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We beat the Gators in The Swamp in Spurrier's last season there.

A win there this year sounds GREAT!

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The defense is practicing against one of the or maybe the best offensive lines in college football. This has to make them better. I'm not sure about the defensive coaches, yet. Martinez and John Jancek were let go by Georgia a few years back. But adversity can make you better. As all the players and us fans know!


That was just politics. Georgia sucks.

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Clowney will only dream of a Heisman. He has to play against 'Tiny'. Dream on, Clowney.

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The Ducks are going down.

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Witch Doctor worried now some crazed bammer will pour Round-up on the "Rock".
Bones never lie.

Now THAT is funny, Bones!

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If only Fulmer had Wyoming's punter in 08'..

Whatever. It's the Butch Jones era now. LOVE IT!!

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51K fans showed up for KIFFIN??? Dang, we should have a SELL OUT for Butch Jones.

DO IT, V O L S ! ! !

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Rock on, Tennessee. Great pick up!!!

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Former Mayor Willie Herenton: I was robbed, never appreciated in my time..

Didn't realize you were from Memphis. I hear ya on Herenton.

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Will be there for Butch Ball.


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Vereen rocks!! If the rest of the team would being it like he does we will kick Florida's butt this season... FINALLY.

Go Vols!!

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Butch Jones is the man. He gets it done.

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Win games. Darn right.


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Darn right. Make the student section free and bring it with ORANGE NATION!!

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At LEAST break Kiffin's 50K attendance. DO IT, VOLS!!!

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Sweet. He's gonna be a beast for the VOLS!!

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Gillespie was a pain in our butt. Now he can help us be a pain in someone else's...


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And we offered Graham just as much. Move on and hire a great addition to the staff.

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Coach Jones is so anti-Dooley...LOVE IT!

I think you meant he is so NON-Dooley. And I love it, too!

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Ole Miss will take him. They never turn down a running back and somehow keep talking them into coming there... even though they have about fifteen.

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Pathetic article. Why even write it?

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Dad gum I like what Jones is doing so far.


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The fact that UT NEEDED him on the field was proof of their lack of talent at that position. Would love to see him succeed, but I can promise you it won't be as a DB

You're right unfortunately. I lost track of how many time Teague got burned as a DB. And Lathers looked slow and out of position especially in the last two games. Good luck to them.

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These guys wont be the last ones to go. Out with the old and in with the new. happens every January.

Especially after the new lifting and conditioning starts. Only the strong (and the Orange) will survive.

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Trent Taylor sure was a silent bust. Anyone know why he didn't pan out?

Written on Tennessee official confirms Omari Phillips, Trent Taylor and Deion Bonner not part of football team :

Sounds like all good news to me as well. The problem guys are gone and couldn't care less about Brissett.

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Can't believe this article was even posted. Dooley needs to give Twitter a rest.

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Go get Derrick Green and Marquez North so we can put a giant bow on this recruiting class in February.


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Wow. Bring it, Adams!


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Feels like a very refreshing change. This staff has a lot of work to do, but I think we are going to see a different brand of football for Tennessee next season. Just go get those recruits!

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Any team... anywhere.


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I will remember him as a good QB who could have been great if he had not been such a drama queen. If he thinks he's ready to move on, I am too. Good luck.

Good post. Pretty much sums up my thoughts.

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He may make it in the NFL but never will be great. Is too undisciplined in running his routes. Has great raw talent but I doubt it will ever be fully realized. Good luck to him, he still was a positive on the team.

Disagree. Patterson will explode in the NFL.

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If Patterson was on teams in the 90's he would have played db or would have sat due to not knowing blocking schemes or not being a great route runner.

I hope your post is sarcasm. CP is the SHIZ. Would love to have him back for his senior year, but wish him the best in the NFL.

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Imagine if the defense had anybody but Sunseri?

Could have finished 9-3.

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I love watching Cordarrelle play. Wish like crazy we could keep him another year.

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You have no clue. Butch Jones has a history of coaching up the talent he could get (rather than coach down talent like Dooley and Kiffin). A coaching staff simply executes his vision, and having flashy or big-name assistants doesn't really mean anything.

Get your stuff straight. Kiffin may have been a jerk, but he did not coach DOWN talent. Had one field not gotten blocked (and was a good kick), we would have beat Bama and they would not have won the national title that year.

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I'm liking the staff so let's get to work recruiting and then some Spring football.


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If you think we're going to change our look, you're crazy. I wouldn't mind some alternative looks, though. The academic UT logo with the state forming parts of the UT and the State of Tennessee Tri Star on the helmet would be sick.

Like an orange helmet with a white Power T might look cool. And a checkerboard stripe down the middle of the helmet might work as well. I don't want to do Oregon Ducks or Virginia Tech stuff (with ten different helmets and uniforms). But tweaking our helmet a little could be cool.

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and DA is the two letter abbreviation for what you are....

Nice post. And accurate.

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The time isn't right for Tee. That's fine. We move on.


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I don't understand the debate between USC and UT. This should have been a no-brainer decision for Martin. Oh well.

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This has got to be the worst staff in the country so far, so butch has already lied by promising to put together the best staff, what a joke, I was excited about butch and now im just so dissapointed within 3 days, I mean willie martinez?!?!? wtf?? are you retarded? Did you not see auburn and oklahoma's secondary when he was there, they were worse than ours this year, thats saying something, and tommy thigpen??? yea a good recruiter, horrible LB coach, auburn's LBs were the worst in the sec every year, and tee martin? He was blessed with lee and woods at USC, he wasnt that great at UK, and all the coaches from UC, those are just lazy hires. Once again another coach who makes poor personel decisions. What a shock! Our defense will be even worse next year. Good luck BJ, way to use your resources...

What a babbling bunch of krap. Stick a sock in it and go do some homework so you don't sound like such an uninformed fool.

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The main reason Tee and his wife went to LA was for Tee's USC job. He will announce tomorrow that he is returning to Knoxville to join the new staff. His wife does not need to live in California to be successful in her career. And given the choice, east Tennessee is HEAVEN compared to California... especially LA.

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Willie Martinez? Not sure this is a good hire.

It should be a great hire as a position coach.