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You are nothing short of a slimeball. I hope you do not have children. If so, I pity them and your wife. What a role model..NOT. Go suck an egg, troll.

If he’s married (which I highly doubt), he’s a lousy husband. If he has kids (I sincerely hope not), he’s a lousy father. All is free time is spent on-line. He’s spent years on here obsessed with the Vols. I’d like to see a psychological profile done on some of these weirdoes….

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Unless I am mistaken, the 2013 schedule was realeased long before Butch Jones was a twinkle in Dave Hart's eye.

As far as them being crappy seats, big deal! Every stadium has them and the need is to fill them and turn a profit by the best means necessary.

Speaking of which based on the current financial situation facing the athletic program, it needs every dime it can get, or have folks forgotten the millions still owed for botched coaching decisions.

How ol' Butch does as head coach of a high profile collegiate program remains to be seen. Personally, I've been impressed with his actions at this point. It would appear players want to play for him; not just the ones who are there now but in the next recruiting class, as well.

Fact is, he's who we have. It's our job to support him and his vision, and his job to live up to the expectation in bringing TN football back amongst the elite. If he can make that happen, supply and demand will be a non factor. They'll be able to name their price for those crappy seats! Go Vols!!!

+1 nicely said.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Lighten up, Francis. You really do have an inferiority complex! yikes. get some help, dude.

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If you can't root for Jones BEFORE the season, nobody wants you on board after, nobody. I think I speak for all true vol fans when I call you out to be the definition of a FAIR WEATHERED fan. NO real Vol fan would sit here and trash the fans, team, and coaches for YEARS, then climb back on board when we come out of the weeds. Your kind aren't counted as "real" fans, and we don't need you claiming to be WHEN CBJ turns this ship around. You need to keep your little happy arse back on the dock after that ship sails, where you belong.

Every Vol coach, including Dooley and Kiffin, DESERVES the chance to succeed, until it becomes clear that they can't handle the job. It's not kiffins, Dooley's, or Jones' fault Fulmer was fired. They were offered the job, they took it. Anybody discounting a UT head coach, before they even play one game, in my mind, is foolish. Again I'll say, they are NO REAL FAN, if they participate is such foolishness.

amen, brother.

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Beginning of the end for Butch Jones. Losing is one thing, but when you're losing and you look like a bunch of gray dorks from some unknown Junior College it's a whole different level of losing.

I'm sure you are personally familiar with many levels of losing in your own life....just a loser troll here year after year....

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Personally, I think we go back to the original black and orange uniforms from 1906 to make all the traditionalist happy. And take that power "T" off the helmet; that was a Gator-boy's idea in the 1960s for crying out loud --we didn’t need some "T" on the helmet to take the championship in '51. Without the power T, there is no need for the band to form the T...get rid of that as well and get back to the basics of marching. And get rid of Smokey, we didn’t need that dog around when we were kicking butt in 1939 by gum! Wait a minute, I guess traditions do have to start somewhere and at some game a year, get over yourselves....

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Yes we do need to remove rocky flop from the schedule. Bama has as many SEC loses the last 2 yrs as little brother has SEC WINS....

and yet here you are following the Vols. Interesting. Don't you have a mullet to comb or some other productive activity?

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Always a class act! GBO


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Not sure you know what you're talking about. When Alabama had it's "rough patch" Bryant-Denny was selling out every week with a waiting list of 15,000 requests for season tickets and two major stadium expansions(actually pouring concrete not by adding more seat numbers). While Tennessee can only fill up NeyBoob for games against Alabama and Florida and Alabama fans have had 30-40 thousand inside the stadium and almost as many that didn't have tickets to the game. I live on the Alabama Gulf Coast and see plenty of Tennessee tags but no hint of that nasty looking Orange, but I guess if people were laughing at me I would put those "Powerless T magnets" in the trunk too.

I live on the Florida Gulf Coast and I see plenty of Volunteer merchandise proudly displayed on vehicles by tourists and locals alike. The smart vacationer prefers the Florida Emerald Coast over any nasty Alabama coast line. So, your theory is dispelled. Go back to work, if you have a job.

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hey oldster, check your meds. I'm pretty sure UT won the 5 OT game. If memory serves me, a kid from Muscle Shoals, Al blocked a kick with his butt at the end.

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Do you really need an answer to this question? Peyton won more games than any other UT quarterback, and his senior year he and his teammates won the SEC title and would have had a shot at the national title against Nebraska if an idiot wide receiver had not dropped a perfect TD ball, in which Peyton had to chase down the defender and in doing so injured his knee, in the SECCG.

Peyton did everything a QB can do on the road his sophomore year against Florida. He had the team up big at the half in Gainsville, but a current "legendary" UT coach, Jay Graham, fumbled "twice" in the third quarter to give the Gators the momentum and a path to victory. That loss had nothing to do with Peyton's play.

In fact, if you look at the Gator record books, Peyton has more yards and TDs against the Gators than any other QB in college football history, but all three loses (he did not start against Florida his freshman year, contrary to popular belief) are totally hung on the shoulders of Mr. Manning. I just don't get it.

Talk to any knowledgeable college or pro player and/or coach, and he will tell you what Peyton Manning has done. He's only changed the game forever.

If you claim to be a Vol fan, there's no way you should ever say one bad word about Peyton. He's done more for UT Knoxville than any former player (including Fulmer and Majors) in our school's history. Peyton never fails to tout UT when he can, including last weekend during the NFL Pro Bowl, when he mentioned that Tennesse had SIX players in the game. No one loves UTK more than Peyton.

Go Vols!

well said. Orange beach is obviously a moron.

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Classless comment! Moms are off limits, now if you want to call the turd a turd, feel free.

sorry, when it comes to Bama and Florida trolls, they are in play. If they don't like it, they can troll elsewhere.

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I loathe Vandy. Always will. Nothing personal, just the name, the unis's, and the gap between what they have really accomplished and their self delusional perspective of what they think they've accomplished. They remind me of how cocky Mussolini was when Italy allegedly 'conquered' an emaciated foe in Ethiopia and within 4 years his corpse was strung upside down by partisans being pelted by rotten maters. Those who can relate to the feelings of George Cafego RIP and Joe Thompson, wherever he is, know what I'm talking about. Franklin had a lucky year and things came together with predecessor Bobby whats his name's set up of overcoming the sludge and muck of only one bowl win since Sputnick. I-40 was not a viable route to Dud statium the last time the Peabody Aristocrats had a consistently competitive answer to the UT Vols. I expect that the next time the teachers' college has a consistently competive program i-40 will be oboslete, replaced by time travel or some other way of conquering space and time not known at this point.

LOL. love this.....

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speaking of losers, did you actually watch that beat down or was it past your bedtime? I would rather sit out the bowl season than have my team get beat like a drum by 14 point under dogs. Thanks for embarrassing the conference, lizard-losers. Having UL start their second half drive at your 19 was sheer genius. But you were in bed by then.

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What kind of "luck" does rocky flop need to win 6 in 2013? All kinds.......

new year, still the same ole pathetic loser, eh Chatt? I got lucky with your mom last night, does that count for anything? Guess not, wasn't too difficult.

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OK.....that's it. I have been reading these message boards since CBJ was hired and I just can't stand it. These very same people who have been calling for Dooley's head and a coaching change for two years are now unhappy with a coaching change??? Are you guys kidding me??!! We have a new coach with 4 championships, but now we are critical of the competition, or the league, or the recruiting classes, or whatever? How about guys stop comparing apples to oranges and just shut up for a bit and give this man a chance to put a few teams on the field. You are either a Vol fan and behind this team or you are not.......there's no middle ground here. "Oh, if they win next year I'm there, otherwise I'm on the "" site. Tennessee does not need this kind of fact no team does. Just saying....really tired of it!


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yo momma

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i can't wait to boo him and hart when they are announced at the next basketball game. i know, i know. all of you hollier than thou fans will say that makes me a bad fan. when in fact most of you that will say that won't be at the next basketball game because they aren't playing well. that makes you a bad fan. i pay thousands a year to that place and while it is nothing compared to the big donors, it is a big chunk of my yearly income. so the way i see it i'm entitled to voice my anger on the hire. boo.


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Might I introduce you to Misters Period, Coma, Semi-colon and the CAPS LOCK button is conveniently located below your Tab key. Use them in good health.

*comma, English majors. Some of these posts can induce a coma.

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Might I introduce you to Misters Period, Coma, Semi-colon and the CAPS LOCK button is conveniently located below your Tab key. Use them in good health.

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Unfortunately for fans like you, 1. Are bitter your program was rejected once again. and 2. You really don't know Charlie Strong's history. Even as a D cordinator with Florida there were many times he was offered a head coaching job. But similar to the situation he is in with Louisville he didn't leave right away because he felt a sense of loyalty toward Meyer and before that with Zook. It wasnt until after the 2008 title win that Meyer himself pushed Strong to say "go! This is your chance to take a head coaching job". This has always been the way Charlie Strong is and will continue to be. He did not go out searching for another job, UT came to him. He listened and said no. Did that cause Louisville to offer him a raise? Sure! But it's not like Strong went pretending to search for other jobs just to get a raise. But I understand being rejected again can make one bitter towards another.

I am sure you have been rejected many, many of course you understand

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I just got a call from Dave Hart...I had to turn him loyalty remains with 7-11

You should be fired. Most of your workers are on here posting instead of manning the Slurpee machine.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

This is kind of unhinged...and a little creepy. The mental image I get of some old dude in a dirty wife beater and boxer shorts slamming away at a of whiskey unsettling at best.

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How many have we beat since he was let go ?

Close to zero. Hence the new coaching search, boy wonder.

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if you believe the dimwits who post, its cause he's a secret muslim, native kenyan, inarticulate without a teleprompter, affirmative action baby, and a commie/socialist who wants to take your guns away to boot.

personally, i'll accept that he's a decent man who made his decision in the interest of his family and his players. he's 52 years old and this is likely his only shot at coaching in the sec and he knows it.

good job arky; your description of Obama is spot on! Thanks for interjecting some politics on a football message board, azz_clown.

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And I'm a little over John Adams. He hits on "sources" a day later, long after the fire has been put out. John Adams is my black licorice. Every year I think I love the stuff, but then I have some and I remember how much it taste like butt. Please John Adams, wait till the first game of 2013's schedule to write anything. Take the year off, go on a cruise, have a rum drink. Either way, stop writing about the coaching search.

this one cracked me up....

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

with your mother?

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Remember're dealing with ut fans here. Not the brightest bunch of football fans on the planet.

Hey dude, my brother is a UGA grad and is looking for some SEC Champ tickets. You got some to give up? Ahh...who am I kidding, you couldn't scape together $125.00 a ticket. Nevermind.

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well that's yet to be determined....what he REALLY is counting on is that they'll actually do a little better and he can claim his input was the key ingredient in the rescue....thus saving his job....lawd forbid!

Remember when you could see your shoes and not just your big gut?

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But what does Dooley know about coaching defense, and if he does know anything, why has he waited so long to bestow his knowledge on his football team?

And what is he doing with the offense, hitching his wagon to the only semi-competent piece of the team?

Seems like a cop-out to me. "oh, I've been
focused on offense, which is why the offense is s good, now I think I'll ease on down to the defense so i can drop some knowledge on them, since their sorta struggling and all."

Does anyone buy this?

I'm buying: Gators have gone over 100 years of football without an undefeated season. UGA to SEC Championship--better than a bunch of jort wearing goop gobblers.

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This place is better than the Jerry Springer show.

GBO - Wait Till Next Year

Home of the un-hinged.

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well all that simply makes you an irrational moron - not a better TN fan that anybody else. and just so we're clear - I don't give a rat's arse what you think of how I come across.

It makes me an irrational moron because I love UT? Really? ok then. I never said I was better fan than anyone else. Your reading comprehension indicates that you are in fact, the moron. An obnoxious moron at that. Relax silly boy, you're going to give yourself an aneurysm. Which I don't think would be any great loss to society.

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Really? $9.3 million reasons to keep him??? Remind me not to let you handle my money! The fact is that $9.3 million equates to about 9 more games of 20,000 empty seats that would otherwise be filled if your favorite coach isn't there. So, you blew that argument. As for the rest of your nonsense, one does not have to wear orange every day, fly those goofy car flags, or yell "Go Vols" in their sleep in order to be a TN fan or support the team. Just for the record, I'm a TN grad and have been a TN supporter for 40 years so you really need to preach somebody that cares - preferrably AFTER you get an ounce of intelligence in that small brain of yours. In the meantime, I'll be more than happy to compare the level of support each of us has given to this school and team....I'm certain that won't be speculation!

dude, anybody ever tell you that you come across as a complete azzz? Lighten up, Francis. I like goofy car flags, people who wear orange and I occationally yell "Go Vols" in my sleep during Bama week.

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The stadium is too big. ut should have known they would seldom be relevant and would not fill that erector set on a regular basis. Another "uh-oh" in the comedy of errors by the ut football team/athletic dept. Go vawls!


I would think you would be busy trying to remove those under-Dawg teeth from your Gator backside. Over 100 years of football and still no undefeated season. So sad and pathetic.

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Have 4 tickets I can't use. Half price.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

i could live with that....

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From where Old H.I. sits, It goes like this..

Bray starts of course, and is assaulted by SC defense, forcing 2 picks and putting Bray on the turf several times. Knocked around, Bray manages to completes 6/14 for 59 yds. Not good, but not entirely his fault.
Down 17-6 half. Surprisingly still in the game.

Enter Worley 2nd half. Sparse UT crowd cheers.

SC promptly resumes its assault on our backfield, coming at Worley like a, well, like a mid-season 2nd string Tennessee QB! Leaving in an extra TE or FB cant seem to stop them, and oh yes, they find him. Even with time, the WRs are only giving about 75% for him. Worley hits the ground more than he hits his receivers. White jersey covered in green & brown.
Worley's 2nd half : 9/25, 3 more pics and a lost fumble. Not entirely his fault.
Final USC-37-13.

OK, some "big picture." Whose fault is it?

As bad as Bray has been lately, the OL has greatly improved, and we've even climbed to the top 3 in the SEC in rushing. Miracle from 3 yrs ago.
We should be lighting our torches & pitchforks and charging directly at Sal Sunseri! This NOBODY spent a year al a LB coach at Bama so that qualifies him to coordinate a Tennessee defense? Our defense, as of this week, is ranked over 100 in yards allowed and passing yards. And we're WAY back in the pack against the run .

SeriouslySal! Is it a 3-4, or 4-3 this week? Did you tell the players? Did you teach the differences? Florida barely needed to pass to run right by your lineman, easily-sealed LB's and forget the secondary, they're slow and scared! Other SEC Opponents have taken the less tiring route. A simple 2-step drop and then just pick and choose which receiver needs the yards. UT defenders may have one receiver covered (by 3 confused men). Both methods have the same result: YOUR DEFENSE gives up around 50 points a game.

Thanks for instilling that killer mentality, Mr. "I coached at Bama" a**hole.


Prepare your resume, and do NOT expect a reference.

Thanks everyone for allowing me to vent. Sometimes I have a thing or 2 to say! Replies are encouraged.

H.I. McDonough will now step down from the orange soapbox he's used for 42 years.
God Bless and, AS ALWAYS, Go Vols!

Actually read all of this and enjoyed it. Agree on the D. Also killing me is the 3rd and short launches down field…bad time outs, too many players on the field, general clock management, false starts, taking a knee before halftime last week, etc, etc. That is coaching, not a lack of talent. I talked to an MSU grad yesterday for quite a bit. Two things—he was shocked at how few Vol fans were at the game. And the talent level between UT and MSU is pretty much the same.

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Well, I was with you until the last couple of weeks. I supported Dooley until the first half was winding down against Bama. Is the program in better shape than when he got here? Yes. Has the team improved? Yes, offensively, but the defense is horrid. I have seen all of the botched time outs, too many players on the field, not enough players on the field, and on and on. Throwing bombs on 3rd and a year when we are noticably better running the ball. Now these rumors about what a jerk Dooley is to the people that work around him are resurfacing. I've seen enough.

It is similar in my mind to Buzz Peterson. I supported Buzz until late in the season when we were playing Ole Miss late in his final year. We had the ball at the end of the game with a chance to win. Then he runs a play to get Dane Bradshaw the final shot! Now, I am a Bradshaw fan, but the guy shoots <50% from the line, and Peterson gets him(a freshman)the last shot from 15 feet? I was done.

When we did not use the timeouts at the end of the first half to try to score going into the half....knowing Alabama got the ball in the second half, I was done with Dooley. He cannot handle the SEC yet. He may need another 5 years of learning on the job somewhere else. But we can't take anymore.


+1. I’ve driven up from Florida for the Gator game, Georgia (treated very nice in Athens) and Bama. I’ve supported the coaches, but I can’t take it anymore. I’m debating now on making the drive up for Missouri at this point. I have 8 tickets available. I’ve been on this site since around 2007/8 and have never bashed a player or coach. But Bray’s attitude is over the top. I stood by Fulmer until I saw his players yucking it up on the sideline while getting their butts handed to them by Maryland like 31-3 in the Ga Dome. When they stop caring whether they lose or not, I can’t support them. I couldn’t see it from the stratosphere of NN among the 10,000 or so Alabama fans around me; but I have heard the players were laughing on the sideline while getting crushed by our oldest rival.
I’m not joining the adolescents of Walt the Clown, Flowers the Incessant Loser, et al with the silly name calling; but unless I see immediate improvement, I am done with this staff. And sadly, I don’t think I will see it. Hopefully they can pull off the upset; but I have a feeling it’s going to Baseball Bats Vs. Baby Seals this Saturday and Spurrier won’t let up if he has a chance to kick UT. If Bray underperforms, cops an(other) attitude and doesn’t get pulled; that will be the death nail for Coach Dooley—huge buy out or not.

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The current Vol QB could take some lessons from the Great One on film study and progessions....

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Might I suggest a possible short throw over the middle to a very good tight end when facing 3rd and one/short...Instead of launching a fade pass down the sideline everytime??? Not sure anything would have changed the Bama outcome, but with MSU we did the same thing...3rd and short, launch it. The long ball is sexy, but first downs keep a suspect defense off the field. signed, Captain Obvious

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Some folks would sale their soul for a winning season. They really need to get a life..

Very true. 29 years of USAF here, my brother.

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in response to MGVOL22:

Why are there a lot of people saying Petrino?? Seriously you would want that? Just curious to what others think.... Do you want Petrino to be the Head Coach of Tennessee??

Me personally, being a Vol letterman/alumni ... I would say HECK NO, the guy has no class....That is not who I want to represent my school / program. Sure, he wins games, but don't we want to stand for more? Again, I am interested in hearing feedback....And I have said it 100x...if there is a change, my vote is 100% Charlie Strong!!

agreed. Not sure on Charlie, but do NOT want Petrino. Alum, class of 83

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1. Hart needs to say something, either way to stabilize the ship.
2. WRs (JH,CP) have the dropsies and haven't helped.
3. Bray needs to grow up and not pout regardless of outcomes.
4. The 3-4 (and Sunseri) was a mistake given Dooley's timeline.
5. OL and RBs have improved.
6. WRs and QB have digressed.
7. Z Rod and Rivera have been underutilized.
8. We don't have atheletes on defense, period.
9. The atheletic dept is broke.
10. First half of the schedule was brutal.
11. Chaney's play-calling is suspect.
12. Dooley's probably in over his head, but who wouldn't be?
13. Can't fire him if you don't have the $$.
14. It's a top-down problem, but the guys at the top that started it are all gone, so whatcha gonna do? Man up (from Hart down to the players), tough it out, and hope things turn around in the second half of the season.

wow. well stated.

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Just an average receiver from a less than average football team.


just a below average loser...still looking for a life, eh?

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Off topic, for which I apologize, but can anyone tell me if the fans in the Bama section were booing loudly when Fulmer was introduced pregame? It sounded to me like the ones in the section GG, HH, II, JJ area were booing, but it was so loud where I was that I was having trouble telling for certain.

yes, they were indeed. In NN and beyond. Nobody likes to be caught cheating, especially Bammers.

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Coach says (Quoted): We can't just stick our heads in our tails and go home.

Quick note: I think the expression is "we can't tuck our tail between our legs" as opposed to "stick our heads in our tails."

What needs to happen is that the guys pull their heads out of their tails. It is possible, because there is some talent and we've seen flashes. Bray is probably over-thinking the game (and I don't blame him - he showed up as a natural-born killer, and we've tried to turn him into something he's not. A good coach would let Bray be Bray, and just take away a little bit of the risk/down-side). Also, his brooding, woe is me attitude reminds me of someone, and that someone is supposed to be setting the tone. I despise a sadsack mentality.

I'm not attacking or being ugly -- I hope the guys get a win this week, because I don't want these seniors to leave without a signature win. They've had a rough time of it, at least give them, as Nacho Libre would say, a taste of the glory.

Now, it is year 3 for this regime, and pro or con, stay or go, I hope that Derek will own this state of affairs, and not see it as a hard luck circumstance. While he has no hand in te cupboard being bare, the lack of execution is all on him. The type of breakdowns we have shouldn't be happening. It is not that we are losing these games...its that we get very spotty performance from our ball players. If we lplayed well, were consistent and prepared and appeared to be a team schooled in the maxims, I would say that Tennesse should deal with the losses and play a few more hands with Dooley.

It is hard to believe in that, though because we really should be getting more out of the talent we have.


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Can someone please explain the strategy behind throwing 20-30 yards downfield on 3rd and short (several times in the last two games), but throwing for five yards on 3rd and long?

it's what you do when you want to get fired I suppose.

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He certainly inherited a mess. He’s had 3 years to bring in his own team and clean it up. At least show some solid progress. We can’t handle another 4 years of mediocrity to sub-mediocrity. He needs to be fired. We need to change course. Bring in a proven commodity. Someone with a track record of getting things done and success on the field. We’re talking about Obama and Romney, correct?

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Saban wins again! A little raise (6mil a year), and more free advertisement at the expense of Haslam.

still trying to figure out the 14 counting. number of Auburn fans visiting your old lady over the past year while you've been out of town?