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Good signing. I wonder if the fact that Larry Brown at SMU offered him will make "westknoxrepub" any less toxic about it. He does love him some Larry Brown.

Yes he does. Will likely attribute the offer to a senior moment.

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I have a strange feeling about that Oklahoma game. Maybe not a wing, but a close game. It's going to come down to the wire.

I've got a strange feeling about that game too....and it's not good.

Wish I could agree with you but the Okies are going to be NC contenders. We've still got a long way to go.

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Hopeful. We're going to lose more games than we want to in '14 but we're not going to be outclassed.

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"ain't no sunshine when (he's) gone" B. Withers

In any case, it won't shine as brightly.

Cuonzo & Co. have a lot of work to do.

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I admire the guy.


He's a class act.

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Until the SEC profile improves the tournament will be dicey for all but a small handfull of teams.......starting with Kentucky and FU.......and occasionally ending with those 2.

And don't let our 12-3 tournament conference worksheet in 2014 get your hopes up. Not one of our 4 NIT invitees got past the 2nd round.

And in closing, good luck and many thanks to Mr. Stokes. We wish you the best.

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One should never apologize for telling the truth, although I must admit I did have to give a few for answering some of my wife's questions about her outfit for the night truthfully.

The truth does not always set you free.

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I was there in 1967 when he took over for Ward. The color of his hair changed but the voice never did.

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I admire Pat Summitt for having the class to congratulate Geno and his girls for setting the new standard for women's basketball.

Wish I had that much class.

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Wait until he has to listen to the spoiled Lexington super-blue boosters complain about what a pizz-poor, miserable showing his plow-horse team put on throwing away the Championship game to the unwashed heathen from UConn for a week or so.

Anytime anyone complains about our Legion of the Miserable....all I have to do is point north.


I'll wager Cal is a no-show for the Big Blue Line this week.

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I don't believe Calipari is headed to the NBA for two reasons. First, he won't get five or six number one draft picks every year in the NBA. Second, his past NBA coaching experience raises the question if he can coach players older than the age of 20.

What he really needs is an assistant in charge of FT shooting.

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"not a lot sort of fazes me in terms of that sort of stuff."

And just what the hell does that even "sort of" mean?? Get some new writers Mitch. And ring up the Memphis AD for some background on Cal's trustworthyness.

Cal can't coach people making more than he does. That's the long and short of it.....sort of.

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Worley needs a fire lit under his butt, plus his accuracy and touch are highly suspect.

Ferguson seems to have arm and the ability to pick up clutch yards on foot....but...has demonstrated a lack of field awareness in throwing interceptions far,far too many times. His running out-of-bounds on the last play of the game yesterday didn't impress anyone either.

Dobbs has good leadership skills, can tuck and run well, but the games he started last year showed a huge liability in arm strength. He's had time to develop his arm and truth told, none of our QB's will have a lot of time to stand back and air it out till the OL gets some whiskers.

Patterson is not weak in any area, just not outstanding in any area either.

Coach Jones says he is trying to find a "high-vision QB who can make plays under pressure and protect the possession". There's no way that question can be answered this spring with what has been shown.

I don't see a future NFLer in this group. We can only hope at least 2 of them see the light and develop game management skills that will keep the chains moving.

With the WR corps we have it's a shame we can't identify at least 1 guy we "know" can get the ball to them on a regular basis. I see a lot of underneath stuff, bubble screens and such, to mask lack of accuracy and/or arm strength.

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If you can't say something nice about someone, say nothing.


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Good luck to him.


It's a hard road.

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Believe it or not, TSU has more history in basketball than UT. He either went there to try to help revive the program or it could be that his grades were not that good coming out of high school.

Rhett went to TSU for the same reason most guys go to various schools. He liked the coach and they had a good team that was going to compete for an OVC championship....which they did. They were the only team to beat Murray State during the regular season when we had our 31-2 run. And they beat us in Murray. We barely beat them in the OVC tourney and Rhett played a lot of quality minutes as a freshman.

Alas, the coach left and the team has gone south over the past 2 years. We would be lucky to get this guy.

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If Rhett is that good, why did he end up at TSU? They only went 5-25 this year, makes you wonder how good he really is. Seems like he might be a bit of a reach, maybe Martin is just looking to fill a spot with another post player. Anybody know if he recruited this guy out of high school?

Rhett is a good player on a bad team. He was not highly recruited out of HS but has grown into a solid contributor. Regardless of conference a near double/double average is a big deal.

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I need to read nothing about the F-baum.

I can't believe the ears on that guy. How does he do that?

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If Stokes stays and Rhett comes, the Vol front court will be beyond solid. While it will be difficult to replace Maymon's leadership, Rhett seems to be a solid guy and should be able to replace Maymon's statistical contribution. The back court should already be productive with Thompson, Hubbs, and Richardson.

I'm not sold on Thompson. He's got a lot of work to do to become a solid pg. I hope he does it.

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I've watched Rhett play against Murray State for the past 3 years and have been looking forward to the day he departed TSU. He's a very good player and a top notch guy as well.

Can it get any better if he leaves TSU and lands in Knoxville? Not for me.

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Let's start a petition to get him to come back to Harriman...


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+1. This is spot on. The original infraction was relatively minor, but lying to the investigators is a huge deal. CBP changed drastically during his 6 years on Rocky Top, and not for the better. He lied because he thought he was too big to fail. At one time he was great at motivating and developing players, but that really changed during his time here, as he had different rules for players with more stars. I doubt he will be particularly successful at Auburn - too much inconsistency. In contrast, CCM has been consistent since the day he stepped on campus and his kids have stayed out of trouble and improved every year.

Your post (and tony's) will play well with roughly half the Volunteer fanbase. The other half.....not so much.

Pearl's rise and fall continues to amaze. He was and is a very good basketball coach. One of those rare coaches who could take his and beat yours or he could take yours and beat his.

IMO he let hubris get the best of him. He thought he was bulletproof. But the NCAA woods are full of people who don't forget and when he provided an opening it was curtains.

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Yes very interesting. I know it is hard to go out there and get a true big man but I wish he would try. We need a 6'11 guy to clog up the paint. I really like the way he develops guys during the season. Maybe we can find a 3 or 2 star big man and coach him up. Just a thought.

Actually it's not too difficult to get a big man. Now to get one that can play at this level is another story.

Not many SEC schools including UT depend on jucos but this might be a year to shake that bush.

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I hope Coach Martin uses this scholarship to hit the junior college circuit and find a big wide body to take the place of Maymom and, if he leaves, Stokes.

I think we should be OK on the outside next year, but we need some big men to control the paint and the boards.

If Hubbs heals and lives up to expectations we should be tough as nails on the perimeter. Down low is another story. Geez I hope Stokes sticks around.

Written on Paul Finebaum hosting live show from Neyland Stadium on Thursday:

Finebaum has to be related to Gollum.

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The Vols have a good chance to be a good team next year with Richardson, Reese, Moore and incoming Austin, Cofer, Cornish and Turman. Plus if Stokes stays we'll be a different, more athletic team. Plus the Vols have sharpshooting commit for 2015, Justice, from Kentucky. This could be interesting.


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I'll take third or better every year. Finishing 3rd in the SEC will get you into the NCAA tournament.

We got the last slot available to the SEC this year......and we didn't get it by much. If the FU game in the SEC tourney had been a blowout, the SEC would've had 2 teams in the Dance.

There is no love for the SEC on the NCAA Selection Committee and there hasn't been for awhile. The conference has to step up in OOC play or be left at the gate.

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GUYS it is obvious you can't listen to Westknox, John David, or Snapshot. Please Please try to ignore them. I honestly don't think they are UT fans. They probably have horrible lives and come on here to stir things up to make them feel good about themselves.

We (those who frequent this site) often fall into the trap of listening (reading) to what a small handful of hardwired Cuonzo bashers have to say and obsess about what this path or that might mean for a basketball program we love.

In short what they say means nothing because they know nothing. Like the rest of us they read, surmise, and come to conclusions that don't amount to a hill of beans.

This will all play out in good time and we'll go forward with or w/o CCM. Right now it's looking like with but I wouldn't bet the house on it.

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wkr, you keep posting the same trash and junk over and over and over. You must enjoy being wrong.

I don't think he "enjoys" being wrong Gerry. He just doesn't have much to say.

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As an occasional poster, I want to thank you for providing me with an entertaining day. Your posts are priceless as a venture into the insanity of sports commentary. I assume you are an intelligent person posing as a fool, at least I hope you are. Your expressed logic is so twisted that it is laughable, but entertaining. Your biases are worn on your sleeve. Please keep on keeping on so everyone can continue to laugh.

That one went in just below the waterline. Good shot!

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And you sir don't know what you are talking about. Here are some facts for you.

* With the mess Bruce Pearl left, no established coach would take the job.
* People were talking about the down year Pearl would have had if he had coached another year.
* Coaching changes usually suffer in recruiting because it takes time to build relationships with HS kids and coaches.
* Coach Martin is a 20+ wins a year coach which is better than all but 2 coaches in the SEC these past 3 years.
* Coach Martin has improved each year and finally made the tournament and made noise and a name for himself in this tournament.
* Coach Martin was on the hot seat this year so recruiting was difficult and suffered.
* Recruiting should be better going forward.
* His players are finally playing his style so their play should be improved next year, regardless of what Stokes does.

With all of that said I think we need to give Coach Martin a chance to see how good he can be and frankly I'd like to keep him.

But a part of me thinks Coach Martin should go somewhere else where he will be appreciated. And if you think we will get a big name coach, I doubt it. Coaches heard about our toxic fan base and fans like you. They'll take jobs like UCLA or Marquette before TN.

So be careful what you wish for, you just might get it and you'll have to endure several more years of mediocrity.


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Coach Zo owed it to himself to have a conversation with Marquette to gauge their interest in him becoming their coach, the money offered and facilities.

Coach Zo will sit down with Hart (if he hasn't already) to gauge our interest and the money/extension on the table.

I'm glad he gets to make the decision on his own terms, for that's not the easiest position to achieve around here for head coaches. I'm good either way.

Second that.

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Based on what fans said before the season Tennessee would have to qualify for the NCAA tourney for Martin to keep his job. Mission accomplished!!! Not only did they reach the tourney but they excelled in it. Losing to the #2 seed on a questionable call still won't silence his critics. Luckily for Martin and other head coaches, fans don't have a say so in who comes and who goes.IMO

In the interest of full disclosure some fans actually do have a say in who comes and goes. They're called high dollar boosters.

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I really don't think Martin would leave Knoxville for A COLD Wisconsin town plus it is a step down in the coaching ranks. We will see how Hart handles this.

A step down? Buzz Williams was pulling down well over $3 million when he hit the silk. And basketball is played indoors.

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Good post; agree with most. I don't think it was necessarily a bad call to give Jarnell the ball on the on the side like that. Wherever he was, he was going to draw a double-team.

However, what I would have done is set up off-ball screening action between McRae and Richardson on the opposite wing. I would have stationed Barton at the top of the key. Then as soon as Morgan came out of the lane to cover Jarnell, McRae could have cut down the lane for a pass from Stokes. If that wasn't there, likely because a cut by Jordan would have sucked all the defenders into the lane, Jarnell could either pass diagonally to Richardson or to Barton on top for an outside shot, while Josh could have made the same cut right behind Jordan. If none of those were there, Jarnell could have just put up the 15' jumper, which I would rather he had done than trying to work his own way toward the basket. Even if he missed, you would have had Richardson and McRae heading toward the basket for an offensive rebound. Putting the defenders on the move like that may well have resulted in foul.

In short, the team should have had more options than simply giving Jarnell the ball and asking him to win it while everybody else stood around. If had to state just ONE criticism about Martin's coaching, it would be a lack of creativity in devising special-purpose plays for just that kind of situation.

In short Beilein set up a great defense and his guys executed. Once the play started we were flat out of options.

Written on Jarnell Stokes 'to pray about' future plans:

I was plenty amped about the call and thought at first it might go against Michigan. Worng again.

Give Beilein credit for setting up a defense that forced the ball into the right guy's (for them) hands at a perfect spot (again for them) on the floor. From that point Stokes would have to drive to the basket and offer a chance for their guy to "sell" the charging call.........which he did masterfully.

A better plan for tthe Vols would've been an immediate kickout from Stokes to a shooter with Maymon and Stokes heading for the glass. Didn't happen.

It was a great game.......if you didn't care who won.

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in response to Plasticman85:

Not much of a "shoulder". Was a horrible call and the NCAA is looking into it and the crew that refereed the game may be fined.

And you got this information where?

Written on Jarnell Stokes 'to pray about' future plans:

in response to TommyJack:

Would be shocked if he came back.

Prepare to be shocked TJ.

Written on POLL RESULTS: Who is your favorite UT men's basketball player? :

Not my favorite poll.

I love em or lose. But they're easier to love when they win.:{)

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Here's a thought nobody has mentioned. Jarnell has expressed interest in playing football at Tennessee. Since he enrolled and started his basketball career in the winter of 2012, he could play his senior basketball season next year and then see how the draft works out. If he doesn't go has high as he would like he could join the football team for the fall of 2015.

More than a few guys who played basketball have found a home in the NFL. I'm sure Butch noticed how fast Stokes covered the floor on that breakaway dunk vs Mercer. And Stokes has some seriously good hands.

Getting CCM to sign off on that transition might be a problem.

Written on Mike Strange: The Vols are still here for a reason:

I hate it when basketball games are played in football stadiums. One more reason I've lost respect for the NCAA.

Written on Jeff Seidel: Sweet 16 reasons Michigan will beat Tennessee (or not):

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Thanks. That kind of flub has been known to happen. I guess you heard about the TV ad for Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell that showed a picture of the DUKE team celebrating when the ad talked about how big UK basketball was! The people who put together that ad probably make a whole lot more money than the KNS intern who pulled the picture for this article!

I'll wager they won't be making any more money from the McConnell campaign.

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There are a lot of teams that have bad losses. I am just glad they got it together before it was too late. I hope we take down Michigan. I use to live in Detroit. Those fans are so arrogant. :)

Our resume going into the SEC tourney was pretty weak as the Bubble seat reflected. Yes we beat a drum. Losing twice to a mediocre A&M team negated that victory. We also had a nasty habit of not closing out close games.

Let's face it, the SEC was a weak conference excepting FU and UK (barely). And it's been weak for a long time. Nobody should have expected us to get any love from the selection committee and we didn't. We barely sneaked in.

But what an entrance and back to back encores since that happened. Keep it going guys. This is fun!

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in response to Snapshot:

The 30k by itself is probably not that large a percentage. The question is how many people they represent, such as fans you don't hear from on line or on talk radio who feel the same way.

It is amazing how a lot of the uproar over C. Martin and the team would have been prevented by winning the two Tx. A&M games, thus putting them safely in the tournament, and not having to sweat out once again if you are going to get in.

And if the FU game had been a blowout reminiscent of the one in Gainesville, I'm pretty sure our Vols would've once again played the NIT.

But it wasn't and what we're witnessing is history (still) in the making. GBO

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in response to lc:

Why the picture of Tom Izzo on a story about Tennessee and Michigan?

It was surprising.

Written on Hank Lauricella, star of Gen. Neyland's single wing, dies at 83:

My first memories of Tennessee football are associated with Lauricella & Co. during the 51 and 52 seasons. I've never gotten over it.

Thanks for the memories Hank and God speed.

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johndavid, I don't know how you can get "Mostly Pearl recruits" out of Jeronne Mayman and Jordan McRae. Yes, if you check the facts you will discover that those two guys are the only ones on the roster that were Pearl recruits.

Martin swayed Stokes to Knoxville. Richardson came to Knoxville because of Martin. Barton came in this year, that makes him a Martin guy as are the rest of the guys.

People are quick to criticize what Martin has done, but he took a Tennessee job that a lot of people considered poison as UT waited for the NCAA to hand down sanctions. He had to coach under a cloud for a couple of years.

And then there was the shadow of Bruce Pearl. I don't blame Pearl for staying in Knoxville after being fired. It's a great city and he had every right to stay in East Tennessee. But Pearl's presence in Knoxville only fueled the fire that if Martin didn't do enough he would be fired and Bruce would be brought back in once his NCAA penalty was served.

Even before Pearl took the Auburn job last week this UT basketball team was starting to play better. I just wonder how much better and more relaxed Martin will be able to coach without the perceived, rather real or imagined, Pearl factor out of the way.

This is only Martin's sixth year as a head coach and each of his teams at UT has shown improvement.

Now that is the big picture. I'll let Dave Hart and the powers that be decide on Martin's salary next year. But in my opinion his pay should be more than the 10th or 11th in the SEC that it is now.

Well said.

CCM has had a tough row to hoe during his 3 year tour of duty. We'll see how this plays out but I know this much. If we don't do something positive for him after what he's done, it'll be hard to find a quality coach who'll listen to our pitch next time around.

Written on Learning experience: Recapping the Vols' play during their run to the Sweet 16:

in response to johnlg00:

Some interesting tidbits here. On Martin's salary, it would seem that UT's current return on investment is pretty high--third-best career conference winning percentage and 10th- or 11th-highest coaching salary. And considering that UT outdraws all but one other program and gets on TV and such as much as almost anybody, Martin is even more of a bargain. Let's not get cheap now and cause him to look elsewhere.

Besides, it would be sheer folly to fire or otherwise run off a coach who got his team to the Sweet Sixteen. That would be so incomprehensible nation-wide that no one would be interested in working at such a ridiculously demanding place. And the ONLY reason anybody seems to have thought of so far why UT should even think about such a thing is that they are worried about NEXT year! Or about other even less fair factors that none of the critics want to admit.

Anybody can and should be at least a little worried about the Vols' failures from the 3-pt line. The outside shooting seemed to get a little better at the end of the season, but--there is hardly any other way to say it--Jordan is in a little bit of a slump right now. Gotta hope he gets his shooting eye reregistered by Friday!

On the other hand, the Vols' recent success at the FT line gives them even more incentive to keep driving to the basket instead of looking to put them up from outside. Even when the defense collapses, Stokes and Maymon have shown that they can get offensive rebounds in traffic. So the Vols should work the offense for the highest-percentage shots they can get. The more they make the defense work, the most tired and foul-prone the defense becomes. Also, expending a lot of effort and energy on defense can slow down the running game of teams that want to play that way. NOBODY should put up a 3-pointer unless they are in transition, or one of the better shooters is WIDE-OPEN and in rhythm, or there are less than, say, eight seconds left on the shot clock.

Good points as usual john. Especially regarding shot selection.

Settling for 3s in lieu of driving to the basket makes it waaaaay to easy for the defense. Driving and scoring and/or getting fouled or getting an offensive rebound puts enormous pressure on a defense. BTW the Vols do these things well. Keep doing this and they eventually crack.

And shooting 22% beyond the arc makes that decision even easier.

Written on Learning experience: Recapping the Vols' play during their run to the Sweet 16:

in response to GerryOP:

Good article ... just the facts.

Sometime in the middle of the season, my support for 'Zo and the Vols was wavering. Didn't jump on a board, sign a petition, and raise hell, but my support was wavering. Felt that 'Zo had lost his team.

According to some things Stokes has offered, the team was facing the same dilemma. But then, after almost 3 years of 'Zo teaching that defense can win the game, the players hopped on board ... and our basketVols started winning ... winning big.

So here we are. The goal is no long making the tourney, it is now WINNING the tourney! And that is no longer impossible.

Yet, our trolling posters, or are they simply biased negaVols, are still trying to throw up roadblocks. We were lucky Mercer caught Duke on a bad night ... or Duke caught Mercer on a hot night. 'Zo hasn't screamed in the face of the refs. 'Zo has nothing to start with next year. No big 5* 'cruits knocking down 'Zo's door demanding an interview. 'Zo needs to relace some of his staff to improve Xs & Os and 'cruiting. And on and on and on.

'Zo has done everything expected of him. It's not brain science or rocket surgery. Regardless what happens over the next two weekends, 'Zo has earned the money and earned a new contract. Give hime a rolling four or five year contract and give him enough money to show him that the grass is greener on the Vol side of the fence.

It's great ... to be ... a Tennessee Vol; I say it's great ......

It's always great to be a Tennessee Vol Gerry.

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in response to terry#1416762:

Let him go, and take Hart with him. But, for a fluke, generational upset by Mercer, and we are eliminated by Duke.

We were lucky to get in the pick 4 process, we will be even luckier to be w/n 10 of michigan.

When Stokes and Maymon (pearl recruit) are gone we are going to get savaged in the SEC. We will lose McRae, Maymon, and Stokes from this team, and rumor has it one highly recruited player from last year.

I hope we win, but the realist tells me Sunday was the Apex of the MarNIT years. Rough sledding ahead, for a team that has looked lost all year long despite a lot of talent.

Cuonzo will get the call, don't match and let him accept the call, his stock will be at an all time high, let him do what is best for him in the long run.

You're about to get your contract renegotiated as well trollbreath. Congrats!