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Billy, don't be a tool, nobody likes a tool.

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Franklin pumped life into a doormat. He is winning bigger than they have ever won since the 1920's. He is a great recruiter, great coach and when he gets to a place with real resources, he will win a National Title. UT missed out on a guy that is the best coach in Vandy history. He WILL win a National Title before Jones. Not at Vandy but somewhere else.

If UT would have hired him we might get back to several rungs below where the Hall of Famer had it. That would still be better than most programs and way better than UT is and will be doing. Franklin was the obvious choice and UT missed again.

Stupidity is the only thing you EVER bring to this site. I just roll my eyes whenever I see your name, I don't even have to read your junk.

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Come one Rev, don't be so full of youself. All I know is tackling and fundementals, just like the coaches have been preaching. If you got those down you can be a pretty good defense.

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What a great story, as I wipe my eyes.

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Pearl had them in the championship game 2 x if I remember
Do you even watch ut sports or just comment when they lose?

We never played on Sunday with Pearl either.

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I wonder if Sonny Bono aky Skeeter Mcbee will get a haircut and shave that scraggly stash prior to Senior Day.

Just Saying

You don't have even a small amount of class, just saying.

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Richardson, Moore, McBee, and Hall had 29 points last night. If those guys can contribute at anywhere near that rate every game, the Vols will be fine.

John, always good to read your posts, you always bring something, and it's from someone who actually knows a little about basketball.

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I agree with Collegegrovebilly and miketn6, pick and rolls are working better, but in my opinion the post rolling to the basket has been open mostly all year, just didn't get the ball delivered. If Yemi can get some confidence on offense he will be a force when Jarnell is resting, he is missing some chippies.

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The whole field is watered down this year, selection committee has to pick 68 teams. If favorites in smaller conferences win their respective tournaments and Tennessee wins last 3 games, I believe they are in regardless of SEC tournament. Just my opinion.

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Wow, what a game and we won also! Can't say enough about teams grit and toughness. Go Big Orange!

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KNS staff, if ya'll would police this site and forbid comments like this on a Tennessee site, it would be much better and your readership would definately go up.Real fans don't come here much because of phooey like this posted at an alarming rate, true fans just stay away from such foolishness. One would think this would have already been figured out!

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Georgia beat them in Texas, so can Tennessee. Attack, attack, attack on offense and defense.

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Little Johnny, get off that computer and get ready for school, your going to miss the bus.

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Great example of Tennessee eating Florida fan's lunch 24/7. Just can't get enough Tennessee.

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He has been playing good since the games off for the hamstring, I think the rest has helped him more than anything, just my opinion though.

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This is the same Vol team that got beat by Memphis, Ga. and stomped in the dirt by Ole Miss at home and everyone is crowing over beating a weak Ky. team. I still say Cuonzo is a lower level coach who gets lucky every now and then. The guys played a great game today....probably the best of the year in spite of a weak coach.

Any true Tennessee fan knows the significance of beating Kentucky in basketball, you just proved your no Tennessee fan so your opinion doesn't count. The best thing for you to do is go on somewhere else.

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I believe the best thing that's happened to Golden was the time off. He looks rested, intergized and is playing like it.

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Ha ha.. brag about beating a Vandy team that just lost Ezeli, Taylor and Jenkins to the NBA draft plus all 5 starters are gone and Martin almost lost on a last second tipin in Knoxville and UT scored 18 points in the second half in Nashville. Enjoy another NIT without Pearl. Vandy won their opener in Baseball yesterday, how did the Vols do? Vandy ranked in the Top 5 again. UT cant spell Top 5 without Fulmer and Pearl.

You act like a 2 year old.

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I knew Tennessee was going to win when the refs wouldn't let Calapari officiate like they did in Lexington.

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This rivalry always better when both teams are playing well. Glad the Vols are on a roll. We have boneheaded fans on both sides that say stupid things like Vols4Ever. Let's just enjoy the rivalry without all the hate. GBO

Yes, but Vols4Ever is on his teams own site, who invited you?

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I was really hoping both teams would lose.

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Home Cookin'

You would be the one who certainly knows

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This was still hard to watch. Most boring basketball since o 'neil Its truly hard to watch this team. Its not fun at all. We don't get up and down like we could wasting Kenny Halls athletic ability as well as other players like Moore. Always let the D get back and setup then one player dribbles the ball to death tryin to get shot off.Stokes has a terrible habit of putting ball on floor before he shoots. He has to take a dribble every time to gather himself Martin should have broken this habit in practice. Im grateful for the win don't get me wrong but the coaching is horrible. McBee looks like anything but an SEC guard nowadays. Golden has regressed to the point that he can't make a free throw when we need it. I suppose a real point guard would help tremendously. i thought Moore was a point guard but he isn't either. Boring team.

Damn, glad Tennessee won, would hate to here you if they would have lost.

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My response to you and the "some of us" that you are speaking for should quit showing your complete lack of knowledge about how the recruiting process works.

Point 1: Teams that have been winning usually do well in the succeeding year of recruiting.

Point 2: Big time football programs that have had 4 head coaches over a 6 year period have to rebuild their entire recruiting process.

Point 3: Assistant coaches do the legwork in recruiting....just how many assistants do YOU think (I will help you....around 45 or so)have been on the road representing UT during the past few years. Relationships are a huge part of the recruiting process. Coach Jones and all but one of his assistants have been on the job a few weeks.

Point 4: All bigtime football powers have amazing facilities. UT just completed their upgrades many of the kids that have been "recruits" for the past few years never saw the finished product.

Based on what Coach Jones has been doing in the areas of fence mending with the former players, etc. I challenge you to produce any evidence that he is not working hard to bring in "some good recruits" to the university.

Last time I checked, anyone pays for their seats are entitled to well seats. Your decision to pay $5 for a hotdog is oon you.

Save your breath easleychuck, fans have a right to voice their opinion, no matter how stupid they are.

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Nobody expects any recruiting class at any school to just "materialize".

However, some of us (myself included) expect the head coach at Tennessee to work hard and bring in some good recruits by doing so. Some of us (myself included) have bought enough tickets and $5 hot dogs to contribute to the new/fancy facilities at UT to help bring in good recruits.

Pityfull, just pityfull. Between fans like you and the trolls this is not even an interesting site to visit anymore.

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I could give 3 sheets about Alabama's coaching ties.

Oh yea, Go Irish!!!

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Bama does not have a single coach with ties to the program. Has no bearing, you can either coach and develop players or you cannot. Roll Tide

I could give 3 sheets about Alabama's coaching ties.

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You obviously have never attended a Memphis game in the FedEX forum, so I will give you a pass on your ignorance about attendance. The University of Memphis has pretty much locked down the local talent in Memphis. Hence, Memphis doesn't need to play UT to prove anything.

Two top players this year from Memphis, Johnathon Williams III and JuJuan Johnson went to Missouri and Marquette instead of UT. Really? Do you think Memphis kids care about UT basketball? You might want to re-check the rankings of this recruiting class, Nick King & Austin Nichols are both ranked ahead of Robert Hubbs now.

Not only do NBA scouts attend almost every Memphis home game, but most of the Grizzly players do too. The pickup games are legendary in the off season! Allen Iverson's cousin is one of our new top recruits. We even have a former NBA all-star on the coaching staff.

There are so many former UT players currently in the NBA that I completely forgot about Tobias. Sorry, did he even attend any classes at UT? Story I heard was that he was just visiting anyway.

I believe it is UT that is struggling in the classroom with it's basketball program. I know you lost at least one scholarship while Bruce was Coaching. There is no such problems at Memphis. We have a high graduation rate. Two of the new recruits (King & Austin) are carrying 4pt grade point averages and were also offered scholarships to Duke.

I am sure I will enjoy the Big Orange beat down Friday because I will be there. I enjoyed both beat downs last year too. I was in Maui last year when Memphis won without a bigman left for the last 17 minutes of the game including all three overtimes. Next you will tell me to fear the orange pants! That just isn't going to happen dude. You are a little excited aren't you?

Hope you recover and enjoy the rest of the season.

GO Tigers GO!

Mike, enjoy Memphis getting boat raced tonight by Tennessee.

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Looked at your profile, you joined Dec. 20th and have posted 20 times, all negative. I'm glad to see that anything Tennessee is eating your lunch.
Go Big Orange!

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You seem to be an idiot, whenever a good topic comes up, you say something stupid.

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This clown is not a Tennessee fan, he is a alabama fan that is eat up with posting and following Tennessee on a Tennessee site, anything he can do to stir something up.

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Seriously, Jancek as defensive coordinator would be more than enough. Martinez too? If Jones can somehow find room for John Fabris to coordinate special teams I might never stop smiling.

Smiling like you were when Alabama took you out in the Championship game?

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Dude, shut your pie hole. Anyone with half a brain can see that the administration failed miserably in this hire. Some of you guys seem to enjoy coating everything in powdered sugar. This was a bad hire considering what we were promised. I'll support this coach and this team, but don't be surprised if we aren't back in this same situation in 3 years.

Are you a damn idiot or what, did you not know we were turned down about 5 times before this hire, fools on here never cease to amaze.

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Yes...bring back the Troop!

The reason Auburn fired him is he is tied to NCAA investigation for illegal recruitment. We sure don't need any of that.

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How about you whiners shutting the hell up and giving the guy a chance! Enough already!! If all you're going to do is whine and moan, UT doesnt need you!

Here, here I agree with you.

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Bottom line here folks, we want to win and win the right way. So lets get behind BJ and give him a chance. He has proven he wins everywhere he goes, and if there's a chance he leaves us, then that only means he has done a great job at Tennessee.

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You have gotta be on dope or, I hate to say it, just plain stupid.

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Dave Hart dropped the ball with the Gruden hire.

Doug Matthews says that's not true. I don't think you know more than him.

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If I am not mistaken Butch Davis was fired at N.C. If you check back further I think he was in trouble before he came to N.C. I couldn't believe it when they hired him.

Butch Davis supposedly has a letter from the NCAA clearing him of any wrongdoing at North Carolina.

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I got news for you people. Just like last time, when you ended up with the La Tech doofus, nobody of significance wants this job. You're destined to get a Mike Gundy or Jimbo Fisher type, at best. And I've never heard of this Butch Jones dude. Strong would be okay, but he won't beat UF and he knows it, because he was on the inside so many years.

Your eat up with Tennessee aren't you?

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You do notice BB that z didn't deny anything you said other than Meyer at OS.

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Defense will be the deciding factor, If Tennessee can lock down and hold their own in rebounding, then they have a good chance of winning.

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they hired him with no experience. what did the morons expect? maybe he can come help recruit for tennessee next year.

Moron, see Vol_Jokes

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It's strange how some of you latch onto something and become obsessed. Gruden would be a big name, but he's far from the best choice for this job. But y'all go on and keep obsessing on Gruden. After year 3 when he's 15-21, you'll be lamenting what a mistake it was to hire a NFL guy with no college experience.

Shut the hell up and worry about your own team.

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Great defense Vols, keep it up and you will be ok.

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Evan like most of you predicted 8-10 wins this year. Remember that. As for the crowds in 2008, here is the numbers.

UAB 98,205
Florida 106,138
N. Illinois 99,539
Miss State 98,239
Alabama 106138
Wyoming 99,489
Kentucky 102,388

I hope everyone is enjoying their predictions and their change!!! LOL!!!!

What is your purpose? To antagonize? You don't feel good about youself so you don't want anyone else to feel good? Maybe you need to seek help.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

You need some therapy, fans like you give everyone a bad name. If your so smart why don't Tennessee hire you?

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We need to get over this obsession with Chucky and focus on hiring a successful college coach who can win like Gary Patterson and Bob Stoops.

I like Bob Stoops, damn, did I just agree with you?

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The fact that you think anyone would make UT relevant in 5 years makes you one of the fantasy land expectations fans. Tenn was not relevant in the vast majority of it's history pre Phil. Why on earth would anyone think they will be relevant for decades at a school with leadership issues, money problems, expectation problems, NCAA problems and most importantly an in state talent problem?

You all wanted this change. I told everyone the stupidity of it all. You got it now embrace it. It is what you wanted. Enjoy another 5-7 or 4-8. That is your future regardless of who they hire or what you want it to be.

Whats your purpose? To come on here and be negative all the time? I don't think you have ever posted anything positive.I as a Volunteer Fan want to have hope, that is part of the fun of it to me. I remember driving home from a game one Saturday probably late 80's, and asking my wife, reckon we'll ever see Tennessee win a National Championship? Point is we had hope and it happened. I perfer the glass half full.

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Yeah, maybe so..Oh well

Tressel's is for 5 years, Pearl's was 3