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What do they mean by "a checkerboard background to the orange numbers on away jerseys"? I just can't seem to get that image in my head on what it will look like.

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Guess you vandy fans will be talking about that win for a long time. I would too if wins over UT were that hard to come by. Biggest win in vandy history. But don't ever forget that Derek Dooley, the worst coach in UT history, has a winning record over the dores. I'll give credit where credit is due. JF is doing big things for vandy. How long will he be there until he realizes that the state will never give him full support though? I grew up in Nashville, my little brother graduated from vandy. I know first hand that the fan support, especially with bobby johnson & robbie caldwell, was non-existent. Thats why UT will always be head and shoulders above vandy. Because the fan support, even in down years, far surpasses anything that commodore nation could even dream of having.

But go ahead and brag about the win last year. You guys deserve it.

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I think Wiltjer loved playing for Kentucky, but ultimately, got fed-up playing for Calipari.

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Sounds as if Ralph did not believe that he had a team that was capable of beating the Okies. Imagine his surprise when they played so well in the Monday night game. Thought that he sold his team short and the coaching decision in the 11the inning in Monday's game to not change pitchers when he was up 3-0 is evidence of that. As a coach to not have any or very little information as to an opponent's 2nd pitcher is in excusable.

You're clearly an idiot.

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Not sure what kind of hit it was. What I do know is that it was a GAME WINNING HIT. If you don't like game winning hits than you should probably route for a different team.

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wow dude, get a life.

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What a great honor. Congrats to her!

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As a former Hendersonville native and a 2003 graduate of BHS, I have to say that I agree with JA.

Thanks for another great read!

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As long as chimp keeps paying his players, i'm sure they will be fine.

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In more positive news, TitleTown put another trophy in its overloaded National Championship Case when the Gators Gymnastics Team won on Saturday in LA.

There are only 5 schools in the country who have won this title, 3-from the SEC. UF, bammer and ga. The others are Utah and ucla.

I know you all will send your congratulations to UF for another fine accomplishment.

You should know that ESPN held a competition to see what city would officially be known as "Titletown". There were quite a few cities in the running. Knoxville was on the list, Gainesville was not. The city that won was Valdosta, GA (spent 6 years there) for its HS & College football winning tradition.

I guess that Gainesville is considered "titletown" in yours (and dillusional gator fans)very own dream worlds.

But congrats to the gators and their recent championship which is probably a huge deal to them and the rest of the gymnastics viewing world.

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Mmakes me wonder if Hurd comming in nex year has something to do with Lane's behavior?

It's not like Hurd is coming in this season or something. There should be no reason that he isn't trying to better himself in every way possible so he can be a starting back in the SEC and potentially play in the next level. Such a huge opportunity he's wasting because he would not have this chance at most other schools in the SEC.

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Dooley's main issue was that he could not keep the best talent on the field and this sounds like a move from a coach that 99% of GVX posters were convinced was the next Saban. Dooley 2.0

If Saban, Dooley (and thousands of other coaches) use this same tactic, how does this make him a terrible coach when other coaches have success doing the same thing?

You need to either get a life or go troll somewhere else.

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This lack of experience on offense scares me big time.. I really don't know what else to say. Hopefully one or two of these guys can step up and at least, be consistent.

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Entry level, secretary position. This is not a big deal at all. Anybody that played a role in the recruiting process (scheduled buses, organized tapes etc.) could say that helped secure a recruiting class.

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Why does BMoore care what Dooley says? Dooley isnt even a coach at UTK anymore..

I hope you're being facetious with this comment.

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You bought NIT Champ. tickets and you're calling somebody else a fool? You actually borderline idiocracy.

Wow... Some people's kids..

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Without Gordon, who will bail us out against Vanderbilt like he did in 2011 with the game clinching INT for a TD? Spew that nonsense elsewhere!

The only thing that interception did was seal our fate with Dooley for another year. We all know that EG is a good player and is going to be key for us this year. Don't get so worked up.

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Yeah... The NCAA just released some kind of ranking/poll with the top 64 teams in CBB. Not sure what it was but UT wasn't on it. Weird... And neither was Kentucky.

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its all about trooper taylor at this point.

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Please pu down whatever you are smoking!! Three headed Monster??? Not on their best days!! Those guys combined can barely scrap up what Dyer can do against any SEC Defense!! Our guys have been here how long and yet they still are average at best compared to even Bama or UGA's freshmen RB's!! So please kill that noise or watch Neal,Lane,and Young play more closesly because none of them ever presented any threats to any defenses let alone SEC Defenses! I love that they wear orange with pride, but it doesn't make up for the lack of talent they have compared to a Dyer,Crowell,Yeldon,Lattimore,Lacy,or Gurly!! Wake up!!

C'mon dude, really?!?! I was being facetious.

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Why would we need a RB when we already have the "three-headed monster" of neal, lane and young?? The trifecta of RBs... Seriously though, I think Lane and Neal were much improved and will hopefully continue to improve under the guidance of Graham. Plus, this sets us up pretty well for 2014 RB recruits such as Jalen Hurd. Bottom line, we have a couple of solid guys with game XP and we don't need any more thugs.

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There seems to be a lot of chemistry with this staff. Hopefully it carries over to the team because this is something UT football has lacked for a while now. And how can you not like CBJ?? The verdict is still out as to whether he can turn this team around but I can tell you that, with his track record, I wouldn't put my money against him.

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I disagree with your premise...Hugh Freeze got a boat load of 4 and 5 stars and what is their success rate/experience in NFL.

Jones has quite a lot of talent in the NFL today from his former schools.

For being here 2 months, I think finishing 21st (Rivals) is pretty dang good...ahead of Texas, Oregon, VA Tech, West Virginia....

If you look at the average stars of who we got, we are ahead of Vandy, Oklahoma, and Nebraska as well.

If he can coach, he can win with these players.

Thank you for being a voice of reason.

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Hmmm...which one are you? Dumb or dumber?

lmao.. he is definitely in the dumber category. What an ignorant post.

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Great read. With the addition of North, this could be a really good receiving corps. Lets get a couple defensive studs and we'll be set!

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I disrespectfully disagree.

What laws were broken, what laws will be made because of Te'o's actions?

What laws are being considered now because of a mental ill nutcase?

We will all remember forever the Iraq war, but do we understand all the real reasons it happened?

The Te'o story is a grocery-store-checkout-line level of interest, of little consequence.

I advise you sir not to step in a puddle because you will be in over your head.

look man, all i'm saying is that being that its the biggest story in sports (whether you think it is or not) you are going to see it on a sports website. not the iraq war, not the newtown shooting. Thats how this stuff works. If you don't like it, don't read it.

I just stepped in a puddle and it didn't even get my shoes wet.

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The media is doing everything it can to manufacture this non-story. JA included. Where's the investigation of that gunman in Newtown? Seems to have been all but forgotten.

This is quite possibly the most ignorant post i've ever read.

First, the Te'o story is one of the biggest story in sports in a LONG time. Either he is a huge liar or mildly retarded.

Second, thats what the media does. Why on earth would you read the article anyways?

Third, there doesn't need to be an investigation about the known gunman who killed himself. I don't remember his name and I don't want to.

Fourth, I can assure you that Newtown is not, nor will it ever be forgotten. This site is a sports media outlet (not CNN). Did you really come to "" to read about the massacre? The Newtown shooting will never, and I mean ever, be forgotten.

So congratulations! You have officially made yourself look like a huge fool.

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Well deserved IMO. Thanks for giving me something interesting to read about on a daily basis. You're articles are straight forward and you don't hold anything back, even if it means offending a few folks along the way.

Congrats on the Nomination.

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You should take a moment and read your own comments... By and large, you do not care about Tee Martin. You only care about what he can do for the VOLS. When you read your comments, realize how selfish, obnoxious and conceited you are as a fan base... Again, what GOOD COACH in his right mind would associate himself with this train wreck called UT football!

One that likes getting paid 3m, enjoys 108,000 screaming orange fans, enjoys working in the best facilities in the country, enjoys unmatched tradition. And many many other things.. This enough of a reason?

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yeah....he's p-whooped, we now know who wears the pants in his family. He has officially been converted to a nut, so let him live on in the land of fruits and nuts.

Mama Martin told Tee: "HELL NAWW I AINT MOVIN OUT THUR"!

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You better believe that his wife is calling the shots on this one.. Not sure where she is from but i'm willing to bet that her personal career is (or will be) thriving in LA.. Knoxville, not so much. If she is willing to give a little, Tee will be wearing the power T. You know he wants to!

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The no-brainer solution is for Coach Fulmer to replace "Your Cheating" Hart as AD.


UT '81

should've happened after hammie...

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Sounds like you are in the 25%..I doubt 75% would be wrong..look at how many have voted..

you know what they say.. "ignorance is bliss"

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After Strong's press conference, It sounds like he has plans to head somewhere.. I'm thinking he's our man.

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Mizzu beat Tennessee. Vandy dismantled Tennessee. We played much better against Georgia than we did Vandy --both road games -- if Franklin had Richt's talent he would really have something going on. In fact if Franklin was coaching the SEC Title game Alabama would probably be in the Capital One Bowl.

Georgia's QB looked to sideline asking if he should spike the ball. If Richt plays that right the Dawgs get two shots at the end zone. Georgia fans will have nightmares about how close they came to playing for an NC for a long time. Just like we will always wish we didn't knock LSU's starting QB Rojan Davey out in the first half in 2001.

oh dear god.. why did you bring up that last detail.. I had all but erased it from my memory bank.

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Petrino will never be cheaper than he is now. To my knowledge he has never been in trouble with the NCAA for rules violations.
With UT's resources and a good recruiting coordinator it would be on like donkey kong.

oh yes.. Maybe pick up t. martin and trooper taylor.. Oh yeah, it would definitely be on like donkey kong. I have only dreamed of such a scenario.

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"wish list"....uhhh, the time for "wishing" is over my friend. it's time (and has been for quite a while) to get someone in here that can do some good and produce results. Why in the hell would you want Gruden????---for all his head coaching experience at the college level?-(none) for his recruiting experience?-(none) for his mediocre NFL resume?

The only reason folks on here want him to come is from the little tidbits they see of him on ESPN berating a college QB and for his pseudo-animosity on monday night football. People with any ounce of football knowledge know he isn't right for college (here or anywhere).

Put my $0.02 in? No problem. Chip Kelly (challenge him to win in the best NCAA conf) or Mike Gundy (ability to keep Bray, Hunter, and CP with his offense).

I agree for the most part. Gruden did win a SB but obviously that has nothing to do with college coaching. I think what most people like about him is the passion that he would bring to winning at UT. His name would recruit for itself. other than that, petrino and patterson are on the top of my list. as far as CK, yeah, he would be an awesome hire... I just don't feel like its a possibility with his situation. Would be an amazing hire though. I like Gundy a lot but he is coaching at his alma mater so that alone could take him out of the conversation. worth a shot though.

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Petrino would turn us around in two years and thats almost guaranteed. He is a proven winner wherever he has gone! Course the baggage may not be worth it since there is a lot of it but he can flat coach!!

agreed 100%

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You started off your list with Gruden...come on man, he is not coming here. GET IT THROUGH YOUR SKULL.

You finished off your list with you know he has a SHOW CAUSE ORDER FROM THE NCAA?????

How do you expect anyone to take you seriously??

My reason for gruden...BECAUSE ITS A "WISH LIST". I don't know if you've heard, but there are a few people that would like for him to come..

Did you see what i wrote in parenthesis next to tressel?? apparently not. I know that he has a show cause but i'm not familiar with all of the rules or strings that could be pulled.

So instead of making yourself look like a fool, why don't you add something intelligent to this post?

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And oh yeah, Petrino is by and far the best coach available right now.. Didn't say he is the best person or that he is "the guy" but he is definitely the best coach. If UK gets him and we get stuck with another dooley, we will become the kentucky or ole miss of the SEC. I don't want that.

Written on John Adams: Coaching (not Christmas) lists, the buzz this holiday season :

I agree with the list especially of Patterson and definitely Petrino. Heck, if UK gets Petrino, UT is in a world of hurt. Tubberville is definitely a possibility and i agree, his lashing proves he still has it in him. Rich Rod would be a gamble with the spread, but he really wasn't given the support that he needed at Michigan. But if Petrino is on that list, I think you've got to consider Butch Davis.

My christmas list is as follows:

1. Gruden
2. Patterson
3. Petrino
4. Strong
5. Gundy
6. Mora jr.
7. B. Davis
8. Tubbs
9. Jimbo
10. stoops

If it all falls apart, here are a few names i could possibly get excited about, Just to throw a few names out there:

- Mario Cristobal (turned FIU around, yeah... FIU)
- Dave Doeren (22-4 in 2 seasons at NIU)
- Kyle Wittingham (Utah... enough said)
- Jim Leavit (single handedly built USF)
- Sunny Dykes (yeah... i know)
- Rick Stockstill (MTSU dude)
- Randy Shannon (because we need defense)
- Bo Pelini(we need some passion, he could bring it)
- Tressel (not even sure if its a possibility)

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Whatever mojo Tommy had he has lost it at Tech..His team can't stop anybody and his meltdown on a GA last week may mean an early retirement for an OC/uptight coach.

What that "break down" on the GA meant to me was that he still has some fire left in him.. How many times did we wish Dooley would've slapped the headset off of Sunseri? I think Tubberville would be solid and maybe the 5th best option.. behind: Gruden, patterson, strong, & perhaps petrino. I really think petrino would be numero uno if it hadnt been for his incident.

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I'm on the exact same page as John Adams. Its almost like this article was wrote based on what i've been thinking for a few weeks. Even though Worley may not have quite the arm strength that bray possesses, he may have competitiveness and a will to win (unlike what bray has shown). but imagine what a gruden or petrino could do for him.. CP is indeed the best we've had in recent memory. I mean the guy simply doesn't get tackled on the first hit, he's just crazy good raw talent. He could really be the best in the league next year if he stays. Hunter would be a fool not to leave IMO. Basically, all of the same stuff adams wrote.

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in response to lail#204076:

The story says he was asked about the opening -- and he answered the question.

-- jack lail
Knoxville News Sentinel

The next question would be: Why would anyone be compelled to write a silly story about what cutcliffe does or does not want, based on "he was asked"?? Maybe tell us who asked him? How credible is the source? I don't know, it feels like we're missing out on some information here.

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in response to UT_Braddah:

Okay all of you classless, immature brats, go ahead and let us know what candidates you will find acceptable, so that the University can make sure you're happy with the hire. Because God knows, if you disagree with the hire the "culture of negativity" will only continue. Because, of course, you know exactly who should and should not coach this team.

I love Dooley, and know he's a good man. But I agree he had to go. But some of you bums show absolutely no class or compassion for a GOOD MAN who took the job that none of your dream coaches would take, gave it his all, suffered some of the worst luck and toughest schedule imaginable, and demonstrated true character that you LACK and will never have.

YOU have damaged this program with your classless negativity. What coach with other job opportunities would come here? What players with other opportunities will come here?

My rant ain't about Dooley...he needed to go. I think he'll spend a few years as an assistant and then reemerge as a very attractive HC candidate.

My post is about YOU...bunch of weak, classless, heartless, whining, ungrateful, unrealistic, spoiled, know-it-all, quitters.

Dooley is getting paid over 2 million a year. 5 million dollar buyout. All told, he will be getting paid over 11 million dollars to be the worst coach in UT history.

He has accounted for 10% of all of UTs SEC losses since 1932 (the beginning of the SEC). 10% IN THREE YEARS!!!!! And he is getting paid 11 million dollars to do it.

You are either out of your mind, dillusional or you simply have no clue. Most people don't have to opportunity to fail miserably at there job, get fired, then get paid 5 million in the process. Go post your worthless garbage somewhere else you fool.

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At this point, I'd take petrino without question. Dooley is the last of Mike Hamilton's failed experiments. Now get him the hell outta town.

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in response to bmaples:

As someone who was here for all four years of Petrino-Ball, I think I have some perspective into that possible hire:

-- Bobby Petrino is an offensive genius. I mean that. His offense looks like someone playing a video game against a bad opponent. We came to EXPECT 50 points every game.
-- He is an absolute taskmaster on the practice field. He expects routes to be run to the inch, and if you don't do it right you don't play.
-- He recruits well, and apparently polishes up well for the visits in the home.
-- He wins. If not for one bad half at Rutgers in 2006, Louisville would have played for the national championship, or at least been in the discussion.

-- He lies. I don't mean sorta, I mean flat-out lies. The classic was when he told the local media how happy he was here and how he wanted to stay forever, knowing he had an appointment with the Auburn AD the next day. He pulled this cr*p so often that we finally just assumed he was lying whenever he spoke.
-- Along with that, he is not loyal. To anyone. The Louisville AD did everything but give him a gold toilet, and it wasn't enough. Tommy Tuberville was his mentor, but Petrino interviewed for Tuberville's job while Tommy was still hired.
-- He is not warm and fuzzy with anyone. Not players, not fans, not boosters, not administrators. If you are looking for someone to glad-hand the givers, look somewhere else.

Is it possible he has learned from his amazing stupidity at Arkansas? Perhaps. At this point, though, I'd like to see it played out, rather than just words at a press conference.

Surely, somewhere there is a coach who both wins and tells the truth.

Bruce in Louisville

I couldn't agree more with this post. I'm just curious how his recent "incident" will affect his recruiting. I'd like to think that he would stay at UT (for a while) if he were offered the job. like you said, he has proven to be a puddle jumper. He has proven though, that he can win with lesser talent. Our current coaching staff has proven that they can lose with equal or greater talent.

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If change doesn't happen soon, it needs to be put squarely on the shoulders of Jimmy Cheek. For the love of all that is UT, make it happen you gator loving fool.

Why does it feel like the UT football program is being trolled by Alabama and Florida. Cheek, Hart and our entire coaching staff. The joke is over guys. We are in complete misery and cannot take it anymore. I know that coach Fulmer was bad to you guys, but please end this misery.

Written on Mike Strange: Vols' offense always feels the pressure to score :

Great read MS. It's a shame that our offense is as potent as we've seen in a long time yet, the defense just can't get it done. Can you tell me why a defense that ranked fairly well last year (with basically the same talent) is now the lowest ranked D in the SEC & country? Is a switch to 3-4 that confusing, or is the coaching just that bad? God bless Sal because its clear, on the sidelines, that he's doing his best but his best just isn't cutting it.

Written on Mike Strange: A different kind of defense is being played at Thompson-Boling Arena :

Awesome way to start the morning MS.. Thanks for the great read.