY....but ill watch and support him in any school he chooses and wish him the best

Written on Dustin's Pro Bowl nod first in Colquitt kicking dynasty: time for some children that we can recruit

Written on Tennessee official confirms Omari Phillips, Trent Taylor and Deion Bonner not part of football team :

the only good news im getting from this is that of the guys who enrolled early vfl in the makeing

Written on John Adams among 3 selected for induction into Tennessee Sports Writers Hall of Fame :

ok jon jon what are you trying to say....for what being the best for smashing our vols

Written on John Adams: Vols could come out ahead by redshirting Maymon :

im sure glad jon jon set us straight on shiznit that we will be better off with him...we would also be better this season with is what it is get well soon maymon

Written on Video highlights of the Tennessee-Memphis game:

in response to 10SE:

I have come to the conclusion that our basketball team is not very good.

they play really good defense....we just got to find our scorers period

Written on Mike Strange: UT-Memphis rivalry is worth saving :

they say in memphis that we just want to sell tennessee to

Written on Daniel McCullers returning for senior season with Vols:

this is some good news im thinking he will be just fine on the line n the 43 that we are better suited for anyhow...smith i love a de struggled at jack lb but learned a lot from playing there..go vols

Written on 9-win season, top 15 recruiting class building Vanderbilt's optimism for 2013:

congrats to vandy well earned finish...and enjoy it while it are not going to have TENNESSEE to kick around anymore

Written on Memphis could be without starter Tarik Black for Vols:

first go vols beat memphis

Written on John Adams: Cincinnati's bowl gives UT fans glimpse of 'Butch Ball' :

all i know is that all the coaches in the ol ncaa will have a lot to learn about this new playoff gig that takes affect starting this year....maybe butch and staff are the guys for the job..go vols

Written on Jarnell Stokes in spotlight as UT prepares for Memphis :

big stokes is just playing soft so far MAN UP BIG BOY and play ball it is in him i know...still would not play one on one nope

Written on Poll: What is your top UT sports story for 2012?:

um G ? all of the above.....

Written on X marks spot with Xavier playing at Tennessee :

GO VOLS give us two halves of Tennessee basket ball and we will win this game.....Reese getting healthy is a big plus

Written on John Adams: Odds are against every SEC bowl opponent:

never looked at it like that but if ya sit and think about it..... i would much rather see my vols playing one more game... i think we could beat ark st,kent st,lu m,ohio,etc....lets vote jon jon

Written on Juco DT Ben Bradley no longer a Tennessee commitment:

in response to kyvol98:

47th? I would rank your posts much lower than that.

and we rank you kyvol98...A you want the truth...YOU CANT HANDLE....................

Written on Peyton Manning joins six ex-Vols for Pro Bowl:

how can i ad the other 4 to my name? congrats men

Written on Vols' Butch Jones disputes talk of riding on Brian Kelly's successes:

it is what it is..that said i like what hes doing and saying off the field so far now lets get with what hes trying to do and bye in vol fans its going to be nice just to go bowling again

Written on USC gave Lane Kiffin loan for house, but there's a catch:

in response to SevenT:

This comment may be inappropriate. Reveal this comment.

One of the most hilarious moments in SEC history is when Kiffin bolted from Tennessee after 1 season.


yes and it was also the best thing that could have happen to TENNESSEE ...go vols

Written on UT football coach Butch Jones savvy in utilizing Twitter for benefit of program :

not into tweets....but tweets your heart out coaches if it brings us the young men that we need to get back to being the beast of the east,,,go vols

Written on Erik Ainge, Trevor Bayne each tweet out weekend engagements:

in response to cyclonevol87:

I agree he tells it like it is dosent sugar coat it,Doc,Jeff and Heather shouldnt even be on the Radio IMO.

yes them narcotics seem to give ya balls of steel....maybe hes clean now..last i heard he was in rehab for it

Written on Poll: What do you want most in your Vols stocking this Christmas?:

just give me a stocking full some great recruiting class...ive never seen us ranked this low in the recruiting rankings...

Written on Jancek eager to rejuvenate Tennessee defense:

in response to BIVOLAR_BEARE:

Actually I believe the athletes weren't that bad, they posted a top 30 defense the year before. I'd say the the defense was the worst coached defense in the country..How's that?

what can i said it all...very bad coaching....along with the fact that we need more speed in our secondary

Written on Auburn names Garner defensive line coach:

but ill have to disagree with ya on peterman tho...for justin is a mobile qb and has some really nice zip on his throws will be a fun battle to watch in the spring...GO VOLS

Written on Auburn names Garner defensive line coach:

in response to claiborneh:

Sorry, going to have to wait until January for any action. Biggest potential news will be Derrick Greene announcement. 6 or 7 other 5 to 4 star chances. If TN lands 3 or 4 could have top 10-15 class. This is about best one can hope for, then maybe grab a couple of under the radar Jucos.
Clean slate now. Peterman is going to be QB and flourish.

i do agree that green will be a huge get for us....i just dont know why we have not got a good hb in the last decade...KRAZZZZZZYYYY

Written on Video highlights of Tennessee's win over Western Carolina:

lol the w was the only highlight

Written on Mike Strange: Josh Richardson gets the message, delivers at both ends :

build build build...great win w at a time good fellas

Written on Auburn names Garner defensive line coach:

BLA.BLA.BLA..give us recruiting info please..on TENNESSEE go vols....happy recruiting

Written on Vols hold off Western Carolina, 66-52:

good game ..GO VOLS..

Written on Report: Tyler Bray to enter the NFL draft :

congrats to these young men....i c him being a late draft pick....if so he has all the makings to be the next...BRADY...

Written on Ex-Georgia aides have key UT task:

in response to VolGrad:

Vonn Bell, S, Ridgeland HS, Rossville GA

Reel 'em in!!!

LIKE ill take bridges also....what a beast of a young man he is also

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