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Stokes free throws big big deal. He needs to be like Moses Malone with his tenacity. Bill Russell called him the train that keeps pulling up to the station. Averaging 10 r/p/g get it up to 12 and keep free throws above 70. Really nice team win McRae, frosh PG, Maymon hustle, J Rich shooting and D.

Just never satisfied are we? Sad, sad, sad. Go VOLS!

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They played exceptional when Meighan, Andraya and Jordan were on the floor because Andraya and Jordan both crash the defensive boards and check off on defensive. I am a big fan of Ariel, but she has to commit to defense and rebounding and she does neither. EVER!

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The sky is falling. The sky is falling. Oh, that was chicken little. They will be fine.

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MaxVolFan, I am afraid that you may be right. When CW talked about roles, it concerned me, that every player doesn't have the same role. It appears, MHO, that when the play breaks down, the person with the ball tries to get it back out instead of dribble drive penetrating. Jasmine finally did that at the end of the game and I was like why doesn't she shoot more. Poor Burdick. Lister and Fogie made Ariel look really slow and ineffective. Poor Burdick. What is wrong with Graves? She looked soft and pouty all night long. Poor Burdick.

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Turnovers, turnovers, turnovers seem to be the biggest problem for recent Lady Vol teams. They have little feel for making passes, running a two-on-one or three-on-one break. They are just a split second late in seeing the open player who becomes covered as the defender has that split second to defend the late pass. As good as Ariel is she failed to use more than 10 seconds with less than two minutes left in the game when she drove to the bakset and shot with 20 seconds left on the shot clock. Why did Issy not score a point in the second half? We became one demensional during the second half. We need to quit talking about the paint or the three ball and work the ball around with several passes most of the time. The kick-out three seems to be a better shot for everyone. Often when the ball gets to a post that post has no sense of what other players are open and tries to shoot while being guarded by 3 or even 4 defenders. We are lacking there. We must learn to defend the three better. Our zone showed real promise early in the season in covering the three but we have gone backwards lately in allowing too many open threes. Our tipical zone has had this flaw for the past 7-8 years. As disciplined as we need to be, we must also find that feel for pushing the ball, making that special pass or using screens more effectively to get the lay-up. For most of us who have played the game it is more touch and feel than it is hard discipline. When you watch a great team you see such a smooth rythm for the game. When these girls get that rythm the sky is the limit.

And they are young. :-)

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What really frosts my pumpkin about stores like this is the unnamed source and his/her alleged inside information. If you know about it, prove it. Otherwise, shut up. KNS: same for you. You don't come off pure as the driven snow just because you can quote an "unnamed source", even if they do "have knowledge of the situation" and are "speaking on the condition of anonymity because they are not authorized to speak on the subject". BTW, if you're "not authorized to speak on the subject", shut up.

It's a commentary on us that we all seem to love a sordid story. Now, it's academics. We already ruined the career of one educator, must we drag all aspects through the mud.

Good luck, Trae. Hope your dad gets well soon.

There is nothing wrong with Trae Golden's father and I pray that remains the case because God does not like ugly. If the NCAA keeps allowing these transfers, there reputation will continue to plummet lower than it is. It's beyond pathetic.

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No worries about holding onto existing recruits. So what if a few decommit. Happens everywhere, all the time. But the way Jones recruits, who knows who might flip to the Vols closer to signing day.

I hope we keep what we got and let the flippers go to Bama and post pics holding wads of cash, LOL. How hilarious. Could Vandy be next?

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Something is up. If TG speaks up and says something it is probably not on him. If UT keeps quiet, the odds are it is either medical, academic or something "against team rules". Schools are legally not allowed to comment on any of those concerning a student.

Regardless, it is over. Move on and wish him well.

Exactly. Move on. If it's not academics then why isn't he "even close" academically to be a senior. Also, KNS continues to take a negative approach to everything UT Sports. It's ridiculous. Look at the titles of all their top articles. And face it, some people are just not good students.

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To everything there is a season. A time to win a time to lose. Our season to win is coming soon.

Very happy for the University of Connecticut women but agree that our season to win is very near. Man what a missed opporunity or our young ladies in their no show first half against Louisville. Oh well, poop happens and sometimes good things happen to bad people (Gino) and bad things happen to really awesome people (Coach Summit).

That being said, to God be the glory for the ladies who choose to wear the wonderful color of Orange and our next three titles. John Adams seriously underestimates the power of these young ladies with a year more of experince. Yes UCONN has 8 but we'll get ours too.

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Regular season champions! This coming from the team picked to finish FIFTH!

Praying the injuries are not serious!

Was the injury to Isabelle on the same knee or a different one?

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Tentative Spring practice dates:

Hoping Vonn will be a participant!

Go Vols!

So common sense remains at a premium - Von will not be at this spring practice whether he commits or not. He didn't leave early. My goodness.

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So here is this kid that's in Vandy for academics and sounds straight out of Alabama, unable to use subject/verb agreement. Interesting how he qualified for such a prestigious school.

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Something missing? Two words: Bruce Pearl

Trae is a liability and why people don't switch on those moving screens by the opposition is beyond me. You get the opportunity to guard two people just by running over the screener, LOL.

Seriously, Trae is just soft and lazy. Bottomline.

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Maybe Missouri will take Martin off our hands when they have to get rid of Haith. . .we can only hope.


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The not being smart of this is doing any type of drill with a ring on your hand. My brother nearly tore off a finger dunking with a ring.

Just have to make better decisions.

Do you read?

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Okay. Enough. If Stokes had any work ethic and wasn't lazy as he!! he would be a highlight reel. Undersized post players have to develop their skills - themselves. He has to get to the gym outside of practice and take a 1000 shots so that he doesn't have to be 2 feet from the basket to make a shot. He also has bad footwork and seems lost on defense and rebounding. They need to watch Izzy and Bashaara pursue the basketball on rebounds - that is part learned skill but mostly want to. And the Martin bashing is almost turning into racism it seems. It's Year 2 and basketball is about the players for the most part. They have to want to play defense and bang and hustle and Trae plays when he wants and Jarnell can't stay out of foul trouble. Kudos to Cuonzo for benching their behinds. Fricking Microwave generation - right now. Right now. The sky is falling. The sky is falling. I want my gratification right now. Well even in our best Tennessee basketball days under Jerry Green, they still had lapses. We've never been a basketball powerhouse - Oh yes we have, GIRLS! Get over yourselves.

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Thank God somebody still wins.

Amen. Somebody still wins. I actually laughed out loud. The Men need to just play. They are so much better when they just play.

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All the money they can make PLUS why would they want to endure another transition year just to prove they are VFLs? It just seems a no-brainer to me, go make the dough. Not to mention a chance at injury if they stay. I can't blame them if they go even though I personally would love to watch them another year. They have to do what is in their best interest. Wouldn't you?

Your comments mimic what is driving their decisions - "The Promise of Money." Can anybody remember all the players that left here early for the promise of big NFL or NBA careers - Where are they now? EXACTLY. Nobody knows!

Patterson will be great. Tyler may benefit from all the less than average quarterbacks on a team like the Jets or Titans if he can get beyond his attitude. Justin is making a huge mistake. Huge. He will be the next Braylon Edwards.

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Well, I don't see this as much of a big deal as long as others stay. I say that because as happy for Hunter as I am, I still wasn't impressed by him this season (2012). He had so many dropped passes and ect. I think he is being smart by going into the NFL this year. Im happy for the guy, but I also have a feeling that he was worried that if he didn't leave now, he may not get another shot because of his "not so great but ok" season. Call me crazy I guess but I still feel like its good he is gone and now other players can step up in his place and show what they can do. Bottom line is, I don't see this as being a hurt on UT's 2013 season as long as Bray, Patterson and others stay one more year. GBO

"A new leader"
*Im always watching*

totally agree with you. be gone.

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I'm not trashing Tee...but I am done with him.

Me too. Screw him, USC and kitten.

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EB phone home and get a hug. You obviously are not watching the same McRae as the rest of us.

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Franklin would be stupid to go to North Carolina State from Vandy but at least his recruiting violations wouldn't catch him. He'd be ahead of the curve ball like Calipari and just leave the schools to deal with it, like Willie Mack Garza Pearl and Kiffin did us, LOL.

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And the thing that people seem to forget, is that in addition to Bray (who'll leave because he's tired of it all), Hunter (who don't want to get hurt again), and Patterson (who's not attending class he's so sure he's leaving), that draft analyst are saying Juwann James will be a late first rounder or early second rounder if he comes out. Dallas Thomas (Sr.) will be gone and may make the All American team. Michael Rivera graduates, and don't forget Zach Rogers. He graduates too. The cupboard will definitely be thinner for the new guy. Reminds us all of just how poorly coached this team is. We arguably have the best wideouts in the nation, and certainly one of the top 5 QB's and many say THE best offensive line, as well as TE, and we can't win a conference game. It's an absolute travesty.

Which the offense has absolutely nothing to do with the losing and should be commended for their play except Alabama and Florida second half.

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It's a shame that Vanderbilt is 6-4 and Tennessee is 4-6. Vanderbilt has also won a few SEC games and Tennessee has won 0. I would have never thought that the Vols program would be the doormat of the SEC.

Dayum. Sounds horrible when you put it like that but don't get too excited. They had nowhere to go but up and have seasoned players and a hood rat coach. We'll be fine.

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Hey, Phil, no offense buddy, but you stunk it up pretty good yourself the last two years of your tenure. Please go back to your golf commercials.

Which are as bad as anything Dooley can drum up. Okay not but they are bad. I wanted to believe and I like Dooley but hé is à doofus and made some really bad calls thé last three weeks. Should not bave been throwing on first down against SC. Screen play today. Man to Man on 4th and goal from thé 10. Really?

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Cornerbacks coach I be danged if I would claim that title.

remember that he didn't recruit the current players. his players, mcneil and company are darn good.

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Every body wrap your head around this. If he loses this week end. Dolley will have lost to FL, Ga, Bama,and SC. All in the same year for 3 years in a row.

and get this, you will post your same whiny comments over and over and over again and again regardless of whether we keep or fire Dooley. advice to you - get a life!

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After watching the total chaos USC's front 7 caused a pretty good GA offense; I don't have much faith we will fair much better.Especially with Chaney's total predictable play calling..The gators beat USC but I don't think they even had 200 yards total offense..It took some really crafty play calls by Pease to get into the endzone..Bray or Worley won't matter if USC is living in our backfield

Our offensive front is much better than Georgia's.

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This is what I don't understand about our players. Sunseri coached Alabama's defense to what seemed like a powerhouse. He then comes to Tennessee putting in a 3-4 defense. Now how is it that the Alabama players got it and ours don't? I have to agree with most of what i've been reading from the students. They have to execute. The coaches aren't on that field. I truly believe Sal will turn this defense around if given the time to recruit and have them learn the 3-4 defense. Just my 2 cents. GBO!!!

That's exactly what I thought until I realized he didn't coach the Alabama defense. He coached linebackers. Saban coached the defense and made the calls. Hmmmm.

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Are we sure this hasn't already been resolved?? It should be a moot point......hopefully. :)


considering the untimeliness of prior articles, you are right on about this being a moot point. Unfortunately we can't "mute" these idiot writers sometimes.

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With the exception of Peyton Manning, we've done better when our quarterbacks were workhorses and not show horses. Bray has all of the tools, he's just too aloof personality-wise to lead this team. His laid back attitude doesn't inspire others.

Wow. Seems I've heard these comments before. Casey. Eric. Hmmm.

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This is an amazing report:

Horrible coaching performance for four years.

Horrible quarterbacking against anybody but the
boogaloo tech type teams for the same period.

Horrible reporting from horrible sports
journalism site.

They fired Fulmer for this.
They messed over Nick Stephens for this.
They fired good reporters to get this.

And then they pushed Hamilton out, who was as bad as bad can get, to get Hart, who is almost as bad as bad can get.

No wonder the guys I know who have been for years going to Knoxville or following the Vols are now saying the H*** with it all.

One of the best known of all the Vol fans, across multiple message boards, who has followed them for decades, and lives a couple of hours away from the site of Saturday's game,

is not going. His spouse says, "Why go? They are going to lose anyway..."

Thanks for the memories, General, Johnny, Phil, Tee, Peyton, Casey, Al Dunning, Fred Russell, and the rest of the Nashville/Knoxville/ Tennessee media.

Amateur hour has arrived...

You're pathetic.

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The story here is the jersey in the pic. Can we see black jerseys this season>?
We all want to see them in football once a year basketball can do it for UK games maybe.

Like I keep saying Martin is a heck of a coach but UT will not win the SEC until we sign a few more top rated players. The 5 styar we just got a commit from is great but Stokes will be gone when he is here and so will Maymon, it takes 3 NBA level players to compete for a championship.


Your views continue to baffle me. I think that Pearl's Elite 8 team had "no names" and Green's first round bursts had multiple NBA level players.

Please do more research and only state facts and not what you think you know. Thanks.

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Sometimes it's like squeezing jello with Dooley.

He improves the running game and suddenly we can't kick an extra point. He gets Bray settled in and then the secondary can't cover a shadow.

Hart needs to make a statement one way or other this week. Dooley's biggest recruiting chore is getting Bray, Hunter and Patterson to stay for their last year.

Bray and Hunter simply aren't ready for the NFL at any level. Casey Clausen was better prepared than Tyler and he didn't come close to making a roster.

Patterson is ready but is he eligible? He only played one year at Junior college, right? So doesn't he have to stay another year. Just curious if anyone knows?

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How about us fans giving the team and Coach Dooley a little help Coach Dooley is the best man for the job. He has qualities that will some day pay off. He is exactly what the Vols need at this time. The players we have are outstanding young men. We need to support them.
We need to show a little love.

The game is in Knoxville.

Thank you for your post. I agree 100% that Dooley is the man for the job and is slowly but surely rectifying the mess his predecessors left him.

As for "footlong..." you need to change your name for the sheer sake that one doesn't exist Alabama. Period. LOL.

Go VOLS. I believe this is your week so let's get it done. Herman and AJ, I hope you smacked a certain short arm receiver or two across the head. Tyler, please hit the short pass when it's third and 4 and not go for a touchdown every play.

I see progress and I agree with this post. Dooley is the right guy. PERIOD!

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Keep correcting mistakes...? If you correct them, then shouldn't you quit repeating them again & again??

Please remember that these are completely different secondary players other than Prentiss who is obviously playing to keep from getting hurt as is Justin Hunter. Sit their butt on the bench and put people that feel they have something to offer the team. Justin's three short arms were costly and if he ever learns to run every play the same, he'll be open that much more and more effective. Teams know when TN is running or passing based on Patterson or Justin's release off the ball. It's completely different when they have a chance for stardom versus blocking for someone else and why Justin didn't try to jump in there for that fumble is beyond me. Anyway, Tennessee is going to beat Alabama this weekend. I said it first.

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We don't need a coach replying to a fan with snide comments when asked a question. He did the same thing in Memphis.

Dooley is showing that he is a smart a** and it's time to show him the door when he doesn't respect the fans.

Respect the fans for what? Do you sweat your butt off everyday on the field? Do you stay up away from your family every day and night dissecting film and devising game plans and personnel with a still depleted roster depth wise.

Get over yourself and grow up. It's time for you idiots to get realistic and recognize that we got a bargain with Dooley and the program and he are growing together. I am proud of where he's put us from where we were since 2007.

Fans earn respect when they are true fans and people better recognize that a coaching change is another setback for a program on the rise again. Respect the fans - PLEASE! All you all do is whine about the man and his coaches every single day. Respect breeds respect. Try it and then you can complain.

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It is amazing how uninspired the UT defense was in the latter part of the game. They let the team, the fans, and the coaches that prepared them down with their lackluster play. Now they need to pull up their bootstraps and get on with playing a whole game with spirit and total commitment for the rest of the season.

Please consider that our defense was on the field for most of the game. We are still not as deep as everyone would like to believe and many of our players are still first year starters so don't give up.

The team has come a long way from where Fulmer and Kiffen left the program. Derek's doing a fine job. Is he Nick Saban yet? Not even close and that may eventually be a good thing in the long run but he is a good coach.

Weren't you all singing Sal Sunseri's praises a few weeks ago. How quickly you turn. The defense will be fine.

Poor Marsalis Teague, bless his heart is just a big play magnet. Both plays happened on one play on his side of the field and he just got outrun both times. Eric Gordon needs to play assignment football and Prentiss needs to step up and help Herman lead.

Welcome back Brewer. Stay healthy and help this team get in some tails. Go VOLS!

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I can't call you a fool because in some sense of the word you probably maybe are some sort of brother. I can call you foolish perhaps.

Obviously I still think Dooley will be great. HE DOES need to get some depth in here. IT TAKES time and we should give him at least ONE MORE. Seriously foolish dude.
I think that actually Martin IS recruiting for the football program. What HS footballer wouldn't want to be watching Martin and his bballers?
(I don't REALLY think what you said was "foolish" but I know for a fact Dooley's headed the right direction in many areas. You could even see it the 1st 3 quarters of the Florida game. Yep some fans quit on Dooley after that game but I still believe.

I agree and amen. Is there a sight for real vol fans? These foolish people wear me out with the Dooley hating. Seriously. Get over it. Hart knows what he's doing and Derek is finally able to get in a player's butt because he has a "little" depth. They will perform or sit. You see with Marlin. Mouth a running but his arse never makes it on the field because he won't run hard. The best back is that Quentin something or Qwenshon or whatever. Against Georgia State he was quick and powerful to be so small. Put him in.

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can he kick extra points?


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Welcome to Draya - Love this team already. Very youthful but that will be fun. Excited and looking forward to uptemp Holly is installing.
So I guess ND will be ACC now - Think Geno will have trouble recruiting to the Little East? Will the little East even survive?

Why do you even care. UCONN is not the enemy. Any longer. :-)

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An attitude of gratitude instead of entitlement. How refreshing is that? Way to go Jake. If you take what you've done over the last 2 years and consistently apply it over the rest of your life, there is no limit to how far you can go.

I agree 100%. Attitudes of gratitude. How do we instill more of this into today's youth. I'd coach a thousand Jacob Carters. Talk about a feel good story. God is good!

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in response to jobrando#216494:

Good deal and maybe he will have a reality check. Still great oppotunity for him with the NFL. Hope his parents are busting his tail.

If the NCAA was really fair, any transfer would require a year wait except extenuating circumstances that could be proved - not D'Anthony kind of BS. Anyway, good riddance. GTHD and all the CDD haters.

Written on UT freshmen LaTroy Lewis (ACL), George Bullock (broken leg) out for the season:

in response to underthehill:

Very poor guess..Dooley only gets blamed for what he is responsible for and what he is getting paid to do..and he is getting paid to win games like the one against UK last year..or had you back to the article..very unfortunate for these young men who have worked so hard to have this happen..hope they come back stronger than ever..

you're a negative nelly. poof. disappear. bye.

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in response to SummittsCourt:

All you Dooley haters remember that when the winning starts you are not welcome on the bandwagon.

Especially that drunk Merlot whatever its name is - just negative nelly all the darn time. Doesn't "it" get tired of downing the head coach of the team its supposed to love.

Well listen people; the two come together. You can't hate the coach and love the VOLS.

I know you think you can but you can't. What you say about the coach impacts the program from current players and coaches to recruits. Now back the heck off!!

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in response to tnaseevol:

We'll know in less than a week.

But right now, I'd say it's pretty damn hot!

I like Sapp's comment. We're all in the hot seat and hot is a good thing. Let's blow this mofu up. GO VOLS!

Written on Mark Wiedmer: Are Vols gaining by Rogers' loss?:

in response to dvhill100:

Rogers reminds me of a TO. A mouthy, canker sore, dissension creating, selfish prima donna who is also an incredibly gifted athlete. It has to be all about the team. Will we miss his athletic ablilty? Yes. Is it still the right thing to do? Definitely yes. Hope the kid gets over himself and turns things around.

will you all please stop insulting TO. He was already a pro and while that's no excuse for elitist attitudes, at least he had already made it.

As for the high school coach who will be there for him, please stay away. You catering and kissing his ### is the reason that these kids are the way they are in the first place. Be gone.

And if I hear one more person say that some pot smoking, hooligan is a "good kid" - PLEASE!