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When you change coaches and players leave it affects your graduation rate. This guy looks for any negative spin he can put on the Vols. He has an agenda against TN and therefore has no credibility. Its like BamaJoe69 writing articles about Auburn.

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Hey JB its like the real "JB" (Justin Beiber) says,"Never say Never!"

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Marlon Walls is my new favorite Vol. it's great to see these stories and have our team reaching out to the community. Life is bigger than football. We should all keep that in perspective.

He became my favorite when I found out they had to pull him off Coach O when he found out the slime ball was calling recruits and telling them not to come to UT. He grew up a Tennessee fan and teared up on his recruiting trip when he stepped on the field at Neyland stadium. Definitely need more players like him!

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I'll try and keep it simple.
Spurrier was once at Florida. Muschamp was once at Texas. Saban was once at LSU. Graham was once at SC. Petrino was once at Arkansas.

I just named some SEC people, and I would bet over the last 3 years the SEC teams combined have had over 40 changes in HC or ASST coaches, if not more. That's just 1 conference.

Coaches move, your point is?

Agree. I think TN fans put too much emphasis on former players being coaches here. I'd rather have a good coach than an average coach who is a former player. How many top coaches are coaching their former schools? Its probably best that they don't because when it ends it becomes awkward.

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That was payback for when Kiffin told nu'keese to tell Meyer he was a gator, then say Tn on signing day. Meyer and Kiffin are equal in the shady department.

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Once he gets in front of scouts and works out, his stock will skyrocket. Bright spot from a dismal season. Maybe the Titans can steal him and show Britt the door.

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Great story here.

Awesome idea... gathering a bunch of former Tennessee players together.... CBJ doing the right things so far.

Go Vols!

I bet this worries James Franklin. There needs to be more orange in middle TN.

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You who continually make fun of Brittney Griner by calling her a "man", "guy", or "dude" are neither funny nor smart, just rude. Get over yourselves and leave her alone. KNS should remove all such comments.

Sorry, I dont mean to offend. But I am entitled to my opinion. There is a reason she didnt play in the Olympics.

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Randy Sanders. A VFL and Good recruitor. We need to mend that bridge,

I agree.

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"This man's team at Cincy BEAT the seemingly more attractive Charlie Strong's team from Louisville TWICE out of three times, right?"

This man's team at Cincy lost to the seemingly
more ateactive Derick Dooley's team from
Knoxvegas ONCE out of 1 time, right?

Love your logic.... been watching college football long?

You are an idiot. If I race Jeff Gordon and I'm driving a ferrari and he's driving a corolla; I will win. Does that mean I'm a better race car driver than Jeff Gordon? Tennessee should always beat Cincinnati, regardless of who's coaching. Cinci and Louisville are in the same conference, that's a better indicator as far as head to head coaching.

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I have a good friend that's a Louisville fan. He said we dodged a real bullet. He was hoping we would get strong. He says he is a good guy but leaves you scratching your head at times on game day.

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LOL. Should have kept Fulmer and probably should have kept doofus another year or two.

Otherwise, you may want to look at promoting your OC to head coach, or something.

Petrino? He's good for a year or two, but he'll bolt when/if he resurrects his career.

Should hire you! You seem to have no job/life.

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Bray isn't ready for the NFL - attitude and negative reactions when things get tough will get him a ticket home when trying to play with the big boys. CP has the athletic ability and Hunter needs to fine tune after the knee injury. but Worley should get an even shake no matter who the new coach is - good luck son.

Agree. But if he does go Pro I will personally help him pack his belongings.

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3 stars 5 yrs and 5 losses to the Crimson Tide.
NFL stands for not for long league, but hopefully he can make a few paychecks.

your comments = small in the pants!

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Username unbelievable and an all time low, even coming from the bowels of the south.

Would you expect anything else? They are the home of the privates on another mans face and the tree poisoner.

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was it me or did Coiner look like coach Kline in "the waterboy". He looked scared to death hugging that binder. what a joke!

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There are crazies everywhere. Just because a few egged a house doesn't mean everyone is like that. Every time I go to Neyland stadium, I see a few of our finest and get a little embarrassed.

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No matter what happens anywhere else in the south. Nothing will ever top "butt chugging" at UT!

What about after the NC game? The Bama fan that got up close and personal with an LSU fan.

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Maybe it's me, but I just don't get it.

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this quinn guy might be ok...

Agree. Football article with information about......FOOTBALL. refreshing

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I was in that traffic. Never again!!

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Bitter old man finding a way to put a negative spin on Tennessee's early success because he's upset that he's stuck in a town with an inferior football program.....check!

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This is not good news for the fans who want Dooley gone. There's now way they can buy him out at this point. Especially with Haslem spending his money in Cleveland.

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Don't you mean Met,not meat?

No he meant they had a steak dinner together.

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Watch out, good folks at Spankies restaurant. Actually my coke head ex kept her nose clean in Cookeville, so Da'rick has a chance. His presence should double the attendance at TTU games to almost 1000!

Ha. Ha. I went to school there. Spankies is a fine establishment. 1000? are you talking about total for the season?

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a win for drug dealers in cookeville!

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Bring on the trolls. I'm sure they'll use this to try and say why Derek Dooley is in over his head.

So the kid's dad says UT lied to him, but he didn't say how. If he was going to make that kind of accusation he should at least give some specifics.

Did Derek Dooley promise the kid he would be the starting tailback or that he wouldn't get hit by Dan McCullers?

This kid has a lot of room to talk about breaking promises. He committed to two or three different schools and then signed with Tennessee. I'm not saying he's different than a lot of other kids in the recruiting process, but a lot of these players promise a school they'll play for it and then change their mind and break a promise.

The only thing UT or any school should ever promise any player is the opportunity to fight for a spot in the lineup, a chance to play in the SEC, ACC, Big 10...and if he goes to class and studies he'll get a degree that will last him long after he can no longer play football.

His story doesn't add up. If he had family problems they would have given him time off to sort it out. Sneaking away without telling anyone tells me the kid has a lot of growing up to do. You just cant do that to people in life. Better to have it happen now than when the team and coaches were depending on him.

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Show that pic to the judge!! case closed!!

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AD is a tough job. Everyday they have to make tough decisions. Sounds like she took it personal when he didn't give her what she wanted. Its disgraceful she is accusing him of something like this based on her opinion. This makes her look bad in my opinion.

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I'll say it again, if UF is depending on Little Willy to to do anything except provide sideline entertainment, they're in BIG trouble. What in hell was Folly thinking?

He was thinking the same thing Hamilton was when he tried to hire him.

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A professional athlete not paying child support!?!?
How unusual.

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I just think its nice to read a football article about...........FOOTBALL! GBO!!!

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What a couple of meatballs..

Hey they won money! We should be asking them their opinion on UT football, sounds like they know what they are doing!

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I didn't realize he was the guy that was the brother of the mom in blind side. She let the giant football player live with her so he could play football for her brother. Then, as ole miss boosters, they exchanged Oher's services for this guy a job at Ole Miss. That's the part of the "Blind Side" Hollywood didn't show. Sounds like this could be another bad hire.

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He's the oldest of the new assistants?

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It seems as if Climer has crawled out from under his rock to write another negative article about UT. The interesting part is that he wrote an article about some other national article about Dooley on the hot seat. I wonder if he is on Vandy's recruiting pay roll.

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Peyton has certainly been a tremendous ambassador for UT. It has been a pleasure to watch him, and to pull for him as he continues to do great things.

He is definitely a class act.

Except when he CHOSE Denver over Tennessee. That was a sad day for me.

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Is that McCullers over there on the left? Holy smokes, he makes Tiny look tiny.

I think that's a bear!!!

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You are an idiot. Coaches are not the police. HE may have been informed about the situation but for him to speak up immediately may have blown the investigation. So make sure you think before you speak. How could Dooley be coverning up a police investigation. That would lead to his arrest. But Cam may well be guilty of more than we know right now. Dooley doesn't have a badge so lay off let the police do their job.

Exactly.. covering up would have been making sure the police didn't investigate. Anyway, how in the world could he have known who did it before the guy was caught? Any reason to be mad at Dooley I guess.

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I know it doesn't say he is responsible for all the thefts but it does seem like a pattern. And if he did steal from his own teammates its probably best hes gone.

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tom coughlin does not tolerate foolishness!

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No Bammers only sexually assualt people at Krystal Restaurants, this is a whole different ballgame.

Ha! Ha! you said "ballgame". I get it!

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I wonder if the Arkansas AD fired him via leaving a note in his office in the middle of the night?

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Bobby P is sleazy man.

As a Falcons fan, I concur! Karma is a beeoch! I wonder if he left typed notes on his players lockers in the middle of the night to inform them of his leave?

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I've done my research. I will now reveal your identity

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I couldn't agree more! People talk about "maturity issues"!? He's a KID!!!! These things have always happened. The problem is with social media. Now you know why some coaches ban twitter.

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I like Darick on the field. He's a good player. Has potential to be a great player. But I feel like Dooley needs to adopt Cuonzo Martins philosophy "If you don't want to be here then good luck elsewhere". If not he is in danger of losing this team again. But then again he is fighting for his job. Oh well, this behavior kind of reminds me of a girlfriend I once had. All of the drama, threats of leaving and doing this and that. Dump the drama queen and move on!