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I live 30 minutes up the road from Saugatuck. The whole west coast of Michigan is amazing. bUTch, PLEASE come home sometime and let us VFLs who are stuck in the cold of Michigan meet you. I love that you have west Michigan ties with us. Go Vols!

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And yet some foolish school will let him play this coming season - the reason he hasn't learned any lessons thus far from his destructive behavior.

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Wonderful news, Jarnell! I have a feeling that this coming season will bring good things for you personally, the team, and Vol Nation. Thanks for sticking around. GBO!

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Congratulations, CP! Vol Nation is proud of you and looking forward to following your success in the NFL!

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Awesome! Thanks, Jordan - Vol Nation sure appreciates you!

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I normally would like the upset. But watching Marshall Henderson win just makes me go uggghhh.

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Not what Lunardi is saying today. We're suddenly the last team in!

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Horribly sad!!!

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Great story. As someone who hasn't had the blessing of living in TN since I graduated (though born and raised in Knoxville), I can appreciate any chance I get to see the Vols whenever they wander my direction. So while I wasn't thrilled with adding teams from either TX or MO, I'm happy for the VFLs in those areas that finally get to enjoy their team there! (What are the chances of adding a Michigan team? Blehhhh.)

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Fun to read. Seems like all they have to realize to pronounce Vols is that it's short for Volunteers. No one says Vole-unteers. But it did seriously remind me of when I asked my dad what a Vol was when I was in elementary school. Can't believe I can remember that.

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Congratulations, Coach Dooley. We really wish you and your family all the best in Miami.

LOL...excuse my multi-tasking errors. I mean, Dallas. Gracious.

Written on Report: Dallas Cowboys ready to hire Derek Dooley :

Congratulations, Coach Dooley. We really wish you and your family all the best in Miami.

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Yes, he is, but I wish he were our punk instead of Ole Miss' punk.

No way I'd want him. There's a reason he's at his 4th school in four years. He may be a phenomenal shooter, but he's trouble. He's The Future on ego-steroids. While at Utah he punched a BYU player in the face during a game! (! (at 1:40 mark) Ol' Miss can have him, enjoy their run with him, and hope he doesn't bring down the place in the process. He obviously hasn't had a coach yet who cares to coach him in character/integrity. I'd feel sick if we stooped his his level.

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I wish this Fall was going to be different. Jones will do no better than Dooley on-field: beat Austin Peays & get racked up by Oregons, Floridas, Bamas & SC's. I am ill at ease from what I have seen. Here's why:

a. A widely respected friend-a friend among Cincinnati powerful says people there were stunned when Jones left. Jones had assured townies, school & players how much he wanted stay, a few weeks before bolting.

b. Here, Jones proclaims he will have the best coaching staff in the USA. He hires his from Cincinnati, without talking to several available widely respected, nationally known coaches/coordinators.

c. He claims he has wanted to coach here all his life. Strange for a Michigan guy---especially one who wanted to stay in Cincinnati.

d. He says UT can win the SEC with Tennessee H.S. players, which East, West, &---to a lesser degree--- Middle Tennessee fans, want to hear. Within two days Phillip Fulmer, who could have said nothing, says Jones has never recruited nationally, but must, he is to succeed here.
When he left, Jones made sure to take one of UC's committed recruits---a 2-star lineman. Maybe from UC or Central Mich., a 2-stars is national recruiting. Not in the SEC. SEC Coaches doing that when leaving, are not very well thought of.
e. Trust is apparently not bedrock in cultures that he comes from.

1) This week we learned that his mentor, Kelly, at N.D. , whom Jones followed at Central Mich., then Cincinnati---as Kelly got better jobs---does the same kind of you-gotta-cut-the-cards when he talks.

Having proclaimed love for N.D., Kelly then interviews at Philly. Then we learn Notre Dame football under Kelly has covered up lies by his premier player---lies designed to get support from those who bestow post-season honors.

2) Also Jones told John Adams, for this article, a story which embarrasses the President of the University of Cincinnati, but makes Jones look prescient.
My take-away:
a. Jones tells everybody what they want to hear.
b. Jones tells things to make himself look good that make others look bad.
c. Phillip Fulmer, in the meeting w/Jones, could not have missed discussing how mentally NOT tough & undisciplined Vols were w/Kiffen or Dooley.

Jones needs backing of Fulmer and former Vol players; so he hires a popular says what Fulmer wants to hear...says everywhere in Tennessee what they want to hear...tells recruits and parents what THEY want to hear. Jones does so to position himself. Jones is no reincarnation of The General; he is a masterful politician.

This guy gets multiple million$, plus his mid-major staff raises of 50%, his own contract makes him richer than the town he came from, regardless.

No wonder he tells everybody what they want to hear; Cheek, the Pres & Hart certainly told him what HE wanted to hear.

That will work until Oregon takes the field. Maybe Jones will have figured out by then what Oregon wants to hear.

Listen to this hour of Erik Ainge's radio show, and you'll discover that not everyone thinks like you. <shocking!> Ainge talks about his interaction with Butch and also interviews former player, Kevin Simon, (right after the 30min. mark) who tells him that Butch told him LAST SEPTEMBER that UT would be his dream job. They both are super psyched about Butch. Enjoy:

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Good question.

My source is a friend, whom I have known for decades. He has no dog in the hunt---and is not connected to the University of Cincinnati. He is a powerful guy in that town, though, and really wired in.

He does not care what UC does or does not do, from a fan's standpoint, although I suspect he wishes them well. He is a good guy; and he was merely surprised that somebody would bail after what he thought was a short time, especially after making those comments.

And they can't understand someone making statements like that BEFORE they know their dream job is even an option? He thought he'd talked to everyone interested. How is that hard to understand? How wise would it have been from any viewpoint for him to pass up this job? Plug in any other person/career advancement/income growth into that scenario. That doesn't make him a bad person in the least, like you're implying. BTW, a "short time" is one year, not 3. Yet, as much as I hated it, I understand Ki__in's move. (And am really glad he's not here.)

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Excited for you, Nick! Hope to see you back with the Vols someday, too.

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Do NO KNS sports writers cover recruiting news? Is the only way to find out how anything this weekend went is to pay for it?

Written on USC shows up an hour late for bowl dinner; Trojans player cusses El Paso:

How ignorantly foolish I was to be so upset when I heard of he-who-should-not-be-named bailing on us. So thankful now that it is not us that he continues to embarrass and drag down into his pit.

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Here's wiki info on Tee's wife:

Sure hoping for a "yes"!!

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Love it! I actually have some roots way back in Grainger County somewhere. Congrats, Skylar. We love watching you and are thrilled that you're a Vol!

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As good as Patterson is (or was) I cringe every time he does score for fear he will "hot dog" himself into another unsportsmanlike penalty. He will have a ball in the pro game. But it is ironic that the supposedly mature pros are allowed to do anything after a play, but young kids are penalized for being, well, kids.:)

He didn't "hot dog" at Vandy. He unwisely turned around to see why the flag was thrown, and it was misinterpreted as a taunting. He's a good kid who needs to be more careful at moments like those.

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I feel good about my decision to not read anymore articles by Adams with a negative title, nor the negative comments to follow. They are cancerous. Have a blast, everyone.

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I agree that he was turning to see why the flag was thrown - which was a bad idea. He's a good kid...that I'd love to see come back next year.

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Daniel Hood's story is heartbreaking. And I for one am so thankful that Dooley has been the kind of person/mentor who could really help see him through such a horrible time of his life. I don't assume that most coaches are nearly as gifted relationally with their players. I greatly respect that in Dooley, and feel sad for the players if he's fired. No, I'm not talking football. Just the stuff that is real life.

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I hope everyone takes to heart Dooley's comment about how we're always on the kids about their attitudes, but they're the ones who are handling it well - no negativity, no mean-spirited comments on the team, no gossip - that there's a lot we have to learn from them. I agree. I am completely embarrassed by how so many of our fans seem to thrive on being mean-spirited, as if there were no positive way to deal with frustrations and disappointments. As a mom, I can't imagine the agony of his kids being on the receiving end of mean comments about their dad over a game. I feel sick over the lack of a moral standard. That has nothing to do with football. There are things that are much more important.

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You're right, Adams. Petrino didn't lie about anything hotdogs. If it were hotdogs, then that would be lot more of a bad influence on our student athletes.

Last I checked my roofer and my pest-control guy don't influence my kids. Seriously, are you drunk?

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No you did not have to..this is not a political site..and I think KNS has removed some who have used it as such..

Sincerely sorry to offend you. I honestly thought it was funny. Not trying to be political...I don't like that either. It won't happen again.

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Agree. If Obama gets a do-over, Bray should, too. (Sorry, had to.)

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Blasphemy. Not sure why I even stoop to comment.

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I love that Troy QB, Corey Robinson, is a UT fan and has a dog named Smoky. I bet he'd even be a little disappointed if we didn't win. Enjoy playing and getting beat in Neyland, Corey! And I mean that with all sincerity.

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TN will be lucky to get a SEC win this year. We used to compete for SEC championships and now we just hope we don't get shut out.

What game in the world did you watch? It sure wasn't ours.

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"The Vols have lost four SEC games to date to teams which have lost ONE … GAME … TOTAL." Well then it sounds like a heck of a lot of schools need to fire their coaches, doesn't it! Maybe that should be the rule every fire all coaches that can't beat the top 5 teams in the nation. (Think of how many coaches there would be to choose from.) And how long should we give the next coach to be #1 in the SEC? I think 2 years max, since they'd be inheriting a better team than Dooley. Actually, I think any of us who do not have the honor of being #1 in our field of work should lose our jobs, too. It's only fair. We demand the best...then we should also be the best. And you only have 3 years to become the best...not just in your office. Oh, no. In your field of work nation-wide. We need to live by the standards that we hold others to. Oh, and don't expect any encouragement along the way. Any sign that you're not going to make it and you'll be shunned and verbally ripped apart by everyone, who in reality, has no experience or training in how to do your job. This could be fun...making sure there is no hypocrisy. Who's game?

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Agree. I think every team who does not beat the #1 team in the nation, Alabama, should fire their coach. Actually, that should be the rule every year. (Think of how many coaches there would be to choose from.) Actually, I think any of us who do not have the honor of being #1 in our field of work should lose our jobs, too. It's only fair. We demand the best...then we should also be the best. And you only have 3 years to get become the best...not just in your office. Oh, no. In your field of work nation-wide. We need to live by the standards that we hold others to. Oh, and don't expect any encouragement along the way. Any sign that you're not going to make it and you'll be shunned and verbally ripped apart by all. This could be fun...making sure there is no hypocrisy. Who's game?

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I was at the Miracle at South Bend in '91. I'm ready for another one. Vol fans...get in the game and stay in the game with our guys! GBO!

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in response to FrostyVol:

Tyler - haters gonna hate. That's what they do. So ignore the idiots. If that's not possible, close your twitter account. There are way more real fans out here who support you no matter what and who are grateful that you chose to come to Tennessee.

Agree. I wish the idiots weren't the loudest, but they are. Tyler, there are more of us who know you lay your heart out there, see the results, and appreciate it tremendously. You are appreciated and we look forward to the rest of the season! Thanks so much for being a Vol!

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This article is about AJ and Herman showing leadership and 95% of the comments are about firing Dooley, firing Hart, bring back Phil, we're terrible, etc. If all you are gonna do is b1tch and moan get the hell of here. Show some support. And I don't blame Tyler at all for his comment about fair weather fans cause after reading any article on this site you can see it's completely true.

Agree 100%. How would this team play if they knew they had the fans' support? And if the 12th man hung in there during games when things get tough, instead of walking out? I'm not sure, as a parent, that I'd want my football playing kid going to a school like this...where they had to fear getting harassed or egged if they weren't perfect. And that's both horribly sad and embarrassing to say.

Herman, A.J., and Tyler...KNOW that the loud-mouthed idiots do not speak for the majority of us. True Vol fans greatly appreciate you and your hard work, and have in no way given up on you. There is so much potential on this team and we look forward to watching you continue to strive together and accomplish great things this season. GBO!!

Written on Frustration mounts after UT misses another chance to 'get over the hump' :

Michael Silence's blog, "Don’t be in a rush to get rid of Derek Dooley":

Written on Frustration mounts after UT misses another chance to 'get over the hump' :

in response to lebronb:

brian kelly said no thanks to ut as did almost every other high profile head coach most even before being asked if they were interested they were all running to any tv reporter they could find to say " im not interedted " and that was becouse the fans wanted a change and wanted fulmer fired billboards went up websites went up and the " fans " got what they wanted and now here we go again " fans " want dooley fired . NO HIGH LEVEL COACH will take the job here becouse of the " fans " who at the first sign of trouble will be wanting him fired i dont care how much money is offered.This team was a 8 and 4 team at best and should go 7 and 5 and make it to a bowl game and they will go 7 and 5 i dont like it but as bad as this team was last year its a big improvement a fourth coach in four years will only make things worse

Exactly. I'm completely embarrassed by the the negative loud mouthed fans who do NOT speak for all of us. I have heard coach after coach say that it is completely unrealistic to expect the level of turn-around that our "fans" have demanded from Dooley in the time given. I can see why no one would want to coach here. It's like an abusive husband seeking his 5th wife. She can expect a wonderful long marriage as long as she lives up to his perfect expectations.

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I will be embarrassed if fans don't show up in full support of our team in Neyland on Saturday. We expect our coaches and players to do their jobs perfectly, but we don't put that same expectation on ourselves as fans, as the 12th man. It makes a huge difference for the team when they know the fans are pulling for them. I'm not sure I'd want to "perform" for current Vol fans or not. Just sayin'.

Written on Frustration mounts after UT misses another chance to 'get over the hump' :

WANTED: Football coach who will win national championship, or at least SEC (though what's the difference), in 3 years, or obviously expect no support from fans (ie. bad mouthing, amateur coaching advice, refusal to attend games, bashing on campus rock, and other possible childish pranks) and, further more, to be fired immediately. This expectation is not dependent on talent level of players at time job begins. Any signs that coach is not a true "Vol For Life" (ie. not recruiting players or running plays suggested by true VFLs, not coaching players to perfection or having players with positive attitudes while being harrassed by true vols) will result in persecution that any non-perfect person should expect at their work place from on-lookers. Obviously, this is the ideal place to pick up and move your family, and those of your favorite coaching buddies...a place where true southern hospitality abounds.

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in response to Scoon:

oh, they will but they can't stop BigBlueNation you know how humorous this is coming from Mississippi State? I mean, look who you've played. Seriously. I hope you're team is as over-confident as you are.

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Can. not. wait!! GBO!

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One thing is for sure. Adams will never get asked to head up the VFL program. GBO!

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This article makes me sad. And the replies make me even sadder. My dad, part of the "greatest generation", was a Vol grad long before me and had the same seats in Neyland for over 50 years before he died 6 years ago. He never EVER left a game before the clock ran out...regardless of if we were headed for a W or L...regardless of the weather. That is what I was born into, and can not for the life of me relate to only being a "fan" when things are going great. How would the team respond if the 12th man hung in there when the going got tough...if they knew they were really behind them? (Instead of pouting or cursing as they stomp off.) They didn't expand Neyland because fans decided to withhold their love when things got tough. (Or worse yet, send reprehensible messages. The thought of the guys reading these boards makes me sick.) We only went to a bowl game once in my 4 years at UT (Liberty) and Neyland was always full. My blood is orange, and no disappointing GAME can ever change that. Maybe we should all go through the VFL program. Yes, I love to win. Yes, I had high hopes for the FLA game. But sorry...Adams' take on the heart of the average Vol fan does not represent me. Just had to vent. Go Vols!

Written on Derrick Brodus to handle field goals, extra points for Tennessee:

Excited for Brodus...what a great story! Can't wait for this week!

(But why does it say "Matt" Palardy under the picture?)

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in response to Col26ca:

Is is not always about pay. Why else would we have the military, teachers, firefighters, police, etc. Sometimes, some people do it for the love of the challenge. Do it well and the rewards will come. That is a lesson we all need to learn. God Bless to all and GBO. VFL

Amen...what he said. Welcome back, Antone! And thank you in advance for your hard work and influence on these young men's lives. VFL!

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Tyler, first of all, I'm a fan...(so keep reading). I live close to Lake Michigan where lots of people own a jet ski. There are deaths EVERY summer due to accidents, mostly from silly stunts gone wrong. I remember one summer when a girl on a jet ski was beheaded by another jet ski...and it took awhile to find her head. Beyond horrible. There are now laws that require that you go through a safety class to drive them...which is annoying to some people, but wise. It only takes ONE "silly" moment to change your life forever...or end it. Think wise. Again, I'm a fan...thanks for being a VFL...looking forward to this season!

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John Adams has no place telling football coaches how to motivate their players. I'd encourage him to set a goal for himself of not thinking he can do their job better than they can. (At least not out loud in an article.)