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The NFL doesnt want bottle chunking idiots,for future reference to all incoming freshmen don't be a Idiot.

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Hope he can make it in the NFL, but he's got a lot of growing up to do.6th or 7th round pick if at all.

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Thank you Jalen for commiting to The Tennessee Volunteers and being a corner stone in rebuilding the great tradition of Big Orange Football. Great job Coach Jones and staff.

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Could someone list some candidates that may be interested taking over the job that Graham bolted from?

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a five star kid in Tennessee is like a 3 star in Alabama, Georgia or Mississippi. The amount of kids from Tenn in the SEC as a whole is a testament. You lock up the Tennessee borders for players and you would not even win the 1 AA title. That is why UT is such a hard job and a big stadium alone does not get what it did when you where the only game in town. Now everyone has a big stadium. UT will never be even close to what it was when the Hall of Famer was making his run. Get used to it.

silence whipper snapper!

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Fire Bonzo.

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Welcome to the Tenn Titans,Bufflo Bills,or Cleveland Browns 5th rd.pick Mr. Bray.They are a magnets for immature qb's.Just remember no bottle chunking if you get caught this time it will cost you some real money.

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Elite 11 QB Luke DelRio has committed to Alabama as a prefered walkon for 2013. He had been committed to Ok State and had scholly offers from UCLA and Ore State. His dad Jack is the DC for the Denver Broncos. That boys/girls is the allure of Bama fb. Its good to be the champs.
Roll Tide.

Champs until Alabummer meets the Irish.1 and 6 in overall meeetings between the two aint looking too good for the Tide.

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Welcome to Rocky Top

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Willie Gault would be a good WR coach to have on staff if available.

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I guess we can rename Tee Martin Drive to Tee Martin Passed. Or move it to one of the streets that turns its back on he University.... Like maybe he one that runs by the sewer plant.

How about Tee Martin Turn Lane.

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I appreciate the fact that coach Jones wanted to be at Tennessee,and that he stated in his introduction press conference that the Vols needed teachers instead of presenters to the players.A player needs to be shown the correct way to carry out a assignment not just told.I also commend Coach Jones for pointing out that the Vols will present themselves honorably on and off the field holding up the intergrity of the program.Coach Jones made a comment that Tennesse would come first,meaning student atheletes in Tennessee will be recruited by Tennessee this is a good thing folks.I think Tennesse made a great hire.Welcome to the Hill Coach Jones GO VOLS!

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Cheeks and Hamilton should be investigated and Cheeks should be thrown off the hill.No way a Chancellor should have let this have happened,unless he was in on it too.Costing the university millions in useless contracts.Hamilton,Dooley made out like a thief in the nightand putting the burden on the insitution and students and the fans.I say hang "em all.

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Lets replace Cheeks, Fire Hart, and get behind our new coach Butch Jones.Go Big Orange

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Mr.Hart get to looking for a replacement for Martin.

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David Shaw heck of a coach,Mr.hart you need to at least offer him a job in The SEC.

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David Shaw from Stanford the guy can coach,great recruiter and motivator also.

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We need to interview David Shaw at Stanford.


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I'm not crazy about Strong or Gundy ,but both are a great improvement over Dooley.Strong even with SEC experiance as a assiatant didnt have all the pressure of a head coach,and Gundy might just be tring to play OKST for more money for him and his crew I don't think he will come to Knoxville. I'm no football guru,but heres a few names Freeze-ole Misss,Riley Ore.St,Cutcliff- Duke,Fedoera-N.C.,Shaw- Stanford,Butch Jones-Cinn.I'm sure that there are several more that deserve consideration.What do you all think.

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Should have kept launching threes some would have eventually went in 36 pts. is a joke and so is Cuonzo.

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We're just coming off of the UGA connection with Derek Dooley..Uhhh, no thanks.

Bobo is lot smarter than Doofus as Buford T Justice said there is no way (Doolittle could have come from my loins)Vince was a heck of a coach.Go Dawgs Hammer Bammer

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Hire Mike Bobo Georgia Bulldog offensive cordfor HC.He's dialing up some whoop arse on Alabummer right now.

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If the Vols are looking for a ex nfler big time coach,why not reach out to Tony Dungee.He may not be interested either,but Dungee put together the team Chuckie won the SB with while at Tampa.Cower wouldn't be too bad of a choice either.

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Lethargic?"Well put the Tasty Cakes down Chaney and go out there and show em how to do it.I hate it for the seniors who have had to endure the lackluster coaching and guidance offered to them these past 4 years from a inept staff,but I am proud of them for withstanding the onslaught of the best conference in college football.

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Escort Chaney to the bus terminal shortly after the clock reads 0:00 final. Ky 100 UT 99 12 OT's.

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Don't come down on CP too hard he hasn't had a coach these past two years to just say CP quit strutting and just give the ball to the Ref especially when trailing in the game.

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I knew the moment that Mike Hamilton hired Dooley that he was not the man for the job. He had a losing record at a MAC school, was the only Saban assistant who never got a promotion to a coordinator and appeared to get the job based upon his last name. However, I had hope for the young man whose father is a football legend. Now, some three years later, it is apparent to everyone that he is inept at his chosen profession. His comments after the game remind me of those of an old lawyer who I once knew in Atlanta. Charlie lost case after case, but he would always say, "I almost won that one." I have been a UT fan since the early 1950s, and I don't think I have ever observed a coach who was worse than Derek Dooley. Hart should have fired Dooley after last year's loss at Kentucky. When Dooley gets his 5 million in installments, he had better save most of it. He is going to need it while he changes professions. No AD in their right mind would hire him after the season he has been through at UT. I am sure Dooley is a nice guy, but he appears to have no talent at all as a football coach. Goodbye Coach Dooley. We will never forget your body of work in Knoxville.

There's always room at Ringling Bros.for a clown so heads up Dooley.

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Just when you thought it could not get any worse for UT fans.Oregan,Kansas State lose which probally means the Irish and Bama will be #1,and #2 in the polls.Could be the Mayan's were right maybe this is the end,or Hell possibly has finally frozen over?

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Dooley should be tarred and feathered before leaving Ktown tomorrow.He simply does not give a care about this program.What a Maroon!!

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Another deploy to discourage a quality coach from coming to UT.Thanks a lot you bunch of
turncoats Cheeks,Hamilton,Kiffin,and of course Willie Mack.for dismantling a great program.

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We could make one of three choices if we want.
1.Fire Hart and elevate Dooley to AD and hire a new coach.
2. Offer Sal a LB coaching position,fire the two secondary coaches than hire a DC and one secondary coach and save a ton of buyout dollars. 3. send everyone packing.

I'll take door #3 please.

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Undergrad at Virginia. Law school at Georgia.

Loser at UT.

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UT Board of Diredtors outta throw Jimmy Cheeks out of offfice first of all.He started this debaucle by hiring the turncoat Mike Hamiliton to begin with.My question why on earth would UT ever hire a alum from another university to lead their university hasn't UT ever graduated someone with enough smarts to be place in a leadership role.I would think so.Heres a thought maybe UT needs new Directors that are loyal to UT first of all,and a Chancellor that does not have Alabama ties,instead a UT diploma.

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If not Gruden give Jimmy Johnson a call proven winner everywhere he's been.Offer him the farm plus all the hair products he wants.

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Fire the bums.

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Can we blame Coach Dooley for the Lady Vols loss last night to UTC?

Yes, stupidity and lackluster is contagious and He is the ultimate carrier.

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Start the Firing with Cheeks and work your way down the ladder if UT wants to get the ship righted.

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Sorry I'm late. I had to change the lock on an office door and deliver a U-Haul. Now I'm sitting here hitting "refresh" waiting for the "Dooley fired, Charley Strong named new coach" to pop up.

Charlie stunk it up today also,but still better than Doolittle.

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Great D today Dooley up 21 7 at half squandered TO's in first half and in OT.The bright spot was took 4 OT's to lose the damn game.Just spare Vol fans some pain and forfit the last two remaining games and leave.

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Hear's a thought Mr.Hart how about imprinting FIRED on Dooleys contract.I'll loan you my stamp pad.

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CP you'll probally never see this post,but you are a heck of a player,I wish you had a better coaching staff and a qb that could get you the ball a lot more in big time games against quality SEC opponents.A piece of advise go on to the NFL you will be a top 2nd or possibly 1st rounder,dont hang around here and get hurt.I would love to see you back in Orange and White next year under a new leadership,but it would be hard to adjust in just one off season.So go on make that money and work with some of the best talent in the world.

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Fire Cheeks and Dooley!

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I think now know why Dooley put his lawyer practice on the back burner to coach football.He couldn't produce a good defense for his clients.Fire Cheeks and Dooley!

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I doubt if 85,000 would show up to see a monkey fly outta Dooleys rump!

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Note to Coach Dooley:If you never think about your job position,then think about this Mr.Hart may have been out of the office Monday offering Mr. GRUDEN your old job.

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The only game remaining The Vols have a realistic shot at winning is Ky.Troy stayed with MS ST.Vandy will throw on this pitiful defense at will,and Mizzou is due a SEC win.And who knows Ky. beat us last year without a qb.It looks grim to me I say 1 for Nov.Goodbye Dooley Goodbye,Goodbye Dooley Don't Cry.

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Dooley was qouted the other day (Doug Mathews)that his focus was entirely on the offense,not the defense.Now he is just trying to save a failing job.I think he should be focusing on his next job because I feel this one is coming to a screeching halt.

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Note to Athletic Director Hart:

Never Hire a coach of any kind that has any ties to Bama ever!

Note To UT Board of Directors: Fire Cheeks!!

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I hate it for Lattimore he's a heck of a back.I hope he can bounce back.Get well Lat.