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Written on John Adams: Even though it won't be Jon Gruden, the new coach will win over UT fans at media conference :

Why don't we hear anything about Tommy Tuberville? He is a defensive coach. He won 7 of 10 vs Alabama while at Auburn. He landed the highest-rated recruiting class in Texas Tech history. He has proven he can win in the sec. I think he may be our best option.

Written on Derek Dooley: Tennessee won't 'tank' because of injuries:

in response to born2ride:

6-6 if we can beat Vandy, MTSU and Kentucky. We lose to LSU, Bama, SC and the Hogs. Maybe next year Dooley can get us 7 wins and a trip to the Liberty Bowl. Whoopie!

just what we need - more fans with this attitude

Written on Run game dismal for Vols; numbers even worse:

the o line does not hold their blocks.they look
more like a db playing bump and run.pop the guy once then watch him kill our rb.also aj johnson (45) is way too slow to be an sec lb

Written on Vols roster update: Toney Williams to transfer :

best looking rb on the field this spring at the
orange/white game

Written on Tennessee fires coach Bruce Pearl:

All of these problems came about under
Hamilton's watch.He must be held accountable as well.

Written on Tony Jones believes Vols were 'distracted' :

I think that a new AD should come in and
give CBP 1 year to clean things up.

Written on Report: Aaron Douglas sentenced to 2 days, probation for DUI:

they can say that going to bama was the best move
for him if they want. i say it was a cheap shot at ut. he could have gone anywhere.i feel sorry for his parents.i hope he can get his head on straight before it is too late. i also hope the rest of his college football career stinks!

Written on Joe Biddle: Only Steve Spurrier's genius can prevent win for Auburn:

I've called Spurrier a lot of things, but never

Written on Music City or Liberty: In which bowl would you like to see Tennessee play?:

in response to volzcrushm:

Nashville for the fans... but, Memphis for the recruiting. Hmmmmm.... I vote Memphis.

i agree 100%

Written on Former Tennessee star Tee Martin coming home:

Still a huge Tee Martin fan but I don't think blue is a good color for him. Give him a job coach Dooley.

Written on Summitt says unknown awaits Lady Vols :

Pat Summitt for president

Written on Recruiting a running back has been tricky for Vols:

I believe the need is at ol not rb - and what about Isaiah Crowell

Written on Final push: Running back David Oku coming on strong at end of season :

Oku has the talent & he seems to be a good guy - just needs to hit the hole a little harder

Written on Tennessee depth problems hitting secondary hard:

when will they decide on the miss qb

Written on Four-star WR Arnett chooses Vols:

in response to tennezz:

Good some DT`s.

just what I was going to say

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