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Written on Mike Strange: Vols fought their way onto the plane to Raleigh:

Impressed with the respect and compassion CCM
and the team given to Iowa coach FM .

Written on Tony Jones, Steven Pearl named as assistants on Bruce Pearl's staff at Auburn:

Bruce and the Vols did pretty well even with Steven in the lineup.

Written on First day of spring practice gives an early look at position battles:

Is David Keith still around the Vol program ?
Want to change the subject.

Written on Tennessee men's basketball coach Cuonzo Martin sings 'One Shining Moment':

Of course Stokes could do it and he knows it,
I hope he stays another year. I didn't know CM
could laugh like that he would be more likeable
if he did more laughing.

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Written on After abrupt switch, Neiko Creamer joins early enrollees at UT:

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UT needs a DE more than a receiver or, even a DB. It needs an OL even more. If Blair does not get here or does not live up to expectations, scoring in double figures in any SEC game other than vs UK, looks doubtful.

What qualifies one as an oldster?

Written on Vanderbilt comes back to beat Lady Vols, 74-63:

Holly's post game presser was really sad to watch.

Written on Antwan Space's 3-pointer beats UT, 57-56:

Everyone who says Bruce will never be back make me sick ! I know all the reasons, If we are that stupid we deserve what we have and we should shut up and live with what we have.

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I hope all SEC teams come to hate us like most of us hated jimmy frank . If he didn't beat us we would love him.

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Memo to area Lexus dealers. Steer clear of this guy.


Written on Jannah Tucker to workout with Lady Vols on Saturday:


So happy you are at home with the LV'S .

Written on Mike Strange: This season was supposed to be different for Vols; it's not:

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Pearl isn't coming back, good riddance of the conjecture.
However, the Titanic has sailed.
Good luck Coach Martin, you are a wonderful human being.


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Martin is history. Pearl wants the job back. Haslam needs to persuade Cheek to do it before Pearl gets another big job elsewhere. No way we make the NCAA. Virginia will beat us at home, too.


Written on Isabelle Harrison avoids foul trouble, scores season-high 18 points for Lady Vols against Texas:

I was hoping that Mercedes Russell would be our next CP . Holly said she is not concerned about her performance to date. Anyone here have any thoughts ?

Written on Former Vol Maurice Couch admits to accepting money due to financial hardship: ‘I was going to lose my family’:

in response to no1djkb#278630:

It was wrong in the NCAA's eyes but not legally wrong. He did not steal the money, he was given money. Yes it was a mistake but not a criminal mistake. Seems to me you are making it out to be that. Hey we have been there and I agree with you on that, but the difference between me and him is that I was able to work my way out of the situation. From what I have heard, these guys are not allowed to get a job during the season.
He did make a mistake, but a man wanting to keep his family together is a good thing in my opinion. You have young guys spitting out children like nobody's business and not wanting to take responsibility. I honestly think guys like him should get extra help. Wouldn't you want a guy like Couch to represent your university? A guy who is family first?
I definitely don't want a guy like Travis Henry. Remember him and his 10 children by eight different women

no1 I agree 100%. NCAA No Mo Couch Yes

Written on John Adams: Kentucky helps Tennessee finish strong:

JA Go Away. Please we've had enough ! We don't need the encouragement.

Written on UTEP knocks off cold-shooting Vols, 78-70:

I read on here that some are saying this situation is bad and needs to be fixed quick.
Please tell me how it can be fixed quick?

Written on UTEP knocks off cold-shooting Vols, 78-70:

One thing that will never change : Martin is BORING . I would kiss and make up with Bruce and MOST Vol fans would be thrilled out of their minds. If that can't happen get Byrd from Belmont, Floyd from UTEP , Wade from UTC,
Foster from UTC, or any number of coaches across America.

Written on UTEP knocks off cold-shooting Vols, 78-70:

I'm quite tired also. In fact I'm worn out.
Lady Vols only bright spot right now.

Written on Gabby Sprang, just 14 years old, commits to play softball at Tennessee:

Another Monica ? Best news I can think of for LV softball ! Welcome Gabby Sprang.

Written on John Adams: Vols are versatile, but not in a good way:

If BJ and staff are so bad then why are all these incoming recruits loving on them ?

Written on Lineup changes after halftime pay off for Lady Vols against Oakland :

Lady Vol basketball only thing to feel good about right now . Men's basketball ? Maybe,
time will tell.

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There are many shortcomings to this basically talent void TN football team.....and we have all seen the shortcomings take center stage at one time or muliple times during the season. But the greatest shortcoming of the 2013 version is we do not have a SEC caliber Quarterback on the entire roster unless Riley Ferguson happens to be....which is probably doubtful or he most likely would have gotten on the field at some point even with his ankle injury. I had high hopes for Dobbs, but his passing talents are so poor at this stage of development that there is not much hope for him developing into a good SEC QB. He is rail thin and he will not withstand running the ball on even a semi-regular basis in this conference. As talent void as this team is we could sign 50 players and that would not be too many. We are in for a very long haul to be championship competitive....kinda like in the seventies when Battle left the program in shambles and it took Majors what seemed like forever at the time to get competitive again. We need a Quaterback. It is so disheartening to think that,in reality, next year will probably be a repeat of this year due to the incredibly demanding schedule, youth, and current talent level. Let's hope Butch will sign a "bonus" QB in February.

Agree . BTW we do not deserve a bowl game based on the way we have played this season.

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I am UT Alum and a 50 year season ticket holder .
I contribute a decent amount to support the AD.
The past six years have been so painful that I choose to back away. Just can't watch this until we become relevant again. My only pleasure now is following Vady Vols BB and SB.

Written on 5 things to watch in Tennessee's women's basketball exhibition vs. Carson-Newman:

This team should be very good. When will J Tucker enroll in school?

Written on Tennessee No. 4 in AP preseason women's basketball Top 25:

LV's have 10 very goog players and very good coaches

They may go all the way !

Written on Shanahan on Haynesworth: 'lazy, lack of passion':

Overpaid ungrateful moron.

Written on Johnny Majors donates memorabilia to state library:

in response to tensie2004:

The entire Major's family has and always will have my love and respect. They are truly the
First Football Family of Tennessee. Go Big Orange!

You are absolutly correct about Johnny and his family. John Majors is a friend of mine.
I have stated on here previously that Ben Byrd wrote in the Knoxville Journal years ago stating that Johnny was not a drunk like some would say After being fired by UT why would Pitt hire a drunk? Answer is they would
not. I am sick of hearing all the lies about Johnny. Please provide proof ! How about an arrest record or a photo of him drunk.

Written on Mark Wiedmer: 'Pat XO' is a wonderful love letter:

Great person, Great Coach in that order.

Written on UT to honor Pat Summitt with statue, plaza:

Anyone who does not support this Plaza should be ignored and does not deserve a response .

Written on Bruce Pearl steps back into coaching for BMaze Celebrity Game :

in response to Witch_Doctors:

Witch Doctor say such a great coach and great Vol coach..truly a Greek Tragedy that played out before our eyes. Witch Doctor say Bruce is still and will be a Tennessee legend and the Moses as Cuonzo hopefully the Aaron. Witch Doctor say 100% Go Cuonzo and Vols!
Bones never lie

ABsolutly AGREE 100%

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I believe offers are more important than stars. This guy had many offers.

so do I.

Written on GoVols247: Linebacker Bryant commits to Tennessee:

4 star or 3 star ?

Written on Butch Jones doesn't bite on Saban bait:

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Coach Jones, as a 60 year Vol fan I can truly say that I am excited and well pleased that you are our coach. Keep up the good work, don't get discouraged when some things don't work out as planned. The entire Big Orange Nation is 100% behind you. One of the greatest compliments I can bestow upon you is that you remind me of a young "John Majors". You are doing everything right!!! Proud of your efforts for my beloved VOLS!!!

agree 100% ! all of us who really knew John Majors loved him and will forever. The Majors family is Tennessee football.

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Beth Mowins is the worst announcer and I don't know how she gets the nod over Pam Ward to call these games. She's the Jon Gruden of women's sports for sure (Because she is so annoying).

Beth Mowins is worse than horrible as an announcer. I have to mute the TV to watch it.

Written on Tory Lewis hits game-winning single in 7th to lift Lady Vols, 1-0:

Will the real witch doctor please stand up.

Written on Ivy Renfroe provides relief for Lady Vols, 3-2 :

Two Renfroes better than one last night. Hope one can shut it out today. Had to watch with sound turned OFF, Too much Beth (maybe it's just me)

Written on 48 student-athletes graduate from Tennessee:

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A witch doctor poser would steal your dog.

and hope dog would bite poser.

Written on Lady Vols overpower N.C. State 7-0 to win NCAA Knoxville Regional:

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I tried like crazy to find these games on TV or even live streaming video with no success. Very disapointing. You'd think with the Lady Vol's success over the years and their strong fan base that ESPN would be all over them.

Very disapointed by lack of coverage of a great LVs softball team. Shame to have to follow on twitter. Better than nothing.

Written on Lady Vols overpower N.C. State 7-0 to win NCAA Knoxville Regional:

These LVs are tremendous athletes. The speed of the game is mind blowing. I could not be more proud of this team.

Written on Lady Vols fall to Thomas, Missouri in SEC semifinals, 3-0:

in response to JimmyJoe:

MEANWHILE BACK IN SOFTBALL..... It just looks like to me Tennessee doesn't have the great knockout pitcher they need....I mean they have two good ones...but it takes one great one... That is the equation that has worked for just about everyone... They have put together a great offensive line-up... Two of which are up for National Player of the year honors.... But this game is predicated on great pitcher can trump all of that... And has... Twice in a week...if this team had Chelsea Thomas to go along with this awesome hitting they would be unstoppable.... But... They don't. So they will be fortunate to get to Oklahoma City. I can't believe Ralph said they had won 20 out of their last 24... when they had lost 4 out of their last six... Including being shutout twice... No hit once....and giving up 12 runs in a time shortened game.... Wow Ralph that's a great spin job! Sorta like... "Well other than did you like the rest of the play Mrs. Lincoln?"

Agree 100%. We need another Monica.

Written on Tyler Summitt interviews for Chattanooga opening:

Tyler Summitt with a great, experienced staff.
UTC needs CTS before he moves on to Knoxville.

Written on Pat Summitt's 1-year contract dips from $354,375 to $85,000 :

Whatever we pay Pat will never be enough for what she did for UT and Womens BB.