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Written on Lee Taylor hired as associate strength and conditioning coach for Lady Vols:

I don't know Lee Taylor, so I have nothing to say positively or negatively about his abilities.

However, I was told by a pretty reliable source "who asked not to be named because he is not authorized to speak publicly on the matter" that Lee Taylor has no more basketball-specific training than Heather Mason did. Holly just had to throw that comment in there to continue to justify Mason's firing. This source also stated that Warlick wanted to hire her partner for the job, but that would have been a little too obvious, so instead she hired someone who worked for her partner's company.

Having said all that, what's done is done. I wish Mr. Taylor and the Lady Vols much success.

Written on John Frazier leaves UT track staff to become men's coach at UCLA:

Best wishes, Coach Frazier. While my interaction with him was minimal, he was always very professional and cordial.

Leaving an assistant's position to take a head coaching job at one's alma mater, 60 miles from where he grew up seems like a wonderful opportunity for him.

Those who seem to think that everyone in the athletic department who's not a Tennessee alum is out to destroy UT athletics should be thrilled to see "Bruin John" leave.

Personally I think this move is UCLA's gain and UT's loss.

Written on Donte Stallworth on hot air balloon accident: 'Literally, my butt caught on fire':

Looking forward to the comments of the more creative posters. This should be fun.

Written on Lady Vols catch another cold at Baylor:

in response to underthehill:

I clearly understand this love affair with other player on the team is capable of playing like she did against Baylor..The first priority of coaches and players is ..guess what win games..better players give you the best chance to do that..Kamiko on the bench and Spani on the floor does not give the Lady Vols the best chance to win ball games..don't matter which one practices the best...

If Williams played more consistently, like she did against Baylor .. guess what .. she'd play more. She's a head case with a short attention span.

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in response to Volbound1700:

What moron schedule Baylor two days after Texas with both being away? I guess they never even came home during the trip but still a toughset of games. Lady Vols also have Stanford this Saturday.

Maybe because they traveled over 1,000 miles for the first game and the second game, two days later, against a quality opponent is only 115 miles away?

Are you suggesting they should have flown back to Knoxville Sunday night and then turned around and flown back to Waco for a Tuesday game?

That would have been good use of time and resources.

Or are you suggesting that the Lady Vols will have their weaknesses exposed by early-season non-conference games against Div II and Div III schools, so that will have a better chance to correct those weaknesses for later in the season when we get in to the conference schedule and post season?

Or, are you suggesting that we schedule all the tough opponents at home?

After all, all of the SEC and NCAA Tournament games are at home, right?

While you're certainly welcome to express an opinion I would really think about what I was going to say before calling people morons.

Written on Lady Vols catch another cold at Baylor:

I don't quite understand this love affair with Williams. She's a senior who provides no leadership. If you've listened to coaches comments over the past three years, they've alwasy been diplomatic, but if you read between the lines they've basically said that Williams doesn't put out in practice on a consistent basis. If you don't want to practice, you don't play. It's that simple. That's how great programs are built.

Williams obviously has the talent. Her limited playing time is her responsibility.

Written on John Adams: Fitting system to players could serve Butch Jones well :

in response to nocleats:

To that point, getting talented RBs and speedy defenders like UA, UGA, and Lsu etc. would require Cheek to change the system and allow those same players into Tenn. Right now Players that qualify based on NCAA guidelines and SEC guidelines and are accepted into UA,LSU,UGA,USC, etc are not granted admissions due to DR Cheeks rules that he installed some 7 years ago. Pressure needs to be on DR Cheek to "address" the issues that AD Hart, Coach Dooley. Coach Kiffin, Coach Fulmer, Mike Hamilton, and others have been asking, begging, pleading for for at least the last 300+ weeks!

If the rules have been in place for 7 years, then they were in place 3 years before Dr. Cheek even arrived at the UT campus.

Nice try, though.

Written on Media commentary on Butch Jones hire:

The decision's been made, so I'm going to support Coach Jones until he gives me reason not to.

Can't spell bUTch without UT.

Written on UT coaching roundup: Kentucky's hiring of Mark Stoops could be relevant :

in response to tnoutlaw2001#228008:

If you keep mentioning Petrino you can't really be rooting for UT long term or for stability.

He took a job, secretly interviewed for another behind his mentors back, then broke 2 contracts. Then backed out of the Falcons job fleeing in the middle of the night, then accepted another job only to be fired for hiring a female groupie as a assistant on the football team. Then having an accident and lying to investigators only to admit later after the driver who picked him up stated he was with a female.
You have to be crazy or just wishing doom on UT.


Written on Tennessee taking shape under Nicodemus Christopher :

While the article is certainly positive, the two pictures remind me of facelift ads.

In the Before picture Yemi's expression is neutral or frowning, there's a darker background, the light's not as good, he's wearing saggy shorts, the inside of his elbows are pointing straight at the camera to keep his arms close to his body, and his skin looks drier.

In the After picture Yemi's smiling, there's a lighter background, the light is brighter, he's wearing form-fitting shorts, the inside of his elbows are turned slightly in to create a little separation of his arms from his body, and he's either got sweat or water on his skin to make it shinier.

If the strength coach wanted to be totally honest about the Before and After pictures, he'd have the same background, the same lighting, the same facial expression, the same clothes, the same posture, and the same skin moisture.

Written on Up-tempo play demanding for Lady Vols :

"It's not easy at all to play 30 seconds of great defense, get a steal and a fast break."


Written on Vols land No. 12 basketball prospect Hubbs over Duke, Kentucky, Vandy :

in response to thevoice:

Wonderful!!! I'm not related to him nor do I know him, but anybody want to give credit to Mike Hamilton for hiring Cuonzo Martin?

Sure, I will.

Written on Vols stall at 60,000 season tickets:

in response to 10SE:

I will never understand how Mike Hamilton gets blamed for bad coaching choices? He hired a basketball coach who took our program to places it had never been before. He hired a football coach who keeps spitting out number 1 recruiting classes. Its not Hamilton's fault that Pearl couldn't tell the truth, or that Kiffin's dream job came open.
I'm not happy with the state of our program either, but I don't blame it on Hamilton.

Thank you for your post. While I don't believe Mike Hamilton was the greatest AD who ever lived, he did a lot of good for UT athletics that people conveniently forget about. But then, if many of the posters on this forum aren't blaming Mike Hamilton for all the world's problems they're blaming the Democrats or the Republicans, so I'm not going to expend too much energy trying to make my point.

Written on Pat Summitt adds hole-in-one to resume :

The woman never ceases to amaze! Congratulations!

Written on Alabama sends Lady Vols to losers' bracket in WCWS, 5-3 :

Gee, maybe Dotson wouldn't have lost the ball in the sun if she had been wearing a visor. Oh I forgot. Women softball players don't like to wear visors and caps because they like to look pretty. Don't get me wrong. I have no problem with women taking care of themselves and looking as good as they can look. (The same goes for men as well.) There are just times when that should be a few slots down on one's priority list. How unfortunate that we've raised a generation of girls who are willing to sacrifice winning at the WCWS just so more of their face shows on TV. I honestly believe that if batting helmets weren't required most of the players would forego them as well.

Written on Phillip Fulmer elected to College Football Hall of Fame:

I am stunned. When I was reading the article I expected 90% of the forum comments to be bashing the Hall of Fame and Fulmer. I was pleasantly surprised that, at least at this point, I was completely wrong in my assumption. Whether one agrees or disagrees with the decision to can Coach Fulmer, his total body of work is deserving of his induction into the hall of fame.

Written on John Adams: Lady Vols win game but lose SEC tournament edge :

"They came out fighting," Johnson said. "It was something we didn't expect. We realized this was not going to be an easy game."

While she seems to be contradicting herself with the last part of her quote, she says, "They came out fighting ... It was something we didn't expect."

Really? You're a senior and you don't expect other teams to come out fighting in the NCAA Tournament? Why, just because it says Tennessee on the front of your jersey? If Johnson is willing to say it you know most, if not all of her teammates were thinking it.

Yet, the usual Adams-haters will pile on and be critical because he didn't write a glowing report of the wonderful performance our beloved, can-do-no-wrong Lady Vols.

Written on Pat Summitt on future: 'I haven't made any decision about that':

in response to kazoo:

The Summitt sentinels are out in force! No top coach is ever ready to retire. Was Paterno ready to retire? No-and we see the result. He built the pa.state program--and then was responsible for its demise. Bowden did the same. I will assume that PS is wiser than those two--and others like them, including Fulmer.

When Coach Summitt first announced her diagnosis, she stated that she'd like to coach three more years. Her retirement may come sooner, but I doubt she'll go beyond the three years she originally stated. While I agree that Paterno and Bowden stuck around longer than they should have, I don't believe that analogy works with Coach Summitt because of her previous quote. If being supportive of someone who has had an incredibly positive impact on women's basektball, as well women's athletics in general, means that I'm a Summitt Sentinel, count me in.

Written on Pat Summitt on future: 'I haven't made any decision about that':

in response to Fall_Creek_Vols:

Thank you for this article. Now...FINALLY...all the self-described "informed insiders" will have common decency to respect our coach and quit trying to predict her demise.

Such people make me sick and Coach Pat deserves better.

Fall_Creek, while I agree 100% with your sentiments, I totally disagree with your suggestion that the "insiders" will have common decency. You give them way too much credit.

One of my neighbors works in the Women's Athletic Department, and she's stated, "I work with Pat every day. She is not ready to retire."

Written on Mark Wiedmer: If only Pat Summitt could coach forever:

Because of her job, one of our neighbors works with Coach Summitt on a daily basis. This neighbor doesn't read the sports columns or listen to sports radio so she was stunned yesterday when I mentioned that many people in the media and many fans think that yesterday's game was Coach Summitt's last home game. She said, "I see Pat every day, and she's not retiring!".

I get the impression that Coach Summitt is functioning quite well in small-group settings, like practice, or one-on-one with people. I'm like everyone else. It's hard to watch her on game days, but the reality is, a coach's work should be pretty well done by the time game day rolls around.

Plus personally, I think Lady Vols fans need to keep the bigger picture in mind. The picture that's bigger than Lady Vols basketball. If Coach Summitt sticking around for another year or two means giving Ahlzheimer's research exposure that no one else has been able to do, and as a result make a huge impact in treating this disease, then I think all of us need to get on board with that idea and be as supportive as possible. Ultimately, this should be Coach Summitt's, her family's, and the UT Athletics administration making this decision, without a lot of unneceesary input from people who aren't involved with Coach Summitt and the Lady Vols on a day-to-day basis.

Written on John Adams: Talent overcomes lapses for Lady Vols :

in response to johnlg00:

I get that Adams raises the hackles of many on here, including mine on occasion, but what exactly did he say that many of us devoted LV fans haven't said on nearly every thread of every LV article since the current seniors were freshmen? The current team DOES have talent but it ALSO has apparently ineradicable flaws that will keep them out of the post-season winners' circle yet again, and maybe for the last time in Pat's incomparable career. Nearly all of us are pulling for them, but it can't be denied that they too often cause us to want to pull our hair as well.

I'm in total agreement with you. While the Auburn game was a slight upgrade from the South Carolina game, effort-wise, I certainly didn't see anything on Sunday that would cause me to think this team will make it to Denver. There are too many teams out there that want it more than the Lady Vols do.

Written on John Adams: South Carolina shows Lady Vols how to play catch-up :

What was even more baffling to me than the Lady Vols uninspired play (which I've come to expect that from this team), is that with 12 seconds left and the Lady Vols down by 2 points, a fourth to a third of the fans headed to the exits. My wife and I just looked at each other dumbfounded. Your team is down by two with 12 seconds to go, and you get up and leave?

I know this team is disappointing, but why even bother coming to the game if you're going to get up an leave with 12 seconds left when you're team's only down by two?

I'm still shaking my head.

Written on Navy's Buddy Green to interview; Harry Hiestand might provide another opening :

in response to johnlg00:

Seems like some other programs have a better opinion of our coaches than some of our fans do. Maybe they understand the depth of the issues this staff had to deal with and are giving them credit for a good job under difficult circumstances. Maybe some of our fans could stand to adopt such an attitude.

Nicely stated.

Written on Lady Vols fall to Virginia in OT, 69-64 :

Hopefully this will be a wake-up call and will pay dividends down the road. Personally, I think this group - particularly the seniors - should be less worried about cutting down the nets in Denver and more worried about playing 40 minutes of basketball. We haven't seen 40 minutes of basketball within the same 24-hour period in the past three years.

Written on Tennessee's Summitt presented with Courage Award :

While an award from the U.S. Sports Academy - which is a joke of an organization - is pretty meaningless, an award is an award, so congrats to Coach Summitt. However, if KNS is going to have an article about Coach Summitt receiving an award, I think KNS is showing incredibly poor taste by totally ignoring Joan Cronan, who also received an award from the same organization, from the same person, during the same awards ceremony. Just because Joan doesn't have dementia, that apparently means she doesn't exist, her contributions to Lady Vols athletics and our community mean nothing, and she doesn't deserve a pat on the back once in a while?

Written on Should Tennessee have separate coaches for its men's and women's track teams?:

Contrary to the prevailing opinions expressed so far, combinined men's and women's track and field programs are very common on the NCAA Div 1 level and can be very successful.

The obvious example is Texas A & M. They have a combined program and both the men and women have won the NCAA outdoor championships the past three years.

To make it work, however, the head coach needs to be equally committed to both the men and the women. From my point of view Coach Clark is an excellent coach of female middle distance runners. His record in that area speaks for itself. However, he doesn't appear to be all that interested in much else.

Written on Dentarius Locke calls UT 'cold-blooded' :

UT should not feel obligated to release athletes from scholarships. As spoiled and self-centered as Locke sounds, however, if one looks at the declining number of male atheltes qualifying for Nationals as well as the rising number of male atheltes who have left the program since Bill Webb retired, there must be something going on over there. J.J. Clark is an excellent coach of female middle distance runners, but, from my perspective, that's all he cares about.

Also, since some posters continue to blame all the world's problems on Mike Hamilton ... he did not hire J.J. Clark. Joan Cronan did 8 or 9 years ago. The combining of the men's and women's programs was a joint Hamilton/Cronan decision when Coach Webb retired, and given the commonality between the events, and the ability for some coaches to coach both the men and the women it seemed like the logical decision at the time. Many Div I schools have combined their men's and women's track programs, and have done so very successfully.

Written on Joan Cronan named interim vice chancellor; will oversee entire athletics department:

in response to easleychuck:

Said with term planted firmly in cheek, How many football coaches has she had to fire? How many basketball coaches has she had to fire? How many football or basketball coaches has she hired?

Seriously, good temporary move. I am sure that it makes all the associate ADs on the men's side know exactly where they stand in the search.

How many football coaches will she have to fire in the next two months? - I'm going to stick my neck out here, and say, probably zero.

How many basketball coaches will she have to fire in the next two months? - Again, I'm going to guess, zero.

How mnay football or basketball coaches will she need to hire in the next two months? - Again, zero.

I think not moving any of the men's associate ADs up to the interim AD position was a smart political move as it keeps the playing field level for any of those currently in the men's department who choose to apply for the AD position.

Written on Joan Cronan named interim vice chancellor; will oversee entire athletics department:

Since the title is "interim", it's a logical move. You "real men" out there need to relax. The permanent hire is to be in place by the end of the summer. She is certainly capable of keeping things running till then. One doesn't run a successful athletics department - men's or women's - as long as Joan has without "having some gonads" (figuratively speaking, of course).

Written on Coaches wives' connect on - a social networking website:

in response to Caspian:

This makes me think of the connection the fans of opposing teams share. I have never understood the animosity between fans of rival teams as evidenced by the trolls on this site and some of the responses to them. It's like arguing with your own inverted reflection in the mirror. We're the same people who like the same thing. Our team just wears a different color uniform.

Caspian, Good post. I couldn't agree with you more.

Written on Derek Dooley's lobbying for more assistants bucks trend:

If football coaches want to improve the player/coach ratio perhaps they should reduce the roster number. Including scholarship and non-scholarship athletes, UT currently shows 116 football players on their roster. Does a football team really need 116 players?

Written on Mike Leach, Jason Garrett share insights at clinic :

Leach's attempt at humor was pretty classless. Glad he doesn't represent my university.

Written on Should the Lady Vols revive their series with UConn?:

UT turned in paperwork to the SEC and/or NCAA with alleged recruiting violations and nothing came of it.

I would imagine on more than one occasion Coach Summitt has told her players, when addressing a past issue, that what's done is done. They need to get over it and move on.

Nothing came about as a result of the violations UT has alleged UConn made. It's done. It's over. Get over it.

It would be great for women's basketball for the UT/UConn series to be re-established, and would be beneficial for the players themselves, to add another tough game to their non-conference schedule. When the NCAA tournament rolls around, the Lady Vols haven't been ready to play back-to-back-to-back tournament-caliber games for a few years.

Written on Nikki Caldwell ready to take on UT :

in response to VOLinATL:

I still think she will be the one to take over once Pat retires...

If she continues to be successful, I think you're right.

A lot of people think Holly is the heir apparent, but if she doesn't get some head coaching experience elsewhere she probably won't get serious consideration for an established program like UT's.

Written on John Adams: No halftime revival this time:

in response to pms151:

Geno is crooked. Pat Summitt's refusal to continue the year to year deal is proof of that. Nuff said.

I disagree. UT filed all their documentation with the SEC and/or the NCAA and nothing came of it, so the alleged violations apparently were not violations.

I'm sure there have been multiple occasions over the years where Coach Summitt has addressed an issue with her players that is settled. It's over and done with. I would imagine she has told her players that's what's done is done. It's time to move on. Get over it.

Her alleged violations were not substantiated. It's done. It's time to move on. Get over it.

Written on Lady Vols fall to Notre Dame in Elite Eight, 73-59:

in response to rockytoplady:

Proud of the girls for winning the SEC and going undefeated.
Sad the team didn't play well tonight. Angie was not even in the game mentally. Disappointed in that. Only ones who appeared to put forth effort were Johnson and Spani, sometimes Cain.
Pat, you need to wear some orange during the NCAA games.
Manning had the fire and grit to play well, just didn't get an opportunity.
Hope Stanford wins it all, can't stand UConn or Baylor.
We are spoiled as Lady Vol fans. I am sad we didn't advance too, but proud of the girls for what they accomplished.
Get ESPN out of the locker room!

I totally agree with your ESPN comment. I think Coach Summitt will do practically anything to promote women's basketball, so I'm assuming that's why she allows it. I would think a coach could have veto power on lockerroom cameras if he/she wanted it.

Also, what was with the interview with Glory Johnson at half time?

Also, I noticed they're starting to have coaches interviews during time-outs.

The timing and frequency of intervies is starting to get a little stupid

Written on Lady Vols fall to Notre Dame in Elite Eight, 73-59:

My post-mortem:

Disappointed, but not surprised.

Two months ago I was concerned that this team wouldn't make it past the second round here in Knoxville. The fact that they made it to the Elite Eight was a nice improvement toward the end of the season.

While most teams can only dream of having as many wins as this team had this year, this team did not live up to its potential. They did not put together a 40-minute game all season, primarily because it seemed like they never came ready to play. They played when they decided they wanted to play.

Unfortunately for them, they ran into a team last night who wasn't intimidated by the "Tennessee" on the front of our jerseys, and by the time our team decided they'd play it was too late.

They just don't seem to get it. By the time a team gets to the Sweet Sixteen the coach shouldn't have to be yelling at them at halftime about defense and rebounding.

Confidence is one thing. Arrogance is another. We have too many arrogant young ladies on our team.

Typically, I am one of the last people to critique coaches, but on the players defense however, I will say, in my opinion that the coaching staff handled the current class of juniors terribly during their freshman year, just reinforcing the arrogance they already brought with them, and it's been biting them in the butt ever since. Also, from observing from a distance I feel that Coach Summitt needs to use a little more discretion about the frequency of ripping into some of her athletes. From watching players' reactions, it seems that some of them get ripped so often, sometimes for seemingly minor mistakes, that they've been tuning her out.

Written on Geno Auriemma rips 'real spoiled' UConn fans:

in response to volboy81:

I guess Geno doesnt understand that we don't all make a million dollars a year like him, so when the NCAA sets ticket prices at $45 for 2 sessions, its going to cut out a lot of people's ability to come to the games! The NCAA is like Sodexo, who runs the UT concessions, they dont quite get it that they'll make more money in the long run if they sell their product at a reasonable price!
Ive been to every football game, 10-12 mens games and all but 3 Lady Vol home games (including the NCAA Tourney) and Ive probably spent a whopping $20 at the concession stands!
They have priced themselves out of my market!

So let me make sure I'm understanding you correctly. You were at every football game, 10-12 men's basketball games, and all but three Lady Vols games and you're claiming that the NCAA is pricing you out of tournament games that cost you $15 a pop?

Please explain that logic. Thank you.

Written on Tennessee fires coach Bruce Pearl:

in response to spacificislander:

Do you own a hair salon?


Written on Suspended Jordan McRae out of practice for the week:

"...used language not acceptable...". Are you serious? Anyone who's had the opportunity to be within earshot of the team's practice - like in the public areas of Thompson Boling when they practice in there - will hear a steady stream of profanity coming out of the mouths of the coaching staff. McRae probably assumed that if it's ok for the coaches to use profanity he's got the green light as well.

Written on What to know about GameDay in Knoxville :

What a wonderful opportunity to showcase our university and our men's and women's basketball programs.

But instead, we and the entire national audience will be hearing, ad nauseum, about the Bruce Pearl situation.

If we're lucky they'll actually focus on the basketball games once in a while.

Thanks Coach.

Written on Lane Kiffin, one year later at Southern California:

I enjoy reading the Kiffin articles simply to read the ridiculous forum posts. A couple observations:
- People read the Kiffin article, then complain because KNS printed a Kiffin article. His name was in the article's heading. If you don't want to see Kiffin articles in the KNS, then don't read them. The KNS staff are not stupid. If they noticed that Kiffin articles were generating zero forum comments, they would probably discontinue them. But, as long as Kiffin articles keep generating activity on their website, why wouldn't they continue to print them?

- I would imagine that the majority of the people who are screaming the loudest about what a scumbag Kiffin is still thought he was the second coming of Jesus Christ 13 months ago. Lane Kiffin's character did not change in January of 2010. For anyone who cared to take an objective look, Lane Kiffin's character issues were quite evident two or three months into his tenure at UT. But of course, any of us who dared to bring that up prior to January, 2010, were referred to by the same names currently being attributed to Kiffin.

Written on 'Ugly' even in victory for Summitt :

in response to Jephry:

Where is the killer instinct? To knock the other team to the dirt and keep pounding them until we beat them into submission? I'm not sure we've had that fire since the days of Holdsclaw, Randall, Catchings and company... I hate to say it, but UConn drubs their opponents because they want to destroy them. They're not nice girls on the court... Our girls seem like they want to do just enough to win...which isn't going to be good enough down the stretch. Let's hope Pat can light a fire under them...I was hoping Simmons would be that spark. Whatever happens, I'm still a dyed in the wool LV fan...I just want them to play to their potential!

Couldn't agree with you more. Let's hope Simmons rubs off on the rest of the team and not the other way around.

Written on 'Ugly' even in victory for Summitt :

Let's get rid of the photo and video shoots. Let's get rid of all the dramatic garbage during player introductions. Let's get rid of pictures of individual players on billboards, posters, and the sides of bussess. Let's get rid of the ridiculous looking names under the numbers on the backs of the jerseys. Let's get rid of the cameras in the locker room. In other words, lets get rid of all the distractions that have these naturally-gifted young ladies thinking they're entitled to win ball games, and play basketball the way Lady Vols are supposed to play basketball.

Granted, we're still one of the premier programs in the country, but the current team - especially the juniors - has not accomplished nearly what they're capable of.

Written on The 'Dooley 13' made football history, but is not one for the playbook:

in response to TLepage:

If this had been a fulmer team, most of you would be flipping out.... But since it is a dooley team, it is the ref's fault... I've never seen a guy do so little and be so unimpressive, but still be anointed great....

TL, In my opinion, your first statement is correct, your second statement is semi-correct, but your last statement show you really haven't been paying attention.

Dooley doesn't have a whole lot to work with, but in my opinion, the team is showing improvement each week. This year is going to continue to be painful, but if the fans will be patient we're going to be pretty awesome two or three years down the road.

Having said that, there have been way too many cases the last couple games of having too few or too many players on the field. Somebody on the sideline or up in the booth is not doing their job. I know the buck stops at Dooley, but he's got too many other things to worry about during the game than counting players. There are some assistant coaches and/or grad assistants that are dropping the ball.

Written on Derek Dooley is upset by Vols’ attitude:

in response to allntl1#565211:

Every teacher in America just got their lesson plan for the day. If my kid were picking a college Dooley is the coach I want him to play for. This is life changing stuff. Any one my age sees this stuff everyday with this generation. Dooley is teaching more than Xs and Os.

Couldn't agree with you more. I just hope Vol fans are patient enough to give Dooley a chance to change the team culture. It's probably going to take a few years.

Written on Tennessee Titans sue Lane Kiffin, Southern Cal:

in response to DannyVol:

You are absolutely 100% correct. These are the same people who will celebrate Bryce Brown's return or say he was overrated if he leaves.

... or who will be screaming for Dooley's head when we don't win the SEC this year.

(Don't get me wrong. I am not a Lane Kiffin fan. But, I realized he was an unethical jerk soon after he arrived at UT. Most of the people throwing their barbs in Kiffin's direction now thought he was the second coming of Jesus Christ all the way up until last January.)

Written on Wright takes her potential, runs with it :

My personal interaction with Phoebe has been quite limited, but from what I've been able to observe, she's quite an incredible young lady and well deserving of every goal she attains and every honor she receives.

Written on Tennessee's Phoebe Wright, Matt Maloney named SEC Scholar-Athletes of the Year :

Congratulations to a couple of outstanding student-athletes!

Written on UT overpowers Baylor to reach NCAA tennis semis:

in response to Ringside:

How does Georgia get the home court nod? Doesn't make since. Oh well, the victory will be sweeter.

The host site for the National championships are set up a couple years in advance. Georgia hosts quite regularly because they are one of the few places that have the facilities to handle Nationals.