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Vol fans,

What on earth will the trolls do now? This is a death knoll for Toddy boy, Wilted Flowers, Seven, 8, 9 etc.

Thankfully, there is the other site where we know each other and no trolls are allowed.

Also, what will Adams do with 3 or 4 readers
buying into his dumb articles, as well as the silly KNS 'polls'???????????????

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This is going to be quite a line.

Another "line" is this idiot troll, Nine is a bonafide loser". The troll is just like the others, gets up in the morning, heads to the computer having nothing else to do.........and babbles his jealousy out on GoVolsExtra. Yes,
the ultimate obsession with something........these trolls with their envy with Tennessee.

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in response to navarrebeachvol:

If he’s married (which I highly doubt), he’s a lousy husband. If he has kids (I sincerely hope not), he’s a lousy father. All is free time is spent on-line. He’s spent years on here obsessed with the Vols. I’d like to see a psychological profile done on some of these weirdoes….

Navarre and Rock E,

Well said friends. It does make you wonder why some of these trolls set themselves up to be idiots, as obviously they are. Fact is, they are past the point of no return. They don't care.........the kid, Toddy and his Wilted Flowers 'partner', Seven ( another kid ) then the 8 and 9 trolls, along with............wait, cannot keep up with all the troll screen names anymore. ( Fortunately, there are scant few of them here. ) They do have the troll thing down pat, wouldn't you say? Safe bet is one of them sports about 5 screen names.

Once the season is underway, we Vol supporters will have our own game plan. Enjoy the games, win or lose. Ignore the idiots and then they'll be very frustrated when only they will be answering each other.

Written on Butch Jones to pick QB early next week:

in response to Rock_E_Topp88: is my prediction for 2013. I predict you and Toddygirl will still be buttclowns at the end of the season. You are his troll mentor and he is your little sock puppet. Toddy is the only one who buys what you are selling on here. I doubt even you believe half the **** you spew. But you do it to get some attention in your miserable life. Go away you sad little man...and take Toddy with you.

Rock E,

Perfectly said friend. Trolls such as Wilted daffodil Flowers, Seven, Orange sand bar, and mangy Dawg........have this game plan.

Every day, they make this mad rush to the computer, knocking chairs over, jumping over the dog or cat..........just to get to the keyboard and try to give us the same boring stupidity.

They will have more screen names before the season is over than their dog has fleas.

As for the QB, let's just see who it is and not act like these above mentioned trolls. CBJ will make this decision and before several games will have been played, he'll settle into having a no. 1 guy.

Written on Tennessee launches "flex ticket" pricing model:


Just a few comments so far and wouldn't you know it.............several are by the idiots, AKA trolls ( Wilted flowers and I am obsessed with Tennessee/Orange Beach.

6972, you're correct sir. Wilted daffodil/Flowers only prowls these forums. He'd never have the guts to face any of those guys in person...........Kremser, Glenn Ford, Majors, Hart, Butch Jones........anyone for that matter.

What a fraud. Posing as a Georgia fan. Everyone knows him for what he is, an impostor.

The Orange Beach clown is just an arrogant nuisance..........worthless at best.

Written on Tennessee releases 2014 football schedule:

in response to Henley-Street-Bridge:

I think the last time by memory we played Oklahoma was in 1968, where Karl Kremser's last second field goal sailed wide barely for a loss 26-24.. the time before was also at the Orange bowl in 1939 where the Vols won.

Are we playing this game in Miami?


Don't mention Karl Kremser too much. Wilted Flowers will start his jealous rampage all over again.

Written on John Adams: Offensive line could take Vols for better ride:


We hear ya'. Actually, let's say the Vols opened with Oregon instead of the 3rd game. ( A real confidence builder for the guys trying to build some confidence and experience. )

So it's Austin Peay. The Vols should have the opportunity to put a lot of new faces out on the field, which is what they need, to at least get the feel for being out there. No, they won't be deceived by winning, even by what very well may be a big score. They know big games are on the radar down the road.

In fact, lots of teams have been known to do this..........even the 'powerhouse' Vandy team, which plays Austin Peay the very next week.

It's the home opener, CBJ's first game as Tennessee coach. Still should be a lot of excitement just having the first game in the big house, regardless of the opponent.

After this one, we'll get our share of the mean dudes !

Written on Poll: How many wins will the Vols have this season?:

in response to JonGrudensAgent:

You sunshine pumpers never get old.

Same story, different year.

The talent isn't there so we will just ignore it and slam anyone who doesn't buy into the hype. But I bet you will be one of the first to bail on the season once it does go south.

And Mr. troll, what will you say if things don't go as you hope? What if the Vols do indeed make you look like the blow hard you are, win games instead of losing them as you are known to forever prognosticate?

If things don't pan out as you seem to be so certain they will, do in fact crawl back in here at season's end and we'll observe the change in conversation from one know it all troll.

Written on QB Josh Dobbs garners oohs and ahhs in Vols' open practice:


Be nice to the troll Dawggy.

He won't be with us much longer, along with his fellow trolls.

We already saw what happened to Billy boy.
Wilted Flowers is close behind.

Written on Quarterbacks center of attention for UT coaches in scrimmage:


Very well said friend.

Actually, this troll, ChadsFord and the kid, Seven........are rolling the dice. Probably very soon they, along with DawgDay will be given the old heave ho from this site.

What a dull life, to come onto GoVolsxtra posting garbage and anti-Tennessee nonsense just to get yourself removed.

Apparently, that's what these idiots thrive on, finding it exciting to continually crawl back here with new screen names. Eventually however the process will be put into place whereby these trolls will be permanently banned.

Now, we at least do know the site administrator has them in the cross hairs.

Back to the topic, sounds like we have 4 really good options at QB.

Written on Quarterbacks center of attention for UT coaches in scrimmage:


Thank you sir for monitoring this site and disposing of individuals such as this Billy guy.

There are others with whom a close eye is certainly needed. The rest of us here know the Seven T kid, Dawg days, and several others warrant the same action in order to clean up this site and make it an enjoyable one for us.

Thanks again !

Written on Alabama No. 1 in AP preseason poll :


McCarron not having to face Clowney and having to play Georgia State instead of the real Georgia......their best friend has been the schedule maker.

Alabama and Ohio State do deserve each other, considering their schedules.

Written on Alabama No. 1 in AP preseason poll :

in response to Witch_Doctors:

Witch Doctor ask again why are you here 7 days a week 14-16 hours a day? lol. Witch Doctor say hello keyboard insert in mouth. ha
Bones never lie.


Excellent point. The troll three-some of Seven, Wilted Flowers, and "9 is so fine at being a troll" are just None of them can come forward and explain their purpose on GoVolsxtra. It's the usual case of jealousy,
( Seven, and 9 is a troll ) and frustration, ( Wilted Flowers ) since his envy consists of people who've been great players, something he never was.

These 3 are losers big time.

Written on John Adams: Vols have to worry about more quarterbacks than their own:


Hilarious friend, your comment about the 2 trolls, Wilted Flowers and 9 is just a jealous troll.

Speaking of jealous, how else can we explain Wilted being so consumed with former players and coaches, especially since he was never able to become either of them.

Notably, Glenn Ford, Karl Kremser, Johnny Majors, Hart, Shofner, Butch Jones.........and on it goes.

9? This clown has never nor will he ever answer the question........."idiot, tell us why you're here."

Yes, these 2 are creepy at best.

Written on In UT's open practice at Neyland, Butch Jones says fans will get sneak peek at 2013 team:

in response to NINEwillstillbesofine:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)


Everyone notice the village idiot.

9 is fine at being a jealous idiot.

Written on Vols new alternative football uniform adds a 'smokey' shade of gray:


This is the going thing anymore, to toy with the uniforms/colors etc. Lots of schools are doing it. It does give them even a few more options.....road gray pants with white jerseys etc. Don't be surprised at anything we'll be seeing.

On the other hand, this is one Vol fan who is not going to be sounding like one of the trolls, complaining about any and everything. Yes, I'm more of the Orange and White school, but don't want to sound holier than thou about the color schemes. We'll have to remember they are Vols wearing them and get behind the team.

Once ( if ) things don't pan out wearing the gray, be ready to hear the backlash.

Go Vols !

Written on Georgia, South Carolina single game tickets on sale:


Actually, Wilted Flowers enjoys having the Staff kicking his butt off the site. He doesn't mind realizing people seeing him for what he is, a whiny troll.

We know he never could face Karl Kremser, Glenn Ford, Johnny Majors, Dooley, Butch Jones........heck, anyone, in person.

No doubt this idiot will go down in troll lore as the biggest whiny troll ever to grace GoVolsExtra.

But guess what? He doesn't mind at all. He just craves the attention as most trolls do. Notice, he feebly tries to throw everyone off with the "Dawg day" handle. CCLC is a UGA fan and doesn't hide it. Wilted Flowers is an imposter
as we are well aware. No Georgia fan acts as idiotic as this troll..........
he'd be a disgrace to Georgia in reality.

Yes, a bonafide loser for certain.

Written on Vols land four-star juco DL Lambert :

in response to SevenT:

A JUCO? What a desperate move for UT

You pitiful little punk troll.

Any good news for the Vols is crushing to an idiot like you. You do all you know what to do.......making sure everyone knows how silly you sound with your obsession.

Written on Johnny Majors donates memorabilia to state library:

Sama troll,

We know it's you Wilted Flowers. Your dead giveaway is your hatred for Majors and Dooley.
Fact is Majors was a legend in Tennessee football.

What did YOU do you whiny troll??

Are you ready to disappear again?

What's your next screen name?

Written on SEC agrees with 9 bowls, including Belk, Texas:


Notice date, only 2 trolls have posted. The little punk kid Seven, and the flea bitten Dawg have as usual jumped in on the Vols site showing:

1. Their usual stupidity
2. Their usual jealousy
3. Their usual insecurity
4. Their ever present temptation to get on this
site............ignoring their own.

Vols win, these 2 idiots lose......again. Ho hum

Written on Middle Tennessee to open season hosting Lady Vols:


"Weary of the contest????"

Something tells me the writer of this one probably meant wary.

Anyway, the Lady Vols should be okay this year.
We'll see.

Written on Wrath of Butch finds Vols:

in response to dragon18:

One of the most ridiculous posts I've read in a while. So what you are implying is that you... a poster on a news website... knows more about what it takes to run the ball in the SEC than a person who has made a career in the college coaching profession? Does that about sum it up?


Listen my friend. Remember, you're playing into the hands of "Get over it/I'm a troll" aka Wilted Flowers.

He was consumed with the Doolaid jabbering, now it's the "Butchie Boy" jabbering. A dead giveaway.

We're better off ignoring this idiot and eventually he'll once again be shown the door, only to come back with another screen name. How many is it now? Kremser, Glenn Ford, Johnny Majors etc.

What a complete waste of our time here.
The clown is a classic example of what a born loser sounds like.

Written on Mo Couch is Vols' third defensive lineman to get dinged:


As long as I've been watching college football, for those guys who've tipped the scales over 300 pounds or so, there have been very, very few of them built like a tight end or wide receiver etc.

This also applies to the teams Tennessee has played as well. Most of those both offensive and defensive linemen come across as being a bit pudgy. If they block and can tackle as well, we can probably cut them a little slack.

But ideally, we want them to look like body builders who can perform as well.

Written on For the good times: Vols celebrate 1998 championship game:

This eduardo mut be related to the other whiner/griper, the "Actual vol alum".

Best course of action is for them to sponsor a troll site for themselves and the others of their sort.

Written on Butch Jones says freshman DE Corey Vereen might miss only 5-6 weeks:

in response to tovolny:

Good news. The power of prayer still works.

I miss the vibrating roar of fans in Neyland sounding off when a nice solid, crisp tackle is made by the stand-up linemen. You hear the POP and then the OOOOOOOOOh, and then cheering, and then the PA dude saying your name, and then the Cheering as you get lined up for the next play. Miss it, miss it, miss it. But I expect it to be back this year. My heart beats faster and I get a lump in my throat just thinking about it.


I'm with you friend. 3 weeks and then we'll get on with it.

Written on For the good times: Vols celebrate 1998 championship game:

in response to Navaloranges:

...sadly, some don't realize that ALL top 10 programs have their years where they wade through the weeds. All of them. UT is an all time top 10 program for a reason. They bounce back from their down turns. All indications are that CBJ will be the catalyst for this up swing. It would help if TRUE Vol fans would use a little insight and remember the times that Michigan, bama, Oklahoma, etc., have gone through, and realize that those teams are still big time programs, and always will be. UT is no different. That's why it's ridiculous to here the young and old alike compare UT with programs like vandy. Those folks are not living in the real world, just a wishful one. Make no mistake, UT WILL BE BACK, we've paid our dues and done our time throught mired in the muck. IT IS TIME. Better days are just ahead.


Very well said !

Written on For the good times: Vols celebrate 1998 championship game:


Actual Vol griper always has something to gripe about.

Apparently he forgets all the coaches support each other. Someone who was winning national championships was worthy of the encouragement she gave the football team, just as Fulmer was in sitting in TBA supporting the women's basketball team.

Grow up griper

Written on UT will open 2014 season against Utah State:


Pay no attention ( that's what he wants ) to a mangy bandwagon troll calling himself Dawgday.

This bandwagon mutt better be concerned with the Clemson Tigers, already a favorite over the mutts.

But alas............that's what trolls do, hanging out here. They are so consumed with the Vols that it is a sickness.

Written on Draft losses force Vols to rely on young receivers:

in response to SummittsCourt:

Look what crawled out from under his rock today to give his usual moronic view of things. YOU must really be pathetic to come on another teams news website to prove to the world how dumb you are.


I see you commented to something the lizard troll said. Of course, since I know he's a pitiful troll, I didn't read anything he said.

But guess what? His screen name says it all.
A lizard does in fact crawl. Just as this troll crawls in on our site with his insecurity.


Written on EXCLUSIVE: Holly Warlick receives $65,000 raise, one-year extension :

in response to cat54:

Once again an example of how our priorities are completely out of whack! As a former teacher, I didn't even make $65,000/year. My son is in the Army currently stationed in the big sandbox, and he definitely deserves much more than he is being paid. Service to our country and teaching are honorable jobs so it's difficult to understand why coaches make such a huge salary! Doesn't seem quite right...


I can understand how some of you feel. Even so,
a Kentucky .........Kentucky, coach receiving more $$$$ for women's basketball than the Lady Vols? Now, that's a joke.

But sports in general.........this is where it does get absolutely ridiculous. Take baseball salaries for instance. Are you serious........
salaries to the tune of more than 100 million in ONE SEASON?????? And that paid to guys who go 0 for 4, pitchers who can't get it over the plate etc. Pro basketball the same way. A pro QB getting millions in a single season?????

What a joke it is.

Written on Even if they're freshmen, UT receivers coach Zach Azzanni 'comfortable giving the best players playing time':

Evan, and Vol FANS,

Just wanted to say nice to see your input to the subject at hand. Rarely do we see anything from the staff and the personal input is appreciated.

Certainly far better than some things from various sundry individuals.

Thanks again !

Written on John Adams: Reserved optimism for Tennessee to break bowl streak :


Adams is on a troll/roll

Written on John Adams: Quarterback play may break Tennessee's SEC tossups:


Treat Adams just like one of the trolls.
He's obsessed with a 2011 football game and dwells on it constantly.

So, it's best to treat him like one of the idiot trolls, ignore.............

When you see trolls like Dawg days, and 9 is fine at being a troll, realize what you'll get if you play their game. Let the trolls and Adams play with each other.

Written on Vols on their toes after Butch Jones throws camp a curveball:

in response to Rock_E_Topp88:

Fellow TRUE Vols....PLEASE do not feed the slimeball trolls. I suspect 1 troll has 2-3 (or more)different names as the posts are within minutes of each other on multiple articles. This is a scream for attention or they are trying to make a $5 bonus for spiking post count. What sad little boys.

Leave them alone and let's get ready for some Butch Ball. I smell an upset, or two, in the air.

Rock E,

Absolutely friend. Actually,we know who the idiots are.........Dawg days, Seven, 9/8 whatever.

As you said, recognize who these idiots are and leave them be. That way they'll wish people noticed their stupidity and responded, but in reality we will not have done that.

That's what bothers a troll........when they think they've said something cute, but nobody listens..........or cares.

Written on John Adams: Western Kentucky would be worst loss for the Vols :


Adams at it again.

Disagree with his opinion of the team the Vols would most like to beat. IMO, it would be the Lizards to shut up the freakin' band wagon Florida trolls who live here on our site.

Written on RB Brandon Powell rescinds commitment to Vols:


Skipping on over the useless trolls, I believe the very best comments about the trolls here......was said by Metroplexmojo.

And that is that trolls from Georgia and Florida
are never seen arguing with each other.

You see, both those trolls' representatives here on our site are far more concerned with Tennessee than anything else. That's a fact.

Throw in the punk Seven claiming to be a U K fan,
and what have you got? Trolls from 3 rivals more concerned with the Vols than pulling for their own teams.


Written on Raijon Neal says running back battle is 'wide open':

in response to Voltransplant:

After watching the spring game, I would have to say that Alden Hill is the man to beat. He is not fast, however he is dang near impossible to bring down.
Another thing, Why in the heck is everyone always talking about Florida on here? I thought that this was a Tennessee site. Does Florida not have their own site, or are some people too dumb to know where they are?


Actually, you are referring to a total idiot. This "so fine clown" is desperate for attention.

Now, I'm going to fuss at you a bit. Don't read the idiot's posts. You, we........know he's a troll with nothing else to do. By now, we all know who the trolls are. Don't play their game.

They ignore their own websites since they're consumed with the Vols. Idiots like this 9, 8 whatever...........are extremely insecure people.
They don't mind everyone knowing they are in fact trolls, they need recognition......crave it.

Just recognize the trolls, ignore them and........let them play with each other for support.

Written on [Video] 2013 preseason underway:

in response to ReeseHallRelic:

What does Sunseri have to do with 2007 or, more importantly, 2013? It's a new day, doggie....


You said it friend. Let the mutts bark now all they want. They might want to pay attention to their opener with the know, in Death Valley.
Then, Mr. Clowney and co. Next, LSU softens them up for the Vols.

But not to worry. Go Vols Extra is the favorite place for trolls to visit.

Written on John Adams: Tennessee's quarterback competition no big deal if winner isn't big-time player:


Correction to my earlier post...........of course it's CBJ, ( not CBD ). Have to stay away from those intials !

By the way ( BTW ) tickets arrived in the mail today.

It's surely "Football time in Tenn ah seeeeeee."

Written on [Video] 2013 preseason underway:


Tickets arrived in the mail today. It can't be long now !

Might just see some of you there........good thing, no trolls will be at our games.

Written on John Adams: Tennessee's quarterback competition no big deal if winner isn't big-time player:


It's already begun. Adams, like several idiot trolls here such as "Get over it" and ANOTHER version of "9 will be so fine" have jumped on the season early.

The rest of us know the likes of Adams, with his abundant negativity, as well as the assortment of trolls, are anxiously waiting to post anything and everything to run down the Vols.

The rest of us know the situation. IMO, the majority of Tennessee supporters realize it is going to take some time, based on the hand CBD
has been dealt. Some however, expect 12-0, 10-2 etc. Some go ballistic if that doesn't come to pass.

So, don't be overly concerned when trolls such as "now hear this" and his ilk ramble on with their inconsequential jabbering. They have no clout and we easily can identify a troll when we see them.

Written on Butch Jones says Eric Gordon won't play in 2013:

in response to SummittsCourt:

Does it matter now? Geesh!!!


Whiners always whine about the past. This troll is one of the biggest whiners..........remember that.
What a joke, to use a screen name suggesting he may in some way be a Tennessee fan.

Again, a whiny loser.

Written on Jabo Lee's coach upset with Tennessee:

in response to FearTheVols1252:

Dumbest. Troll. Ever.

No ethics?? Really?? Wow. I'll bet your parents wish they still had the receipt for you. Certainly they could exchange you for something better... or at least for someone with some assemblance of a brain.

Fear the Vols '52

A-men, friend. Does this troll sound familiar?
The Doolaid, Butchie jabbering?

None other than the owner of a dozen screen names from being constantly removed from GVX. He weasels his way back .........he's proud of at least that, no other claim to fame.

Kremser/GlennFord/DelShofner/Majors.......on and on.

What a complete fraud. Once the season begins, he'll be whining even more so.

Written on John Adams: Maximizing improvement: Follow 8 'Don'ts of Sal Sunseri':


I was in the process of writing Adams to reiterate to him a few of the above comments you fellows made ( to which I agreed, BTW ) but guess what?

You could pull up his email address and the text subject.......but from that point on, you couldn't write anything. Something tells me he's received so many emails pointing out the obvious to him that he's blocked the messages.

You're right, why bring up the stuff about Sunseri and the past. Sort of like the trolls dragging the Kiffin and Dooley stuff along all the time. Wait............perhaps the trolls and Adams might be related? Is a possibility !

Written on Lady Vols to play Virginia in Bahamas:


Nice to have a little payback with these gals.
I was in Charlottesville last year..........and things were going okay until Taber went to the locker room.........and that injury plagued her for a long time. Virginia was playing over their heads and pulled it out. There were quite a few Lady Vol fans at that game.

Oh well, I'll settle for the other time I saw those 2 in C'ville........the year 1997, Tennessee lost 10.........and went on to win the NC. It was great hearing Rocky Top in that arena.

Tennessee is going to be pretty darned good this year........( Graves, Izzy, Mercedes, Reynolds, Carter, Burdick, Ariel, Simmons etc. )

Written on John Adams: Butch Jones' recruiting proves that UT tradition still matters:


Well said, all of you.

Go Vols

Written on Mike Strange: Enjoy Austin Peay and South Alabama, you paid for it:


You're ignore the trolls. But you're also wrong in a way. They aren't going anywhere until someone actually does read one of their idiotic posts........which usually are off topic. Then, they can be banned.

But for now, as for the trolls like Seven T,
Unprofessional handicapper, Toddy boy, and his partner Wilted Flowers, yes..........ignore them. They will be rambling with the Doolaid/Butchy Boy garbage by themselves, and it'll be frustrating when no one comes back at them to correctly identify them as the idiots which they certainly in fact are.

So, just recognize who the idiots are, simply don't read anything they say. If by chance someone wants to read something they say, more than likely it'll be worthy of having them removed...........( groan, over and over )

Written on Big Ten vs. SEC? Answers depend on question:

in response to JSmith525:

I didn't remove your comment. I didn't even suggest removal. You actually accomplished that feat all by yourself!


Actually, this kid is rolling the dice. Of all the trolls who've been deleted, this little punk is like the cat with 9 lives. It's amazing he's survived this long. If fact, there have probably been better, ( if we can use the word 'better' )..........trolls who've been deleted from GVX.

In time, in time. This little kid will be searching for another screen name again.

Written on Tennessee Tech, not Tennessee, the 'best fit' for Charlie High :

Chappy and other true Vols,

What we have here ( once again ) is another appearance of the same troll who loves getting poofed on GVX.

You see, having just joined yet again, on July 26, this idiot thrives on getting the hook, then sits around for a day or two, dreaming up another name. His "Butchy boy" off topic comments is a red flag to the Staff to can him.