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As a Vol fan living in Nashville, it's sometimes hard to take Franklin's histrionics, but the man's gotta do whatever it takes to get Vandy noticed. I will admit to wanting Vandy to do well, because it would mean a lot to the city and to the SEC in general.

However, after closely listening to and watching Franklin, it's apparent to me that he is all about Franklin. In fact, in a press conference last year when he was one of the "hot" names in coaching, he was asked if he would consider leaving Vandy. His response was that regardless of what happens in the future, he has proven that you can succeed at Vanderbilt. Does that sound like commitment to Vandy?

To say that he has "succeeded" at Vanderbilt involves suspension of all the facts. In 2011, they went 6-7. Of their six wins, five came against teams with losing records, and one loss came against a team with a losing record (UT).

In 2012, they went 9-4. Seven of their wins came against teams with losing records and two against teams that broke even.

But hey, when you win anything at Vanderbilt, you're perceived as "special." So, we'll find out this season - and next, if Franklin is still there, if he really is special. But until his performance proves me wrong, I'm sayin' the guy is a shameless self-promoter, looking to score a bigger gig.

There is a reason Maryland didn't want him to be head coach, when he was their "Head Coach in Waiting," and I think we're about to find out why.

Repeat after me, "I want the "Commodedores" to lose every game." Trust me, having grown up a UT fan in Middle Tenn., you will get there.

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It's almost Biblical, the way the Tennessee program, Vol nation or whatever you want to call it, has split since … well, really ever since Fulmer replaced Majors. Then of course it splintered tremendously in 2008, with fragments still flying around today.

Doesn't matter if it's good news or bad, the so-called fan base (at least the lunatic fringe represented on this site) hates it, and hates each other. Sign a great in-state player who professes love for the school and the new coaching staff, whose family loves the Vols, and people argue whether he runs a 4.37 or a 4.4, complain that he hasn't grown up playing against Florida or Texas high school talent. When's the last time a 5-star back was even interested in coming here? Makes you wonder if the good ship Vol will ever sail smoothly again.

Not to worry it is. The posters who are not satisfied with the job CBJ and staff are doing thus far will never be satisfied or just like stirring the pot.

The buzz and excitement they have created in such a short time has been nothing short of an a+ job.

I have the chance to speak to many former players and most of the time they are pretty reserved and even keeled on the football program but most now talk in excited terms and have that glint in their eyes when they talk of the current state of affairs.

We have long had stellar facilities and now we have an energetic, hardworking staff that knows how to sell the program.

As CBJ stated, "People have been waiting and wanting the UT football program to wake up."

Remember the old Ron Reagan ad, "It is morning in America again? Well, Good morning Vol nation!

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Hey Sunshine, I remember plenty of similar post about Coach Pearl.

Whatever his shortcomings, he could coach and motivate the players, and rejuvenated the fan base.

Jones and staff have been hired and all the 2 year old written tantrums you throw can't change that fact.

You have 2 choices, continue with the negative, name calling B.S. or go away. I would suggest a 3rd choice but know you would not even consider it because it is really the smart choice. Give the man and his staff a chance.

Unlike a lot of things, they will have to prove their worth and football I.Q. or fail. Regardless of what you say, Coach Jones has inspired the fan base, charmed the media, and won over quite a few of the former players.

That is a good start. The real measure will come on fall Saturdays and regardless of your opinion or mine, we will not have any bearing on that outcome.

So sit back and chill a little, enjoy life, it is sports, phooey happens and lets get upset if he can't deliver not because he wanted and took the job!


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I'd say there are 300,000 reasons he is here. UT tradition ain't one of them.

People who blame Graham for leaving are crazy. He was in a tough spot as the only guy on the staff who even knew how to pronounce Vol. Geez, can you imagine the idiots on the coaching staff from Michigan by way of Cincinnati apparently thought Tennessee's mascot was a small rodent that lives underground?

In case you have not noticed, and judging from your post you have not, most college staffs are made up of coaches from, surprise, places other than where they played.

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The real problem is not what it appears to be, in this continuing saga of incompetence personified.

Jones stinks. So do his staffmembers.

Graham said it best---blue-collar coaches.

No heavy hitters; no top drawer types. Just lunch bucket level coaches.

Another group of losers in orange. Just that simple.

president downward need to go...

No, the real problem is these guys are looking out for themselves. I don't have a problem with that to a point.

He was offered a very comparable, if not, matching offer but declined. He wants to move up the ladder so he wants Fla. recruiting experience to add to his resume.

The bottom line is that he wanted to leave and nothing short of overpaying him would have changed his mind.

The UT admin is not the problem here but rather a coach that does not want to be here. Problem solved, move on!

Oh, by the way, he did not land a RB prospect of note. He is not the recruiting end all.

Jones and staff have won at every level and that translates into good coaching but as with all coaches at all levels the proof will be in the fall on Saturdays!

PS at the game last night great to beat Fla. GO VOLS!!

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I only wish some fan of another team would make a midnight run towing some heavy equipment on to UT's campus to crush that stupid rock into a pile of dust.

Just Saying

What, no one ever paint your name on the rock? What did the Rock ever do to you, kidney stones?

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To all present UT students, PAINT THE DARN ROCK! Stick it to the man! When I was there 30 years ago, I would have done it.

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Too bad only about 1% to 5% will have a pro career. An average 2.49 GPA is a waste of scholarships indicative of poor effort and too much time on the strip and playing XBox. Hope the grocery store needs bag boys.

What little you know. Do you have a degree? That is what most employers ask. A lot of jobs would hire ex-UT athletes with 2.49 GPA's over UT grads with 3.49, not fair, but true.

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and, great barbequer

Yeah, not like that squeaky clean coach you have in Lexington. How many programs has he left dangling in the NCAA gun sights?

Please, no, don't comment on football while being a Ky. fan, it is like Paris Hilton talking about a lasting relationship with Charlie Sheen, Congress talking about financial responsibility, and Iran asking why can't we all just get along.

Cheating at basketball, now that is something a Ky basketball fan has a good knowledge of!

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garbage in garbage out

Yes and maybe the guy behind the curtain knew he was distorting the data and wanted to be seen!

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Was at the game and what I saw pretty much tells me this team is done for the season.

No effort, emotion, or skill was on display. Ole Miss was getting the majority of the 50-50 loose balls and boards and UT looked like a team going through the motions.

Big Mac was hammered to the floor and that brought very little if any emotion and fire from our guys. Henderson was prancing around acting like it was school yard ball and we seemed disinterested.

If they don't change their attitude and get a little swagger in their step, Hart will need curtains for the upper and LOWER decks. I will not waste my time to watch what I saw last night again.

I am big fan of Martin's but cannot condone or defend what was on display last night and passed off as good basketball.

If effort and intensity of this team does not increase dramatically, stick a fork in them, they are done!

Which is more than I can say for the uncooked cold hot dog I paid $4 bucks to get.


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Wish the wideouts were coming back. Bray will likely be holding clipboards most of his career.

I wish these guys the best of luck, all of them and thanks for coming to UT!

Holding a clipboard for about 8 to 10 years at about 450k is not a bad gig.

I wish I was talented enough for that job. I suspect you nor me will be able to predict his future. If he gets the right coach and mind set, I believe he will be a pretty darn good QB.


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Win at all cost ,apparently, for the first two posters. Forget integrity...yeah I could see it now as Coach is on in home visit...oops...penalty issues...yes mister or misses so an so I will teach your son how to be a respectable man and value his word......y'all forgot some of them details that would get in the way of your PIPE dream....

I like Martin and I think he will get the job done.

That being said, apparently recruits and their families don't have a problem with character issues.

Cases in point, Ricky P at UL seems do be doing quite well after "tipping" at least one waitress on the table and Cal at UK has a large wake of NCAA misdeeds following him around.

I could go on but the point being, college basketball is filthy business without scruples or ethics. To pretend otherwise is just wishful thinking.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

To paraphrase Walter Matthau, you are a putz!

This is big, no pun intended. DC was in shape and most likely would have been drafted. Read the USA Today article on the biggest man in college football, about DC, and maybe you will be better informed and less likely to type such drivel.

As for a big belly, check out Vince Wilfork of NE Pats belly. You would not consider him ready for the NFL?

Putz! That's for your other post on other Vols.


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In case you didn't know (and only a completely blind to reality person wouldn't know this) Holly was already coaching this team since last season..Go back in your shell of denial..

In case you didn't know and only a person who wishes to warp facts to prove an erroneous point wouldn't admit this, it was not fully her team.

Any way you try to manipulate your illogical argument just proves you are setting yourself up as a fool.

Stanford was smacked by UConn., under your premise, VanDerveer needs to be replaced as well.

Shell of denial, is that a ride at EPCOT? I would state you have delusions of grandeur if you think you, and only you can pass judgement on a person's ability to coach.

I state give her a chance to prove or disprove her ability.

You being the wimpy, whiny fan that you are state fire her now because you know she can't succeed!

I say you are the one who needs to seek a shell and retreat!


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Strong turning us down may not be such a bad deal in retrospect. Seems he is named in a suit for canceling an injured players scholarship(Reported on

Do not have clue who is right or wrong but UT sure did not need to be involved in any more negative football press.

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Yeah, also they blew out UNC with the other lineup. I think it's fair to say UT can handle average teams with the talent they have, but when it comes to Baylor, UCONN, Stanford and ND they are not in that class. Unfortunately until HW is out of the picture this will be as good as it gets.

Stunned!!! That is the best way I know to respond to such a comment.

Really, only 13 games into her 1st season and you can predict she has peaked and needs to be replaced????

Amazing. I really need some help picking some stock winners for my portfolio, with your great wisdom and insight you should be a natural.

Women's basketball is a great game but the number of really top caliber players is limited and teams with the top talent are hard to beat. You acknowledge as much in your comment and HW has one of the top recruiting classes coming aboard this year. Seems to me that would make your case mute since you state that when talent is equal our coaches win and she can recruit and is doing so quite well, therefore increasing the talent level.

I think we will go against your advice and give her a few more years.


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First let me say thanks to the "Times Free Press" and Mr. Brown for a great article.

It was not hard to see the improvement of the both backs at UT this year. The improvement was not only significant but progressive as the year went on.

Coach Graham can teach as well as recruit and his ties to the school make him a great fit. Kudos to CBJ for "rehiring" him.

I like the way CBJ handles things. He seems self assured yet not in a negative, cocky way. He has hit the ground running and seems to know what it takes to get the job done and goes and tries to get it done. Jay Graham seems to have similar qualities.

After reading the USC bowl article, I just can't help but be a optimistic that we will not have to worry about such lapses of sound judgement by our head coach. Players will be players and some will miss speak, tweet, or get out of line but I like our coaches chances of limiting that type of behavior.

I am just hopeful he and the staff can succeed on the field. I for one believe they will!


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Tuberville is the one who is 58, but anyway Petrino does look older than 58.

He looks like Elmer Fudd in that hat!

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Statements made by Butch Jones seem similar to those of Dooley and that concerns me. When a guy comes in and begins to make statements to pump up the media and fans it sounds like a boxer bragging before a fight. Dooley said "You aren't gonna have Tennessee to kick around this year" what a joke that was.
Jones said "I'm gonna build the best staff in the country". So.....the best coaches and recruiters in the NATION were mostly at Cincy? I tend to believe that he does NOT have the best coaching staff in the SEC, let alone the country.
I hope he wins and wins quickly however he sounds like a snake charmer thus far....much like Dooley.
Perhaps he needs to let his product on the field do the talking and keep his Dooley like statements to himself until he can back up what he says. If anyone truly feels he has assembed the best coaching staff in the nation then you are a candidate to help in the search for Bigfoot.

Fist of all, all coaches try and pump up the fan base in the opening press conference and first few days. He made a statement that he should of toned down a bit. Big deal, and since he agreed to be miked the whole day, I say he did ok as far as statements go(See Lane Kiffool statements). Coach Jones made an outlandish statement but it was not about how he was going to own the SEC or anything of that nature.

Best staff is a highly speculative and subjective award unless you judge from the actual won-loss record and of course this staff has yet to coach the first game.

Not all that glitters SEC is gold, remember Sal? One would have thought he was part of the best staff in America but he couldn't translate that into success at UT. My point, the man says he can do the job, lets give him a chance.

I think you should take your own advice and reserve your advice for Coach Jones till after you see how he does with the team on the field. I have a feeling it want be like CDD!


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Honestly, I do not see what all the uproar is about. We missed out on a pretty good recruiter who just happen to play and win the big one at UT.

It would have made a good story but the net total to the UT program as a whole is really not that big of an impact.

I think a lot of fans are still seeing this deal through Kiffool tainted hatred.

Hate Kiffool early, often, and with passion but do not let it jade all things!

Martin had other reasons that are well documented to stay where he is. I say good for him because he has to live with his decision not us.

I will say that for me I have mixed feelings over his being at UT anyway. He is a favorite player for me and seems like an up and coming coach.

But there are warning signs as well. Learning to recruit from Ed "The Ogre" and Kiffool can be a bad thing.

They operate at the very least in the gray area a lot. Both have been linked to questionable practices in recruiting and even Al Davis thought Kiffool had issues.

It is tough to come home especially with such high expectations and that also may have factored in his decision. But in retrospect, I think he made the right decision for himself and UT.

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Maybe some of you don't get it; maybe you don't want to. Obviously you are not a Southern Californian.

Parts of L.A. (SoCen, Watts, some of Anaheim, etc.) with racial tension are not big areas. In Knoxville, they would seem large.

Los Angeles metro is over 10 times the size of Knoxville--- TEN TIMES THE SIZE.

Regarding the interview(s) there was a "disconnect." Jones and he did not connect well. Nobody's fault, perhaps. Perhaps a move to make sure another Cincinnati coach could come here. No way to prove either.

Martin makes more than $400,000 per year plus bonuses, cars, expenses & other benefits at private USC, that public universities cannot pay.

Tee Martin Drive was only named after him after ill feelings. Black leaders suggested racism in NOT naming one after him, following the 1998 championship, since Manning already had a street.

Dooley ignored him, when he wanted to come back to UT---ignored one of the best young recruiters in College Football---despite almost a lily-white coaching staff & only marginally good recruiting.

Martin would have had to start over, for far less money, in an area with a fraction the opportunities, where many people think he did not get equal opportunity. ( name the street, turned down as a coach, etc.)

Martin's wife is a singer, who can find more work & exposure in a month in L.A. than a decade in Knoxville.

He is building a motivational speaker business as a 2nd career. Exposure, contacts in L.A. & other benefits are at least 100 times better than Knoxville.

U.S.C. will always be a national brand; in seven years Hamilton, Hart, Dooley & Kiffen destroyed what Dickey, Majors & Fulmer took 25 years to build, here.

Martin & family can live years & never hear much about race, at his standard of living, in L.A. But in Knoxville/East Tennessee, that is simply not so. & everybody---especially blacks---are aware of it.

So in Los Angeles, Martin has far more opportunities & so do the members of his family. & race will almost not be much hurdle.
Many of those posting about him have no clue about what it is like to be a minority. Most do not know what involved with two sets of children, either.

Some comments, frankly, are red-necked, ignorant & offensive to minorities like Jews, Blacks, Hispanics, & others who did not grow up on some mountainside near Knoxville---offensive enough that if his children read this newspaper or other online Vols' chatboards,

red-necked comments will prove to them Martin made the right decision in not coming back.

He has an older child here is from a previous relationship. Obviously he is not as involved as if the relationship had worked out differently. There have even been horrid comments about that.

To many criticizing him: please be quiet; your ignorance is showing.

The kind of comments from some of the ignorant on these sites help to underscore that Martin would be taking a step backward to return.

Race, what a poor excuse. I am so sick of hearing about how ignorant and backward we are.

Last time I looked no one in Knoxville, white or black, rioted, looted, or burned down half the town down because of race relations lately.

I believe we have a basketball coach that is black. Not that I care one way way or the other because I like the way he handles his business and I think he is a class act and a winner. Just for the record, CBP was Jewish.

Tee Martin was a black QB and nobody I know cared or gave it much thought. In East Tennessee there are many folks who just don't really care about black and white just what type of person you are.

They do care about UT football and get a little crazy about responses when some coach decides to spurn them for another school. I disagree with personally attacking coaches but it has nothing to do with black or white.

I can promise you that UT fans dislike and and are much more upset with, to borrow your racist phrase, "the lily-white" Kiffin a lot more than Tee Martin.

Also, when you are going to accuse people of being simple-minded and racist, you shouldn't call them names and lump them all in the same race, gender, or assume where they were born.
You don't have to post in your post your age, gender, race, or your place of birth to post a comment.

We don't even know if posters are true UT fans or not.

Quite frankly, it makes you look like the simple minded one.

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Witch Doctor say Songwriters dont think about the one they "Had" Witch Doctor say its about the one you are going to "Have" or write or record. Witch Doctor say if she IS in that scene that may be the thing that keeps him. Witch Doctor know the old saying ....if momma aint happy , no body happy.
Witch Doctor really hopes he does come

You are right Witchy! And it did not sound like he was chomping at the bit to get back and you can bet if she is still active in the music scene, LA will win out.

Just bothers me a little he is learning the recruiting ropes from "The Ogre" and Kiffool. Quite frankly, not something that looks good on the NCAA resume.

I think it would be great to get him back and all but my bet is he stays put.

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As I stated several hours ago, he is a very good DB coach, just wasn't a good coordinator.

We had defensive backs last year?

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To be honest I like Butch Jones, Blue coller hard working coach.And I welcome him to Tennessee and his family. However, I do have a problem with this hire and the Tn powers tobe.Going into this search,We were told by Hart TN is at a crossroads.Meaning to me we had to make a HOMERUN HIRE. To Unite the fan base and infuse ENERGY on Rocky Top. I Like Coach Jones But do not think he is a homerun hire.I HOPE he does well but OUR program can't survive on hope. Cheeks and Hart should be held ACCOUNTABLE. But Coach Jones and his family should not pay the price for the COWARD FEW, that control the University Athletics. And deflect any blame.So what we do know TN fans? For me I cant just turn off my love for Tennessee. But I will not send my lil donation,nor attend any sporting event.Also will be careful where I buy my GAS. Until Cheek and Hart are nolonger at TENNESSEE.

Well, good bye then! It doesn't matter if you, me, or all the grand po-pahs of the sports world think Jones is a home run hire or not because he IS the coach.

He will be the answer or he will not. Saturdays in the fall will decide. I am Vol fan and I will support my team. I will support my coach. To do that means going to games, wearing the orange and giving the man a chance.

It also means knowing that petty little grudges against administrators should not cause you to disavow your team.


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The "sour grapes" on this board are amazing. I shouldn't be amazed, but I am. So what if the guy got a raise out of it. I am sure that he does feel a sense of loyalty to the Univ. that gave him his first opportunity and that he does have a bond with his players.

I am disappointed as I thought he would be a good fit for UT. But so many are criticizing him for his commitment while at the same time we blast Kiffin for his lack of commitment and integrity.

Give that man a ci-gaar, he's a winner! He would have gotten a raise for going to the Sugar Bowl as well.

Nothing wrong with going after guys and them hearing what you offer and deciding to stay put.

Bottom line is that we can hire a coach anytime but the one you want may turn you down.

The question becomes really simple, do you go after the sure deal, D. Dooley at La. Tech., or do you chance being turned down by more established coaches at universities with enough money to counter.

When the money is equal, the question becomes are you wanting job security or a chance to fight with the big boys. Strong choose job security and at 52, he can retire most likely at LU.

We will get a coach in due time and I still think good ones are still there to be had but we shall see. Would you be happy with what Ky, Aub, and Ark hired? I would not, so let Hart continue the search.

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in response to OwensboroVol:

You don't seem to understand that something is terribly wrong at Tennessee. There are no Coaches willing to take the job now. If Hart hadn't delayed doing things he might have got a decent coach. Now, Everyone is going to wish Derek Dooley was back and its Harts fault for not getting into gear when he first fired Dooley!

The sky is falling, the sky is falling! Other than Gruden, which, if any of these guys that have turned UT down really gets your Orange juices flowing?

None I suspect. The bottom line is we will have a coach and he will have to prove himself here and not elsewhere.

It is not hard to figure out that nobody, Aub, Ark, or Ky landed any "wow" coach because there is really not one on the market.

UT will have to go through a few refusals if you go after a coach that is still wanted by his school and they have the money to make it interesting.

The same posters who rant and rave that we must get a proven coach are the ones that are so impatient when one of them decides to stay put.

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in response to CrimsonProphet:

'Sup, Vol sad sacks,

Listen, it might be easier if you girls just start keeping tabs on everyone who HASN'T turned your sorry clown school program down, because at this point, it seems even peewee league coaches know to pass on (U)seless T.

Look on the bright side ladies, I hear your lacrosse team is really good this year, so maybe just tailgate a few of those matches until my home-boy Dave Hart dresses up some no-named hack that went 5-7 in the MAC with a big orange bow tie and introduces him as your new head football coach.

Welcome to what everyone in the country outside of Knoxville already knows: UT is (and always was)nothing but a third rate program with a fourth rate fan base that benefits mostly from standing on the shoulders of the real SEC giants like my Crimson Tide, Florida, Georgia, LSU, and well... everyone except for the Vols.

Oh BTW, did I mention we're competing for yet ANOTHER national championship here in Tuscaloosa come January?


"The" University of Tennessee...what a joke!!!

Are they letting you post from prison? Which crimsoned faced derelict are you, the tree killer or the degenerate that dangles his "boys" over another mans face and post it on utube?

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in response to pcshowtime:

I with you. I was depresessed and hurt over the last hire and started to feel the same way this time. but now I am starting to get ticked off.
Nobody want bobby petrino nobody wants us sounds like a match made in heaven.
Here is a re-post of my earlier post I am starting to get a little P|ssed.

If this SOB charlie strong does not want to be here then F him. Pardon my language fellow vols fans F this guy.
Demand better vol nation they want to tell us to except this cr#p. This is part of the problem I complacency. If they the University does not give us better make them tear down the top deck of that stadium and seat 40'000 and become vandy.
I did not like the hire anyway go after Larry Fedora more head coaching Exp. anyway. screw charlie strong we deserve better. I have had some home brew sorry again for the lauguage.

P.S. and conzo ball sucks too

Calm down now children! Strong was not anybody's 1st choice and he decided to make big money coaching in the big least.

Can't blame him for thinking about his future and taking the secure job rather than taking the same money and playing with the big boys.

Folks it is not hard to understand, just watch the "Blind Side" movie. Between the time they filmed the movie and it came out most of the coaches were not head coaches any longer. Point, in the SEC longevity is not common.

UT will get a coach but it will take a little longer and little more money to coax some ego to take the job.

It is not that UT is a bad job but rather coaches have figured out that life as a SEC coach is short and tough.

You really think Steve and Urban left Fla. for the reasons they stated? Nope the pressure was too high and they bolted.

You need a big ego to coach in this league now because just like the fact that not many make it in special forces, not many make it in the SEC.

More proof, what does UT, KY, Auburn, and Ark have in common? They all fired head coaches.

Be patient we will have a new coach and he will be judged in the fall on Saturdays. Pass-Fail!

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in response to orange_glory:

if its jimbo or golden i will not spend another dime on tennessee football

How is the head coach at a top 15 program and ACC championship team not a good hire?

He is not my 1st choice but I could not fault any A.D. or school for that hire.

Who are you so dialed in on that any coach is a let down?

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in response to TitanandVolfan4life:

Gruden was NEVER interested in coaching at Tennessee.

I told you delusional Grudenites many times that Gruden would NEVER coach at UT and now all you delusional Grudenites have been PROVEN to be wrong, again, as usual.

I only hope that AD Hart can get us a really good coach that's a GREAT recruiter that will also hire good assistant coaches that are also GREAT recruiters.

If AD Hart gets this hire wrong then UT is doomed for another decade and I'll be dead before my beloved Vols win another SEC Championship and I doubt I'll ever see UT even in a SEC Championship game again.


You are not correct in your statement of Gruden's interest in UT job but most likely correct that he will never coach at UT. Never is a long time.

There was an interest and contact. UT was willing, Gruden was not. It is really not that hard to understand why. 15 to 16 hour days of grinding football verses a normal day as an ESPN MNF commentator with very good pay.

I am a very, very huge UT fan but I would not pick UT over Gruden's current job. I have done 15 hour to 18 hour days and they are brutal.

I always said once Fulmer steped out of coaching and off the mary-g-round, he would not coach again. It is a brutal grind that while you doing it doesn't seem so bad but once you taste life without it, it is seen for what it is.

Gruden's on comments about UT and saying thanks but no thanks differ from what his agent is saying in this article.

I am 100% in agreement that Hart needs to get this one right and get us a great coach. For some reason I think he will, I guess it is the eternal Big Orange optimist in me.

Written on Agent says Gruden never had interest in Vols' job, calls reports "fantasy":

in response to jkreis#632254:

That's it? That's as hard a run at Gruden as UT is going to make? Hard to believe!

Don't believe the never this or that comments because there were talks directly to and from UT and Gruden.

He was just smart enough to stay where he is. This is a case of the brain over riding the heart.

Ron Zook said it best yesterday on the sports animal: "Jon, right now everyone thinks you invented football, go back to coaching and you will be an idiot after 2 games!"

Written on High expectations produce high turnover in SEC:

in response to Vol_in_Mich:

I am announcing at 2:14 tomorrow that I'm becoming a Chinese fighter pilot.

How do you fly with chopsticks?

Written on Tennessee beats Kentucky 37-17 :

Our coaching staff finally found another coaching staff we could outwit. Two 4th and inches and 1 timeout, 2 bad play calls, and 2 whiffs. 4th and inches and no QB sneak!


Written on Restoring Rocky Top coaching search crucial for Vols:

in response to Shake_Bake:

I just hope this doesn't take too long, because we desparately need a very strong recruiting class!! Who ever the new coach is, make the decision as soon as possible so he can get to work on recruiting the right players in here!

Quicker would only be better if we get the right guy!

If it comes down to the right guy or the recruiting class, I say forgo the recruiting class and get the right guy!

I think Hart has done a better job than I thought if he is getting some changes on the academic side as well as other changes made.

Cheeks may have seen the light on how much money a top football program generates for your university in ALL other areas and not just sports.


Written on Cutcliffe says he's staying at Duke in 2013:

in response to DeltaCharlie3:

Zook has SEC experience, never lost more than 5 games at Florida, never missed a bowl game at UF, and took Illinois to the Rose Bowl!

He'd be a major upgrade!

The Kinko's is closed and Zook is a no go! No to Cut as well. He was great OC but has done little to prove he is what we need as a head coach!

Written on Notebook: Cordarrelle Patterson draws taunting flags for second week in a row :

Somebody needs to have the old "act like you have been there before" speech with Mr. Patterson.

Written on An early look at candidates to replace Derek Dooley as Vols' coach:

Heard a crazy, crazy rumor! Pete Carroll wants back in College coaching and is talking to UT!!

Let the crazy stuff start!

The hope here is we get someone who has been a head coach before.

Written on Struggling Vols' noteworthy streak in Music City to be tested by Vanderbilt :

in response to notfunanymore:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Your name says it all.


Written on John Adams: Vols to settle for win, but no stadium takeover at Vanderbilt :

in response to RockyMtnVol:

Let Vandy play our schedule and UT theirs and see the results......Vandy would be 0-9

Once again JA, you fail in your logic. Does KNS not care what is printed or do the readers not hold the writers accountable? Amazing how low the standards have gotten in East Tennessee. Writers who never played in DIV I anything, nor coached, have so many opinions as to what would fix UT's Football challenges......geesh! I guess they know best.

Go Vols!!

Lets save the "let them play our schedule" comments for when we have a winning record putting us in the hunt for something worthy such as BCS bowl game and we are comparing records with comparable W and L's to another team trying for the same bowl.

We get to see on the field tonight who the best team is and I hope it is UT. I have only had to endure 3 loses to the Dores since the 60's that I can remember and I just soon not have to see anymore.

For the record, "I hate Vanderbilt."


Written on 5-9 guard Tyler Scaife picks Rutgers :

in response to chuckfromwoodberry:

Do not, do not, do not under any circumstances play uconn, Holly. Don't give i'manenema any pub.

Agree 100% I think his antics have caught up with him and are now costing him.

Written on As Derek Dooley's future grows more shaky, team still has goal of bowl eligibility :

in response to VOL1972:

I like Dooley. I think he is a class act who inherited a mess. Still I think we are probably looking at another 5-7 season (6-6 at best). It doesn't help that Vandy is going to its second bowl game (and we're not). Even if we beat Vandy, it won't be enough for Dooley keep his job.

The only question now is who replaces him. I think you can scratch Tuberville after yesterday's incident and Charlie Stong's glow just dimmed a bit.

Let's face it UT is simply not the plum coaching job it once was. Recruiting will take a hit and we still have 4 games with top 10 teams on our schedule next year. Tennessee is beginning to look like the coaching graveyard that Vandy looked like. What coach in his right mind wants to walk into to that?

Coaches do not care about plums, they care about bucks.

UT either has the money to hire the coach it takes or we don't.

The graveyard comment is laughable because as a coach you are given every resource to win at UT. The UT program is not the problem it is the coaches that have been hired that have been the problem.

Before Bruce Pearl, all we heard was UT was not a plum basketball job or basketball school. The right coach and bingo, UT is now a very legitimate basketball school and job. For the record, I think Coach Martin will push the bar even higher.

The right coach in football and UT will be ok but another bust and we are looking at a drought on the order of the N. Dame fiasco.

Written on John Adams: No doubt now; time for a change at Tennessee :

in response to movol53:

I response to the 5:11 AM posting.
Thanks for your comments. But I believe that Dooley and Hart have reached a gentleman agreement whereby Dooley will be dismissed due to breach of contract; NOT in the purely legal since. And this is important because it will allow Hart and Dooley to modify Dooley's buy out. Being the man of HONOR that Dooley claims to be I doubt that he would hold UT to paying the $5 million buyout; he will take less to leave thereby helping reduce the debt that Dooley already knows UT is facing from previous buy outs. As someone said previously Dooley seems to be a great guy but he's not a head coach. I expect Dooley to leave but it will NOT cost UT $5 million as his contract states. What I have suggested will allow everyone in this situation to "save face"; leave with a little "HONOR". If Dooley does leave then I do expect CP, Hunter, and Bray to leave also; although it is my opinion that each could use next year as a year to increase their stock for the NFL. This will put us back once again as we will lose many recruits and the new staff will have a short window once again to rerecruit before signing day.

Dream, dream, dream! Dooley may not be a football coach but he is a lawyer and he is smart enough to know he will not get many, if any, more shots at high paying head coaching jobs and will take and demand his 5 mill buyout.

And guess what, he should because we were stupid enough to give it to him.

Written on Tennessee coach Derek Dooley stepping into bigger role in struggling defense :

in response to jobrando#216494:

It's amazing how folks that are still grabbing at straws just want to acknowledge the 23 or so ranking in offense. Like they dont want to accept it's a team effort. Defenses win and lose games. It's an amazing state of our football program. I'm afraid they will give him an extension. Folks want change then all that is left is to boycott Neyland.

No, lets not boycott, but rather go and support UT and the players.

Have ballot boxes at the entrance of each gate. One that says CDD goes and one that says he stays. The way to vote is to drop money in the box. Have a website set up to take online cash votes. After the season tally up the results and take the money and apply it to a new head coach or new defensive cord. whichever the vote stipulates.

No money gift, no vote. One dollar = 1 vote. Words are cheap, buyouts are not and if you want him gone then step up to the plate. If you want him to stay then pay to vote stay.

If nothing else, the rest of the SEC fans might give us 5 to 6 million in cash to keep him!

But go to the game and support the players!


Written on Final: South Carolina 38, Tennessee 35 :

in response to bigsalgivem6:

Does anybody know if Saban was heartbroken when Sunseri left his program? I am of the opinion if he were such an asset to Alabama, Saban would never have allowed him to leave. Open your eyes people. We can do better than this, because we have done better than this. I would really like to see some Tennessee folks take back the reigns. I hope we hang on to Jay Graham, as far as the rest of the coaching staff goes here's my evaluation:

Dooley - You're fired!

Sunseri - You're fired!

Derrick Ansley - You're fired!

Charlie Coiner - Good job with Tight End play, special teams play needs to be evaluated. Coaching status undecided.

Josh Conklin - You're fired!

Jay Graham - Noticeable improvement in running back play this season - Congrats for your work in developing Marcus Lattimore into the best back in the SEC - hope his career did not end today. You can stay.

Darin Hinshaw - You can stay as long as you can teach Hunter how to catch all those balls he dropped this season.

John Palermo - You're fired!

Sam Pittman - Awesome job. You can stay.

Ron McKeefery - McCullers weighs 380 lbs. and gets winded when he runs off the field. Undecided.

We are the University of Tennessee, under Dooley we have become Alabama Light. Even our AD played basketball at Alabama and is a 1971 Alabama Graduate. If we want to win at Tennessee we do not need to lose our identity. To win at Tennessee we need to be Tennessee. We need loyal Tennessee people in control. I am 42, a UT grad and I've been going to these games as long as I have been able to walk. I remember "The Run" by Jay Graham in '95 because I was there. I was at Legion Field 1 hr. before the game started and remember Smokey taking a dump in the end zone before the game, foreshadowing the Tennessee beat down (41-14) of Alabama that was coming. I was there singing Rocky Top being led by Peyton standing on a ladder in front of the Tennessee cheering section after all the Bama fans had cleared out. Oh the memories... Don't loose the faith better days are ahead we are Tennessee. VFL!

Maybe you should watch the game or pay more attention to the game. McCullers plays hard and follows and makes tackles down the field a lot of the time.

If you want to bash a coach go for it but don't bash a young man who is playing hard and giving good effort.

Written on After struggling against Alabama, Tennessee's Tyler Bray skips post-game interviews :

in response to mdvol:

I know South Carolina got drilled but here is a quote by Connor Shaw, SC QB....

"Coach Spurrier told me at halftime we were going to make the change," Shaw said. "He told me I wasn't getting the job done. I was completely supportive of him. Bottom line today, we just didn't execute."

Time for Worley to get some meaningful snaps.

I would not pattern my QB coaching after Steve "Superior" who has not had a decent QB since he left Fla.

Look, Bray needs a work and attitude adjustments but both Hunter and Patterson dropped balls they should have caught.

Other players wiffed tackles and missed blocks. The coaches just do not have this team where they should be at this stage in the season. We are just never in position to win a game. J. Graham and Pittman are the only 2 that seem to have players improving, the other coaches seem to have players going in the opposite direction.

It doesn't seem to matter if it is Ala., Fla., or Miss. St. and I am afraid it will be the same against The toilet-dores and Ky.

It just comes down to coaching and our coaches are not getting the job done.

The "get the job done or be replaced" speech needs to be delivered to CDD.


Written on 1st Quarter: Mississippi State 10, Tennessee 7 :

Clean house. This is an embarrassment! Fire them all. I am done!

Written on Vols have two targets, one scholarship in basketball :

One ship righted, one to go!

Coach Martin is impressive on many fronts. Some guys just exude class and confidence. Coach Martin is one of those guys.

My football seats are close to where the recruits sit and I am pretty sure I spotted Hubbs at the Fla. game. My buddy and I thought he was a football recruit and commented that he looked like he could play that day on the football field. If it was him, he is certainly physically ready for college basketball!


Written on Jim Chaney laughs off notion that Tyler Bray didn't watch Florida film:

in response to WaltGoVols:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

I have to disagree. I think the majority, if not all, hate to lose and quite frankly, have way more than you and I invested in doing so.

I have talked to many former players and they will tell you flat out it stung to lose a football game.

We can be upset and see where things went wrong or if a player failed to play well but should tread lightly on accusing them of not caring.

Written on Jim Chaney laughs off notion that Tyler Bray didn't watch Florida film:

in response to JBVols1698:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

I agree, CDD has not proven that he is the man for the job and the meter is running.

18 hours is a long drive! I used to drive from Middle Tennesses before I-40 was completed at Rockwood and thought that took a long time. I live a lot closer now but still left the stadium mad and upset.

I feel your pain but I remember how I felt when I played and we lost. You can get away from classmates, teammates, fans, and friends but not yourself.

I just have to believe these players want to win as much as we want them to.

I hope your next trip is a lot better!


P.S. Played high school ball not at UT.