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What a piece of phooey you are. Ambush your readers with one day's notice. Oh and isn't the football season about ready to start? Looks like you learned to price gouge from your benefactor, Pilot Oil. Not giving adequate advance notice or a grace period just shows what you think of your customers. No thanks. I can find plenty of biased phooey presenting itself as "fair and balanced' news elsewhere for free. Good riddance idiots.

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I say wear it when we are 21 pt. underdogs. That way Sports Center highlights won't show the beloved orange and white being thrashed 24 hours a day. (of course this year they would be wearing it often)

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As long as I've lived here, and it's been a long time, nothing even remotely has happened at Vandy as this very sad news. Squeaky clean program. Then comes Jimmy and the rest is history. All I'm saying is in all the history of Vanderbilt football, nothing like this has ever hit the news. Then comes Jimmy. Sometimes success comes with a price. This is about as bad as it gets.

u hire 1 you get exponential, Get it?

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There is no way that voice is going to get any better with this team and that schedule. Touch up on your signing Butch!

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"This team has all the ingredients as a head coach that can make teams win," Bielema said. "I haven't been through an SEC schedule, through the stadiums, I haven't been through an away game schedule quite like the one we face. I do know this: We have a team that's very hungry, a group of coaches that are very gifted, we have a staff that is very talented and a lot of years to back that up."

Really? Wait 'till you have been around for awhile before you speak.....but this is coming from a guy hired by the guys that hired Petrino...LOL at best.

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Why is it that every time UF passes gas the KNS justifies publishing it? Bet that does not happen in Gainsville. Penis envy at its worst.

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This staff appears the most motivated of any Tennessee Football Staff I can remember; and that goes back to my first live game at Neyland -- Nov 11, 1961 when the Vols beat Bobby Dodd's 9th ranked Georgia Tech team 10-6. Thanks for the memories! That's my story, and I'm stickin' to it!

That must be the same day your daddy gave you those orange tinted sunglasses. (I had to buy mine when I got to school here since my daddy went to Bama). I agree, though I do remember Doug Dickey's staff being extremely motivated as were Fulmer's early staffs. However, coaching and winning in the SEC will directly influence their motivation going forward.

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One thing about Biddle most folks in East TN do not know. He is close friends with Steve Spurrier.

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I think Joe Biddle should have been there years ago just based on his great radio stint pretending to be Johnny Majors. He has a great sense of humor. I am a long time reader of the Nashville press and certainly would have included David Climer over John Adams though. Living in Houston, although, I do respect John's climb up SE TX and down I10 to get to where he is now.

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All of these assistants are being paid significantly more than the average of 200,000 dollars/season(according to USA Today).

You're being paid like one of the best staffs in America. Now prove it in recruiting.

That average does indeed include UT but it also includes everyone else. Think about that.

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Just cant't wait for a Spurrier one liner about this.

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Good thing your career is not comedy. By the way just what is it in?

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Maybe U should have mentioned the basketball programs, the baseball and softball programs, track, volleyball, golf, swimming, ROTC etc. How is twitter being used?

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No way Peyton would co-exist with a undisciplined athlete like CP..PM has completely revamped Denver's offense and the WR's not on page don't get passes thrown their way..I see Patterson as a Jevan Hester type athlete that probably never puts in the time to develop his skills/technique..JAT.

BS comment. If he goes to a team that nurtures players he will be fine {like the Texans for example. Arian Foster was on the practice squad 4 years ago) PM is a patient guy. He looks for talent and uses it when he can.

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My wife reminds me that the best thing I ever saw there was her cleavage, Thanks Honey, LOL.

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When I was a kid at a West Knox high school one of my best friends Dad was in charge of maintenance at the facility. He got us in many times to shoot baskets on the Tartan. It was a fantastic experience. Also watching the Mears show and the unicycle antics were great. Best thing I ever saw there was Pistol Pete.

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I got appointed as a second luey in that place. We had the greatest Army ROTC program in the country there. I had an office there my senior year as a top officer in the cadet program. I love that place.

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This is the best coaching staff in America...LOL

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Why in the hell would you come to Knoxville Tennessee from LA to coach for a middle major guy when you are at the top spot in the country? Geez get over it rednecks..look at the quality of coach we just had to settle for. Not to mention a recycled AD!

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You think his wife would like to have a child around that reminds her of his previous relationship? She is a very broad minded woman if she is okay with that.

You are certainly right about that. It takes a very caring person to adapt to that. Somehow I don't think you would qualify.

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So you might NOT want to have ALL of yours kids in ONE town. AND continue to work for a coach that help set this great program back... Publicity nightmare if you don't take the offer Tee. And...folks won't be asking for your autograph the next time your in K-town. I've got a framed front page National Champs Tennessean newspaper with your mug on it in my man cave. Please don't make me take it down!! Go Vols!!

You will be the first in line when he comes home as HC. The guy has the best job in college football for his career. It doesn't matter what we think of Kiffin, USC on his resume is GOLD.

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Sounds like it is far from a done deal. The money alone could be a stumbling block. Either way, I have a lot of respect for Tee Martin and always will even though I think nothing of the soft cakes twinky head coach he works for in LA. GO VOLS!

You may not think much of Tame Lane but I do not see 3 losing seasons in a row on his resume.

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Tee come back to the promised land. The Vols need you. Why would anyone want to live in Los Angles and work with that scum bag Kiffin?

Because it is LA not Hicksville. He can name his price anywhere in the country, but if he stays put there he will be a HC in 3 years..probably here.

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Good solid appraisal. Finally something about football that matches your booming baritone!

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

So all of what he said is BS in your mind? Read this and see if you change your mind. You may also want to change your screen name as it suggests you do not have an open mind.

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Why is he talking crazy..."Tennessee Swagger" and "pro-style offensive attack meant to defeat opponents "physically and psychologically." Has he looked at the schedule for next yr? He talks the talk but when it comes to "SEC SEC" Will he walk the walk?

He inherited this schedule and players. Give him a chance.

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Hey as long as the Haslam's continue to foot the bill in the background we have nothing to lose. My question though is why don't they just hire one of the family as AD and save us the money we are paying Hart to be the puppet?

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I am getting sick and tired of you guys linking to the Tennessean. You have to buy a subscription with them to read the damn thing!

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You are kidding or just an idiot. When Fisher took over FSU they were ranked 108 in defense. This year they were number 2 in the Nation on defense. Maybe you should read stats before speaking in the future.

They did not play in the SEC. Anyone who tutored under Bobby Bowden (like Hart) is too soft for this league.

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Stop reading blogs and listen to official media reports that come from either the University or reputable journalists. Gruden was never mentioned by anyone officially other than fans and bloggers. So you don't get to be upset when your favorite candidate for the job isn't interested.

This is a process managed by a group of professionals. You can rest assured that there would not have been a firing of Dooley without ample resources and capable leaders in place to lead the process.

Based on "official" reports it looks as if Hart made a phone call to see if there was any interest given the ridiculous media and blog reporting. If Gruden was really one of Hart's priorities then they would have spoken.

In order for this process to fully play out the games this weekend need to be played and seasons ended. I would almost bet that no offer would be made to anyone until Hart has officially spoken to a few of the coaches playing this weekend. And you can guarantee that he would not reach out to them during this week of conference championships. On Sunday I would suspect there will be several conversations and maybe a likely decision based on interest level.

With all of that being said...Gruden was never in consideration, neither are half the crazy ideas posted on this site (Fulmer, Manning, Cutcliff, Chief, etc.). He said a coach with head coaching experience that can win in the SEC.

Since everyone else is throwing out a name then I will too...Jimbo Fisher. No announcement until after his game tomorrow and then some time to work on the deal. Probably around Friday of next week there will be an announcement. I have nothing but pure speculation to base my prediction on. I don't know inside boosters, or work for the university with inside information or know a friend of a friend with absolute, concrete facts like some on this site. It's fun to project an idea with some rationale and discuss it. It's crazy to go off half-cocked based on weak information.

Let's just hope it's a solid hire, someone who will keep a few of the Juniors around next year, have an improved recruiting class and take the next step towards relevance in the next few years. NC are great...but I won't base the success of this hire on whether or not we are NC in 3 years. I will base it on whether or not we are relevant in games, compete for championships and return to the glory days of TN football.

Well thought out. Especially that you put official in quotes as regarding reports. Although you forget that those calling for Chief seemingly have Les Miles' endorsement. The other thing..Professionals need to keep in mind that fans make their own decisions to go to Neyland, buy merchandise, and donate. Hart does not need to alienate the fan base no matter how professional he wants to appear.

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Just another thought. If you continue to screw the pooch on this then maybe Jimmy Cheek will opt to fill your position with Mr. Dooley. He still has the wardrobe to fill it. You can then wear your hound tooth/ Seminole feathers hat elsewhere. Of course that depends on if Jimmy can see thru his gator skinned visor.

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Something stinks here that will continue to stink outside of the Vol Nation. The sources that we rely upon our local reporters to give us straight talk need to be exposed. Personally I believe this to be all "agent speak" meaning that Gruden's agent fabricated all this to further his client's cause. Unfortunately it is UT that will suffer from it. We are looking incompetent in our search. Hart should have spoken publicly about this. Now we look like no one is seriously interested. Geez, let's quit pretending we are Bama and have the clout and money to get anything we want. If this is the best you can do, Dave Hart, to manage this then just let the fans do it for you. Pack your bags buddy if you get this more FU'd than you already have. La Tech or a peer may be looking for a second tier AD. (But you better hurry, Derek may just beat you to it)

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This leads me to think that we have a legtimate shot at Jimbo Fisher. Jimbo has apparently told Stoops he's leaving so Stoops grabbed the chance to lead KY. Hart hired Fisher once at FL ST. and they are apparently pretty close. Typically, you work good with people or you don't. MY FSU friends say it very likely will happen. I hear they had coffee at a "Pilot" on I-95 over the weekend. We can double his salary, money talks and BS walks. His former SEC ties could lead him to want to compete at the highest level year in year out as well. Fisher or Strong either one would please most Vol fans. Once they get over their fantasy Gruden mancrush.

In my view their seems to be a flaw in this reasoning. Given the fact that Jimbo probably wants the best in upward mobility for his staff, why would he not let Stoops in on the move to a quality SEC program. A couple of years at UT with Fisher as HC would much improve Stoops' chances at a quality HC job. KY ain't that and after 3 years there he will be back where he started.

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KY football does not need HC coaching experience like we do. It just needs some new folks from outside its program. Guess that frees up Randy Sanders from any consideration he was getting. Maybe John Adams will have him on our list in the AM. LOL.

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Yeah and the Fort Worth people are saying that the Cowboys will be looking too after the next loss or two. Nobody is going to get Gruden until after the first of the year unless it is a college.

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Once again, it's going to be at least 3 more years until we are a force. And criers like many of you are going to be saying the same thing next year at this time no matter who we hire. All of our 3 juniors who have a chance at the big bucks in the NFL are going to bolt, because they don't want to go through another season like this one. And I certainly can take my share of blame for the BS I have given this program. What an embarrassment this program has become.

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"I have no idea what a head coach does,"Chaney said. "I've never done it before but I am excited. I hope I don't mess it up ... I hope I represent Coach Dooley well on Saturday."

Well if you want to represent Fooley well you are going to have to be out-coached, your players are going to have to lay down, and you will have to beat yourself. Then in your final press conference as a head coach you are going to say that this team hasn't lost you as a coach.

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Gruden spent some weeks learning Oregon's team....If Kelly skips off to the NFL....Where is Gruden going...I think everyone is going to wait to see what happens to Kelly.

To think he would skip to the NFL is just plain crazy. He is the toast of the town in OR. and can name his own salary. His success is built on the Spread. That does not work in the NFL. Why risk your future?

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We need defense. You need to do some research guy. We have all the offense we need unless guys like you make them bolt!!!

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This column just shows your stupidity. You beat the guy up all year and now you are making him out to be a hero? What an idiot you are.

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He like the rest of the team have no confidence in the coaches. He might stay around if we find some one else besides the Haslam family to hire our coaches. We need brains not money to make a decision. In other words keep those idiots out of the equation Dave Hart and get someone in here that can win. You need to pay Chucky everything he needs to get him here. We need someone here that can recruit nationally!!!!!!

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Good as Patterson is, TCU is a Texas school. He does not have to travel to recruit. Given that Ft. Worth is about as backwards as Knoxville in politics and he would feel at home there he just does not have the national recruiting appeal. That is why we have to all insist that the Haslams stay out of this. We are not looking for a manager for a truck stop..we are looking for championships.

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If you have something factually to share about a coaching change please share it. Otherwise shut the F up. You are only pretending to wear orange pants and hurting the kids!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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No one has mentioned Trooper. He is ready.

Written on Tennessee players try not to focus on Derek Dooley rumors :

Unless Dooley cuts off access to the web, talk radio and newspapers this is an impossible task. Sportswriters and sports talking heads on the web and talk radio are focused on getting Dooley fired. Not to mention student interaction on campus. They do not care about the players.

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in response to volforeverandever:

Why not Cutcliffe to write Kns and fire Adams and the idiot Climer.

I agree with you on Adams, but Climer at least has a brain and is not a sensationalist like Adams.

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Because he proved at Miss. he can not recruit.

I am not a Cut fan, but in his defense...Nobody can recruit at Ole Miss. Just ask that idiot Dline coach at USC.

Written on John Adams: If not a big name, how about a familiar one in David Cutcliffe? :

Quit pretending you wear orange pants to work. You are not concerned with Tennessee's future. You are merely concerned with your own.