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He may go undefeated in regular season (we would be 9-3 easy with that schedule) but he is still going to get his tail handed to him on a platter in the NC game.

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Very well deserved. Holly proved without a shadow of a doubt last year that she deserves this raise and is a heck of a coach. Biggest shoes imaginable to fill and she did an awesome job, but probably did her best work the year before during Pat's last year. Can't wait until season starts.

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Ivory Coast? Isn't that a bunch a soccer players? Or is that soap? Either way, he ought to be in the 20's against those guys. Needed to be at a big man's camp IMO

Did you even read the summary of the article?

tokes scored 12 points on 5-of-9 shooting and grabbed four rebounds in 11 minutes of playing time. He also had a steal, assist and was 2-for-3 from the free-throw line.

Pretty good work for 11 minutes....IMO

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In a wierd sorta way, this makes me feel better. I am glad to know there is a viable reason.

Having said that, Thanks Trae for 3 good years and best of luck in the future.

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One thing is for sure, with Michael Waltrip in the Bama car, they won't be coming in first this time.

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Proudly serving my country right now in Army GREENS..but gotta ORANGE heart! Go Vols!!! Wish I could be there. Big year....go support and witness change. 5 winnable close games last year....this year better coach, experience and solid fan base! Playing 6 ranked teams....Upsets are gonna happen! Bank it!

Thank you sir for your service - Army Greens and Orange heart is one heck of a combination !

Written on Louisville stops Lady Vols' run to Final Four, 86-78:

Wasn't our year.....Warlick can't coach......REALLY? We finished as SEC regular season champions and ended season in Elite 8. Coach in first year took a team that was predicted to finish as low as 5th in the SEC to the top. I love Pat - she is an icon and never will be replaced - but the fact is, other teams are just a lot better now than they were 15-20 years ago when we were just destroying everyone (thanks to Pat for bringing women's basketball this far). We should be very, VERY proud of our girls this year---lots of other teams would kill to have our "off year"

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So proud of our Lady Vols and Coach Holly. Raise your hand if at the first of the year you would have taken Elite 8 with a good shot at going to Final 4. Here's to the future !

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At the beginning of the season, I thought that the best that could be expected of the LVs was a sweet sixteen appearance. After the loss to the Mocs, I did not even expect them to make the tourney. After the regular season, I came back to my original prediction and then, after seeing the brackets said, Elite 8 and good night. They cannot beat Griner. Well, now no Griner. The Final Four is a possibility. If they can do to the Cards what they did to Creighton, then they will continue playing. Who would they draw in semis, if they get by the Cards?

They would play the winner of Notre Dame and the way we did today and we can play with anyone. So proud of the Lady Vols and Holly----let's keep playing for another week or so :-)

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in response to fake_basketball: other news a tree fell in the forest and no one cared! How many will be there? 4,000??

It must really suck to be you.............

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Gee, Harvard's co-captains both got kicked off team at the first of this year.....jus sayin

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My prediction is that someone will put him in the 3rd row before his time is over at Ole Miss. I usually don't stand and applaud violence....BUT........

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Time to quit being baffled and get to work on the next game---it's Mercer, it's NIT----Let's win this game. To put the Kitties out in the semis and win the NIT would make a nice start to next season, which I still think is going to be our year....and yes, maybe I am drinking Kool-aid.....VFL

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Wanted everyone to see this article on Robert Hubbs.....good kid who can flat out play. Look forward to seeing him next year !

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in response to ROCKYnROCKFORD:

Blacks coaches in SEC:

Fla. 5

Ala. 3

LSU. 5

Tenn. 1

Ole Miss. 4

Ga. 3

Aub. 4

Ark. 4

Vandy. 4

Ky. 4

So Car. 4

Anything jump out at you? Blacks make up 90% of the skill

positions in the SEC football. How do you recruit the 4 * and 5 *

atheletes and their families when their race appears to be

excluded in the coaching ranks. You can win in Mid-America

and Big East Conferences with 3 * white guys, but not the SEC.

I think Coach Jones has been short-sighted. He who wins the

recruiting war...WINS. Coach Graham was a HUGE loss.

The University is good at buying coach's silence. Wouldn't

you like to know the real stories over the last 2-3 years.

Many who profess to being color-blind will say I'm stirring the

pot and playing an ugly race card.

I hope Coach Jones and his staff prove me wrong...but I don't

think so.

Go Vols

Quite possibly the most racist post I have seen this week.

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Robin Roberts/Pat Summitt---two class acts sitting together. Way to go Lady Vols !

Written on Tennessee governor says Vols must fill Neyland:

Let's see - 2013 schedule at home:
First three games: Austin Peay, Western Kentucky, South Alabama....Guess better get that ESPNU susbscription lined up. If I lived in Knoxville, yes maybe, even probably, but from other end of state with overnight stay, gas, food, parking for teams that I do not even know who mascot or team nickname is, nope.

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Ok - everyone take a breath here. Raise your hand if after the first game of the year you would have taken our current record and being undefeated in SEC play....

I, for one, am so excited for the future of this team. In looking at the schedule at the first of the year, no way would I have thought we could have even stayed in this game, much less with the injuries we have sustained.

Great job LV and Coach....learn from this and keep it going !

Written on John Adams: No surprise, when the going gets tough, Meighan Simmons and Taber Spani get going for Lady Vols :

What is it going to take to make some of you happy? You do realize we are sitting at the top of the conference with an unbeaten conference record, with a team that was picked pre-season to finish what, 4th or 5th at best? Great job ladies - you are a joy to watch. Great coaching job Holly - we could not have picked a better person to carry the baton!

Written on Inside story: Bashaara Graves, Isabelle Harrison back on track as Lady Vols handle Alabama, 96-69 :

And the Lady Vols just keep rolling along ! Good job ladies---keep it going.

Written on UT men's basketball player Jeronne Maymon to redshirt :

Jeronne.....sorry 2 n's and 1 m look a whole lot a like to an old man without glasses on....

Written on UT men's basketball player Jeronne Maymon to redshirt :

in response to golfman1975:

Good post! The giant Florida...just hangs there don't it?


Good luck and get well Jerome - look forward to seeing you back on the court completely healthy next year. keep the positive attitude.

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With Izzy on the bench most of the day, we were working with a rotation of 6 ladies. At half only down 2, with Izzy on bench for 14:00 minutes, I felt good about our situation. I thought by far this was the best game Simmons has played - within herself, not forcing shots, but scoring when needed. Spani is impressing me with her play this year - good defense, got a lot of key rebounds today, and had turned into much more than someone who can make a lot of 3's. Graves - what can you say? Times today that I swear Glory was back - the next 3 years are going to be fun to watch. Not wanting to wish this season away because enjoying the heck out of watching these girls and really think they can make a deep run into the tournament, but when Mercedes gets here next year - watch out !!!

Written on Names to watch: Tennessee coaching search Day 18 (updated Dec. 6):

I say we hire Dolly Parton----hometown lady, close to home, and has some recruiting tools that could be used. Kenny Chesney as Defensive Co-ordinator. Football team still may be horrible but at least the half time shows would be great !

Written on Meighan Simmons, Lady Vols have 1,000 reasons to celebrate:

We are still here !!!!!!!!!!!

Great game, Lady absolute joy to watch.

Written on TV stations switch for Lady Vols-North Carolina game:

What has happened here friends is that the Lady Vols are exceeding expectations and the national media is considering us relevant again. Congratulations to a good start to the season and keep it up !

(Volzsfan, here's a tip - if you don't care about women's basketball, don't read the articles)

Written on SEC fines Mississippi $5,000 after fans rush field:

Just wish we had an opportunity to pay a fine like this.....

Written on Jimbo Fisher, Bob Stoops deny UT coaching interest:

If Hart does not already know who the next coach is going to be, we are in worse trouble than I thought. Hoping that this is already settled and just waiting until appropriate time to announce. This weekend would be sweet with the entire nation tuning in to the SEC Championship game.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

My sister's boyfriend's uncle's niece's housekeeper's friend said a realtor friend of his Father's talked with a friend of an acquaintance that said she was showing houses to Mrs. Gruden.

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in response to KingDanno:

No not "hoping they come to a crescendo"

That is not how you coach. It is more along the lines of
I expect out of each and every one of these men to come to a crescendo during game time, and if not, YOU are a bunch of LOSERS who need to do some freakin soul searching and get your rear in gear!!

Look no further - we have just found our coach in KingDanno !
(in case you can't tell, this is dripping with sarcasm - what an idiotic comment)

Written on Lady Vols hold off late Miami charge, 79-67:

Great job, Ladies....continued source of good news - much needed. Keep it going !

Written on FINAL: Tennessee loses to Vandy 41-18:

If you want to hear what a real coach sounds like, listen to the post game interview with Stanford Coach....calm after beating the #2 team in the country and then states, we can get better....class

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A year away from bankrupting UT football, a year away from seeing 40,000 or less at home games, a year away from looking up at Vandy, Kentucky, and Ole Miss wishing we could be like them. Yep your are right, deltacharlie3, we are a year dumb tard.

Correction - you are a WEEK away from seeing 40,000 or less at home games.

This friends, is what rock bottom feels like - bright side - only way is up from here.

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Worley's pass to the end zone did hit the first round draft pick in the dad gummed helmet. If the ball hits you in the head, you should catch it.

Written on First quarter: Vanderbilt 3, Tennessee 0 :

This may be totally out of line, but I swear Bray looks sick or on something - his eyes are glassed over....but then again, so are mine after watching this first half.

Written on Derek Dooley: Dave Hart 'told me he had not made a decision' :

“(Hart) told me he had not made a decision,” Dooley said.

"(Dooley) told me he could coach," said Hart

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Real fans care, thats who. Yet another reason your entire athletic program is going down the drain. Fairweather fans that just don't care. There is a reason that we were one of the most succesful programs in the country last year and UT not even close. See basketball, mens and womens, baseball, golf, tennis, soccer, volleyball, cheerleading- even rifle. Support your teams. Because of people like you, I paid 80 bucks for 50 yard line Row 1 seats. Thanks.

Dad gum it----you HAD to bring up the rifle team????? I am crushed by our performance this year. and don't even get me started on our cheerleading team

Written on Tennessee vs. Kentucky to start at 12:21 on SEC Network:

At least we can get it over with early.....again

Written on David Climer: Derek Dooley's time is up for Tennessee Vols:

Give him credit for cleaning up the program. He is not head coach material, but a good guy.
Fire him as coach and retain him as something like Director of player relations with no buy out, no firing. Get a good coach and retain a good person on solved.

Written on Letter: UT showed class after Marcus Lattimore's injury:

I agree- at that moment, as upset as I am with the way the team is playing, I was reminded how far Coach Dooley has brought this team, character wise. It may not fill the stands, but may make a bigger impact later with these young men. Now, PLEASE win the last 3 games :-)

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Fulmer would have never made it without Chavis and Cutt.....Dooley is never going to make it with Sunseri.

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Dooley is not the first coach to ever inherit a down program. what he does and how he improves, he is graded on that. given the last 3 years there has been no improvement other than beating creampuffs. if you are satisfied with that then good for you. most are not.

As stated earlier on a different post. Dooley is not the first nor will he be the last to take over a down program. Many coaches turn it around in the third year and definitely the fourth. Giving him 6 years to get a winning record as you have stated is ridiculous. the stands will be completely empty by then. it is half empty now.

Talk about inheriting a down program?
Anyone care to compare to Penn State, what he inherited this year, and where they are with a depleted roster and that dark cloud hanging over them. He is not taking 4 years to get the program back to winning ways. I have never cared for Penn State but have to admire how they are rebounding this year.

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Our program just got set back another 5 years today. On the bright side, maybe we will be relevant again in 10 years when I can retire and make all the games.

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This is what you call an "un-moral victory"

Written on First: Vols 21, Troy 10 :

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

What he is laying, friend is definitely NOT a foundation

Written on Oregon guard Jordan Reynolds picks Lady Vols :

Welcome Jordan to the Lady Vols ! Rest assured we do care - can't wait to see you on the court !!!
Keep em coming Holly - Love it - great week !

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I think this is incorrect, the number 1 player is considering UK, particulalry after the #2, 4, and 5 picked UK, so I am not sure that.....oh, we are talking women's hoop.

Don't answer a fool according to his foolishness, or you'll be like him yourself. Proverbs 26:4

Written on No. 1 recruit Mercedes Russell picks Tennessee :

My daughter's high school career ends this year.....guess where I'll be going to see next year and following. Nice start to Holly's head coaching career. Great choice Mercedes - you have the Vol nation behind you----hang those banners, girl !

Written on Mercedes Russell to announce Tuesday; count Jannah Tucker for Lady Vols again :

Welcome to Lady Vol Land, Mercedes......

Congrats to COACH Holly---can't wait to see you two together !!!!!!

Written on David Climer: Did Vols fans really think a win was coming?:

35 points should be enough to win any game. Offense is NOT the problem.