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Written on Lady Vols to play at North Carolina on Nov. 11 at 9 p.m.:

We have some potential "phenom fresh" material, perhaps. The Tommy Bowl, really?

Written on EXCLUSIVE: Holly Warlick receives $65,000 raise, one-year extension :

"HEY! Look at me. "GIVE" me some attention. I don't earn anything, but I'll take whatever I can get, because I am me. I think the Lady Vols are worthless, but I read every word written about them, and comment, selfishly. But hey, it's who I am and what I do. I am a jerk."

OK jerks, you got my attention. Are you fulfilled?

I know I shouldn't give the jerks the time of day, but it's like someone kicked my dog. I can't not kick back. even though I will most likely break my toe.

Isn't it strange that the folks who protest anything good and deserving regarding women's basketball never fail to jump in and take the time to slam and criticize?

I say Holly earned every penny and more. I'm sure looking forward to the coming season opener.

Written on Former Lady Vols standout Alicia Manning joins coaching staff at John Carroll:

Manning was a workhorse. Didn't see a lot of playing time, but one could see the intensity in her eyes every second she was on the court, and when on the bench she looked to be studying the game with fervor. I think and hope she will become one of the better coaches one day. I certainly wish her the best.

Written on Golden era: Another FIBA title for Lady Vol Bashaara Graves, Team USA:

Way to represent, Bashaara, The USA and The Lady Vols!

Looking forward to seeing a great leader in Orange this coming season. Building on her skills and experience of last season and the FIBA series, BG should be a contender for one of our most outstanding Lady Vols. Gets me excited about November 2013. Seems like forever ago since Louisville Letdown.

Written on Lady Vols to play Virginia in Bahamas:

Clue me in, martinvol, who's Jones? I haven't kept up as much as usual for reasons beyond my control on the recruiting or incoming players. Is that Jasmine Jones of whom you speak? She didn't play a lot last season, some injury, right?

Written on Jannah Tucker won't play for Lady Vols:

We will be fine. I think we are better off if she takes leave sooner than later citing "whatever reasons" a wishy-washy recruit may conjure up. Should have been a yellow flag the first time she backed out. Doubt she will ever be a delle Donne, who was definitely worth fighting for - but, if a kid is so unsure about such as this, how could she ever gain the trust of her coaches and teammates?

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I have only one objection at the moment, but I adamantly disagree about the officiating "less physicality" thing. I say let them play basketball and call it fair & square. Ticky tack whistles have ALWAYS made BORING games. Officials should let the game play out and call blatant, flagrant fouls. Touch fouls are just plain dumb. My opinion, refs make women's bb boring by stopping the clock for stupid reasons. Call walking like it is called in NBA, never! A walk is an extra step. Simple enough. Swallow those whistles and let the fans enjoy the game and the best team wins. So many officials think they are pretty and sexy. They are merely stripes. They need to blend in; not take over.

Written on Lady Vols give up three-run lead in 11th, fall to Oklahoma in 12th in Game 1:

I would think any of us could do a better coaching job than the Weekly duo... Yep, if one knew in advance the final outcome, one might be as smart as some protest to be.

Ellen was AWESOME. Kudos to the entire team and coaches. You just knew OK would find a way.
they caught a break or two. The wind actually shifted in Sooner favor as it carried a foul ball back into fair territory. I suppose any of us could have hauled that ball in. Yep, we could'a planned for that cause we're all savants.

Of course we would have known the time was right to pull Ellen because we know how this movie ended. Come on.

This loss was hard to swallow, but you gotta be so proud of the Orange & White. They played their hearts out. Some questionable calls, IMO, but that;s the way it goes, that's the breaks. There's not a single soul reading this that could do a better coaching job, and the Lady Vols are still in this series. We went in as serious underdog. We have another shot at finishing Top Dog.

Written on Holly Warlick, Brian Pensky recommended firing of strength coach Heather Mason:

This is disheartening (news) we have here. I don't read anything good into the story. I have no opinions of any of the parties, but I hate it for the Lady Vols.

On the other hand, the thought has crossed my mind that the Lady Vols basketball players seem to be lacking the fitness and stamina I am used to seeing on the court from years past.

What I have to base my opinion on is the way our ladies seem to get knocked around. Evidence the KY game and the A&M, and the Louisville game. The Lady Vols just looked like the had not the strength and stamina to hold their ground against the stronger, quicker teams.

I've observed this for the last few years, not just this past season. The only player I could see a significant physical improvement in was Spani, and from all I heard about her situation was that she did it on her own over the summer break. Even in her case, having lost weight and bulked up, I saw no improvement in speed or agility.

Written on With contract to expire, UT working on new deal for Pat Summitt:

Will we live long enough to become insignificant? When are we aware of being a piece of old worthless furniture? What to do with that old dusty, wobbly thing? Sure would look better in here without it, but we can't just throw it out, can we?

On my worst days, I feel kinda like that. Young'uns, they're just taking over. The Book of Job, a good read.

Written on Mike Strange: Bray became the NFL draft's real "Mr. Irrelevant":

Too bad about Bray. Unfortunately, many young men jeopardize a bright future by behaving like selfish boys. He never saw the need to be supportive of team - always seemed to think he was 'the man' with total disregard for how he was hurting the program.

In a way it would have been 'justice' for Bray to have been drafted by a team with leadership willing to 'help the boy grow up in a way boys used to learn - by being taken to the wood shed.' Obviously, he has been allowed to behave like a jerk his whole life. Of course I would have no knowledge of that, but he's appeared to me to be an arrogant jerk since he came to the University of Tennessee.

He looked as if he could not care less about what Jon Gruden implied in his interviews. Something like "It makes my stomach hurt to watch you, man." Tyler just looked like he just didn't give a big fat rat's pa'toot how he appeared on national TV.

I don't wish the kid harm, but I sure hope he has learned some kind of lesson that will make him want to grow up and be one of the good guys.

Written on Pat Summitt's life chronicled in film 'Pat XO':

I guess one of my fondest memories of Pat would be at UT Martin. I really can't remember the year without getting into all my Lady Vols memorabilia, and I do have tons of it. But after the game, Pat came out as always to talk with Micky and the crowd. It took her a while to get thru all her homies who were waiting in line to give hugs. One could just tell they were folks she had been acquainted with and made friends with when she was there. Knowing she was scheduled to be on the mike for the PS Show, she hurriedly but still speaking to and touching hands with all who extended the gesture.

After the show, she was again greeted by throngs of people gathered 'round to talk to their friend Pat. they had stories to tell, and mentioned folks by name as this went on forever. I sat in the bleachers and recorded much of the post-game celebration because the court was absolutely covered with fans wanting to see, hear and experience Pat Summitt, the hometown hero's home spun charm.

I can't remember the score. I have it on tape too, but the game wasn't even close as Pat had to rein in her scoring machine in a way that would not be so obvious.

This is one of hundreds of times I have enjoyed watching the fans reactions thinking wow, she's simply a country gal making the best of any situation that presents itself, yet she's adored by the public, the media and players past and present.'

I consider myself blessed to have experienced decades of enjoying the Lady Vols and the greatest head coach college basketball has ever known, Pat Summitt.

Written on Ralph Weekly wants Lady Vols 'to tighten things up' after victory:

It is difficult to follow the softball program, especially for those of us who do not live in or around Knoxville. TV coverage is not that good. Saturday morning I did catch some of the Auburn game, but there's just not that much news coverage in any media.

It was not my purpose to condemn this writer but to critique. I appreciate any articles I may find on the Lady Vols. This freelance correspondent at least gave effort. Obviously the paid KNS sports writers had "better assignments" in their minds than to cover the Lady Vols Softballers. Perhaps 'when' they play for the championship the Lady Vols will get their props and a bit of news coverage.

Thanks you, Riley Blevins. Keep up the good effort.

Written on Ralph Weekly wants Lady Vols 'to tighten things up' after victory:

Riley Blevins, I sincerely appreciate the effort in producing some semblance of news on our Lady Vols Softball, but reading was difficult for me.

I had to read and re-read, still wondering "what does that mean?'

Written on Holly Warlick receives Maggie Dixon award for rookie coaches:

franpk2 writes:
Holly should not have been subjected
to the harsh criticism she has been shown
this season. Too many people wanted to
write her off as a temp, but she has done
a wonderful job. I hope she doesn't hit the
"soph" wall, but she will have my support.
After all, only four coaches in the entire
country are better right now. ]]

You will never read a thread or listen to sports call-in episodes where everyone is pleased with the situation. Folks 'get off' on controversial matters and will stretch to create negative spin on all that we hold sacrosanct, the Lady Vols program. For that matter, it seems many will deliberately chime in to show their rear parts.

I suppose there's some thrill there for those who need to poke a snake; oh well, I choose chocolate when I need a thrill of such magnitude.

And adimatteo#261830, I respectfully disagree with your statement regarding Holly telling it like it is. Jitters don't know tradition. Tradition does not play the game. All teams are different. The Lady Vols have shown, unfortunately, that they can wilt at times. This time, as in the SEC tournament, was not a good time to allow jitters, but then, when is a good time?

As I stated before, nothing Geno does can take away ANYTHING, any record, any accomplishment Pat Summitt achieved during her coaching career. She and John Wooden will always be the Gold Standard of college basketball, always.

Records were made to be broken.

Written on Lady Vols approach offseason with urgency, use time as season in itself:

UTFAN1993 writes:
in response to maxvolfan#217855:

Oh I can't stand it! They are gonna be tied with us! I'm ticked! ]]]

See, it doesn't matter now that Geno most likely will get his 8th. Why, because Pat is no longer competing. That game is over and Pat won. So whatever Geno accomplishes from now on, as Pat would say, "it is what it is." She went out the winningest coach in college basketball, and that stat won't change for her.

BTW, the one-on-one with Pat & Robin was heart wrenching for me. Why? Why did she need to keep asking Pat questions? I'm just saying, with all due respect, could you not see how grueling it was?

Written on End to Lady Vols' season doesn't feel good:

Actually makes me kinda sad to go all summer long without hearing from my "gvx friends." Too bad there's little or no Lady Vols Basketball news articles during the summer to keep us abreast on what's happening with the team.

I guess I go thru withdrawal when the Final Four is over, although I do get excited about Lady Vols softball. They just don't get a lot of press, unfortunately.

I've been a regular on here for a lot of years, maybe 20 or so. I lose track. You seem like friends even though I would not recognize you if you were sitting beside me at a game. Maybe you live next door, doesn't matter. Posters like johnlg, Theo and several regulars I am always anxious to read.

I confess at times I may have commented with a negative tone, My bad days may have tainted my message. I apologize for that. I changed my screen name to remind myself that every day is a day the Lord has made and I will rejoice in it.

If you are a loyal Lady Vols fan or just a basketball fan we have much in common. If you post with respect for our readers I respect what I read from you here on gvx. It is great entertainment that I miss during the off-season. I'm excited about our next journey. So I wish you God speed until then.

Written on End to Lady Vols' season doesn't feel good:

Such angst. I suppose we have to get this loss out of our system, but I wish we could leave this season's 'chat sessions' on a good note. Yes, it would have felt better IF we could have advanced to New Orleans; but then what? Would we still have that bitter taste of "we made it so far but came up short of cutting down the biggie?"

One team goes home celebrating. Sixty three teams do not. Would we come home rejoicing without the National Championship title? I say heartbreak with anything short of title.

It never feels great to lose. I agree with underthehill. The Lady Vols wanted that win just as much as we did. They paid the price for getting there.

Mickey is saying UConn will win it all. He's saying ND can't beat Geno 4 times this season. I say Muffet & the Irish will beat UConn and Cal will stop Cardinals and lose to ND. The National Championship will ND's Pot o' gold.

Written on Louisville stops Lady Vols' run to Final Four, 86-78:

Rest in peace, old Jim. I've enjoyed your comments on the Sports Animal.

And Mickey, I always listen to your play by play with TV muted. Thanks for keeping it real all season, actually for as many seasons as I can remember. I start mornings with you and the gang and all the "opinionated" callers. Very entertaining, so much more than good morning America and those other gabbers.

Keep us informed on the diamond gals, and all things no one else knows squat about.

Written on Lady Vols feeling at home in regional, advance to play Louisville:

I guess my question would be why Burdick was benched so much of the game... If you look at the stats we were beaten by the 3 and on the freethrow line. Other than that stats are close to even. We couldn't get the momentum shot. Just wonder about Burdick. BTW, Their clutch, Schimel, played every stinking minute of that game. Why not?

Come on home, girls, and hold your head high knowing you accomplished way more than the numbers predicted for you. Get'em next season.

Thanks to Spani, class act. Thanks KW, had a pretty outstanding run this season and pulled us thru some tight spots.

Written on John Adams: Lady Vols ran out of comebacks:

Come on, basshead, give the team the credit they are due. We made a remarkable run to the door of the 4, we could not break thru. That's the way ball goes. Some win. Some pack it in and wait for the next train. You don't need to keep on slamming. The Lady Vols had a pretty great season all in all, give them that.

Written on Louisville stops Lady Vols' run to Final Four, 86-78:

Johnny_Aint_No_Del_Shofner, does it really feel right to belittle our coach? REALLY?

Written on Lady Vols feeling at home in regional, advance to play Louisville:

johnlg00, Thanks for your sense and sensibility. You are like a calming breeze after a storm. This flurry of unsavory comments regarding players and coaches is so harsh.

Kudos to our Lady Vols program. Our players and coaches have done a remarkable job this season, and no matter the outcome of remaining competition, I feel confident our team will be the epitome of A CLASS ACT.

Written on Lady Vols will find out how well their game travels :

This win will have to come from the gut. They have to want it enough to take it, giving away absolutely nothing. Put the ball IN THE BASKET. Make good passes, set tight screens. Get in their shorts. REBOUND. We can win this game!

Written on Lady Vols' Simmons emerges as more complete player:

If not for Meigan's scoring we wouldn't have made it to where we are. We'd be home watching with so many teams who never make the top 64, let alone a #2 seed. Just where, RIBTL, do you think those 17+ppg came from? You silly poster.

Written on Lady Vols must deal with 'head of the snake' against Sooners:

Just goes to show we are not the only team who deals with injury setbacks. We just have to ADAPT, IMPROVISE & OVERCOME. Attact the snake and kill that sucker. 'Sooner' than later.

Written on Even after limiting Creighton, Lady Vols want more on defense :

I gotta agree with many of these posts regarding spacing. We do tend to get ourselves jammed up in there oftentimes. Okie will be tough.

Written on Former Lady Vol Kellie Harper fired as N.C. State's coach:

That's sad. Sure hope she finds something suitable. She will be successful somewhere, IMO.

Written on BC-BKW--NCAA-Creighton-Tennessee Long Box, BKW:

Wow! All I can say is 'thank you KW.'
Where have you been for the last 4 years? Never mind, I know. You save your best for last. Really last.
46% FG 60% 3PT good enough to win most games.

Written on John Adams: Kamiko Williams' role needs no introduction :

KW has never been a favorite for me, but I sure will miss seeing her. She always has some surprises. She has what I consider a desirable trait in that she can just let things roll off her back like a duck. Would be great for an old player like me to have that ability; so says my doctor.

Written on Creighton taking confidence from Missouri's upset of Lady Vols in February :

jt45, ouch. No reason for hostility. I just referenced your post to post my opinion. You are certainly entitled to the same consideration, and you have mine. I don't usually respond to posts that do not interest me, so, post on and don't take offense at my disagreeing with you, my fellow poster.

Written on Creighton taking confidence from Missouri's upset of Lady Vols in February :

I'll spare you all my game plan scenario, because I fully expected with a win we would be game planning for the other orange. Boy howdy, I would have lost money if I had bet on that game. Shows ya how little I know, so maybe I'll be off on tonight's game too, in thinking we might let our chronic carelessness get us in jeopardy.

Written on Creighton taking confidence from Missouri's upset of Lady Vols in February :

Some juxtaposition of logic on this short thread. Sad to agree with one and wish to be convinced of the other. jt45, you go way out on the skinniest of limbs stating the LVs WILL NOT slack off. One question for you, in which game did they not have a miserable slack off?

Also, jt45, I would not advise poking a stick at email, I have to agree with email's first 2 posts. Most first round games were uninspiring, the ones I was able to get a glimpse at without a GPS (dangit!). The most exciting game on Saturday, espn lost pictures, so uninspiring I don't even remember the teams.

However, the Jays having a 6'3" who may foul out doesn't offer much ease to my concern for our propensity to 'slack off' when we get the slightest of leads. Now, if you could give me a reason (as in season stats) to think we will come out swinging from starters to bench for 40 minutes, clamping down on defense, making smart passes, setting/using effective screens, taking/making smart shots as a #2 seed should do, it would ease my mind somewhat.

BTW, IF we could do that, we WOULD be a challenge for the top 4 #1s.

Written on Holly Warlick thinking long term with 3-point shooting:

Volinflan writes: ESPN stinks. We're trying to watch the end of the first weekend of the tournament and they are stuck on showing Baylor beat up on Prairie View while the Iowa and Miami game and the LSU and Green Bay are close. ]]]

I 2nd the 'pooey on you' espn for such LOUSY coverage. will I ever get used to it? Probably not. All the stinking channels to have a choice of games, and we get ONE stinking game. Pay to view? Are you kidding me? What's fair about that. Mens games are on 6 different channels... that's great, but why not equal coverage for the women? Why not? Stinkin coverage, IMO.

Oh well. so what's new? We probably should be more concerned with defending the 3, and scoring when we do make the shots, whether they be 1, 2 or 3-pointers. Major concern for our careless ball handling, getting picked off. I see a very tough game lurking. We mustn't have a let-up, as has been in most games. I long for the days when we have a team capable and willing to get a lead and pour it on until the final horn. Perhaps not the merciless 100+ to 30 as one old dude coach likes to do. Shucks, just win this game and move on, Lady Vols.

Written on Lady Vols attack the madness with pressure defense to defeat Oral Roberts, 83-62:

Sure hope we are ready to defend the 3. Creighton is fired up for another upset. We gotta swarm that basketball.

Written on Lady Vols run by Oral Roberts, 83-62:

They looked a little rusty today giving the ball away way too much. Hopefully they can shake off the rust and take better care of the basketball Monday. Several times, they allowed the opponent to just take it out of their hands.

Gotta play some 3D against Creighton. If we don't defend the 30 something attempts from long range, we shall be cooked. I thought we let up several times today also. KW looked as if she was about to collapse. AM, please stop driving smack into a swarm of opponents. Give it up to the open shooter, for pete's sake.

We won today, now, get ready for Creighton.

Written on Oral Roberts braces for better matchup with Lady Vols:

[[[ "Our pressure-cooker moment
is already over. It’s a joyful time
for our program.” ]]]

"Playing with no pressure." says the OR coach? What about that? I'm hoping our Lady Vols are playing with the mindset of "Win & advance." Our opponent plays loose and glad to be in TBA, fine & dandy while we play smart, in control, with heart & desire to win THE FIRST game PERIOD!

I'm looking at last nights men's games and I know you guys are too. We've been there before and it hurts like the bellyache to NOT play up to expectations, and ... live with that feeling until next season. Fans don't want to be there. Lady Vols & coaches darn sure don't want to spend their off season dragging that baggage.

Mickey Dearstone said this morning that the Lady Vols are very capable of beating Baylor IF they can score in the 40%tile. He states with conviction, it can happen. He says too that BU has done just that in our last 3 meetings while we have not exceeded the 20%tile; sounds about what I recall, and I have not done my research there just going on recall.

Again I state we should not look beyond OR.

Good news: Holly just said when questioned, "Izzy is ready. She will play!"

Written on Oral Roberts braces for better matchup with Lady Vols:

I feel like game 2 will envolve Syracuse - no walk in the park for us should we be blessed to compete after Saturday. 'Cuse looks solid to me on paper.

Written on Oral Roberts braces for better matchup with Lady Vols:

That is a great way to approach this game. I do hope the Lady Vols find a way to avoid an OR player 'going off' on us. I really want to stay positive with my comment but I have to feel certain we will give 100% effort in this 1st round. OR seems to be coming in with great reverence to their opportunity to play in Knoxville, to compete in "the promised land of women’s basketball.” Baby, that is a high complement.

We WILL NOT repeat the "half-hiney" performance seen at TBA last night. I wanted to vomit, but I thought, no, the Vols did not earn my energy to vomit. Instead, I will be high energy for the Lady Vols Saturday morning getting revved up for the dance. GO LADY VOLS!!!

Written on Tyler Summitt contacted about Coastal Carolina job:

Head Coach Tyler Summitt has a nice ring to it. I'd put money on it. He will do the right thing.

Written on Season ends for Vols in NIT opener, 75-67:

That was a pathetic example of ingratitude, They whined because they were left off the dance card... perhaps they should learn, maybe take some lessons. You know? If they didn't want to be there, they could have declined. The fans who were there, bought tickets and spent money and time to get there were the ones who were jilted, cheated. Vols should be ashamed of that performance.

Written on Mercedes Russell named Gatorade National Girls Basketball Player of the Year:

Looks like UConn has a walk in the park to the final 4. We'll see. The games must be played, but as far as I can figure, they have the path of least resistance.

Written on No. 2 seed Lady Vols open with Oral Roberts; Baylor is No. 1 seed:

It hurt me to watch Lady Vols basketball last year. An ominous cloud followed the team and weighed heavy on the TN program. Prior to the announcement, pain was obvious but we could not "give sorrow words, the grief that does not speak whispers the o'er-fraught heart and bids 't break." Shakespeare, Macbeth.

Excuse me, waxing nostalgic this morning, inspired by the "Howdy emnod" greeting, that's a good one.

But deep down I am feeling optimistic about where our Lady Vols are headed regardless of how this Tournament goes.

Pat is an icon forever synonymous with college basketball, just the way it should be. Holly is the new face of Lady Vols basketball, deserving of these accolades.

Max, theo, email, all positive comments

Written on Holly Warlick, Bashaara Graves get top SEC honors from AP; Meighan Simmons all-conference:

AWESOME! Our Ladies have made a huge mark on the WBCA. Who woulda thunk it? I know. We knew it all along.

Written on No. 2 seed Lady Vols open with Oral Roberts; Baylor is No. 1 seed:

Some darn good comments on here today...

Written on No. 2 seed Lady Vols open with Oral Roberts; Baylor is No. 1 seed:

I see what you are saying, email, but we've had 'em in the past and we could have 'em again, I suppose. Besides I'm not talking super hero types; I'm simply talking about a team clicking on all cylinders from pre season to season's end.

I see Holly and her staff as being quite capable of developing such a team in the near future. I don't see Geno, Tara, Kim or Muffet having a monopoly on top tier programs. We have the resources, the facilities, the personnel to go out and get the up-and-comers who are passionate about wearing Lady Vol Orange.

I've been around the LVs since the years leading up to the first national title. I saw my first Lady Vols game in Stokely. I was hooked and I've been a loyal fan since.

Many of those gals of old had more strenuous chores to do once they got home than the killer practices Patricia put them through, but they still had enough in their young tanks to take on a full load in the classroom (without computer assistance), sleep a few hours and get back before sunrise for more wind sprints prior to their first class.

I appreciate that you see my passion for the Big Orange hasn't waned despite the fact that I can no longer see them practice up close and personal. Even so, I don't buy into the criticisms of the hoi polloi who profess to know the whys and wherefores of the Lady Vols and every other team in the league. I get my info from sources anyone has privy to. I don't find any reason to believe we cannot get back to our winning ways. I'm sure hoping we do.

Written on No. 2 seed Lady Vols open with Oral Roberts; Baylor is No. 1 seed:

There's no conspiracy here, as far as I can see. We, LVs, don't need favors or special consideration based on anything other than facts, stats. Lady Vols basketball will hopefully get back to its winning ways by recruiting winners. Team players who will devote their all selflessly for the sole purpose of getting back to the top tier calibre basketball at Tennessee is what I want to see game in and game out - never playing down to competition, always striving to score and defend as if their life depended on it. Players who value the basketball so much they would rather take a beating than give it up, athletes who are so appreciative to be Lady Vols they have to be dragged from the gym, players who have such spectacular game folks will drive from far & near to see them up close in action - that's what I want to see. A team that says, "Bring on the BGs and the Genowooers of the league, we will serve lunch after we take theirs," that's what we all want in Knoxville, TN, home of the real Big Orange.

We need to get back to the Rock Star status without the big head mentality, but having the lunch pail work ethics. Holly knows the kind. She was that kind of player; so was Kyra Elzy. Kyra can tell you about coming up thru a season when the committee gave LVs very little respect. She can tell you about being in the dog house with Smokey for not giving 100%, for not taking care of the basketball, and for not having the confidence to be a champion. What (I think) we need now is the will to play like champions from season opener to title game. No chest pounding, just paint pounding, point pounding and lock-down-Semeka Randall-defense from everybody wearing Orange.

Written on No. 2 seed Lady Vols open with Oral Roberts; Baylor is No. 1 seed:

It seems so many are talking about Baylor as if we will sail through the path leading to the Bears. Have you noticed there's a possibility of facing another orange? No. 7 Syracuse is no slouch. They have been on a winning streak winding down their season and they have some players, actually 3 of their starting 5 averaging double figure scoring, and a 4th, Brittaney Sykes, averaging 9.0. Kayla Alexander has an impressive stat line with 17.7 ppg, 8.7 Reb and 10 assists. She has blocked 94 shots this season. Elashier Hall has picked off 70 steals, and she has 10.1 Fg Av. for the season. as a team they average 72.5 PPG, 40%. They are a solid team.

I'm not inclined to think as far as a dreaded Baylor matchup. However, if our Lady Vols had a couple of players the calibre of Griner and Simms, I'd be cocky too. But I'm more humble than skeptical to see us, unless we do a complete make-over and recovery during these next few days, matching up with anyone in our path, other than possibly ORU.

We have too much cleaning up, too much healing up to make a run past one & done. I am optimistically looking to '13-'14. It will be nicer without a BG or SD sighting in WCB. OK, I'm wearing my kevlar vest - let's have at it.

Written on Holly Warlick thinking No. 3 seed for Lady Vols:

RLL59, we're all good here. All due respect intended. I did take issue with some of the comments on men's thread, as well as one of the writers who seemed to lean toward 'they shoulda given the Vols a seeding' angle. Although I wish we could have earned a seed, I believe we came up short of that, and don't feel like we were overlooked.

Written on Holly Warlick thinking No. 3 seed for Lady Vols:

I would (almost) always bet with you, johnlg. Of course I always want to see my Lady Vols as a top-tier ball team. As you so aptly stated, a Region appearance this year, would be quite an accomplishment, a far cry from where they started this journey. A new skipper, some tattered sails, yet a valiant voyage, no?