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Written on John Adams: Losing Jay Graham is more than just losing a running backs coach:

in response to volcop:


John Adams wrote a very truthfull column that was factual. However, alot of people who are not necessarily alumni don't respect that in anyone and only want to hear what they say to themselves. It will be those very same people who will want Jones scalp if he does not have an SEC win coming out of October. In business you hold your managers accountable for executing the plan that they set forth every day. The plan that we heard from Butch Jones and Hart by their actions has proven to be a bunch of bull.
I appreciate the fact that some people will hold their athletic directors and coaches to their words thru their actions.

Written on John Adams: Vols should be California dreaming in football:

in response to HaplessVol:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

It is true that Phil is not coming back. I don't think that many people would want him back after the performance that he put up his last five or so years at UT. However, you have to hold people accountable for their words and actions. Dave Hart professed to have a clear template of qualifications for the hiring of a new football coach. Yet what he hired was a person who did not fit the qualifications that he set forth. As a loyal fan and former Presidents Club member I will say that you can only judge people ultimately on their performance. Jones first recruiting class in which he had time to make an impact was poor at best. Auburn for gosh sake had a better class than ours with a coaching change, worse record and poorer faciilities. Those are the facts. It is self acknowledged that NFL experience in coaching is a significant factor for the highly recruited players yet we have very little. Not much SEC experience in coaches. Jones claims that he and his coaches do a great job connecting with the players parents yet Von Bells father told him to go to Ohio State. Jones claimed to have the best coaching staff in the SEC yet we have most of his old MAC and U of C staff. If they were the best recruiting performance would have been more positively impacted. So now out of this decision we are left with how well can they coach. We will see if the best coaching staff can win next Sept. and October. I have no predictions but will wait and see.
By the way I totally agree with the fact that the athletic department is a wreck. There are not too many coaches who have not been fired. I will say that I believe that both Cheek and Hart are accountable and if this move with Jones does not work out they both need to go and maybe sooner.

Written on With first class, Butch Jones and staff worked overtime to build relationships :

in response to pingkr62:

This guy continues to impress. Awesome hire...again. G.B.O.!!!

This guy has not coached one game. Continues to impress with a recruiting class that was rated by people who know the SEC as 10th in the league. Maybe his rating system is better than theirs so let see how many games he can win next season and then either be impressed or not so much. My suspicion is that if they do not win as many games as last year the knoxville crowd that never attended one class at UT will be howling.

Written on David Climer: Vols' Butch Jones faces challenge with SEC recruiting:

in response to johnlg00:

UT doesn't have a men's volleyball team. In fact, I don't think they have EVER had an official men's team. However, I agree with you that great athleticism is quite transferable from one sport to another. From what I have read about this guy, he is 6'6", 260, and is pretty fast for that size. As a volleyball player, he likely is not only a great leaper but has quick feet and hands. None of this means he can play big-time football worth a lick, but I can think of at least two outstanding NFL tight-ends who didn't play college football either. If this guy can play, everybody will say what a genius Jones was for thinking out of the box. If he flops, the only downside is not getting the most out of a scholarship for a year or two. That may happen with another guy or two anyway, since it happens to almost every team from time to time. Everybody is mostly rolling the dice on how well even the highest-rated recruits will do on a real college team.

The big question that will be answered pretty quickly next year is can he block in the SEC and take a hit from an SEC linebacker or safety. This ain't the Junior College league.
What we really need is the track team to get good and cross recruit from it. Dickey and Majors both used that connection to our advantage. In fact for a time Chuck Rowe one of the best track coaches was the recruiting coordinator for the football team. He went on to be the Chairman of the bowl in Orlando, Fla.
(Capital One) I think.

Written on John Adams: The next recruiting class for Butch Jones is crucial, and the clock is ticking :

in response to notfunanymore:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

I don't know about the jokes. However, I will say that this head coach seriously under estimated recruiting and thought that he would just show up and wow them. Bringing in most of his old coaches and minimizing the professional coaching experience that the top recruits expect has handicapped him. The old expression applies here it is what it is. So now we go onto to the coaching aspect of Butch Jones. We will soon see how well he coaches in the SEC. I agree the clock is ticking and the recruiting results ranking as low as we did in the SEC with the facilities that we have and the money that we are paying these coaches can only be described as disappointing. I certainly don't know what people are looking at giving them a B for their recruiting efforts just look how we stacked up against the rest of the SEC. Look at Auburn with a worse record than we had and a new coach ninth in the country.

Written on Poll: How would you rate Tennessee's 2013 signing class?:

in response to claiborneh:

I think an "I" incomplete is a more considerate way to put it. I realize "F" sounds harsh, but I believe in order to get to the top, you have to acknowledge there are changes that have to be made. Many schools would love to have recruited the class we have. However, they are not the better teams in the SEC. If Saban got our class, he would know he failed. We have to get to that point. That's why I'm not taking into consideration of the circumstances Butch Jones was dealt. It does not matter. I'm disregarding the sliding scale. It's either pass or fail for me. But I know where you are coming from with an "incomplete."

The coach who has been on board for over two months and the athletic director are accountable for this class. These athletes need to be competetive with Fl., Ga, SC and consistently beat Vandy, Ky and Missouri. This is the reason behind the fact that Dooley is not head coach anymore. It is a sad fact but those are the consequences. Look at Bama. They went thru 4 coaches in 8 years before Saban. You do what you have to do.

Written on Poll: How would you rate Tennessee's 2013 signing class?:

Obviously the best coaching staff in the country was not enough to impress Von Bells parents. The recruiting that this staff did was mediocre at best. Sure we flipped a few recruits but how many of the top tier recruits did we close. Butch Jones could have added Tee Martin (considered by many as extraordinary national recruiter) to his staff but he would not match his salary at USC. That is pathetic and it has already showed up in the result. Right now we are on par with Kentucky as Vandy has passed us up so we are still on the bottom in the East. I don't know how you spin that result any better than it is.

Written on Vonn Bell listens to parents and picks Ohio State (with video):

Obviously the best coaching staff in the country was not enough to impress Von Bells parents. The recruiting that this staff did was mediocre at best. Sure we flipped a few recruits but how many of the top tier recruits did we close. Butch Jones could have added Tee Martin (considered by many as extraordinary national recruiter) to his staff but he would not match his salary at USC. That is pathetic and it has already showed up in the result. Right now we are on par with Kentucky as Vandy has passed us up so we are still on the bottom in the East. I don't know how you spin that result any better than it is.

Written on 21 new Vols in Tennessee's 2013 signing classs:

Well this is just what I feared. We do not have NFL experienced position coaches. There is not a four or five star recruit that does not feel they have a shot at the NFL. They want, expect and will gravitate to where they will be trained and coached by NFL coaches. To say that we have all of these players in that are and have played in the NFL is nice. Nicer is who have you coached up to the NFL and who did you coach in the NFL. Being ranked 11th in the SEC sucks. If this current staff thinks they out recruited the old regime sorry Old bones don't lie. Can anyone tell me what was wrong with Sam Pittman?
There was some quality that we had here but lets do it the Jones way. He was here longer than Dooley for his first class yet Dooley's was not like droopey drawers bringing up the rear. Dooley couldn't do the job with top 15 classes so Jones is doing the job now. NICE!!!!

Written on How do you feel about the 2013 football recruiting class so far?:

in response to wagee12:

Hey born2ride,
If a frog had wings he wouldn't bust his arse everytime he hopped.
This staff has worked their tails off. They came in behind the eight ball. Almost every kid they have offered had longtime relationships with other schools and coaches. Some of the people that post their cute, snippy comments are real fans now aren't they?
A fair judgment of this staff as recruiters can't be made until signing day 2014. Until then it would be nice if some of you jerks would back off and give these men a fair chance.

Gruden was never in the picture. Maybe on the Tenn. Vol fantasy team. This coaching staff needs to be able to close. Sure they can recruit and get kids on campus but they have to be able to close the deal With that said if we are going to coninue to improve the talent then they need to be in the top 15. Kiffin and Dooley finished there... Sure that doesn't make up for a lack of coaching or comittment but you need ballers and it all starts with closing on the top rated players.

Written on Tennessee governor says Vols must fill Neyland:

Hart and Cheek have to go. Butch Jones needs to amp it up in recruiting. Nice we have gotten Marquez North but we need alot more just to crack the top 20 much less top 15. Butch Jones needs to understand the sense of urgency this program has. Quite frankly, we are alot like Alabama before Saban when they ran thru about 4 coaches in 7 years. But at least they were able to build the talent base of the team which at a minimum I hope we are able to do this year.

Written on Dallas Cowboys haven't hired Derek Dooley yet :

in response to pcorange:

I wish Coach Dooley the best whatever he does next. I don't think he was ready for the big time as a head coach, and he may never be. He did, however, try to build the team in a way that would make the Big Orange Nation proud. It didn't work out, and he was rightfully relieved of his duties. That doesn't make him a terrible person, and I wish our fans would let go of their hatred of him. I have immensely more respect for Derek Dooley than I'll ever have for Lane Kiffin.

You are absolutely right. He did an excellent job recruiting with three classes in the top 15.
The coaching staff had enought NFL experience to provide the answers that many of the recruits are looking for today. Yes he did need to be replaced and I am not so sure we upgraded the coaching/recruiting staff. We will know if they can close on top rated recruits soon enough. But if you look over all the students GPA is astronomical compared to what we had come to expect from previous Football teams. That may not be important to those who did not graduate from the University but to those that did it is a big part of the package. Plus the integrity that he installed in that department was lacking in the past.
Fans at UT my alma mater want every thing right now and in Football that is very hard to imediately turn around. Ask Johnny Majors who inherited a program in the trash can and when he left it had won SEC championships two of his last three seasons. It took 7 years.
The best that you can hope for in constant coaching turnover is that the talent level continues to increase. That will be evident in how this recruiting class grades out. The level that has been established is top 15 or better in the country. For this program to move forward and be competetive that level or better needs to be a reality no matter who the coach is or isn't.

Written on Butch Jones selling UT tradition and new staff to recruits :

in response to Rumblefish:

They just might. The University Bookstore was selling off all their stuff for a clearance sale. Alumni Hall had 40% off all their Adidas gear for several weeks in a row.

Has anybody heard rumors about Tennessee switching over to Nike? Does anybody know when the current deal with Adidas expires? I believe I remember reading about a contract extension with Adidas a year or two ago, but I'm not sure.

Besides Tennessee, Adidas also sponsors UCLA, Nebraska, Michigan, Kansas, Arkansas, Indiana, Louisville, Mississippi St., Notre Dame, Texas A&M and NC State.

And for those of you that want to dismiss uniforms in attracting this:

Granted, there are some colleges that have traditional unis...Bama, Penn St, etc. But, I believe every recruiting advantage can help.

BY NO MEANS DO I WANT TO CHANGE TENNESSEE UNIFORMS. A little tweak here and there to keep them more "modern" wouldn't hurt though.

My first suggestion...get rid of the double stripes on the leg. go back to solid white with the "T" on the hip, or have one wide stripe like the one down the helmet.

Helmet stickers? Might be fun.

Wear black jerseys every home game the last weekend in Oct.

I hope they stay with Adidas. They have some excellent stuff. A lot better than Nike. Let Nike have Oregon. That is cool for them but Tennessee and adidas are tradition for us.

Written on Phillip Fulmer feels good about new Vols coach:

in response to VolFanInTheBoro:

I have disgust for you

Johnny Majors took over a Tennessee football program that had been obliterated by a coach who lost his ability to recruit in the SEC (2008 rankded 35th in the country). When Majors was fired he won the SEC two out of his last three years. Biscuit Fulmer took over a talented team and an infrastructure of winning. Majors recruiting classes were in the top 10. Fulmers recruiting classes fell of consistently, there was no structure within the program, his players were in consistent problems with the law and worst yet he lost touch with the high school players and what it takes to win in the SEC. Cutcliffe saved him and extended his career. Without Cutcliffe he hired the worst offensive coordinater that we have seen so far. Inf fact the offensive coordinator that he hired was highly successful at lower leve. Does that sound familiar Butch Jones. If you can remember Fulmer left Tennessee just as much in the gutter as Battle left. One of the biggest mistakes that UT has made was to fire Johnny Majors who was a winner and who could build a program.
Just Saying.

Written on Phillip Fulmer feels good about new Vols coach:

in response to GainesvilleVol1:

UT needs a strong, UT based AD to bring all the athletic units together. Mr. Fulmer, any Volunters for the job?


I thought that Phil would have been a good athletic director kind of in the mold of Dickey.
However after hearing that he has a good feeling about this new coaching staff I can only wonder. Maybe he feels that Jones 48th ranked class is making Fulmer's last recruiting class look good at 35th. I can only wonder what Haslem must be thinking after investing all of that money in the training facility to come up with the class that we have.
I am becoming more convinced that the football team and athletic department will only turn around when Cheek and Hart are gone. If Jones can't competetively recruit all of the coaching in the world won't win in the SEC. It is especially galling to see Vandy with a top 15 class. Even Dooley was able to recuit in the top 15 (coaching another subject). It all starts with recruiting. Hamilton actually was able to grasp that concept.
I read that Jones would like the jumbo screen to show all of the UT football players in the NFL. That is great but (small disconnect) he hasn't recruited or developed any of them.
Let's see how we end up. Yesterday's announcement of a two star lineman didn't do anything to reinforce his ability to recruit.

Written on Quarterback Tyler Bray selects agent Don Yee :

We won't start winning again until we can recruit in the top 10 in the country. We just received a comittment from a two star lineman. I wonder how that will play out against Fl.Ga. SC. and Bama.
I honestly don't know what that staff is thinking. They are in a new league and over their collective heads!!!!

Written on John Adams: Cincinnati's bowl gives UT fans glimpse of 'Butch Ball' :

Butch Jones and most of that staff don't have a clue when it comes to competing in the SEC for recruits. Witness #48 current ranking and the decommits. It was very telling at the end of the Rose Bowl when they were talking about the Stanford coaching staff's background. Specifically they stated that the head coach and many of the other coaches had NFL coaching experience. They also stated that most of the 18 year old recurits were looking for that type of background in a coach. No wonder we have not even made a dent in the 4 star recurits much less 5 star. Also, it explains the problem they seem to have connecting with the top recruits we have.
It would be great to think that they can coach up a 48th ranked class to compete with USC, Georgia and Florida. Kink of reminds me of the prior Michigan coach. Nice guy but out of his league.

Written on Juco DT Ben Bradley no longer a Tennessee commitment:

Butch Jones and his staff have done a poor job of retaining the recruits that are of any athletic quality. He is in a different league now and he is finding out fast. The fact that we are all over three star recruits is more than disturbing.
One of the big complaints about Dooley was that we did not compete with other SEC Schools in recruiting the top athletes. Jones never had to build a team and unfortunately he will not with what he is recruiting. He may be able to coach but if you don't have the athletes then you don't win in this conference. Recruiting ranked at 42 or 48 does not get it. Evidently he is not making on big impact on those top athletes.

Written on Tennessee's new football coach Butch Jones used to holiday shuffle:

Worse yet Tennessee is ranked around 42 in the country. Bradley looks like he is gone and he is one of the very few 4 star recruits that we had comitted. At least Dooley held onto and added to a top 15 class when Kiffin bolted. Dooley's classes were consistently around the top 15 and that did not get it done.
So we will soon see how the best coaching staff in College Football will perform as a recruiting machine. Right now we are somewhere between 42 and suck city.

Written on Vols' Jones 'comfortable' for recruits:

We just landed another three star recruit and our recruiting class is ranked somewhere between 42 and suck city. Bradley one of the very few four star recruits looks like he is gone.
Before we sing koom by ya lets try to remember that the last coaching regime at least held together and added to a top 15 class when the Kiffin left Dodge. We know that a top 15 class could not get it done. I hate to say that my glass is half full with the three star recruits that we have after watching a bunch of three star recruits running after 4's and 5's as they score touchdowns.
I am waiting for the new coaching staff to make a recruiting splash. We do not even have a hint of one now. If they had the confidence in recuriting at that level we would not see all of these offers to threes.
Happy New Year and it looks alot like the old year!!!!!

Written on Darin Hinshaw will be QB coach at Cincinnati :

in response to bigdisbig:

I can't stand Bama either but the kid has a future to consider and they way the door has been turning at UT its a wonder anyone wants to come play for the clowns in charge of the athletic dept. Cheeks has all but ruined the football program but hopefully in spite if his ignorance hiring Butch Jones will get us back on track. Vonn Bell was recruited by Lance Thompson and I think Lance is gone now. Since we now have the BEST coaching staff in America according to Jones, the 4 and 5 star recruits should be beating the door down to come to UT.

Bucth Jones told us that we had the best coaching staff in College Football and he was better than the other SEC coaches who won national championships who did not have SEC experience. However one small point is the Saban was previously at Michigan State and Miles was at Oklahoma State. I guess if you are not at Cincinnati it does not compare. There are still plenty of 4's and 5's out there this year. If he is the super recruiter we should be looking at a class competetive with Georgia, Florida and South Carolina. We will know alot more about the coaches next November. The test is to win out against lower ranked teams. I sure hope for Hart's sake that plays out.

Written on Butch Jones says Zach Azzanni 'will pay dividends for us' :

Butch Jones has brought in another recruiter who does not have a lick of NFL experience. If you look at who recruited the receivers of the past three years they were Charlie Badgett and the newly repalaced offensive Jim Chaney who both had extensive NFL experience. The fact of the matter is that Butch Jones did not want to bring back a Great Recruiter and Tennessee legend in the SEC in Tee Martin. If he did he would not have made him the pathetic offer that he did. No one goest to work for less money than they are currently making. Tee could have been the recruiting coordinator.
Butch Jones has not earned the right to call himself a part of the Tennessee family. That is a distinction that you earn. It will be very interesting to see if this group can recruit 4 and 5 star athletes in order to compete with Fla., Ga. and S.C. much lesst Bama and LSU. Let's just start with the first three. There are plenty of 4 and 5 star recruits who have not comitted. They can show us early how well they can recruit.

Written on Chaney joins Arkansas as offensive coordinator:

Witchy-----Old bones don't lie. Chaney and Pittman were snapped up by Arkansas in Knoxville minute. They only coached an offense that was one of the leaders in the SEC. That said the massive problem was on defense thanks to Hart nixing Kevin Steele. You can watch an excellent offense at Arkansas and an excellent defense at LSU you brain wizards. The whiners in Knoxville will ruin any program because that is all that they have to occupy themselves with. Hart said that he was going to blend the coaching staffs. So far that program doesn't look like it was effective as the coaching staff looks alot like the MAC and little east. I hope that MAC coaches know how to win in the big leagues.

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