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Written on Tennessee governor says Vols must fill Neyland:

After all of your suggestions, the BEER is sounding better and better.

Have any of you been to a Falcons game?
Twelve bucks for a beer, now that is making some money!

Written on Tennessee governor says Vols must fill Neyland:

Prices kept going up while the team kept going down.

The only way I see it ever improving is if they open up and sell beer at Neyland.

Written on Report: Dallas Cowboys ready to hire Derek Dooley :

in response to eduardo:

Does this mean his buyout from UT is no more????

That clause was only in the assistant coach's contracts. Dooley, being a lawyer, was much too clever for that.

Written on Tennessee's Class of 2012 has dwindled, but those remaining could still have role to play :

Call me glass half full or half empty or just partly drunk but with the 10th best class in the conference and with what Alabama and Florida are adding again this year, the mountain just looks taller and taller. Who in their right mind thought it was a good idea to get rid of Coach Fulmer?

Written on Florida lineman Jessamen Dunker charged with stealing scooter:

Watch out boys, he may be available soon. We won't have to worry about him in Knoxville - there aren't that many scooters.

Written on John Adams: Vols chasing Vanderbilt in recruiting :

What worries me is that for years we just barely beat Vanderbilt even though we had vastly superior talent.

Now that Vandy has closed the talent gap, we got whipped pretty bad by them. I think we will see more beatdowns as long as Franklin is at Vanderbilt. Given equal talent, the smart guys will always win.

Written on Tennessee official confirms Omari Phillips, Trent Taylor and Deion Bonner not part of football team :

We didn't need any more thieves around anyway plus if they were any good they would have been on the field already given our lack of talent.

Written on Cody Clay chooses Division II school over Tennessee:

I can see us starting to lose players to these states that have medical marijuana. They just get a doctor's note and then can smoke all the dope they want.

Written on John Adams: SEC will be chasing Bama again next fall:

in response to golfman1975:

What goes up must come down...also, what goes down must come up. I know that is very deep but I don't ask that you agree with me...only that you think about it.

I've heard UT football compared to the SS Titanic.

It still hasn't risen.

Written on David Climer: Time to give Derek Dooley some credit:

I thought revisionist history took at least a decade before it was written.

Written on Do you believe Butch Jones is the right choice to be UT's coach?:

I honestly believe that Vanderbilt is going to leave us behind as a football program now. Why didn't we go after Franklin? He has proven himself at the highest level already.

Written on New UT coach Butch Jones in Knoxville:

You have GOT to be kidding me!!!

Is this for real or a really really late April Fools joke?

Written on Some UT football season tickets available for $300, no donation:

Why stop at Fulmer?

Let's make Johnny Majors our Coach Emeritus
Put Phillip back at Offensive Coordinator
Bring back the Chief
And Tee to coach up the QB's

Written on Phillip Fulmer to be honored at Saturday's game for Hall of Fame induction: 'This is a way to say thank you' :

Everyone who wanted Coach Fulmer fired is getting their just rewards right about now.

But what about us loyal VOLS who would NEVER ask that one of OUR OWN be fired? Where is our reward? Watching us lose week after week to teams we used to dominate is no reward.

It is like we are being punished but did nothing wrong.

Written on Mark Wiedmer: Could these Vols shock the world?:

I've been following the Vols for 3 decades now and I have never felt more certain that we were going to lose than this game.

Coach Dooley may be a fine lawyer but he just does not know the game of football. I bet he could coach the heck out of a jousting team though.

Written on Final: Mississippi State 41, Tennessee 31:

Don't jump ship now boys, we still have some winnable games left.

Written on Halftime: Miss. State 27, Vols 14 :

Keep the faith boys, we're on our way back.

Written on UT coach Derek Dooley going to new heights for victory over ranked team :

This is it boys.We turn it around TODAY!

UT 41
MSU 13

And take the momentum into the rest of the year.


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