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Written on Trae Golden to transfer to Georgia Tech, seek waiver to play immediately:

in response to volistic:

If he is leaving UT due to being force out academically, I am kind of surprised that Ga Tech is accepting him. If that is the case, their academic standards have been greatly exaggerated.

I agree volistic. And the fact that he is seeking to play immediately must mean it was not related to disciplinary reasons. He will be missed this upcoming season but having a terminally ill dad puts things in perspective.

Written on Pat Summitt chosen for FIBA Hall:

in response to SummittsCourt:

Pat Summitt deserves to be in the all time greatest humans hall of fame.

Love this. I remember thinking when my daughter was just 1 yr old in 2002, "I want my daughter to play for coach Summit." While she will not have the opportunity to do that, I always take the time to educate my daughter on Coach Summit and the Lady Vols.

Written on Vols tight end Mychal Rivera drafted by Oakland Raiders:

in response to AlpharettaVol:

When deciding whether to leave school early, did TB ever consider the possibility that he might not even be drafted at all? I know he can still sign as an undrafted free agent, but look at all the guys ahead of him he would have to climb over. Makes you wonder who was giving him this horrible advice. This is one of those lessons you have learn the hard way.
Best wishes to Rivera who seems to have the drive and grit to make it with the Raiders.

I have mixed emotions about Tyler Bray. One part I feel bad for him because he's a Vol and clearly he got some bad advice. But, I also think it also summarizes his college career. Bad judgment. All the way back to when he did the throat slice jester during the UNC game I think it was. It's not so much that I define a person over one incident but rather let the events define themselves over time. Ala throwing beer bottles off a balcony at a residents car right before starting his Junior season.

Written on Vols' defense carries the day at Neyland Stadium scrimmage:

in response to REVOLUTION:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

HA HA HA you're hilarious. Trust me silly. If i was afraid of getting into a fight, I would not have said your comment was the stupidest one I ever read and also said that a drunk student could put their thoughts together much better than you can soberly... HA HA HA. It's a beautiful saturday outside and I'm trying to decide if I want to be a bigger fool and keep entertaining the fool or do I just want to go out and fire up the grill.

Written on Vols' defense carries the day at Neyland Stadium scrimmage:

in response to REVOLUTION:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

I'm a little more savvy than you. Rather than make assumptions to start a fight (which is what you did), I have a life so I will just move on. You can argue and fight with yourself in the mirror.

Written on Vols' defense carries the day at Neyland Stadium scrimmage:

in response to REVOLUTION:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

This is the stupidest post I have ever read. The only person delusional is you referencing yourself as a UT Alumnus. I went to school there during the party years of the 90's and we turned out more drunk students who could articulate their thoughts better than the piece of trash you just posted.

Written on Mike Strange: Something is missing ... Vols looking for a closer :

It makes me sick to my stomach to see some of the people talk about Bruce Pearl in high regards even though he lied. I graduated from UT Knoxville in 99. I love the school, I love the sports, but more people will graduate from that school and go into areas other than sports than be a professional athlete. I would rather take my bumps and bruises with a clean program than a win at all cost. Because at the end of the day, most people will get a job from UT based on the academia side of things and not based on how many championships the program won. Championships are nice, they bring in money for the program, but they don't pay the bills for people like me.

Written on Mel Kiper recommends another year for Tyler Bray:

For me personally, at this point I'm just ready for the dust to settle to see what we have going into spring training and what recruits we have coming in the fall. Sometimes getting a fresh start means not only purging coaches, but players. I only want those players next year who want to play for the University of Tenn. Not improve their draft stock.

Written on Tee Martin mulling over return to UT :

If he's trying to balance his career with his wife's career, down here in Atlanta GA we have a pretty big music scene. It's only like a 3hr drive from Knoxville too. Come on Tee and Vol nation down here in Atlanta will take care of your wife. Think about it :)

Written on Players, recruits respond to hiring :

in response to GeorgiaVolunteer:

Tennessee's new football coach was "half bear, the other half cat" before he accepted the job. Hopefully, that's a good thing.

This may be the best post I've read LOL

Written on FINAL: Tennessee loses to Vandy 41-18:

I'm still trying to make sense of this. I mean I believe Dooley knows his fate already and is losing games on purpose. But then in the same breath I have to ask myself why would he cost himself future head coach opportunities? After looking at all the facts the logical conclusion I can come to is that Dooley really does not know how to coach.

Written on Lady Vols bounce back, beat Georgia Tech 71-54 :

Balance has been restored. Nice adjustments Coach Warlick. And congratulations on your fist win as Lady Vols Head Coach

Written on As Derek Dooley's future grows more shaky, team still has goal of bowl eligibility :

I've supported Dooley since he was first hired. All the arguments that were made about him inheriting a mess and everything I still say is true. But after the loss to Kentucky I changed my views and began to think he wasn't cut out. But then I bought into the hype in the offseason, followed by the hype after NC State game, and then reality set in. Coach Dooley seems like a great guy. The problem is he can not come up with great solutions to solve TN's problems. When you look at the facts, it is just glaringly obvious that he does not know how to coach. He left La Tech with a losing record. In the three years we've had Dooley, the coach at La Tech has improved the team and gotten them ranked?!?!?!? Sounds to me it's not the talent it's the coach. I'm sorry Coach Dooley, I didn't just put the doolaid down, I threw it up because it made me sick to my stomach. Hopefully we can get a good coach. Not some flash in the pan.

Written on Justin Coleman replaces Marsalis Teague at cornerback for Vols:

in response to collegegrovebilly:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Oh I'm sorry. You must have forgotten what coaches were ready to come to TN after we got rid of Fulmer and Lane left us high and dry. Did you see the quality of coaches we turned away?!?!

Written on Vols game at Georgia a 3:30 kickoff:

in response to footlongbamacockupyourasshole:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Agreed. I've supported him and the last thing I want is to have to get a new coach as that will set us back probably more. Hopefully the Georgia game can be his coming out party.

Written on Da'Rick Rogers: Failed drug tests led to departure from UT :

This is frustrating on so many levels. However I believe this speaks most about his selfish ways than wanting to be part of the team. Great teams are achieved when players and soldiers are willing to sacrifice for one another instead of being in it for themselves.

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