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Looks like a big difference between Nashville police and media, and Knoxville police and media. If this had been @ UT we would already have heard a rumour about which 4, then would have known the names of the 4 suspended, and seen their names and pictures on the FRONT PAGE of the paper. There would also be wide speculation on how much the coach knew and when he knew it.

According to the local ABC affiliate (WKRN) in Nashville, the four have been DISMISSED by the team and are awaiting word on their status as students @ Vanderbilt...... And still no names as to who this is.

Written on Four Vanderbilt football players suspended amid sex crimes investigation:

Looks like a big difference between Nashville police and media, and Knoxville police and media. If this had been @ UT we would already have heard a rumour about which 4, then would have known the names of the 4 suspended, and seen their names and pictures on the FRONT PAGE of the paper. There would also be wide speculation on how much the coach knew and when he knew it.

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No Huddle offenses put as much pressure on their own defenses as they do their oppositions'. A quick 3 and out can make a thin defense vulnerable.

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Keep pushing Vols! You either get better or get worse every day, you do not stay the same. "Give your all"!

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Stop whoever titles the articles from using "shock titles" when it barely meets the body of the story. Also make posters give more info on themselves, it might stop the trolls. I know it has worked with other outlets and stopped much of the flaming.

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Work your butt off Marlin! You either get better or get worse every day, you dont stsy the same. Give your all!

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Also, this is the man whose wife admitted to regularly smoking marijuana in the Presidents Mansion while he was in charge and "changing the culture" of everything, including admission standards for athletes at Vanderblt. He also hired Coach Urban Meyer who has the reputation of completely turning his head away from failed tests for marijuana..Probably a fun time to be in Columbus these days.

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There were probably 5 SEC schools that would have beat ND last year, and another 3 that would have gone toe to toe and probably had a good chance to win in the end.
Also the "bottom half of the league" got their losses to the top of the league all ranked in the top 10. That argument is flawed as well.

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Jams is a good guy! I wish he would be a little stronger, meaner, and much more violent. I believe this is the goal the coaches have given him as well. Be a leader young man!. Get nasty!

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Beech players are very well coached. They have a rising Jr deep snapper who is already getting looks from all over. Need Jalens neighbor Malone over at Station Camp HS to hop on in too.!

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What NCAA investigation?

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The bottom of the big 12 Big 10 and Pac 12 are horrible

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There is no margin, has not been for 3 years. CBJ is fixing it but it will take a couple of years. The best way to make a secondary look good is to have a front 7 that gives QBs no time to read and react. That is going to take a couple of years too. The opportunity to come in and play on the DLine at Tennessee is wide open!

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Players transfer all the time for a variety of reasons. Things are looking up for football. Don't be a downer. If the team followed some of you guys lead they'd never win another game.

True, When kiffin took over about 18 players left, then when Dooley took over another 10 left. So far under Coach Jones 3 players left early for the NFL (expected) and ONE 3rd team player is going to transfer. We have seen much much worse. My guess is there will be a few more transfer before August. Its normal EVERYWHERE.

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Keep it where it is, but do away with the permanent out of division foe. Yes I am aware of the great and histori rivalry of Tenn Bama Or Fla LSU but, Georgia gets Miss St every year, Ole Miss gets Vandy.. Georgia for instance only plays Alabama or LSU every 8 years or so.. Throws things out of balance in a way. home and home rotating out of division would even things out and make for some great ballgames.

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I remember back when scholarships were reduced from 90 to 85 a sportswriter asked HC Johnny Majors if he could have the 5 schollys back, what would he use them on. Majors without hesitation said "Lineman"

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Unless his academic situation was in bad shape, I can't imagine what Sentimore was thinking or who he was getting advice from.

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Have you contacted Coach Jones ? I am sure it has not occurred to him. Better yet, maybe you can take over recruiting.

Dont misunderstand me Jim, Im not hating. Since 2 years before CPF last season till now, that position has come up lacking in talent and number every signing day. I just cant imagine a better opportunity for stud Dlineman to come in and play and flourish in an elite top program almost immediately. GBO!

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DLINEMAN DLINEMAN DLINEMAN DLINEMAN! For Goodness sakes Vols need several DLINEMAN this year. Quality game changing offensive coordinator nightmare D lineman... Gonna have to be both Juco ready to step in and the HS studs who can contribute early ..

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I would love to know what Sentimore was thinking?

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"Lane Kiffin is a flat out liar" Al Davis

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Welcome aboard, good luck, evaluate some DLineman please.

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Disagree. The talent is upfront. The staff knows it. They also know that the passing game is...well, a challenge.

Then why did they spend the entire spring installing a very very fast tempo, no huddle offense if their plan is to grind it out and keep opposing offenses off the field

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Hill is big - over 220, smart (3.6 GPA) and runs hard. We desperately need a good running back behind that offensive line, which I have to believe will play better than yesterday. Grind it out. Keep the defense off the field and help our QBs develop. Hill is the story this spring. How big a story we won't know until Oregon.

You wont see much grind it out with this offense, its not what it does. Very fast snaps, no huddle with very little check offs. This offense gets off the field in a hurry, either by scoring or punting, but slow ball control keeping the defense off the field it is not. Gonna take 3 or 4 recruiting classes to really work like its supposed to.

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Alden just needs to train like crazy, quicker faster stronger and learn the offense inside out. Offensive line just needs to get mean, nasty, tough, dirty, angry, violent, and stronger!

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Many quality recruits will be there.

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Little known fact, It was Davids maticulous observance and record keeping during the Kiffen disaster that kept UT from being slapped with lack of institutional control. If he had not been so proactive, the NCAA may have been much much more reactive.
Ironically it was Blackburns quick thinking that kept kiffy boy from getting his arse whooped by the UT players when he resigned on them . At that quick abrubt meeting, Blackburn created a slight diversion to give kiff a way out of the building before something bad happened that would have eventually landed the players in hot water.

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I can see him fitting in a spread offense nicely. A year or 2 of weight room training and conditioning will get him exactly where he needs to be.

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The better the DLine, the better the secondary.!

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This battle will go back and forth all season in my opinion.. I hope the fans will remember that it will take more than a season to install this new offense and many times the offenses failure wont be the QBs fault at all.. WR running or reading wrong route, RB missing a pick up block or going to the wrong hole on a read, or OLine calling the wrong blocking assignment, all very real probabilities for a totally new offensive system.

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Note to players or anyone else..... Drug testing has caught up to the masking agents that can be found at Health food stores , Vitamen clinics, online, etc... as a matter of fact, testing positive for these masking agents will qualify for failed drug tests as well. If you wish to appeal a failed urine test, a hair test will be used and it can read from 4 to 9 months back!.. If you are about to take a test and know you will fail, you can seek help, you will be suspended from the team until you have gone through a rehab program at which point you can rejoin the team, but, you will be subjected to many more random tests( See Janzen Jackson, etc.....

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Going to have to go to Juco. And HS as well but you wont get far in the SEC with True freshmen O and D lineman..

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Selena Roberts is an Auburn graduate and hates the football team. In fact, she hates men in general.

She wrote a number of columns on the Duke Lacrosse Case and none of them were true, with Roberts making up things out of whole cloth. I have no idea if the things she alleges in this article are true, but Roberts and the truth are not always partners.

(I am close to a couple of attorneys involved in the Duke case and can say with certainty that Roberts and her former employer, the NY Times, definitely encouraged outright fabrications in that case. Maybe everything she alleges at Auburn happened, but until someone else who is more credible comes up with material, I am going to be agnostic on it.)

Excellant use of excuse #3... well played!

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Theres plenty of ways they can defend this that have been used by others,
1. Point out the transgressions of other schools as in,"How can you punish us for that when (fill in the blank) is doing this?!
2. Blame it on the old staff and ask "Why should these kids be punished now for what those kids did then? Its just not right!"
3. Smear the name of your accuser and refocus on them/ and the reporter.
4. Claim the information was gained illegally, (not that it isnt correct mind you) and therefore should be thrown out. (See Miami)
5. Blame Phil Fulmer.
6. Talk about how useless and out of date the NCAA and its rules are.
7. Imply that the accusations are racially motivated.
8. Blame it all on Will Muschamps, or (Phil Fulmer)
9.Make the coaches and the players the victims in all this, (See Alabamas "We told the makers of the steroid antler spray to stay away from our boys, what should we do, punish the player? Its those mean old manufacturors!")
10. Deny Deny Deny, then when caught ask what the definition of "is" is? (Worked for Clinton.
Add more excuses if you like.

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"but the back seven is still much slower than the new staff would prefer"
There IS the problem... You cant teach speed, you have to recruit it. I would say the coaches were SHOCKED at the lack of speed would be more accurate. Schemes cant fix that problem, neither can technique or heart.It is going to take time, solid recruiting and some luck.

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Fast paced offenses can put their own Defenses on the field alot. Kinda felt last year the quick 3 plays and punt or >2min possesions didnt help a vulnerable defense that much.. Hopefully we will be a little deeper on defense this year but sometimes the best defense is to keep the ball away from the other team. Boring? Yes. But effective.

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Getting their strength to match their size! Seniors yes, but these guys in all fairness should be 4th year redshirt JRs and would have been if LK hadnt blown the team up. I still want to see a mean streak come out and the Violence level go way way up. Get strong mean nasty dirty and VIOLENT!!!!! Strength kills!

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His attitude is at a high latitude...I bet the kid makes us a good one.

By the way, my cousin's adopted son (plays linebacker) says that Groom is better this year than Patterson was last year. He was hurt last year, so I don't know much about him. Haven't seen much about him this spring...does anybody know what the word is?

Groom = Croom?

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Truth is probably have to win at least 2. NCAA is looking for a reason to NOT take SEC teams this year.

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Jay Graham is gone and Tee Martin did not come home because of JIMMY CHEEK the Swamp Lizard SOB that has UTK as the only D1 school in the DAMN Nation with an Internal Approval of Recruits over and above the NCAA Clearing House!

#firecheeknow VOLS if we EVER want to compete again in SEC FOOTBALL! Tee told me directly the above problem, Top Recruits know they are not guaranteed admittance to UTK even after NCAA Clearing House! A Blind Man could see how all the other SEC schools use this against TENNESSEE!

THIS HAS TO CHANGE NOW! After 38 years of donations and donation season tickets, I'm DONE until that SOB CHEEK is GONE!



Cheek needs to be "removed"

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This has as much to do with Jimmy Cheeks refusal to allow Tennessee Coaches to recruit the same players as the rest of the SEC and NCAA because of his stupid admission policies. It is something he, AD D Hart, Coaches and former coaches have been "looking at" and "addressing" for a few years now with Cheek only allowing a few "academic exceptions" per class. HOW CAN THEY BE ACADEMIC EXCEPTIONS IF THEY MEET SEC AND NCAA REQUIREMNTS?> Cheek needs to be removed.

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How can guys who have to rob and assault someone to get snacks have enough money to post approx. $200k in bail (within NCAA rules)?

Easy, either they or a close friend or relative sell weed.

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How about an automatic DQ for anyone yelling "Woooo" during Rocky Top.

Post of the Year!

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D TACKLES! For the 6th Yr in a row, Tennessee needs to go load up on D Tackles, lots of em. Those that arent fast enough get moved to O Line, but for Gods sake sign D Tackles.

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Jalen Hurd i'm gonna say NO!!!!! Thats not an SEC RB!! Maybe he would do well in the WAC! He's nowhere near a Todd Gurly or Yeldon! Sorry we should pass!
You guys are only looking at his performance against mediocre defenses that would not hold a candle to say a defense in Miami Dade county or Tuscaloosa County Alabama! NO!

Dude , your nuts! This Kid rushed for 5 TDs and 390 yds in AAAAA State Championship game, against a great team. He Rushed for 400 yds against the defending State Championship team at their place. He has been laser timed at 4.39 by Ole Miss. If what you say is true, then why have Nick Saban, Urban Myer, Will Muschamps, Mark Richt, And probably 25 other top coaches all been wasting their time personally coming to see him play and calling. texting every week/ It looks like a college expo fair up and down the sidelines every Fri night with all the different colleges up and down the sidelines.. The Kid can make Millions (if healthy+ at RB, WR, or Strong Safety, also as Returner.
Tenns biggest foe in this battle will be J Franklin at Vandy.. Hurd will not go to Vandy, but Franklin will do and say everything he can to keep him from going to Tennessee, just like he did V Bell this year by suggesting OSU was where he should go.

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Dont forget, you can smoke weed with Urbie, he dont care bout that stuff.

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I don't want to hear it. Phillip Fulmer had no trouble recruiting when he was head coach.

Until the UT administration changed the admission policies that made Tenns standards for admissions higher than the SEC and NCAA standards. Which could be changed for atheletic scholarships with the stroke of a pen.

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Recruiting went downhill once the NCAA turned its back on Fulmer and let it be known that he was one of the coaches, (there were others but the media focused on Fulmer) that turned in evidence of Alabamas cheating scandal.. In many communities the "snitch" is much more hated than the offender.

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Having a solid offensive line will help the transition. Hopefully we'll be able to run some and take the pressure of the new QB.

Agreed, however; Im not sure that there is a RB on the team who is capable of being a game changer. There is a great opportunity there for some HS RB to come in and be an instant STAR!

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Ignorance is bliss and you are the King of the land.... 4 star DB Eddie Jackson from Fla has committed to the national champions. A true shutdown corner and VB the ship has sailed. Good luck chasing Amari Cooper and Robert Foster the next 3 yrs, you will need it. Hope you at least get to abowl game or two wearing the puke orange. Roll Tide, got 23 UT???? 13 is sooooooooooooo second place.

Excellant use of the flip and deflect move. Another classic variation of the flip and spin technique, well done.