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Written on SEC set to reveal plans for network with ESPN:

ESPN never ceases to work toward its ultimate goal of total monoply and absolute ownership of college sports - every conference and eventually making the NCAA a subsiderary of ESPN. As it stands now, every event ESPN televises is not an athletic contest but an ESPN production. These productions require multitudes of personnel from truck drivers and camera crews to ex-jocks and non-jocks crowding the broadcast booth to earn fortunes in being paid for every word they speak. And they speak hundreds of thousands of words at every game, slotted in between six commercials repeated ninety times each. These commercials will increase each time a new conference becomes a wholly owned ESPN subsidery, and the revenue will expand word wage earners in the booth from three to a dozen. All dozen in cut throat competition to rack up their million words each, all at the same time.

What are now minor production requirements will become major. A single female must stop a basketball game twice to interview each coach, who can barely remain civil while waiting release to rejoin his team and give desperate instructions. That single female will be joined five other females, hopefully ditzy blonds, and the six of them will stop the game for interviews of players on both ends of the court, the selections and length of interview to be determined by ESPN productions. A rough estimate is what used to be a typical basketball game will last six hours. Games might start at 11 p.m. or 7:30 a.m., and if only five spectators are in TBA, ESPN will pipe in crowd noise and back screen film of crowds in a byegone era.

Welcome ESPN

Written on Vols blow out Kentucky, 88-58:

Where has this team been for two years? 100% shooting 3's????

Off subject - a pop-up every three seceonds, from the Web Page, it says, informs out of memory at line: 5. Or sometimes 3. Anybody else have this problem? My computer? Or has GoVolsextra gone on the blink?

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Kimiko is the BEST player on the squad. MS offered little competition, but K. showed, to a greater extent, what she showed against those top 5 teams the LV faced. She wears no pretty ribbon on her hair. She is lean and very athletic. At 5'11" she rebounds as much as any taller LV. Most of her "moving" is silky smooth. Her court view is wide and her assist passing better than so-called point guards on the squad. Why she isn't on the floor 30 minutes a game is a mystery. Exactly what talent Massingale has, to be polished over time, is also a mystery.

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in response to Rumblefish:

One of the worst fluff pieces I've ever read.

I admire your power of judgement. Determining the "worst" of the hundreds of fluff pieces Johnny has put up here is quite and achievement.

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It is obvious there isn't a "back door cut" in the LV playbook. I can't recall seeing them do one in several years. If they don't even have the concept, how are they supposed to defend ND from pulling off a dozen?

Written on Dustin's Pro Bowl nod first in Colquitt kicking dynasty:

Just what I was thinking, mbsp. What Colquitt Dynasty punting progeny are in East Tenn. today?
Taking their place on high school fields, learning from family patriarchs, with an eye on Neyland Stadium?

Written on John Adams: Butch Jones' parent policy a bold move:

Never take Johnny Boy at face value. (Not only because the photo he posts on the slide screen is 25 years old.) You always have to read between his lines and under them. Butch's boldness speaks volumes to JA about the relationship between KNS and UT Athletics. No one at KNS has carte blanche to call anyone at the UT football factory. No one at KNS even has phone numbers to call. Once a month a KNS stafer might be granted a one minute interview with a player, but John Adams has to go through security checks worse than an airport to even be admitted to a press conference. That is why we, and all KNS bloggers, have to resort to twitter and all other cyber sites to snatch even a scrap of meaningful Vol football news.

Written on John Adams: Super hoax may upstage Super Bowl :

"Have you heard?" It took four days for Johnny to hear about Te'o, and he got sooooo excited! Maybe the NFL will cancel the SB until this blows over. At least Obama had the guts to go ahead with the inauguration. Just wait until Johnny discovers the Kardashians.

Written on Muschamp suspends Dunker, parts ways with 3 others:

in response to BIVOLAR_BEARE:

Slick Willie it is..

Nothing sparkles like original wit.

Written on Meighan Simmons' big second half leads Lady Vols at Auburn, 75-66:

LV ran into a buzz saw trapping defense on every square foot of the court, and acted like they had never seen one before. Forty foot passing lanes offer steals all night. Charles Barkley commented on thug/mug defense during the Olympic games: "Knock the hell out of them. That'll put a stop to it." It takes a split decision, but the instant a second defender moves in split them both while they are still moving and knock the hell out of them. Then the refs will have to decide if they are calling a football or a basketball game.

Written on Florida lineman Jessamen Dunker charged with stealing scooter:

What is it about drunk Gators and scooters? This story has an echo of a couple years ago. I doubt that he stole it. Any UF footballer is naturally stupid, and one in his cups doubly so. But a drunk gator going for a spin on a scooter seems to be a common impulse down there.

Written on Mark Wiedmer: Despite win, this UK team not like Cal's top Cats:

Trolls are trolls, and Weidmer is no Sherlock Holmes. Half of last year's Cats went to the NBA. Even Ky. has to rebuild with highly talented virgins.

Written on John Adams: CAK QB Charlie High still thinking big despite recruiting rejections :

And imagine the "Rudy" movie material! The Runt that Rose, Rocky Top High... And with our imaginations inflamed, ponder what John Adams has done here. He has actually gone out and dug up some sports news, sort of. If he didn't filch it from the waste can of that loathsome 247.

Written on John Adams: Missouri had no shot against Lady Vols :

Is that really how you saw it, John? All the rest of us sat on pins and needles, holding breath, certain the outcome of the game would come down to the final buzzer.

Written on John Adams: Dual-threat quarterbacks helpful for duels in the SEC :

John Adams has spoken. And COLLEGE FOOTBALL listened. Every HC except Nick Saban is in a mad scramble to snatch a Manzeil clone from the vast horde of them waiting in high school. So why hasn't Nick? Well, Ala. had 500 something yards (I don't know the exact number)of offense, and a dozen or so yards seperated rushing from passing. McCarron made a scamper or two when he had to for a first down. Otherwise he stood in the pocket and handed off or passed with stunning accuracy and split decision making. He was cooler than Payton Manning. I seriously doubt there is a QB draw in the present Ala. playbook. But these are exactly the sort of obvious facts that sail high above John Adams' head.

Written on Bama bashes Notre Dame 42-14 in BCS title game:

I can answer the three major questions.

1) Alabama is not Wake Forrest, Pittsburg, Navy, USC etc.

2) The BCS hired Bernie Madoff to do this years rankings.

3) Brian Kelly had agents from the global fan base go to Gainesville, rendition 50 Gators, sneak them to Miami, and force them to put on ND uniforms.

Written on John Adams: SEC will be chasing Bama again next fall:

Once again we stand mute, eyes wide, mouths agape at the blinding genius of John Adams. He is the Stephen Hawking of sports analysis.

Written on Oklahoma loses Cotton Bowl 41-13 to Texas A&M:

Johnny football makes Cam Newton look like a little leaguer. He's quicker than Percy Harvin, as dance floor smooth as C. Patterson, and can pass short and medium balls accurately. He also has a supporting cast and line. I hope he wins four Heisman's. He will make A&M a shinning star for three more years, then that odd ball school will sink back to its accustomed level.

Written on No. 12 Tennessee tops No. 18 South Carolina 73-53:

Calling on LV historians. How many consecutive years have the LV's seen one or more injuries to crucial players? Ten? Fifteen? That's part of the game, I know, but Tenn seems to have worse luck than any other team.

Written on Driskel, Gators upset by Louisville 33-23 in Sugar:

How bad was Fla. in this game? Their defence was as pathetic as anything the Vols showed this year. I thought nothing could get worse than that. But the lizards took it a step further and showed an offense that made the Vol offense look like the Bronco's. LMAO

Written on John Adams: Naughty or nice, you still get a gift:

John Adams was voted the wittiest boy of the sixth grade class, and he hasn't changed a bit.

Written on Tennessee Vols await Bray, Patterson plans:

Losing Zack Rogers to graduation is a far greater loss than Hunter. I couldn't care less to see rocket arm go. Worley might have the stuff to develop like the QB's at Ala. and Ga. But who knows? Patterson is the most regretable loss just because he was so entertaining to watch.

Written on Lady Vols back to square No. 1 after loss to Stanford :

The Lady Vols are in for a long season. Reliable outside shooting in medium to high percentage will win every time. Every team the LV faces will have at least two that night. The LV have none at all. Spani might be hot one game, and cold the next six. Same for Simmons. So nine of every ten possessions will be a drive to the basket, and one of those nines will score.

Written on Lady Vols have tall order against Baylor's 6-foot-8 Brittney Griner :

The only way LV's can win this game is playing like they did in Austin... pull up mid-range shots and three pointers. Massingale, Williams, Burdick, Graves and Spani better have the touch.

Written on Q&A with Tennessee AD Dave Hart: Butch Jones brings right attitude, but no 'magic wand':

There is alarming deja vu in all this. Harts comments sound so similar to Mike's justifications for hiring Dooley. Dooley had all the personal qualifications you could ask for. His self destruction was hiring Sunseri. Fulmer's self destruction was hiring Clawson as OC. Firing Fulmer was the first step of UT self destruction, and UT might never dig out of the hole. Or take twenty years doing so.

I don't trust Hart. I was sceptical of his insistence that the new HC must have proven HC experience. That is hopeless and helpless rock star mentality. No one ever began a career as HC. HC was the ultimate step for all of them. So why would not the "Chief," John Chavis be an excellent choice of HC for Tenn.? A Tennessee man. World's of experience. But too late now. The rock star band wagon is rolling, even if warm up acts are the best we can hope for. And who knows? Butch might become a rock star himself. I don't know and neither does anyone else.

Written on Lady Vols take down Texas, 92-75:

Six LV's scoring double figures? That is how games are won. Mid-range shots that were too often klunkers before were falling. That is how games are won. Under the rim is good, only when not triple teamed by shot blocking defenders. Learn to kick it out in that case, that is how games are won. I still give Simmons the green light. Shoot at will, but learn that drives to the basket free up two other team mates and pass to them. Spani has finally arrived her senior year. All she was expected to be. Let the good times roll. Graves and Burdick are cool customers. They get it done.

Written on John Adams: 2012 Notre Dame similar to 1998 Vols' national title team :

Not a bad comparison, but that tidy bubble of history has no reach beyond the head of John Adams. I wonder why he didn't include Rosiland Russel in a Mother Superior movie role where she declares to her doubtful coach "but God is on our side." ND will need that and more. They have faced nothing like Bama this season. UGA, Fla, LSU, TAM would all beat ND in the NC game. Bama will eviserate them, to my boundless glee

Written on Meighan Simmons, Lady Vols have 1,000 reasons to celebrate:

Astonishing! This class of LV's played the most complete game in eight or more years. Athleticism was spread from one end of the bench to to other. Spani maybe had the best game of her career, non-stop hustle and shooting touch. Harrison and Burdick looked very mature and in control. Other than Simmons, there were no high light reels, just non stop effort and highly skilled play - with some lazy or risky passing turn overs. NC had obvious deficits, but the game today showed just how good these LV girls can be. It is like they have suddenly jelled. Holly and staff are doing a super job. Now, if they can just keep this up, they will hang tough with anybody.

Written on Lady Vols rally to beat Middle Tennessee State in overtime, 88-81 :

The way Mickey Deerstone called this game, two things are clear: MTSU girls are big league players, and Lady Vols Shoot no better this year than they did last year. Defense has been the mantra for as long as I can remember, but in fact the ball going down the net is what wins games. Every team the LV's played last year had two, at least, shooters who got red hot. The ladies didn't have a single one, and relied entirely on the inside game. I would love to see Simmons try 100 threes a game, since nobody else can shoot one.

Written on John Adams: No shame for UT in a big-name rejection :

The search is over! Gene Chizk is meeting with Hart in Chattanooga as I write this.

Written on Tennessee rallies to edge Troy 55-48 in shootout:

Any college team in the nation, any division or sub-division,could put up 30 points and 4oo yards on the Vols. Their defense is too bad to even understand how bad they are, and obviously get worse as the season drags on.

Written on John Adams: Anti-UT quarterback club could add new member :

UT is a 20 point underdog, if big UGA is kind. Could be more. The Vols have no defense at all.

Written on Almost Zipped: Akron gives Vols plenty of problems, 47-26 :

Seventy percent of all Vol defensive plays for the rest of the season announcers will say, if they don't get bored with it, blown coverage-miscommunication etc. A pass rush is simply out of the question. Sansuri seems to be locked in to a scheme his personnel have no hope of learning. He might possibly be an idiot. Chaney is unquestionably an idiot. Unless of course all this wildcat junk is really the only hope of Tennessee moving the ball.

Written on Pat Summitt steps down:

The sun sets, and the sun also rises on a new day. This had to happen, and the time is right.

Written on John Adams: NCAA tournament another step up for Lady Vols :

Really guys, John Adams is irrevelavent to the the world and certainly to any thing having to to with sports. His only goal in life is to be as close to David Climer as he can get. Even so, I think that fantasizing these Lady Vols getting to the elite eight is extravagant fantasy. Twenty turn overs every game is not fortifying to the most potent Orange Coolade.

Written on ESPN's Joe Lunardi on UT in NCAA tournament: I really like their chances:

For sure. Why worry about any of it. These Vols have grit and tenacity (all Martin) and will gouge out what ever they can. Don't expect miracles, and don't be shocked if they win the SEC tourney. Anything goes with this team, and all is for the good and better. My God, a 17 year old high scooler who didn't have the proper color Addis 20 inch shoes to wear? What more exciting drama could you wish for?

Written on John Adams: Vanderbilt no longer a mismatch for UT :

And then the game was played. And after 10 minutes the Dorettes saw "Tennessee Mystique" printed on the jerseys and got the heebie jeebies. Lady Vols still own the Dorettes.

Written on News Sentinel sports section honored among nation's top 20 :

The Patagonians have two poets. The better one is named Gomez. The Patagonians call Gomez the Patagonian Shakespeare. KNS is the Gomez of sports journalism.

Written on John Adams: It's not just another Senior Day at UT :

Class act??? If preaching from the bully pulpit can be called that. All those "you's" in the last paragraph. "You" can almost see the pointing finger.

Written on Derek Dooley defends decision to sign ex-UGA target Deion Bonner:

Even so, we all should wait for John Adams to step up with an article on this matter. Somewhere beneath the drapery of his wimpy sarcasm would be hidden nuggets of moral authority to instruct us in thinking if Dooley stepped out of bounds or not.

Written on John Adams: Manning would head UT dream staff :

Here's Johnnnnnny!!! And once again he deliver's a hilarious monologue to a grateful nation that votes him our most valuable icon.

Written on Lady Vols beat Mississippi State, in first-place tie after Kentucky loses :

They won, but that was the ugliest game I have ever seen in women's BB. And so the absurdity continues. Demolish Ky. and the next week look like they have never played in a game before. Is it possible Holly is still looking for the right line up? Perhaps they are looking at 30 turn overs a game to see if they can still win it. No way will they make it to the sweet 16.

Written on John Adams: UT athletic director Dave Hart appreciates Lady Vols assistants :

Adams has never reported anything in his life. He is the master of observation and summation capped with a punchy opinion, intended to make crystal clear what none of the sweaty mob of UT fans could ever see for himself.

Holly has already said, most poignantly, "there are no books or manuals to turn to" in performing what this tragedy has thrown on her. And "tragedy" in the original Greek Drama sense is the exact word here - for Holly and all including Hart and Pat.

I keep waiting for a professional senior reporter like Michele Vopel of ESPN to write the definitive story of this tragedy.

Written on Three former Lady Vols picked as finalists for USA women's team:

With 10 ex-huskies on the list, Geno should have no concern with compatibility.

Written on John Adams: Fast start, strong finish for Lady Vols to build on :

What happened???? Did Zeus hurl a thunder bolt into the locker room? Did each player experience an epiphany? Did Pat regain her old fire and blister the players with her blow torch motivation? Whatever, the ladies put it all together that game like THEY WERE SUPPOSED TO DO FROM THE BEGINNING! For the first time in three years those McDonald's All Americans played as a team with their resume talent unleashed. Coach Mitchell must have been slightly catatonic by the end of the first half, after seeing how inexhaustible energy and motivation could swamp the press and bee swarm defense of his girls. (Even if they did cause the usual Vol's 20 turnovers.) Many, many, many of the Vol's baskets were the result of fatigue of the Cats. Bee swarms tire out like all other living things.

Johnson is a dynamo every night, as all agree. Symonds had a career night doing what all suspected she could do - shooting and defending. Will she have another (or close) the rest of the season? Kamiko Williams is the ace in the hole, as she steadily rebuilds her knee and strength. In her restricted capacity, she can shoot, defend, and slash to the basket as well as anyone at Stanford, N.D., UConn, et al. Stricklin remains a fervent hope. Will she one day give her complete talent resources for all 40 minutes?

God forbid I agree with John Adams about anything, but his caution should be applauded. What the ladies will do next game, no one can say. Let's not forget the ladies gave Vandy a spanking in Knoxville, then were savaged in Nashville. The Ky. game was euphoric for confirming "I knew they had this in them!!!," but the season record still makes me hold my breath to see what the next game will be like.

Finally, Holly and the "committee." Did they somehow influence the way the Ky. game was played? I suspect they did, finally, at last, unless the only explanation is a Zeus hurled thunder bolt.

Written on John Adams: Lady Vols falling short of standards :

I can't criticize this Adams' article. And here is why. After reading it and the comments I am now in the comment box trying to remember what exactly he said. It it all fuzz. Typically so. Ninety percent of all his articles the poor man wanders about in search of premise and never locates one. The other ten percent he tries to be witty, or scramble to reach the moral high road of David Climer.

Your turn. Try it. Write your comment and see if you can clearly remember a single point Johnny was trying to make.

Written on No handbook for Holly Warlick's unusual role :

in response to kiffinsux:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)


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I now understand. The Lady Vols bring out the best in every team they play. No matter if that team is in the cellar. One (or two or three) girls on that team will will score 20 or more points. Every ball they toss up will go in. Every girl on that team will be quicker than any LV. By contrast, there is not an outside shooter on the LV bench. Or inside for that matter. Their percentage is 1 out of every 10 three point clunkers. They face a zone defense (always, since it is a cake walk for the opposition)and have no plan at all. Discuss BB philosophy, strategy, technique all you want, but string music wins games. The Vandy girls played Tennessee Waltz all game long.

Written on David Climer: Pat Summitt loses her grip on Lady Vols:

in response to BR_549:

Climer's range of unintelligent, harrassment journalism consists of three topics. Pac Man Jones, Vince Young, and Chris Johnson. After that he is clueless. And he is obsessed to the point of showing his ignorance to his perceived notion that Bud Adams told Jeff Fisher what to do as coach of the Titans. Which may or may not be true, but Climer can't let it go in any Titan article. Climer has been kicked off every talk radio show in Nashville due to his annoying, whining sports talk and being called out by the callers for it. So this article should come as no surprise. His only method to get anyone to read his garbage these days is something sensational like this, be glad K-town he's not in your market regularily.

But his surrogate, John Adams, is.

Written on Mike Strange: Kenny Hall makes sure all screws are tight against South Carolina :

Can anyone direct me to a data source to learn how many fouls were called in this game? Are there two refs in all of college BB who see charging and blocking fouls the same way?