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Written on Mike Strange: Former Vols have high expectations:

Berry needs to get up off of it and get his brothers to come to UT! Can't be a Vol family if he doesn't help keep them in the famly. Come on Eric take one for the team, or how about two!

Written on John Adams: Preseason line on UT isn't all bad:

Jadams tried his best to sound optimistic about UT. It is very hard for him. So, my advice to him after reading this column is for him to only gouge out one of his eyes. Save the other one for your next piece of mindless drivel.

Written on John Adams: Vols can turn APR dilemma into a winning number:

Once again jadams couldn't resist taking his shots a UT. Kicking while down is his favorite pass time. My suggestion to jadams is a simple one: Gouge out our own eyes. So you don't have to read the mindless, weak-spined drivel that you have such a penchant for writing. And hle your at o ahead and move down to Alabama.

Written on John Adams: Scheduling just part of problem for SEC basketball:

My advice to John Adams would be to take the pen he uses to write his drivel and for he, himself, to jab it in both of his eyes so he couldn't possibly have to read his own nonsense! I say this with the best of intentions!

Written on UT athletic director Hart gets one-year extension, $50K bonus:

Hart does not deserve it! Point Blank! There is nothing more to say. The university should be looking for ways to save money. Stop extending contracts so far into the future. Have they learned nothing yet???????

Written on Time was needed for Vols to build chemistry without Jeronne Maymon:

in response to rockypop:

The concern I have with this team is that they are by college standards today, a veteran team - starting two seniors, two juniors and one super-hyped sophomore. And, they are all playing in their second season under the same coach.

In spite of having to play without Maymon, they seemed to be way too delicate to have sustained any consistency. I can't buy the argument that they needed more time to "gel."

Case in point - Kentucky's teams for the last three years. Yeah, we all hate Cal, yada, yada, yada, but when you can bring in brand new FRESHMEN teams every year and do progressively better in the tournament until in your third year, you win it all with basically a team of freshmen, then that tells me you ought to be able to get a group of guys on the same page who have been with the program at least two years.

There's no doubt that Martin's biggest challenge is recruiting. He's got one more year with Pearl's best recruits, and then he's on his own. And, it doesn't look promising. He needs to make a statement next year, because UT could be returning one of the most talented and experienced teams in the conference (although minus the depth).

Hubbs will be under considerable pressure to contribute right away, and the veterans will absolutely HAVE to perform consistently. Then Martin better find the new McCraes, Goldens, Maymons and Stokes. And, find them in a hurry.

Are you kidding me? Builing a championship team with 6 to 7 of the best recruits in the country and this years UT team without G.Maymon, is the lamest most ridiulous comparison anyone could possibly concieve. Look what happened to the superstars when they lost one of their 5-star starters! Rethink this through!

Written on Mike Strange: Tennessee has resources but no Final Fours:

Mike, You may not mean to pile on the Vols but wait, you did pile on the Vols. Looking ahead to next year with the current and projected roster, I really like the Vols chances. Just behind Ky and Fla. the Vols are looking very good. Now, I know your talking about the past but with Pearl the Vols enjoyed much sucess. They haven't made it to a final four, your right. But, do you really believe Ga, Ark., MSU, Ole sis, Aub. or S.Car fans wouldn't trade their seasons with UT's over the past ten years? UT reached a #1 ranking and elite 8. Even in the past two years UT is 3 -0 against Fla. and beat KY by 30.

Written on It comes full circle as Elston Turner Jr. gets crack against Vols' team his father was slighted by:

That was very nice piece about Turner. Cry me a river! Wrie something about the Vols, not their opponent! Richardson will shut the pup down today. Him and pop can cry together about the mean old Vols!

Written on Kenny Hall won't be suspended following arrest:

Failure to appear, is the part that bothers me. This is obviously the reason why he was arrested. Sounds like Hall didn't pay off a fine or complete community service. Question is, did this stem from the same incedent that got him suspended from the team last year? I think Kenny is a good guy and I'll stand behind him-Go Vols!

Written on Mike Strange: Is Jordan McRae being asked to do too much? :

in response to I_STILL_OWN_MANY:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

First of all, you can't be a Vol fan, so your ridiculous comments don't matter! Second,if your this critical,please tell us what your stat line was last game. Were you a college standout? Did you sit the bench in high school. Maybe, you were a star in the pee-wee league?

Written on Mike Strange: Something is missing ... Vols looking for a closer :

The Vols could have won, if they knew how to switch or hedge out on a guy coming off a screen. Everyone watching that game knew, that turd, henderson would be coming off a screen or double screen and the Vols looked helpless to stop it! The Vols out rebounded ole miss 41 to 30 and were 17 of 27 from the charity stripe, but they were lost in the second half in gaurding one guy, who was running basically the same play over and over.

Written on Marshall Henderson talks the talk, walks the walk as Ole Miss sweeps UT, 62-56:

in response to 8inarow:

It pains me so to see Vols going after each other like this.

Me too!

Written on Marshall Henderson talks the talk, walks the walk as Ole Miss sweeps UT, 62-56:

in response to tgiles1944#654264:

No inside game - No big men - No defense- no controlling boards - No victory - Recruit big men - Big man game - This hurts man.

Tenn. out rebounded the rebs 41 to 30. This game wasn't lost on the glass or at the charity stripe(17 of 27). It was lost because no adjustments were made by the coaching staff. Who will teach the Vols how to hedge out on a shooter coming off a screen? It's a pick, not magic!

Written on Freshmen Derek Reese, Armani Moore 'growing on the fly' :

I wouldn't call one good game versus MSU, and a couple of made 3's depth. I might call it a spark or even a nice surge,but I wouldn't call it depth.

Written on Jordan McRae's play up, but Vols are down :

Offense is about getting open looks and hitting the shots. The Vols are getting wide open looks. The challenge will be to ignore the wide open 3pt-shot and drive it or dish it inside. This slump isn't all on CCM. The offense is creating open shots. The team has to rededicate themselves to playing defense- the kind of D we all know they are capable of!

Written on Tennessee falls to Georgetown, 37-36:

in response to lomas98:

I would not have felt any better even if we won 38-37. Just a horrible game to watch. JTIII wasn't happy with his team although they won. Opportunities to win although we were playing awful. I do think our defense was great and obviously kept us in the game. Stokes with 3 shots should never happen but we just couldn't get him the ball. Just goes to show we still don't have players with good basketball iq and we just don't have a consistent shooter to make teams pay for zoning us. Need to worry about Virginia next and get a non conference win.

If McReigh's shot goes in at the buzzer, you would've felt better! Trust me! Unless you prefer not beating a top twenty team on the road. What the h... are you talking about? This team has got to win anyway they can without Maymon. Even if Jeronne comes back, how long will it take him to get sharp? And don't be surprised if JM doesn't make it back at all!

Written on John Adams: Tennessee fans might not mind if juniors leave early :

If Bray stays, there will be great competition next spring. Worley looked good! And Peterman might have a say. But, IF Patterson would come back Vol fans would and should go nuts! It would be awesome! It would give Vol fans a small sliver of hope for next year and right now we could use it!

Written on Adversity nothing new for Vols :

hopefully CBP uses this suspension as a motivating tool. hopefully the team will develop a greater bond. they have the talent and are very athletic, they need to gel together. this is a great oppurtunity for scotty,brian,melvin, and cam to really become leaders. this is their chance to lead and say this is what is expected and we wont settle for anything less. they have a chance to use what CBP has taught them and "coach themselves" in a way. its time to set a higher standard and become accountable. despite all that is happening, and all the uncertainty with CBP this team has a chance to do and be something very special! GO VOLS!

Written on A second chance at New Mexico for Negedu :

if he is able to play at nm then he should be able to play at UT. this should have been a matter for the ncaa to clear up, not the ad and a bunch of lawyers. very unfortunate for UT and for negedu. negedu has every right to be upset with UT. some outside the UT program might even say UT was just making room for new recruits or probable new recruits. best of luck to him,anyway!

Written on Summitt: Comments at SEC media day not about Pearl:

however anyone took CPS statements is irrelevant to me. her meaning was,for her,cheating coaches who are tenured should be fired for recruiting violations.why would she not think that people who take her at face value would not think that her logic does not apply to CBP? its not that far of a stretch. if she believes that if she was in pearls situation that she should be fired, why would anyone think that she doesnt believe pearl should be fired. i cant blame the press. if that is her opinion she is entitled to it, but that IS NOT my opinion! GO VOLS! im with pearl to the end!

Written on Tatum undergoes MRI on left knee:

andy katz has the vols at no.18? all other polls that ive seen have them between 10 and 12. this could be the most talented ut team bball ever. and id bet that without e.kanter ky. wont be able to stay in the top 15. go vols!!!

Written on Dooley wanted to 'win it on offense' :

UT HAS MORE HEART!!! these young kids have shown that they have more talent than anyone in the country will give them credit for. as crushing as the loss to lsu was, i think it showed that UT CAN PLAY WITH ANY TEAM in the conference and possibly in the country! give'em hell vols, never let up!!!!

Written on Moore is enough: UT avoids disaster in double OT :

the good thing about college sports is that coaching and emotion can go along way. just look at the first half of the UT and oregon game. our coaches ran schemes that the ducks werent ready for and our players gave it their all. UT is very young(heard it a million times,already) and young men can be affected by the slightest of things! i think this UT team has some fight left in them. hopefully, this uab game will be a wake up call and they'll get thier heads back on straight. because its going to take the best of efforts from the coaching staff(scouting especially) to the third string player who thinks he might not play; just to keep it close!

Written on Ellis, Blazers are tough cookies :

the real disappointment for the vols was their lack of emotion and energy. i know getting up to play oregon and fla. is totally differnt than preparing for uab. i imagine that this ut team has to be emotionally drained! tenn. fans have to be thankful with the win, and hope that the winning catch made by Moore will give them a spark-something to build on- to be able to prepare for lsu. lets face it vol fans, this team has to play their hearts out every sec game just to keep from being blown out! and i think they know it. that has to be hard to face. even though their intensity was lacking this week, i expect the vols to be ready and focused on getting the upset next sat night!!!

Written on Simms intercepts criticism after 1-2 start :

i love the vols. i especially love the fight they seem to have in them this year. but, i dont think msimms has what it takes to be a big time or even mediocore sec quarterback. i will cheer for him and the rest of the vols every game but ut just has to face it, we have a serious lack of talent at the QB position!

Written on Adams: UT-Florida rivalry just isn't the same :

this rivalry is still very important,especially this year.UT needs this win so they can get a little positive press! this game sets the tone for the sec east race.years past dont matter today!both teams 0-0 in sec play right now,both teams need a win to keep up with scarolina.WHAT is bigger than 1st place in the sec east???? i totally disagree with the premise of this article!!!

Written on Business as usual with Pearl leading way :

with all the negative press surrounding UT, an upset win over Fla. could do more for the athletes,fans,all coaches,and AD Hamilton than any political move the university could make right now! if UT could get people talking about a big win, i think some of talk surrounding UT would die down. it would definately give the fanbase a huge boost in spirit!

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