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Written on UT denies public access to athletics board meetings:

See for details about the media and the Athletics Board.

Written on Doug Dickey's task in 1964 similar to Butch Jones' in 2013 :

Lester McClain was not redshirted in 1967. He was a freshman, and freshmen weren't eligible for varsity play. Legion Field had green and white checkerboards in the end zones, not red.

Written on Vols game at South Carolina a 12 p.m. kickoff on ESPN:

Shouldn't the kickoff of the South Carolina game really be listed as "noon," instead of 12 p.m.? AP style seems to indicate so.

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in response to Bigger_Al:

Good stuff. Does anyone know if the Kelsey Finch run came right after the punt inside the one and the penalty on Battle?

The penalty on Battle was in the 1971 game. The Finch run was in 1977. May not have been too clear about the context of each game. Thanks for the comment.

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Good to have you aboard, Joe.

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It was not Albert Dorsey. The Vol player was actually Mike Jones, who was covering Dennis Homan. The final score that day was 24-13, Vols.

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The official's name was Watts. The player who scored the tying touchdown was Watson. That's in the story. If you're going to perpetuate your own story about a game, at least make it a good story, one with some semblance of reality and adherence to the facts..

Written on Maymon not eligible to play vs. Pitt :

"Nichols said the office of the provost is not allowed to discuss the specific details of the case, but that UT provost Dr. Susan Martin has 'chose not to make an exception' for Maymon, a sophomore who transferred from Marquette last year."

Quick grammar comment: Bad syntax here. Dr. Martin has actually "chosen not to make an exception for Maymon..." Mike could have written that Dr. Martin "chose not to make an exception for Maymon, a sophomore who transferred from Marquette last year." The "has" doesn't belong in the sentence.

We all learned that in English 111 or maybe even in high school, maybe even sooner.

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What about us poor folks who have "regular" cable without all the bells and whistles?

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Bear Bryant did kick the door off its hinges, or so the legend goes. He asked his state trooper to shoot the lock on the door, but he refused, citing danger to those around them.

So Bryant knocked the door down himself.

There is no mention in books by Tom Siler, Russ Bebb, Jay Barker, Al Browning, or Allen Barra of Sloan being hurt.

Jay Barker gives the game a sentence, and a sketchy one at that, in the "Alabama Football Vault."

There were two players (Tom Fisher and John Crumbacher) killed in March 1966 in Polk County.

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Good comment. Didn't think of the Dooley angle. The reason for the story is simple. Sunday was Oct. 3. The Tennessee-Ole Miss game was played Oct.3, 1996. It was an attempt to match the date with a big game or a game with significance attached to it. Thus the 1996 Ole Miss game. That's all.

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The Wyoming score in 2008 was 13-7, not 13-10.

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Try this link to see game highlights from ABC.

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Sometimes self-editing goes too far.

The original first paragraph was better than the final product:

"It was a day Vol fans never thought they would see and certainly didn’t look forward to. That was Oct. 22, 1988, the day an 0-6 Tennessee team went to Memphis to play Memphis State, as the Tigers were known then. No one on either side knew what to expect that October afternoon."

Should have kept it instead.

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Don't know why someone won't look at a 1993 game tape or a picture, even if just for a minute or so, and acknowledge the change to the east side took place in 1993, not 1994. Grass came back in 1994. The sideline switch, west to east, took place in 1993.

Second notice.

It won't hurt.

Written on Vols moving to other sideline:

Actually, the Tennessee team bench area moved to the east side for the 1993 season, not 1994.

For the record, Alabama also had had its bench on the east side of Legion Field and Bryant-Denny Stadium until coach Fran moved it to the other side, and it's been there ever since. Mythology has it Bear Bryant used to scout the TV angles so he could always be seen as the teams moved up and down the field.

Gen. Neyland had the Vols on the east side, given that sideline was closer to the home dressing room under the east stands.

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Nice catch on the Maroon Devils. My bad. Saw "Maroon" plain as day in the source material. Fingers and mind obviously not on same wavelength.

As far as an "off day," that happens. Only so much space and so much material. Lots of good stuff gets left out in the editing.

Keep those comments coming.

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in response to dcarver262#345455:

my wife is from middle Tn; I'm from NJ. We met at a keg party in my dorm room in Andy Holt back in 82; and have been together ever since.

When we lived in Australia, we'd get a video of the game fedx'd to us; and watch them live (about a week) late with our friends down under. No Internet back in the early 90's..

We live in NJ currently and get back to Knoxville at least 2x every year for a home game and try to get to an away game whenever possible. Since we graduated, we've seen the Vols play in Boston, South Bend, LA, Berkley, Oxford, Athens, Columbia, Piscataway, Giants Stadium (twice), Baton Rouge (3x), Miami, Nashville, Syracuse, Gainesville (3x), Tempe (2x including the national Championship game), Tampa, Orlando (3x), and Atlanta (6x including the VA Tech game in a few days).

Over the next few years, we look forward to getting to Oregon, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Ohio State and Uconn for away games. There are few things as entertaining as spending a weekend in a college football town!

We also recently bought my wifes grandmothers farm in Trousdale County TN; where we plan to build a house for retirement and continue to spend our saturdays in Knoxville and on the road as long as we can.

Congrats on coming (back) to Trousdale County. It's a great place. Been going there for years.

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Maravich scored 31, but did it in the freshman game, played before the varsity game. Freshmen weren't eligible to play on the varsity in those days.

Written on Mattingly: Widby stood alone as man for all seasons :

The Armory Fieldhouse, which eventually became Stokely, opened in 1958-59. There were permanent stands on the west side, a portable hardwood court, and the east stands were brought in from the north end zone at Neyland Stadium. It seated 7,500. The enlarged arena, Stokely Center, opened for the 1966-67 season and seated 12,700.

Written on Traditions: The last tackle:

Let's try this again and get it right. The fingers go too fast over the keys.

The Vol Historian is hard at work each day, sometimes twice a day, conducting a seminar about Tennessee tradition. Check it out.

Written on Traditions: The last tackle:

The Vol Historian is hard at work each days, sometimes twice per day, conducting a seminar about Tennessee tradition. Check it out.

Written on Mattingly: Catching up with record-breaker Mills :

Should have written "tongue in cheek alert" before that comment. No offense meant or taken. The term "Win one for the Gipper" was used in the Reagan Administration, used many times by the President himself. Bottom line: All of us should work hard to write with more clarity.

Written on Mattingly: Catching up with record-breaker Mills :

Do we have to explain everything? "Mills Greenhouse" is the family business in Elizabethton. "Tie One for the Gipper" is a not-so-subtle takeoff on "Win One for the Gipper" the key moment in the movie "Knute Rockne All-American." It reflects Coach Ara Parseghian's strategy to play for the tie in 1966 against Michigan State and have the Fighting Irish still win the national championship. That's all.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

It was a great game Oct. 19, 1968, Tennessee 10, Alabama 9, but Alabama wore white that day, probably at the request of the ABC television folks.

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The overall record is 20-16-2, Tennessee.

Written on Mattingly: UT-Georgia rivalry is a late bloomer :

Name calling is unprofessional and undignified. That said, this is a history piece for Sunday. That's what the column is all about. Sometimes, the KNS puts the Sunday story up early, probably to avoid the rush after the game ends. It's as simple as that.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

There are those on the KNS board who "pick a fight" with FDR, and he's been gone longer than John Gunther. There's really no fight with Gunther, just an explanation of the way Knoxville responded to his criticism. There are others on KNS boards who "pick a fight" with Charles Darwin. It's all fair comment. What part of being a historian do folks not understand? By the way, one man's "junk" is another man's treasure.

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Careful Tommy Jack. "Geezer" is really just a state of mind.

Written on Kiffin, Obama on list of 'people we wish would go away':

Let's have Fox go away.

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It's out now at fine bookstores everywhere. Try Carpe Librum, Border's, etc.

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If no one else will say it: "Hot."

Written on Ex-UT linebacker Nettles battling terminal cancer, wants story to help others :

Ray was not All-America in 1971, but was All-SEC that year. Publicity shot should be for 1971 season, his senior season at Tennessee. Few people played as hard as Ray.

That said, this is a great story about some great players in that era.

Written on Mattingly: In football, 'they' sometimes become 'us' :

Do they teach reading and comprehension in Florida? Your response to this story would yield a "D-," maybe even an "F," at any reputable middle school.

Written on Terry Moore, who played football for Clinton and UT, killed in tree-cutting accident:

Terry was a teammate of Larry Seivers and was probably the more heralded prospect. The other Clinton product that came with Moore and Seivers was Russell Williams. This is a sad, sad story.

Written on Mattingly: Vols have score to settle with these 10 :

To call the 1990 season a "debacle" is the ultimate in historical revisionism. There were a couple of disappointments, to be sure, at Auburn, against Alabama, but two SEC titles in two years after the 5-6 record in 1988 was a major accomplishment. To say that 1990 was the debacle "that I think cost Johnny his job" is ludicrous. There were events in 1991, the consecutive losses to Alabama and Florida and the second half of the Fiesta Bowl, that should have been indicators, looking back. The 1992 season is well documented by current Vol historians.

How this debate emerged after a story about the "o-fers" in Tennessee history is amazing, to say the least. I "beat" John Adams to this story, for whatever that's worth. I've "beaten" Mike Griffith to at least one, also. They've also "beaten" me to a few, too.

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in response to volsmith:

Tom Siler wrote for the News Sentinel. The person I'm thinking of wrote for the Journal. He was pretty old back then and was pretty funny at times in his writing.

That was the legendary Tom Anderson, who had a deft touch with the typewriter. He was amazing. No dount about it.

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Why the (cheap and anonymous) shot on someone who isn't even a part of the story?

It's hard for me to give that great deal of credibility.

Not much of this is sticking to the walls.

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How about Monday noon? You name the place.


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Pennington and I went to different schools. Will be glad to meet with anybody, here or otherwise. Shoot me an e-mail.


Written on Old school: Archived photos of UT football:

Tennessee actually played at Kentucky the day after JFK was assassinated. The Vols won 19-0. That was the same day Tom Elam went to Memphis to interview Doug Dickey about the coaching position at Tennessee.

Written on Mattingly: Kerin's influence came through loudly :

Occasionally all of us who sit at a keyboard make mistakes.

In this story, I mentioned Tim's "command" at the end of a long road trip, referencing Phillip Fulmer's end-of-the-flight speech and the way Tim restored order when the pilot wouldn't move the plane until everybody sat down. That incident occurred during the years John Majors was head coach. I have already discussed this with John Majors and told him I knew better.

So, for all concerned, I regret the error and take the responsibility that comes along with it.

Written on Mattingly: Kerin's influence came through loudly :

I have never been mentioned in the same breath or sentence with John Pennington. How good is that? He works fulltime at the KNS with a desk and everything, and I write out of a back room (often disheveled looking) in my house. I'm just happy to be on the team with Pennington.

As far as a "rehash," the "SIT DOWN" story came to me out of the blue the other night. It's true (and original), with my hand raised. That was a wonderful moment.

By the way, you can never say enough good things about Tim Kerin. We were both born in Pittsburgh. He was November 6, 1947. I was July 15, 1948.

Tim was a great man in all respects.

Written on Cafego to enter West Virginia Hall of Fame:

Here's the full Keith Jackson comment on George Cafego from Jan. 4, 1999: “Phillip Fulmer went to see George Cafego, who is an absolute legend in Tennessee football history, two days before he passed away. George said, ‘Good luck. I’ll be watching.’ Good night, George… and thanks. Nobody’s name rests higher in Tennessee football than George Cafego.”

Why is there a Tim Tebow "panties" story on this site?

Written on Mattingly: Boling left big mark on UT, athletics :

Check out the April 14 entry at

There was only enough space to cover Dr. Boling. The Jimmie Baxter election and the Vietnam War protests may the subject of a different story, probably in a different forum.

Good comments all.