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Vandy ain't gonna have a football team if they can't keep their britches up. They'll have to raise money for bail instead of stadium improvements.

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But Fulmer still gave us the best run of Tennessee football since General Neyland. I'd gladly take a 10 win season where we lose to Florida and Alabama right now. The 2008 season was terrible for the same reason the 2012 defense was terrible: Dave Clawson tried to install an offense that had not yet been recruited for. It cost Fulmer his job. Did Fulmer hire Clawson on his own, or did Hamilton have a part in it? Love Fulmer or hate him, he was a good football coach who gave us a lot of good football at UT. Hamilton was a snake in the grass that brought us Lane Kiffin and Derek Dooley. Thank God and Greyhound he's gone!

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Since you are so highly ranked again, which game do you envision getting your stubby tails handed to you? It's a dawg tradition to fumble away a good team by living down to expectations right? Are you going to start out bad and then whine for redemption or build up the fair weather fans hopes and then drop the hammer at the end like taking away Christmas? Just like a dog in the house, always one game away from peeing on the carpet.

This has to be the post of the century! ROTF.

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Looking forward to the season. I hope we can at least qualify for a bowl game this season to get Coach Jones off to a decent start. I'm not making any wild predictions, because they aren't worth anything. After the last three seasons, anything over .500 is icing on the cake. I think the future is bright, but we need to be realists and not start trying to fire CBJ after the first 3 or 4 games.

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"in the short term, there is the predictable bump that a program gets from the burst of energy from a new staff, but it is unlikely they are able to fully address all their weaknesses in one ore two recruiting classes, the SEC is a tough place for incomplete football teams.

I really have no idea how Jones will turn out as a coach. Its hard to contexualize a coach has two 3 year stints following the same coach where the “heavy lifting” had been done. Urban Meyer is perhaps the classic case of an “overnight” success in 6 years from Bowling Green to a national title at UF, but again, the level of success he had had at Both Bowling green and Utah was unprecedented at both places. further, he and mullen could legitimately claim to having developed a proprietary version of the spread option.

Jones has not done either of those things….that does not mean he can’t or won’t succeed, but it simply means he is like any other hire in that it will take time to know whether or not he can build a winning program in the most competitive conference in college football."'

He pretended to be committed to Cincinnati. They all bought into "the process" which I thought was a Saban meme anyway..........
just typin'

Urban Meyer is at Ohio State. I don't know how Jones will turn out, or how long it will take. Neither do you, so shut up.

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It is realistic to say that this is probably going to be another tough season, but if we lose a game, I don't think it will be due to sorry coaching like it was last season. Offensively, we lost a lot of weapons. If not for that, I would think a challenge for the East would be reasonable this year. Having to replace Bray, Patterson, and Hunter isn't going to be easy, but by mid-season, we should be lookin' up. I'm excited. Go VOLS!

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This is a really goofy charge, but hitting a bouncer and then getting sporty with the police all within a month sounds like he may have a deeper problem with respecting authority figures.

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This ought to wind him up. Three major colleges and a junior college, I just don't see an NBA team taking a chance on him. Too much money involved.

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Who's to say Butch Jones won't be the next Saban? We don't know yet, but he just may be.

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I can't recall Butch Jones being a highly sought after coach. He wasn't even the first choice when a spiraling out of control UThug hired him away from powerhouse Cincy team.

Please, just shut up.

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I think it is pretty obvious that the SEC is top-heavy. However, it seems to me that most other conferences are, too. There are teams in our bottom half that wouldn't be bottom half in any other conference.

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In this case, I tend to believe the "source" in the athletic department over Mr. Golden. It would be very unusual to play 3 years at one school, be a very important part of the starting lineup, and then just out of the blue decide you would rather play your final year somewhere else. That just doesn't add up. I'm sorry.

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If this is the case, it was handled appropriately. Most programs, and I'm sure UT is no different, offer all the help a player could ever want keeping their grades up. If he was too lazy to put in the minimal effort needed, he doesn't deserve to stay.

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But ... but... but ... what're we going to do now? Word is that Golden will not be back next year!

Things have a way of coming back to bite you.

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Wow. What next?

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We need to fill the seats we have before this will matter a whole lot. Didn't we cut from north of 107,000 to the 102,455 a few years ago to build some "luxury sky boxes"?

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Nice contract for an AD who missed on Gruden, Strong, and 3 others before being forced to take a follower who lost badly to Dooley. Truth is UT has a worse staff than UK or Vandy. Time will prove me right once again just like the Dooley bashing TROLL I was called. Ill put Fulmer and Pearls credentials against Martins and Jones anytime anywhere and beg for a stupid argument. Nobody bashes UT worse than UT fans. The ONLY SEC school in 100 years to fire a coach who won them a National Championship for their school. . Idiots..

Actually, Auburn fired Gene Chizik in 2012 after he won them a national title in 2010. I agree that Fulmer should never have been fired, but he was. Butch Jones is now our coach, and he was a better hire than either Jon Gruden or Charlie Strong. I think time will prove me right.

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Any kind of playoff will ruin college football. I like bowl games. More often than not, the best team wins the title. There are cases where a team has an argument that they should've been there, but that isn't all that often. Leave college football alone!

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Congratulations to AD Hart on his contract extension. He is working hard to overcome the mess that his predecessor left him. His efforts have already brought us Butch Jones, who I believe will bring UT football back to the top, in due time. I used to subscribe to the Alabama conspiracy theories, but I have had a change of heart, no pun intended.

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I think Locker and Hunter will be special in the future.

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I don't know about Teague. He never really got to play his position at UT. Maybe things will work out for him. I'm still surprised that Bray didn't get drafted.

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Frankly, I'm pretty surprised that Bray went undrafted. I realize he has some maturity issues, but nothing he couldn't grow out of. He could definitely be a bargain for somebody as an undrafted free agent. I don't think he has what it takes upstairs to be a rookie starter, but with a couple of years under somebody like Peyton Manning he could definitely have a future.

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Seems like Rivera went kinda low. He's better than that.

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Very wise decision by Jarnell Stokes. I am glad to hear he will be back. We should have a good team next year with Maymon back.

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Looks to me like the guy has a decent resume. Some of our best years were with a Florida guy at the helm, so we need to just sit back and relax. Butch has it all under control and will rebuild this program, I am convinced of it. When we are back in the hunt, you will all think Dave Hart was brilliant.

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I'm glad for Patterson. He deserved to be a first round pick. Very talented individual.

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It never pays to sue your employer, if you wish to remain employed.

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And some on here still think he can't recruit.

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"Lane Kiffin is a flat out liar" Al Davis

Al Davis spoke the truth.

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The Dooley debacle probably ruined a lot of NFL dreams.

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I think the article sums Bray up really well. More than likely, he won't be a rookie starter. He has the talent to be, but he isn't there mentally yet. He will be a starter eventually if he stays healthy. He reminds me a lot of Jay Cutler, and he has done a decent job at Chicago.

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Good news for sure. Hope it works out for him and he is back in orange this fall.

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Looks like he got off pretty easy to me. If the allegations are true, he should be looking at prison time.

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It is nice to see Coach reaching out to our former players like he is. I know that doesn't mean much on the field, but recruits seeing all the faces that have come through here and gone on to shine in the NFL is a positive thing. I am especially glad to see UT reach out to Arian Foster. He left here with a bad taste in his mouth for UT football, and it is good to see him welcomed back.

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Realistically, the offense is going to take a step back this year. All you Bray haters are going to see that he really was that good. That said, if they can improve over the summer and we see good improvement on the defensive side of the ball, the light may start shining at the end of the tunnel. Nobody needs to have any delusions of winning the east this year, but we should win some SEC games and hopefully go bowling. Not what UT fans were accustomed to in days of old, but if we will be patient with this coach, I believe he will get us back there.

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Hopefully one of the two freshmen coming in will show some promise.

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Martin owes a LOT of favors to a lot of people, perhaps.

All over the Vol Nation, people are beginning to say Martin is in over his head. From almost Day 1, some who knew have been saying he was not up to the task of succeeding Pearl & company.

Martin is major league a typical Mike Hamilton hire.

I am tired of UT's being such a bad place in the eyes of the coaching community that we hire bush league coaches, who do not make NCAA tournaments, get to Bowl Games, apologize for baseball teams that can't win, or in news conferences announce they are bringing in the "Best Coaching Staff in America," then bring in small school coaching staffs, one of whom was so rude to a respected UT Vol alumnus coach, that the coach left his alma mater to work at a former opponent.

That's what you get when trustees hire presidents, chancellors and athletics directors from places that have been and are enemical to UT.

Bush league coaches. Bad administrators. Athletics Directors who have no clue how to get a top tier coach to come to UT, and are so close to retirement, with contracts that prevent them from being fired, that they don't care. Anybody who would have given a coach from the University of Cincinnati a no-cut contract for $18-MILLION DOLLARS if the guys breathes, is not fit to be on a UT payroll.

But, of course, all those great minds wanted to fire Fulmer. (Uh can you say $40-million dollars that move cost you, and we downgraded coaches. And we are on the hook for another 18Million+ for Jones & his assistants.)

Seems to me that since the ONLY reason UT is having the recruiting success now being enjoyed in football is because of getting UT legacy prospects, due to the lettermen's having realized the Athletics Department could tank if Football does not turn around this year...

so lettermen are calling on their fellow lettermen to send their kids to UT...

If the lettermen are doing that, then the Lettermen ought to be coaching UT. All have played better football and more than a few have coached at higher levels than all but one of Jones's staff including Jones.

And nobody is going to be able to convince me that Martin---who is a better coach in BB than Jones or his minions are in Football---is able to handle this position.

Remember...Martin recruits a strength and conditioning coach who reportedly poses half nude on a website...and hires him anyway; guy had worked at Purdue, where Martin had gone to school---before the guy was unemployed.

Sooooo...Martin pays him 6figures to put his shirt on and come to UT, where he sits courtside at games, wearing suits that glow in the dark.

You gotta be kidding me. The Athletics Department is a half-BILLION dollars per decade operation...and all we can hire is buffoons??????? (Except for women's basketball---which the Athletics Director disrespects.)


Butch Jones has yet to coach one down of football at UT against an opponent. What makes you think a big name coach would want to walk into UT after a three-peat of losing seasons and a fan base that wants to fire everybody including their national championship winning football coach? I wouldn't coach here either as ignorant and impatient as this fan base is. Coach Dooley was given time to show improvement, and should have been fired when he was. However, this fan base would have fired him after the first season. Coach Jones may be a major flop. Then again, he may get us back in contention. I don't know, and neither do you.

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All of you clammoring for Bruce Pearl's triumphant return should consider a few things about Bruce.

Yes, he injected a much needed dose of enthusiam and swagger to the downtrodden B-ball program. But the Bruce Pearl we hired was not the same Bruce Pearl that we fired. We hired an enthusiastic coach who ran a clean program and was a family man. We fired a coach who lied to the NCAA and also conspired to have his coaches and recruits lie. In the K-NS, Bruce called his new wife Brandy "the love of my life"...while all of his children, from his previous (barely cold) marriage, still lived in Knoxville. There was an arrogance and an ego that the "fired Bruce" probably should have reigned in.

In the NCAA, Pearl went 1 game farther than Jerry Green. And, then he killed what he built. Cuonzo exceeded expectations in his first year and I expect him to turn the corner next season. Get over Bruce...he has reached his expiration date at UTK.

Good post. I couldn't agree more.

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Here we go with the idiotic comments. We don't know why Lane is off the team, but it sounds like a door is open if he wants to do what he needs to do. Dooley's record had nothing to do with the talent on the field. He had no idea how to make halftime or gametime adjustments, that is why he had a losing record.

Written on Sports Illustrated: Bray has physical ability to play in NFL, but mental questions remain:

He just needs to work on keeping his chin up when he or a team mate makes a mistake. I think he has a chance to be a good NFL QB, but he may not be a rookie starter.

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Read on another site he had an injured foot for most of last season. He initially committed to Western Carolina, but chose a community college so he's only got 2 years of eligibility remaining. Maybe Cuonzo can share his insight and logic on this guy. We've seen the consistent recruiting and talent Bruce brought in on the court and statistic wise, as of now Cuonzo is miles behind. Cuonzo seems like a good guy, but being a good guy doesn't always translate to winning basketball games. If this upcoming year isn't better than the previous years Cuonzo's gotta go and we've gotta rehire Bruce. We can't allow our program to decline any more than it already has and Cuonzo's recruits are apparently, more often than not, looking like they're in the wrong conference. Not to mention we're now starting towards a reputation of over signing, in turn somebody's gotta go and that can't look too enticing to recruits seeing as how we're not competing for the national championship every year. All that being said welcome aboard Rawane, I hope you and Cuonzo prove me wrong. Go Vols

I am in agreement with most of what you are saying here, but I don't see UT ever re-hiring Bruce Pearl. I know he's a good coach, but he is damaged goods. He'll coach again somewhere, but it won't be at UT. I do think that this coming season needs to show improvement or CCM needs to have a very good reason why it didn't. Not being able to get his team up to beat Mercer in the NIT after running his yap about the NCAA selection committee was a huge indictment against him as a coach. I hope he proves me wrong as well and wins the SEC this year, but I am skeptical.

Written on John Adams: For Butch Jones, it's been access supplied during his time at Tennessee:

For the first time in a long time, it looks like the future is bright. We haven't had a decent coach since 2008, but it looks like we've got one now. Go Coach Jones, and Go Big Orange!

BTW, good article, John Adams.

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Thought this was a UT board?

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

So what have you got against rednecks? Hate is hate, friend.

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Realistically, I think we all know that this team is not going to compete for any kind of championship this fall. They need to find a way to get enough wins to go to a bowl this year, but that will be a challenge with this very young offense. Recruiting seems to be on the upswing, so let's be positive and stand behind our coach until he gives us a reason not to. Remember, he took over after back to back to back losing seasons, so we don't need to expect a miracle in his first season.

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Love him or hate him, he has done a really good job at Vandy. I bleed orange, but you have to give credit where credit is due.

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They'll get the hammys straightened out. No need for excitement just yet.

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I'm not sure a win over ETSU is any indication this team is turned around. It is nice to have the losing skid broken, but reality will set back in next game.

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I don't see how this team can go anywhere but up. Go Butch, Go Big Orange!

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I believe we have a COACH.

Me, too. Dooley was a mouthpiece, Jones is football coach. Glad we got him.