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It's 4, the same as the Dawgs streak against the Big Gray will be on October 6th - 4!

No coach does less with more talent than Mark Richt. That's your streak,

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You are thinking of the University of Felons in Gainesville, Florida.

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Add to that Oct.5, 19 and 26; plus Nov. 2, 9 and 23, and there's the reality of the 4-8 that's coming. If Stoops and the Cats can find a wide receiver to insert at QB, you can make that 3-9.

No coach does less with more talent than Richt. He'll prove that to you again this year.

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EIGHT = The number of Gators who will be arrested before the end of this season. They are well on their way.

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They will look like the same sub 500 squad regardless of what they wear...and will for decades to come.

You are thinking of the Gators. Even Vandy's recruiting class is rated better right now. Meanwhile TN is #1 and is followed by Miami and Fla State. Poor little Muskrat just can't keep up (except in player arrests).

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Are you new to understanding the game of football and recruiting? You are obviously a troll who is threatened by the Vol Nation or you wouldn't be on this site! It's a long way until signing day, top 5 is very possible. No worse than top 10.

His team, however, is ranked outside of the top 20 and is behind Vanderbilt. Meanwhile, in-state rivals Miami and Florida State are killing it. Muskrat just doesn't have what it takes (although he's pretty good at having players who get arrested).

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You might want to check the current recruiting rankings. Look near the top. Like the very top.

P.S. You won't see your Muskrat's team there.

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Franklin coached Candy has only beaten one team with a winning record since he's been there. They have nothing. Maybe they could schedule Elon 10 times a season?

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He wants the fans to see what he's seeing to temper expectations. Come on out folks, see your 5-7 Vols.

Smart move.

I can see that you are still addled by the beat down that Louisville put on you. Better get used to it with Muskrat as coach.

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Between 4 and 8 Gators arrested this season for sure.

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Stop scheduling high school teams like Elon and U Mass and that record will come back to reality pretty fast.

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James Franklin hasn't weighed in on Twitter yet? That's weird.

His ship is adrift and he's looking to anchor down!

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I am sure Dr. Jamie Ann Naughright would disagree that Manning has any class at all.

Just Saying

If you want to see a textbook example of "no class" see: Calipari.

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I'm much more concerned about the defense.

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Your fear and ignorance is strong...and the only way Franklin and Vandy keep winning is if they keep scheduling powerhouses such as Elon and U Mass every year.

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Lack of depth at that position makes it a big deal.

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Ja'Wuan how is that decision to flip from Bama to UT working out? Losing season after losing seasons...Undoubtedly some of your Bama buddies from Jawja have shown you all those rings....

Typical Bammer. No class at all. No wonder they displayed that trophy at a Walmart. I guess the local trailer parks were already booked.

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He's the lineman that your favorite team has been recruiting really hard...and failed to get.

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Who's our coach this week? I lose track.

I bet you forget a lot of things. Of course, the list of things you never knew in the first place is very long.

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Commited to Indiana...then committed to LSU...then went to Notre Dame and quit there because of competition. No thanks.

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Joker was fired last year...Joker is on the staff at Florida.....Mark Stoops is Kentucky's Coach...SHEESH


Sounds like KY doesn't stand behind their coaches then. Derp.

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Jones is going to win with players recruited by Dooley.

Just shows that UT does not stand behind their coaches. Jones will fall by the axe just like Fulmer and Dooley.

Enough Said

The butt hurt is strong in this one.

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Time for Dooley Part II.

I wonder what the Vegas line is for the number of seasons Davis will have until he is fired?

Your screen name must reflect your IQ.

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Win 5/6 games a yr and the only kids you can "pull" are the ones the big boys recuit as plan D. Makes no difference who is making the pitch. If you are not winning on the field, you
are not winning many recruiting battles in Jan/Feb.

Parole Tide!

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I don't car where he is from. I only care if he does a good job as a coach and as a recruiter.

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Losing to that 3* coach is going to hurt you a lot isn't it?

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Hey Butch Jones, please do not recruit this very talented local young QB.

Please keep reaching for the stars and get us some more 2 star players like the volleyball playing tight end JUCO you just snagged out of California that has a whopping record of 1 touchdown.

Heck, if you recruit really hard, you might be able to get us a one star chess champion from podunk Idaho.

I'll give you a big hint: GRUDEN isn't coming!

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I guess its true...everyone does get a trophy these days.

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Bama does not have a single coach with ties to the program. Has no bearing, you can either coach and develop players or you cannot. Roll Tide

Golden Domes vs Mobile Homes.

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First, who?

Typical Gator. That's all you've got.

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What kind of "luck" does rocky flop need to win 6 in 2013? All kinds.......

Golden Dome vs. Mobile Home.

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There was a lot of chest bumping and laughing when uT landed DaRick in a two for one deal ..... stealing a prized recruit. Meanwhile Georgia landed the best player out of Memphis that went on to a great career Between the Hedges. No one laughing now.
just sayin'
there were no police foot stomped while posting this blog.
still sayin'

No one does LESS with more talent than Mark Right.

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The question on everyone's mind....

Is Butch Jones an upgrade over Dooley?

A better question....why does Kentucky pretend to field a football team every year?

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For the past 2 years Vanderbilt still has not beaten even one team with a record above .500. I guess this game is their big chance.

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I wish Kiffin well. He did like most Americans took a better job for more pay and now lives in a dream home on the beach. Employers have no loyalty so why all the hate for Kiffin? The man has done well for himself. I really doubt $500,000 will wipe out his $4 million per year salary although I'm sure there are some hoping so. Wish bad Karma receive bad Karma.

You should have a lot of bad karma then based upon your past posting history.

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Unfortunately I think he gets his full buy out no matter what.

According to this article only Dooley and Chaney have guaranteed buyouts:

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Time to move on. No one should fault him for sticking to a committment.

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Petrino will never be cheaper than he is now. To my knowledge he has never been in trouble with the NCAA for rules violations.
With UT's resources and a good recruiting coordinator it would be on like donkey kong.

Petrino has allegedly been hired by Idaho:

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I hope not. I heard an interview about recruits recently and most of them didn't even know who Golden was when his name was mentioned.

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What about Jim Tressel??? We should have hired him the day his year suspension was up. Either him or Petrino the only PROVEN coaches that we could count on to get the vols back!! FYI anyone who has used their brain or used google would know Gruden signed a new contract this year with ESPN, not a proven college coach and still no idea why people are drooling over something that is NEVER going to happen.

Tressell has a show cause until 2017. As school that just got its probation extended by 2 years like UT just did and a school that had to fire its baskeball coach for lying to the NCAA needs no part of him.

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Butch Jones is one of the few coaches that Dooley beat. No thanks.

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I told you people 3 weeks ago Vandy would be favored in this game. The Vegas Line today is Vandy -4 over UT. I can't ever remember Vandy opening as the favorite in this game. What more needs to be said about the depths this program has fallen.

Let us know when Vandy beats a team with a winning record. They didn't last year and the have not done it this year. If they beat TN they still won't. If not for scheduling powerhouses like Elon, Presbyterian or Massachusetts they wouldn't have winning seasons.

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Quit crying and get tougher skin. Being a vandy fan we have listened to UT junk for years. Now we can talk a little smack UT fans are weak. Start wiining if you wanna shut up the other fans, until then take your medicine like the rest of us. Bottom Dwellers..

Let us know when Vandy beats a team with a winning record. DERP!

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Remember're dealing with ut fans here. Not the brightest bunch of football fans on the planet.

Check your mirror if you want to see the dimmest of football fans.

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Where in the world do we go from here?


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5th toughest schedule in the nation and we have so called fans that complain that we went 0-5 in the SEC games. Get used to it, Tennessee does not produce quality football players like Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Texas and California. It takes a lot to get guys to commit to the downtown campus of UT. Just visit the other SEC team campuses that beat UT this year.

I can think of a few coaches who could get those better commits. The one UT has now can't.

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Dooley was qouted the other day (Doug Mathews)that his focus was entirely on the offense,not the defense.Now he is just trying to save a failing job.I think he should be focusing on his next job because I feel this one is coming to a screeching halt.


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He probably really said "He's my coach (...for now...).