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Written on ESPN report says Charlie Strong is top candidate for Tennessee head football coach:

better strong than gundy.whys tn scared of malhzahn,he could have helped our program way before auburn picked him up years ago

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to all you negavols,just look at the top of the page.see the pride in that mans face wearing the orange.take a good look as you most likely will never see it again.

you cant buy that for no amount of money!

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in response to brod:

what an ignorant post. you can go follow another school. he had losing seasons in 2005 and 2008 with one of the best defenses in the country in both years. his teams fumbled in the clutch more than i can count. he was fired for a reason. stick it up your a**.

heres the biggest problem,french fry flipping wendys workers commenting as if they have a clue.get me a shake w/ those frys numbnutz!

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heres the biggest problem,french fry flipping burger king workers commenting as if they have a clue.get me a shake w/ those frys numbnutz!

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in response to volthrunthru#658770:

VaVol...One word for you: Doofus.

Anybody who wants truth, rather than prejudiced anti-Fulmer manure would go on to say, after your obfuscating one-word comment, that:

a. Quarterback controversy, with one set of parents spreading false rumors on the competitor to their son, had stymied Stephens’ growth a year earlier.

b. Loss of Cutcliffe who was bringing Stephens along, and thought Crompton sutstandard.

c. Hiring of gimmick offense Offense Coordinator, a mid-major guy not good enough to coach in the SEC to replace Cutcliffe. Fulmer had to hire quickly to provide continuity in recruiting/Spring practice in a year in which not many good OC's were available---after Cutcliffe left for Duke on short notice. The Clawson offense stank. It is small-time, designed for marginally effective teams with few good players, rotating better players side to side on the line, etc.

d. Receiver injuries

e. MOST IMPORTANTLY, Hamilton had been trying for five years to get Fulmer fired. Fulmer thought another AD candidate far more qualified than Hamilton after Dickey retired---the guy who built BC up before leaving of his own accord. The interim President at UT during the Wyoming game had so many troubles due to his mismanagement, that he was afraid of Fulmer's political power to get another president appointed. So he okayed Hamilton's knifing Fulmer in the back.
Hamilton made the announcement of Fulmer's firing on Monday of Homecoming week (Wyoming.) You obviously never played college football or worked in a major college athletics department. It may be lost on you what making that announcement on MONDAY would do---but not lost on Hamilton. He played the cards perfectly to screw Fulmer---with OC Dave Clawson's system already having put the offense in a state of chaos. After the previous week's game struggle---along comes Hamilton---who had been leaking anti-Fulmer information for years, allowing Fulmer’s critics to be able to use websites and news columns to trip him up. J ohn Adams and the website brigade were all pimps putting out Hamilton's disinformation. Where Dooley had an AD covering his players' legal troubles so only a few reports hit the news---the #'s of troubles were about the same as Fulmer’s--Hamilton made the most of them, leaking every possible detail to willing reporters who would have been unable to find out otherwise.

So you, VaVol, are full of manure. You do not have a clue. But then ignorant people usually respond to complex questions with trite, sophomoric answers, like, “Wyoming.”

Just so you will understand, since you obviously cannot relate facts or assimilate related information, your one-word answer is a portrait of ignorance. "Wyoming" was not the problem. You, VaVol are emblematic of what was and is still wrong with UT Athletics: Stupidity reigns over long periods (as your continuing long-term expression of it proves.)
GoVols. Congratulations, Phillip. You are a winner.

well said brother and dont leave out brian kelly accepted the job only to be double crossed by hambone hiring boywonder the following day.i would still like to give hammy one across the chops.

Written on Passion for UT, longevity part of Phillip Fulmer's claim to Fame :

thanks coach,waited along time to see that trophy in orange.doubt ill live long enough to see deserved way better than you were treated,still remember you donating that million to the university when you were only making 2.5 a yr.unheard of with todays crybabies.wish you all the best,you earned it.

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I don't think Bray is great but having an awful coach who is totally incompetent doesn't help! I don't like Kiffin but do think he is a quality coach and wanted to point out that in one year with Crompton had him playing very well and even went to the NFL after 3 awful years. My point is we have to get another a coach, I've been saying since we hired this loser coming OFF A 4-8 AT LA TECH. Hoping each year I would be proven wrong, great coaches squeeze every once of effort and ability from their players no matter the talent level.

its coaching,ial up the right dam plays like the quick hit to rivera,never went back to it.get rid of this whole staff once and for all.

dooley reminds me of obama,throw everybody but himself under the bus...........loser!

Written on Final: Alabama 44, Tennessee 13 :

fire this clown and his staff of idiots,time for a real coach to rebuild what was once a proud program

Written on Phillip Fulmer, 1997 Tennessee team honored :

bring him back now!

Written on Phillip Fulmer to be honored at Saturday's game for Hall of Fame induction: 'This is a way to say thank you' :

thanks coach,i use to get so mad when we would lose our first game of the year,now i dont expect to win and have accepted losing (even to kentucky)i just really almost dont even care anymore.i think our administration as well as our fan base let you down,it was wrong then and its still wrong now.hope and change seems to be the new law of the land and quite frankly it makes me sick.good luck to you be guy,youll always be welcome at my house.

Written on Cordarrelle Patterson takes direct route to starring role with touchdowns :

duh-rick who,looks like mr patterson will be cashing your paycheck....

Written on Phillip Fulmer elected to College Football Hall of Fame:

thanks for the w's and doing it the right way.

Written on LSU beats Bama in battle of field goals, 9-6 in OT:

in response to D60:

Thanks to Mike Hamilton Chavis is sitting in the coaches booth at LSU. Has there ever been a dumber AD?


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Too many of us were unwilling to give Fulmer's new offense the two years that it would have taken to work. Remember Tommy Tuberville had same issue. Remember UT switching to T from single wing?

2 years and tajh boyd at qb,we would have won the division this year.but thats not what the fans wanted.sold our soul to the devil and many more years of heil to follow....sad!

Written on Matt Simms on his return: 'I played terrible':

practice squad qb at best,whers cooter whgen you need him.

Written on Derek Dooley OK with 'spirited' chatter :

same excuses for kiffen,cupboards bare,had to run off 30 to get better...blah blah many more years of excuses and sad performances on the field.

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see how you didnt like being poked crippledcrap,now grow up,mind your manners and respect your betters.

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pinto,s dont win national championships

again,pathetic fan base leads to where we are now.

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in response to thevoice:

Agree. I'd like to know what the Alabama margin of victory would have to be for all the Dooley fans to finally proclaim, "Okay, it's actually a coaching problem and not depth and youth."

(1) Stone is killing us. Either replace him, require that he snap correctly 100 straight times in practice with his left hand, or have him go back to his right hand. This is getting pathetic and embarrassing. This is SEC football girls!!!!

(2) Dooley better grow up in a hurry. No excuse for clock management issues in mid-game, stupid timeouts, childishly avoiding responsibility during post-game interviews (Coach, this is YOUR team). He also better figure out a way to adjust his half time routine. Vols are getting pounded in the second half every game. Only those who've been around the SEC long enough know this, but he's headed towards Vandy territory.

(3) Please solve the kicking problems. Even on extra points, out kicker seems inaccurate.

(4) Please get Worley some experience this year. Simms can't be the best option we have left. I don't care if he's a 6th year Senior. If Simms donesn't show progress, try another QB. What do we have to lose?

(5) Please recruit your butt off. We need help at EVERY SINGLE position, except WR and QB.

refreshing post

the truth shall set you

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crippledCrap.....see how that works,funny huh!

for all the negs you want to put on big boy,he has way more positives($)than you will ever achieve in life.

why be a hater of someone who started life in the trenches and delivered ut the 1st ever bcs-nc....c it happening again anytime soon.

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I've said it before, need to take the red shirt off Worley and put an orange one on him. Not just for the sake of this year, but for years to come. Bray may end up leaving early after next year. Plus, if the 2012 Vols don't look any better than the 2011 Vols (which don't look any better than the 2010 version), we're not going to be up enough in games to put our back-up in. Need to get Worley experience now. Simms is not an SEC QB.

i agree,dink and dunk if need be.

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and thus lies the problem,change for the sake of and so could have done such a better job.hows that working out for us.......

ever cross your mind that when we hire a new coach to trade up ?

seems to me we traded a cadillac for a couple of vw,s

what ive seen this yr on the field vs sec competition is a STEP backwards.

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in response to AncientVolFan:

I know this board is more for expressing emotion than logic and that's fine. But for all those who claim Cutcliffe made Fulmer, a simple question. What has Cutcliffe made without Fulmer?
In the best of world's the powers that be should have given Fulmer one more year and allowed him to bow out gracefully. NOt for Fulmer's sake, for the programs sake.
I'm a Fulmer fan, hated Kiffen from the get-go and sincerely wish Dooley success.

the manner in which cpf was let go,did not bode well for hiring a qualified replacement.

you dont shat on a hof coach and dean of the sec coaches and expect folks to say ,hey thats where i want to make my 30 yr career at.

dumb admin/dumb fans.

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all i ever saw was,

phat phil
dink and dunk cutt
3rd and chavis

phathetic phans have their wishes granted.

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dont leave out ole 3rd and chavis everbody hated as well.

such a stupid fanbase,you got what you wanted.

now live w/ it every saturday.

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in response to heyitsme:

Exactly where he needs to be... At home!

wonder if anybody saw this phooey coming.we went from middle of the pack w/ top peaks to bottom of the pack and clueless.

all for the sake of change,hows that working for you on saturdays.

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I don`t have a clue

well put,well said!

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whatever,wheres cpf

Written on Second-half stymie: Georgia 20, Tennessee 12:

miss cpf more and more.

oh for the days of mediocrity.

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in response to Packer_Park_Orange:

I think you've been listening to too much of that Dooley "Character" nonsense to know the difference...Just retired like I guess I'll be around for awhile...Especially as the wheels start to come off of yer boy's lemon.

pudge packer orange,crawl back under you rock.

nonsense is all you bring to the board.

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well then why dont you just take your d.a. back to your teams board and stfu around here.

its a game d.a. and hes having fun!

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posivol hes

Written on Phillip Fulmer says he wants to 'help my university':

give the dog a bone,he could never be as bad as what we just kicked to the curb.

Written on Former Vols push Phillip Fulmer for UT athletics chief:

just to have the players support and back involved w/ the university merits the hire.

i would rather cpf making hires than the idiot we just fired.

i still feel hamboned

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in response to UTVOL22:

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put that in your pipe and smoke it primetime,dumbazz fans like you have led us to where we are now.

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in response to utclassof1992:

Funny, two years ago, I predicted this very scenario as Lane Trainers called me every name in the book, told me to find another team, etc., etc. Even got a few emailed threats. Now, as Saturday rolls around, how many of you regret taking this path? Was Kiffin such a great hire? Did Hamilton have control of anything? Right now, we are in the floor with our kneecaps shot off, D i c k Jones is on the TV, and the grenade is set to go off Saturday. Enjoy the change you asked for. You deserve it.

dumbazz fans begging for change,how did that work out for you.

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in response to cltvol:

"It was almost like an uncle recruiting him because David and I and the Douglas family, we're all close and good friends," Fulmer said. "It's just a wonderful family to be involved with, and it really wasn't necessarily a recruiting process as much as it was just affirmation that he was coming to Tennessee. I just hate the way that it happened for him there. It's terribly disturbing and almost unfair to those group of guys. I hated it.

- can cpf talk about anything w/out bringing it back to his 'unfair exit'?

early morning fool,to even pretend cpf didnt care about the kids is just plumb dumb.

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in response to KingFulmer:

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good post,i told them what kitten was from day one.oh well at least now they really have something to gripe about besides their .12 iq level :)

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in response to hcjournals#206623:

Climer is a moron. I like Coach Dooley and hope he does well. But idiots like Climer and Adams are the reason we are in this mess. We never should have bum rushed Coach Fulmer. You fools who pushed for it are to blame too. Now we aren't even in the discussion. And you idiots with blood on your hands are still trying to rationlize your sordid and reprehensible behavior. Maybe you'll lose interest soon. I hope so. You ruined a 17 year run. Deep down, as many stats as you want to throw out there, you screwed it up. Please go away. You are traitors. You are no longer welcome. And those of us who are real fans have to pay for your phooey. Thanks...For nothing.

spot on didnt deserve to go out by the hands of the retard (hambone).

lots of little girl fans as noted by the kiffin crush (im back to fishing on saturdays) fish not to happy bout that :)

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in response to naffy:

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what about cutts record w/o fulmer ?

not much success minus the eli years.....

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just glad i got to be around for the good years.never thought i would see my boys win it all after manning left.

i agree w/ you,take the easy cbs money!

too many spoiled fans around here,pretty much got what they deserved :)

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

well said and ANYONE w/ a brain should be able to figure out.

Written on Fulmer slams 'arrogant' Kiffin:

in response to pdhuff#552644:

Corch Fulmer, when is your next corching opportunity?

Silence is deafening.

Case rested.

cpf steal your lunch money or what?

ole boys getting paid by c.b.s.

who cuts your checks (burger king)

thats what i thought,just shut the heil up!

your bff is gone,remove the poster from your headboard.

Written on Fulmer says it’s not easy to see the once-proud Vols struggling:

in response to TommyJack:

NO REASON to publically pick FL. No reason at all.

clown fans like you are why the ship sank,had to have change.big mouth clueless clown was your got it,now live w/ it for the next 5-10-15 yrs..d.a.

he picked florida because thats his job working for c.b.s....azz clowns abound!

Written on More than UT's Achilles heel exposed :

take 2 yrs if you need it guys,work your way back in due glad to have you ready when your ready.

Written on Adams: At UT, hot hire or a hot seat :

in response to pinevol:

I never in my fifty years thought I would see UT win a national title. Coach Fulmer pulled it off somehow. He is an even better man than coach. I have to wonder what contribution John Adams has ever really made to Tennessee football. Just another snarky sports writer who never had the balls to stand on the sideline himself.

now thats just funny as well as being true :)

Written on Mattingly: Turbulent times for Vols? Try the 1950s :

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As a long suffering UK fan, (I know, 25 and counting, yada, yada, yada), it would be great to bring back the 50's. 1951-1960 UK won 6, lost 2, and tied 2 against the Big Orange. And before all of you Tennessee rednecks start yelling that the decade of the 50's started in 1950, please be advised that there was no year labeled 0000 A.D. For you, the great unwashed Big Orange nation who are wondering what the he## A.D. stands for, it is a Latin abbreviation for Anno Domini, (English translation, "in the Year of our Lord"). See, you orange pukes learned something today, or maybe you didn't. Anyway, I could care less.

keep living in the past brother because in the present,yall still suck my big orange :)

Written on Southern Cal DE Malik Jackson to transfer to Vols:

in response to GerryOP:

Don't guess you even consider that maybe, just maybe, Jackson wanted to just get away from USC and the new coaching staff and play football for Tennessee? Naw, all you offer is your usual negativity.

Looking at some of the USC boards, there are some folks out in California plenty upset about losing Jackson. Also some folks plenty upset about the new coaching staff! But, leave it to the docVol to turn it into something negative against the UT staff. What kind of doctor are you, a proctologist?

But you are right about one thing. I don't think any of our players are going to lie down and let anyone take their spot. Those days are over.


now thats just funny,and most likely true!

Written on Adams: Fulmer, Gore good choices :

you know j,a, reminds me of kiff,nothing but a mouthy little punk.