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The First Game we get our A's Kicked in those new fangled Gray uniforms, is the day they all go back on the shelve too..


That is the second game of the season - Western Kentucky! Then it is Oregon.

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There have been reports from players and recruits on the "Smokey Gray" uniforms. Since this was the idea of Coach Jones, would any one of them express opposition to their coach? Absolutely not if you want to remain in his good graces.

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How could we not like those uniforms? Easy. Black is NOT a UT school color and should NOT be the color of the uniforms. Those were the ugliest, most pathetic uniforms the Vols have ever worn, until perhaps this year.

I totally agree with your statement...Orange & White are the traditional University of Tennessee colors. Will we now have a "Smokey Gray" and White checker board in the end zones too?

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You have no more confidence in him as a person? That's strong language talking about someone you don't really know. Please don't compare him to Kiffin again. Jones is clearly 10x the man Kiffin is. This comes from another proud vet.

Coach Jones promised to keep and enhance Tennessee traditions...then junks the first order of tradition...Orange & White. He simply did not live up to his promises. Respect is gained by delivering promises...Jones did not.

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The biggest problem that I now have is with Coach Butch Jones talking out of both sides of his mouth about maintaining Tennessee Traditions...Jones by his own choice junked the Orange & White traditions of Tennessee. I have no more confidence in him as a person...another super "slick" talking Kiffin!

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I was thoroughly behind Coach Jones until he decided to "junk" the Orange and White Tennessee tradition for "Smokey Gray" uniforms (not our hound dog either). He totally lost my support and belief in him as a person...all "slick tongued" words out of both sides of his mouth.

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Agree..and no one has ever came up with any reasonable explanation for bringing Hart and his bama cronies from a school Fulmer turned in ..

Amen! Amen! Amen! and one more Amen. Adidas does not give a damn about UT traditions...change the uniforms and make more money. UT cannot even sell out home game Georgia and South Carolina now...who thinks this will sell more tickets. Someone in authority needs to be taken to the "Tennessee woodshed" on this.

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I can not believe that Coach Butch Jones is a part of this, if he is then he has lost my support and needs a fan "attitude adjustment"...a boot in the rear end and a seat on the next stage coach back to Cincinnati.

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Screw Adidas! UT is Orange and White. Complain now to the UT Athletic Department or that crappy uniform will be jammed down our throats by Adidas...they do not give a damn about UT, its about how much money they can make. DUMP ADIDAS down the commode. Surely Coach Butch Jones is not stupid enough to have any part of this. If he is then he needs to have a fans "attidude adjustment" too.

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These early scrimmages are always a worry...injury. Hope we can get to game day with just a few minor bumps and bruses and through the season as well.

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The TE Tisho is a winner. He played on a NC state championship high school team. He has character, scholarship and leadership and will earn a scholarship by next year.His only problem was playing for a small high school in the "boon docks" and never getting attention. Coach Jones has a way of finding winners and this kid will be one of them.

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The Nashville Tennessean could shake things up by hiring John Adams

Amen! Amen! Amen! If the Knoxville News Sentinel would just take a poll on keeping or "canning" Adams, he would be gone immediately. This "jerk" is not near geting in the league with a Tom Siler or Marvin West back when they we the best in the business and "UT" all the way.

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No surprise on Mulkey opting out to play Tennessee...she is a first class jerk anyway! Wish Jones the best, at another school she will play more. We now have another scholarship for another "choice" player to fill.

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In almost every game this year there is always one or two errors due to either lack of concentration or a sloppy play. Case in point, the pinch runner the other night that blew by third base and got thrown out at home plate...totally never saw or disregarded the "hold up" sign of the third base coach...we over came that one and eventually won. Then there was the case of the left fielder "over throwing" an infielder from a short distance that cost...we over came that one too. Last night there were maybe three instances,the "pick off" of our player at first base and two dropped catchable fly balls...the last one probably cost us the would have been two outs then and probably won the game for us instead. Renfro pitched one of the greatest games ever...what a shame to lose it for her.Hopefully, we will win the game tonight provided there is not another "sloppy" error play. Go Lady Vols.

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Simply a zebra does not lose its strips and a leopard does not lose their spots! I stand by the 15 former UT players that wrote and signed the letter that she abused them horribly! Her day is coming!!

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Garner got fed up with being continually passed over for the Defensive Coordinator position at Georgia. It's "open" season on players out of Georgia now with Garner going to Auburn. Garner also "played" Tennessee twice to obtain substantial pay increases at Georgia. Look for Georgia to look at Lance Thompson on the Alabama staff for a replacement.

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Athletic Director Dave Hart deserves some appreciation for the manner and success in hiring Butch Davis as the Vol Nation new football coach. Hart did not waste $500,000 of UT money in retaining a search firm to accomplish the task either and had the new coach in place within two days of his prior announced intentions. Davis quickly put in place the rest of the coaching staff within budget with some "recruiters" to get the UT talent level competitive with the rest of the SEC. It is now time for the real Vol fans to get behind our coaching staff and support them. No more negative stuff that has hurt our recruiting program...those recruits read this "negative junk" too!

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Do not blame AD Hart. Sports Illustrated in an article by Pete Tramel this afternoon, third paragraph,reported that the only contact Strong had with UT was on Sunday morning in Louisville by UT Knoxville Chancellor Jimmy Cheek. I though it was the duty and responsibility of AD Hart to make contacts not the Chancellor. No wonder Stong spurned the consideration of UT. Cheek is the last person you would want involved period. Jump on this and demand to know why it was not Hart but Cheek doing the contacts!!!

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To all the commenters, DO NOT BLAME AD HART on the rejection by Strong of UT. Sports Illustrated reported late this afternoon in an article by Pete Tramel, third paragraph, that the only contact with UT was made Sunday morning in Louisville by UT Knoxville Chancellor Jimmy Cheek!!!!!! Why is Cheek involved in the first place as that is the job of AD Hart!!!!! Cheek is an absolute loser. Come on commenters, junk on this and demand to know why Cheek was involved period.

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James Franklin would be the home run. Butch Davis would be the next best.

Franklin has a major problem with his mouth! Do you really think UT needs Franklin? What an absolute jerk!!!!!!!!!!!

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Everyone knows that a coach is only as good as his staff. and Gru talked to chavis a few weeks back when john was in knoxville for the QB club..Mmmm. wouldn't mind to see john back in orange

Chavis will not be back in Knoxville as either the head coach or the DC. He will finish his career with Les Miles at LSU. Why go elsewhere when he has material for success right in his back yard and the "free hand" from Miles to produce the defenses needed to make Miles a success. LSU will remain in the SEC west title chase virtually every year barring any injuries and bad luck.

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I don't particularly care to see Gruden at UT. This will be only a short term fix before he moves on to something else, IMO. I do like Jimbo, IF his OC follows his DC to KY and we can keep Chaney and some of his crew. I didn't see any major problems with our Offense this year and as Fisher is an O-type guy, I hope he comes in looking to build a crew and retains some of our current ones.

I agree with you that Gruden would only be a short term fix. Although he may be a good football coach, I have doubts about him in college football. I too favor Jimbo Fisher as he is both a person with character and coaching ability. Fisher would be our best long term opportunity to restore the "Mighty Orange" to prominence. Keeping Chaney and his offensive staff is extremely important...UT does not need to install another offensive system that will take two years to accomplish with losses in the first year. Hire Fisher, keep Chaney and the offensive staff and bring in some defensive coaches that are recruiters as well as being coaches.

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Starting to lean toward Petrino as the best coaches seem to be falling out of contention. The fallen who end up winning seem to always be forgiven. Nobody cares that Saban said he wasn't leaving Miami. Michael Vick, Tiger Woods. As long as they're winning, no one seems to care what they've done. Urban Meyer hem-hawed around at Florida but now he's the best thing to ever happen to Ohio St. Petrino, Pearl and Tressel will end up winning somewhere and I predict all will be forgotten. In the end, it really is all about winning, not how you do it. Just ask Dooley.

Every body is always watching airplanes to see which coaches are in the area or whatever. There is a report that Petrino's motorcycle was spotted at "Hooters" and he was "hooting" with the "hooters"!!!!! Hire Petrino and with our probation situation and Neyland Stadium will be empty for several years when Petrino gets UT the death penalty, collects his money and moves on to greener pastures.

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Where are the airplane sightings of potential coaches? Is it true that the motorcycle of Petrino was seen outside Hooters this weekend? Then he must be the hire!!!! With his reputation of late, he comes cheap!!! UT could probably get him without one of those Hamilton size million dollar "buyout" packages.

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My first choice is Dan Mullen second is James Franklin of Vandy Sean Payton would be awesome but thats just a dream.

Franklin is a horrible consideration...he has a mouth problem that is not needed at UT.

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What about Dan Mullen at Miss St? He's done a good job at an SEC school for a number of years now.

Agree on Mullen as he is a proven coach and was at Florida in the good days. If that want work, how about Peyton Manning. Then fire Hart and put Philip Fulmer in as AD.

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Either hire John Chavis or Peyton Manning as the head coach. Chavis would be the answer on defense. Manning does not have much time left in the NFL, has been a "coach" on the field for years, does not need the money and is loyal to UT and would like to see the Vols a factor on the football field again.

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Couldn't agree with you more. Hire Cutcliff and Chavis. It's no secret that these are the top offensive and defensive minds of our prior success.

The current task is to minimize the damage; mitigate the risk by going with proven, and known coaches.

UT has the offense so hire Chavis as head coach or better yet how about Peyton Manning? Manning has been a coach on the field and off for years. He does does not need the money and is loyal to UT. UT does not need any coaching input from Adams...flush him and move on!

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Forget all the losers out there as potential coaches including Gruten and "Troubleville", oops Tuberville. Offer Peyton Manning the job now. That would solve everything. Manning does not have that much time left in the NFL witness the decisions of Indianapolis, does not need the money, absolutely a believer and promoter of UT as a school, would immediately solve the recruiting problem and could get us competive in two years. Let's go hire Manning.

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The loss at Chattanooga may be the best thing that could have happened to the Lady Vols, especially this early in the season. It bought some "egos" to reality, showed what lack of defense can do to any team, showed what can happen with turn overs and team effort resulting in a "reality" down to earth unexpected crash. Now go get the PG out of Arkansas to complete a full class of recruits.

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If John Adams thinks UT will accept Petrino as a coach then he is as "kooky" as his columns! Gruten is out. Who wants to pay him $5 million and he is not a college coach material. Ever think about Peyton Manning??? He does not have much time left in NFL, does not need the money,absolutely loves and has loyalty for UT. It would get us back quickly as it should attrack recruits. Saban may leave Alabama for the NFL. "Troubleville", opps Tuberville is out he too does not fit the image of character at UT, especially after the slapping incident on the side lines.

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First to get the program started in the right direction is to fire UT Knoxville Chancellor Jimmy Cheek and send him back to Florida for "gator" bait. Next have Governor Haslam appoint Philip Fulmer to the UT Board of Trustees and somehow get former UT President Joe Johnson actively involved again. If something is not done at the top in the leadership capacities, then its the "same ole s---" all over again and the further waste of $$$millions of UT dollars.

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The answer to the coaching situation is to fire Sunseri and throw out some bigger bucks to get a defensive coordinator that can recruit as well. Obviously our offense is good enough to beat plenty of teams only to be wasted by the defense. Hopefully Sunseri has sense enough to offer his resignation. I have never believed the Athletic Director should be involved in assistant coaches, but this time Hart has to step in and tell Dooley that Sunseri has to go.

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Lamar Leachman was one of the best defensive players of his time...positive and absolutely full of confidence and competitive. He always termed himself, the "Cartersville flash" being from Cartersville, Georgia.

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I wish UT had done better this year, but firing Derek Dooley is not the answer. That would simply mean throwing $$$millions to make a change. Then when you bring in a whole new staff, it will take another two years for the players to learn the new coach systems resulting in more loss seasons. Dooley is on the right track...who else could beat five teams rated in the TOP 11 nation wide? Dooley is recruiting players with skill and character. I think he needs one more year regardless of what happens. We might need a new AD, I somehow just do not trust Hart...the Pat Summit matter is a case in point. With all the $$$millions that UT has thrown down the drain, UT is not in the best financial shape at the moment.

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A change of coaches must happen. UT AD Hart must bust down the door and set the tempo. My suggestions for what there worth, not much. Lets go get some Tennessee pride back in town with the likes of Trooper Taylor and John Chavis. Two guys with great intensity and integrity. Lets send Rodney Garner a nice can't refuse offer so he can start cherry picking the state of Ga. like he used to. How bout we think outside the box and bring Gus Malzahn in to shake up our offensive play calling. To cap it off lets get a head coach that understands how to win and demands discipline from his players. I know all this seems unobtainable but if you don't try you'll never know Dave Hart! This is Tennessee Football, something that no one on your staff understands other than Jay Grahm. Someone has to take accountability and steer this ship away from another iceberg! GBO

I want to see UT win as much as anyone else, but changing coaches this year would be the worst thimg that we could do and further worsen the situation toward football recovery. When coaches are changed, their systems change and the players then much junk whatever system was in place and learn a whole new system. That has happened this year with the Defensive Coordinator Sunseri. Dooley offers our best bet to return UT football to where it can and should go. The football mess that Dooley inherited and the toughest schedules in NCAA college football and the SEC(Alabama, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina all in the top five and ten and Mississippi State top 15)with not enough players of SEC calibur is the reason UT football is where it is today. So fire the whole coaching staff, force the players to learn all new systems and loss of games in the process, weaken the recruiting base and make huge financial payouts of money that UT does not have at the moment and the record next year would be far worse than what it may be this year. That situation would be the "death" of any coach. Let's get behind this coach, team and support them through this. Firing coaches is not the answer, what is needed is loyal UT fans to get behind this coach and team with all the support possible. Better days are ahead if we stay the course through this year to 2013.

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1st, GBO!!!!!!!!!!!!

So what? Big deal! Maybe the NS will award you with a roll of toliet paper!

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Where is all that "maturity" that we have been reading about Tyler Bray? If he expects to be a leader on the UT team and for us to have a successful season, then it is time "junior" Bray grows up and starts conducting himself in a manner that is expected of him by Coach Dooley and the Vol Nation! I do not believe he is 21...out drinking beer!

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Dave Williams obvisously has done a good job under the circumstances. Now all he needs to do is put a "zipper" on the mouth of football coach Franklin. Franklin had the opportunity to be an excellent and peer respected coach at Vandy, but the coach position also entails conduct with the "mouth" that brings respect from other coaches, schools and even his own players. Plain and simple, so far the "cannon mouth" of Franklin has proven him to be an absolute jerk that has been detrimental to the impression of Vanderbilt.

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One of Tom Anderson's most noted sports statements on the UT football schedule every year prior to the season opening was, "We fear TPI's (Tennessee Tech) aerial attacks." That was Anderson's way of "ribbing" the UT football program for scheduling soft opponents. He did it every year that they were on the schedule. I seem to recall that he might have included the University of Chattanooga in that vain too. All his columns were enjoyable to read. We need more sports writers like Anderson.

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My heart goes out to Coach Serrano with the loss of these players. Hopefully within this dark cloud there is a silver lining. This has to be a bad decision for Smith which he will learn in about 2 or 3 years when he is finished with baseball period...19th round is the pitts!!! At that point unless the has the college education payments in his contract, he will be working at Walmart or some other minimum wage job. What a shame to throw away an opportunity to mature, improve and have a better chance to make it. I think we have the coach to get us back, even with a few bumps in getting there.

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The TV commentators more than once were critical of the UT pitchers for lack of ball movement and offered some illustrations.Maybe they need some special pitching coaching to improve. The offense seems to lack the critical desire to compete. Defensively they are very good, but just do not seem to have a "killer"instinct. Hopefully they will improve next year.

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Could you have done better if you were the coach? It is always easy to blame somebody else. Obviously the player screwed up somewhere...not Coach Dooley.

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Adams used the term Turnover U in his article...wish this would happen at the News Sentinel and specifically with the Sports Editor Adams.

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So now Adams can read Pat Summit's mind, what "jerk"!!! Adams would be better off with his head where it is 99% of the time, up his rear end deeply!! While there he is contemplating his next stupid story! Oh for the good ole days when the Sentinel had great sports writers such as Tom Siler and Marvin West,

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Welcome Jasmine! We are glad to have you and look forward to you helping write the next great chapter on Lady Vol Basketball.

Is it just me or is this team shaping up to be fast and athletic. Maybe a little different than LV teams of the past with a large, sometimes not mobile, center. Could be really fun to see what Holly, et al do with speed.

Agee with you on this team and hope for the best. Unfortunately, we do not have a 6'5" post as the missing piece of the puzzle. Hoped that the "post" out of Oregon would be able to graduate early and join the team in January 2013, but am told that this is not a possibility. We absolutely must have her to complete the team.

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This is a fantastic JUCO recruit for the Lady Vols. Her stats remind you of Glory Johnson. In their championship game for Region X title, Phillips scored 29 points, had 10 rebounds with 5 assists. In looking at her other achievements she had a tournament game with 21 points (9 out of 13)with 11 rebounds. She will be a valuable asset to the Lady Vols for next year and beyond.

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I do not think we should retire any more Tennessee football players numbers at the moment. Atkins, White and Manning all are well deserved. Granted we have had some great players of which Majors has been mentioned. Somewhere we seemed to have missed #27 Hank Lauricella and the 1951 UT National Championship team. I would rank Lauricella over Majors period. Last, I hope I can live long enough to see John Adams "flushed" from the News Sentinel...that "jerk" is supposed to be in the class of great News Sentinel Sports editors with Tom Siler and Marvin West? Unfortunately what I would have to say on that comparison could not be printed here!!!!!!!

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This article has absolutely nothing to do with Dooley. This should be about the accomplishments of our Hall of Fame coach, instead you have to bring in your constant Dooley insults. What a joke!

Amen! Amen! To your post, this should be about Coach Fulmer and not about the comments of what the poster has to say about Coach Dooley..with comments from "jerks" like him I have a problem with him being a true "Volunteer Supporter". Amen again to your post.

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With "Loyal Volunteer" supporters like you, we sure do not need anymore enemies...take your "hooey" to the barnyard and join the rest of the cow piles!