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A desperate move by a desperate program, and a coach in over his head with an AD that knows it.

You must be talking about the Georgia Power Rangers!

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cr@p - this was a test.

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Go to the games, win or lose, or you're not a fan. Period.

I'm tired of this "well I have HDTV" argument. So do I. And I go the games. Just so happens everyone's HDTV got so good when our win/loss record went south.


So you don't support the SEC's Television Package. The TV Package provides a lot of money to the individual schools in the conference, we need to support this. Or do they want it both ways?

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I hate to see U.T. tear down Stokley, but I know they will. I would love to see an orange and white outdoor basketball court at the same exact location as the current court.

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"The Beech Buccaneers are about to become the third most popular football team in Tennessee." Sorry John, but when I originally read this I said in my head: 1. Maryville, 2. Alcoa, 3. Beech. It wasn't till the end of the article that I realized you meant: 1. Vols, 2. Titans, 3. Buccaneers (Beech). I'm a Red Rebels homer, but have always pulled for Hendersonville Beech since one of my best college buddies graduated from Beech.

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I used to go to dinner, and then take the girl,
To see Tiny play against Earl The Pearl,
And Wilt, Big O, and Jerry West,
To play Basketball at it's very best,
Basketball has always been my thing,
I like Magic, Bird, and Bernard King...

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When I am traveling south on I-75, I will make it a point to stop and eat and buy gas in Bradley County.

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Way to gut it out Vols. I was shocked at how empty the ATM arena was.

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Thanks for the classless win Vols. Up 30 and still playing your starters and full court pressing?? Nice call coach. Enjoy your once in 50 years success against UK. We are down but not out.Your Vols won't shoot 58% the rest of the season. Promise you.

This comment makes my day!

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You are wise...refs are inconsistent. I had an uncle who was a ref for high school football. We were playing a team where his kids went to school and he through 15 flags and called back 2 TD's in one game. He is not my uncle anymore.

Was it the cheater Gary Darden?

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Wow amazing someone can have this bad of a record and be hired by ESPNU.Amazing the guy should of stayed a Lawer.Its amazing how he could get hired like that.I dont think the Bamboo Grew.

Lee Corso is 73–85–6 as a college head coach.

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@ HooRay: Jalen Hurd plays at Beech High School in Hendersonville, TN. It is part of the Sumner County Schools.

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Whew! There for a while I thought UT was going to run out of Italian-American coaches.

Bada bing, bada boom.

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Whom does coach Jones pick to coach his sons?

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It is finished...

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They already BUZZed the University of Tulsa. I was living in Tulsa at the time. They (TU Fans) were not happy at all with Buzz Peterson.

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If I still had to pay Dooley, I'd keep him around. I'd just reassign him within the University. He could pull the cables for the jumbotron cameraman. He could keep the orange pants.

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Because they are, Bigger, faster, stronger, smarter players coming out of highschool! If you can't look at Bama's defense and compare it to ours and not see that then you have a problem! Some things you can't coach, and the players they have, obviously have those things. 4-5 Stars compared to 2-3 Star players.
They have top talent coming out of the State and unfortunatly the State of Tennessee isn't full of Talent like Bama,GA,and Florida!

The State of Tennessee had 3 NFL first round picks this past year.

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The game pulled a 5.1 TV rating. It was the highest rated college game on cable.

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Thanks for committing to TN! I really like Coach Martin.

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Now I know what the "D" and "A" stand for in his name!

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I like our solid white "Stormtrooper" uniforms. I wish we wore them at home. I would like to see TN vs. AL in orange and crimson though.

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they might be Florida fans but im afraid they are local trailor trash .

I agree. Why are they all here? Don't we have enough sub-contractors?

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I bet the Mizzou Tigers all have nice systems in their cars.

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Being a Tennessee Grad in Missouri - This a dream come true! Go Vols!

I know what you mean Ozark Vol. I used to live in Tulsa and was thrilled that a local TV station showed what used to be the Jefferson Pilot SEC telecast. Of course it was kinda nice not living in enemy territory. You're behind the lines now...

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Renaldo, I am sorry for your loss.

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OK for the last time... They picked Milligan because they had plenty of room and no FOOTBALL team. I think LMU was also considered. The local high schools also have FOOTBALL teams that will be getting ready for their season.I can't believe the Sportscasters (NOT journalists) who have made such a big deal out of this. Brent Hubbs comes to mind.

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I thought you would never leave us like Kiffin? I could live with Pepperdine, Loyola, Northridge, Long Beach,UCSB or UCLA but not USC.

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When McCallie played Alcoa in 2006 the Quarterbacks were Randall Cobb and B.J. Coleman.

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I BACK PAT! Thanks for everything you have done for Tennessee!

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Glory will be a star at 200 S. Denver, Tulsa, OK in the Bank Of Oklahoma (BOK) Center. The giant roll of duct tape is a nice arena. I still think East TN could support a WNBA Team.

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Now they know how the football game felt from this side of the ol' Mason-Dixon. Maybe now we can take the series, if not a sweep!

There must be a lot of UK fans in Pennsylvania since the Mason-Dixon line is between PA-MD also MD-DE and PA-WV.

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and he did a good job. Scottie Pippen wasn't good enough for division one.

Make a valid point.

Scottie Pippin was the best player in the state of Arkansas his senior year. The UCA bears might have been the best team in the state also.

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It was good to see Scooter McFadgon's name. Boy could he shoot. I always thought that his last name should be spelled McFagon because he was all offense and had no "D".

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Wow, Mizzou and Vandy are going at the same time. There will be one too many James Franklin's in the room, and I am not talking about Willie's son. Welcome to the SEC.

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I agree! I saw a bowl game where both teams were in home jerseys. As long as the colors aren't the same or real similar, this is an out dated rule in the Hi-Def world.

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The kid is NOT in Tennessee, bumpkins. Reading and reading compehension should not be so difficult for a pulling guard.

He lived in Chattanooga most of his life and has attended Central in Chattanooga. He just moved down the road into GA.

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Minnesota has a similar Barn (gym) and they don't have to sit at the end of the court. They just step down off the floor to the bench.

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Hugh Bernreuter is an SEC hater. He had some of the same arguments in an article about Mich. not hiring Les Miles.

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Thanks for filling in the blanks. I was wondering why the center was such a Clemsom fan and not a Vol fan

Jay is from N.C. not S.C.

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I only know one Vandy fan in East TN. I wonder if you are him? He didn't go to Vandy either.

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I broke my collarbone doing something stupid and was back to work in 6 weeks, had a setback 4 weeks in doing something stupid. Was odd the first few days back lifting patients(ambulance).

Football, I'd bet on 6 weeks max, he'll be ready by week 3 at the latest. Might be beneficial in that there won't be game film on him for Florida. Surprise!

Did you fall off your bike?

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Wear a DEPENDS and stay out of trouble!

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Since 1990, Florida is the winningest and most successful program in America. They have 3 National Titles and the Vols in their 100+ years of supposed tradition have 2. They have 8 SEC titles all since there was no such thing as getting 3 teams to tie and each calling them a conference champ. Prior to 1992, Tenn had 7 out right SEC titles in their history. They had 4 others where they tied. Their 20+ year winning tradition is more than UT has had in 110 years. Tenn has tradition....that is a big stadium and a 6-5 program...except for the Hall of Famers era of 1992-2008. Keep poking at Florida if you want. UT is not and will never again be in their league.

Why are all of you Jorts wearing gators moving to Tennessee. I seem to remember everyone in FLA had "NATIVE" written in the same type style as a FLA license plate printed on bumper stickers, t-shirts, etc. in the 1980's. Now we are the natives watching the caravan of 4wd trucks being driven out of the trailer parks of FLA to the promised land of Tennessee. Every time I check out of Wal-Mart I hear that mixed up Yankee-Southern florida accent. We are not getting your best and brightest. GATOR GO HOME. That will be on the next wave of "NATIVE" t-shirts!

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Tulane's not getting back in and neither is Sewanee!

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Former VOL Robert Meachem played at Booker T. Washington in Tulsa. Welcome to K-Town from T-Town.