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Written on Jenny Moshak retiring from UT over 'issues of equality':

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Equality??? Where else in America can you make 100K as a womens bball trainer and get a freakin free car to boot? Ridiculous! Get the heck outta here u freak!

True but now with the profits off her worthless book she can buy a new Subaru to carry the kids around.

Written on Wrath of Butch finds Vols:

I have a feeling that "targeting" rule will change a few games this year.

Written on AP Source: Tide froze football staffer's contract:

31 minor infractions? Dang how many are schools allowed?'s Bama, never mind.

Written on Former Vol J.P. Arencibia gives up Twitter:

I don't know why any sane person would start to "twitter".

Written on Four Vanderbilt football players suspended amid sex crimes investigation:

Rumor around Nashville is the players have been banned from campus and they may be headed home to Memphis.

Written on Exclusive: UT, Memphis to renew basketball rivalry; football still in talks:

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Good news! I think Tennessee is doing the right thing in beefing up nonconference foes on schedule. On another topic, what happened to Wes Rucker's Vol twitter postings on GoVolsXtra? Is he still with 247?

His woman up and left him. Can you blame her?

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Hi, I'm Butch Jones from Tennessee; home of great women's basketball and the biggest football stadium in the SEC.... oh, wait.

I guess you're going to have to buy a third NFL Tebow jersey.....oh wait.

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Wonder who will take him now? If he violates the OOP he goes straight to jail no matter who he plays for. It crosses state lines.

Written on Volscars put UT athletes on a different stage:

I would like to see the photo gallery please.

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Feeling the need to insert "nothing to do with NCAA compliance" makes me think it has a lot to do with NCAA compliance. That wasn't even mentioned in the article so why did little Willie feel compelled to insert it as a "non-reason"? Just asking.

That's exactly what I thought when I first read it. Odd for sure.

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Free Jodi Arias and Chamique Holdsclaw. Jodi because she's a freak and Chamique because her crime is understandable:

That looks like Octomom!!!!

Written on Butch Jones to be grand marshal of Food City 500 at Bristol Motor Speedway:

A little early? He hasn't won a single game but he does have the best staff in the country.

Written on Calipari loosened team up after Tennessee thrashing with coaches vs. players dodgeball:

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Watch the video, that is Kentucky's world class practice facility with Eight (8) championship banners hanging on the wall.

Looked like a high school gym to me. Very soon to be 7 banners.

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There are no guarantees in life except Death, Taxes and Kentucky beating Tennessee

Just Saying

Could you repeat that? I bet you've already beaten your sister/wife.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

And your football team got hammered by a Big East/ACC team.

Written on Vols find recipe for victory on the road, 58-46 :

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I was there. It was wonderful!

The Vandy white-out on TV seemed to be a flop, like their BB.

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Maybe if you didn't whine to KNS so much, we could keep our names for more than a few posts.

At any rate, why would we change our allegiance after going 11-2 through the most difficult NCAA schedule in division I and holding the #1 position for recruiting right now? Not to mention our 8-0 streak against the vols..and everyone of you know we will run it to 9-0 next year...

Nope..once a Gator, always a Gator. Goes well with once a Marine, always a Marine.

Semper Fi and GO GATORS!


If you want to talk sports, that's fine but you come here to humiliate yourself and I hit the remove button on all your posts.

Written on UT sees leaders in line: New position coach building on strength:

Would it be too much to ask that our S % C coach at least look like he might be in shape and not someone that looks like they just finished a six pack on the couch?

Nevermind, I forgot; "best staff in the country".

Written on No. 4 Louisville holds off Kentucky, 80-77:

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43, are you hearing all this poo-poo-pee-do? Now, even prez is ajumping my case!

Prez, I'll deal withju later. I gotta try to get some sleep for pete's sake! .. good grief!!

Obviously scoon is a little but-hurt. Spent all night typing on a computer after his kitties got beat. Geez, 4 in the morning? Really? How long does it take for the meth to wear off? I guess your sister(wife)already went to bed.

Written on Former Vols defensive coordinator Sal Sunseri hired by Florida State, but will still draw check from UT :

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Good for you Coach Sal. Call it emotional distress for wearing that puke orange one yr.
Bama nation knows you can coach, but u cannot coach slow, slower and slowest. Roll Tide

Why is it everyone out of bama (Hart,Sal) is a failure?

Written on Butch Jones' first Tennessee coaching staff introduced to public:

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And the new UT staff gets together to analyze the UT roster Doofus left and the consensus is:

We are small, weak and slow and we are going to suck again next season!

I guess you're still crying over the Tennessean banning you? Aren't there any papers in KY where you can post your drivel? Since most people in KY can't read it would'nt matter.

Written on Report: Tyler Bray to enter the NFL draft :


Written on Tennessee WR Justin Hunter bound for NFL draft, while Ja'Wuan James says he'll be back :

Thanks Justin and good luck!!!

P.S. Could you take Bray with you?

Written on Report: Zach Azzanni new Vols receivers coach :

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"When Meyer resigned citing health reasons, Azzanni went to Western Kentucky as offensive coordinator in 2011 and then to Wisconsin as receivers coach for Brad Bielema in 2012."

Who the hell is "BRAD Bielema"?

I wonder if he coached with Tarbon Meyers or Rick Saban.

I still laugh at Meyer leaving for health reasons.

Written on Tennessee snaps scoring slump, beats No. 23 Wichita State, 69-60 :

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Do all Fla. fans and alums eat boogers like Cheek?

Written on Online reaction swift to Butch Jones' hire:

I think Dave Hart just punched me in the gut.

Written on Reports: UT has sights set on Charlie Strong; decision could come as early as Wednesday :

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Your life and ours would be so much better if you just found another team to support. Go away.

Written on Penn studies African-American athlete graduations:

Blaming the schools for a low graduation rate? It's the students responsibility to see that their studies are done.

Written on David Climer: Tennessee Vols coaching job lacks its previous glamour:

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The only reason to visit one of David Climer's stories is to view the posts. Have you ever seen Climer in person on or TV? Looks like he's constipated. Hates UT with a passion and nothing but vitriol spews from his poison pen. I really don't like the guy. He and JA must have been separated at birth.

I actually know Climer and he is constipated but I stopped reading his and Adam's columns several years ago. My morning coffee taste a lot better. Try it.

Written on Is Tennessee's coaching search nearing the finish line, or does Dave Hart still plan more talks? :

I can imagine Dooley standing in a corner of the hotel lobby in his orange pants and orange dog with a cup in his hand begging for a job.

Written on Monte Kiffin resigning after USC's dismal defensive showing:

Here's how it really went down. Weasel went crying to his daddy about how bad the season was and Daddy told him he would quit to take the heat off.

Written on Gruden tells Tennessee no thanks:

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How about all this? Gruden had been medially dismissed and now we discover he does have an offer, met with UT etc. I bet the media-ites do not like this. Still, it does not indicate he is for sure coming. In fact it keeps the fanicious hope alive.
For those of you(see earlier post)who want him to come in, hype us up, build us up, then leave and we get a "hot" young coach, that is easier said than done but it could be how things play out. Let's see what happens in the next few days.

I've enjoyed the medial circus around JG. The Knoxville media has been pulling stories from every corner because they don't have any inside sources and Dave Hart has kept it quiet. Watching the media trip over their own feet has been hilarious.

Written on Evan Woodbery: Nine possible candidates for UT's coaching search :

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Yep...I'll get smacked upside the head for this, but why not Petrino?
1: We should be able to get him for a reasonable price.
2: He has college head coaching experience (.743 winning percentage to appease the Fulmerists).
3: Morally bankrupt? Possibly.
4: NCAA sanction generator? Not likely.
5: Last time I checked, he appears to be able to mangage the recruitment process.
6: How many more bridges can the man burn? He's 51 years old and (I assume) looking for a legacy beyond "failed NFL coach" and "adulterer."
7: And honestly, who can we get that is more likely to provide results on a timetable that can perk up the big donors?

No, I don't agree with some of his choices. But the guy can coach. Hart should craft a contract with a ton of potential upside, as well as a rather extreme punitive downside. It's probably our best chance at getting back on the road to football prosperity.

You left one off the list. He violated state and federal law in the hiring of the blonde at a public university.

Written on Naz Oliver makes debut for Tennessee :

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Gruden is NOT coming, according to Paul Finebaum or whatever his name is, in Alabama. He's that well known radio host down there....I'm no fan of his, but with his connections he's usually on top of stuff.

Just admitting that you listen to Finebaum shows your mentality.

Written on Vandy: "Let UT have Knoxville, we’ll take Nashville and then let’s fight over the rest":

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UT had better hope he leaves. Judging by he beatdown and subsequent firing of your coach, he already owns the state.

It's all about Vanderbilt.

Name one top 25 team Vandy has beaten....just one.

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Kevin Steele for Defensive Coordinator, isn't that the same Kevin Steele whose defense had 70 points put on them by West Virginia in a bowl game? Maybe in time this experiment would work, but I blame Dooley for installing the 3-4 defense this year. We'll never know but I think had we stayed with the 4-3 we would have been in better shape.

You don't watch much football, do you? Since you haven't noticed UT hasn't used the 3-4 much since the first game.

Written on Mark Wiedmer: It's time for Hart to talk about plan for UT football:

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Sit quietly Hart. Don't fall for the gossip mongering.

Thanks for a voice of reason in this sea of do-do.

Written on UT fans debate Dooley's fate after loss to Missouri :

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you are right on Gruden. Way wrong on Strong. The best guy that would win at ut is James Franklin. Hard for many of you to digest but true.

Name one top 25 team that Franklin has beaten. Just one.

Written on Mike Strange: Vols have to make room for a new SEC rivalry with Missouri :

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Bring Fulmer back.

Why? He's part of the reason we are in this mess.

Written on Lattimore dislocated knee and has ligament damage:

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I'm from SC and a USC grad but live here in the Knoxville area. I was humbled by the comments from Vol fans and the out pouring of support for Marcus. OK, the refs blew it and we won because of that. An undeserved win. Marcus fumbled when his knee was blown out. Refs should have viewed the replay of the fumble caused by Clowney, Dooley shoulda called a timeout or not, coulda woulda win. The Vols were the better team and should have won. The Gamecocks weren't well-coached because they were more concerned about the health of of a teammate than the game. You win. You are right. Good for you. (But we won ;)

Have you figured out that nobody cares what you think?

Written on Jenny Moshak, Heather Mason file discrimination lawsuit against Tennessee:

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Finally someone that sees the "agenda". Add that thing from Fla State and the other pics and you will see the agenda.

Written on Vanderbilt has first home sellout in four years:

Not to worry, it will half empty by the second quarter.

Written on Pat Summitt says she was not forced out at Tennessee :

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Oh, insight one...whose agenda and what agenda are you making up?

All you have to do is look at the pics of those involved including that thing from Fla. State and you will see the agenda.

Written on Debby Jennings suit amended to include Pat Summitt affidavit :

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Debby got a fair settlement from the University. Stay home, walk the dog, take care of the kids, and let your husband be the breadwinner for a while. You deserve it !

I don't think you're seeing the real picture here.

Written on Alabama fans crash plane into field, still make Ole Miss game:

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No matter what happens anywhere else in the south. Nothing will ever top "butt chugging" at UT!

Come'on Harvey, you just wish you would have been there.

Written on John Adams: Revitalized Tennessee has reason to hunger for Gators :

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New Poll For Vols Fans:

The "T" in SevenT's name stands for:

A. Teen
B. Turd
C. Tard
D. Troll
E. All of The Above

Actually his screen name was Seven Tower until the Tennessean banned him. Now he has come to this paper spewing his stupid comments. He got owned at the Tennessean.

Written on Big game, plays: Vols beat N.C. State, 35-21 :

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NC State was not ranked for those of you that thought that.

How sad have we become to celebrate and call a win based on a few big plays over an average ACC team, a signature win.

Enjoy that change.

Didn't momma just tell you to get off the computer? It's 2 am and you have no life.

Written on 'Second chance at life' puts Antone Davis in position to make impact with VFL program :

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Ahhh, I see nothing changes here. When someone doesn't have a logical answer to a question they just throw garbage. You must not be very business savvy. Generally when there's a lot of turnover at a place, you can almost ALWAYS point at how it's managed. That's what I see here. And until we can maintain ANY sign of continuity amongst the staff. I'll continue to feel that way. If that's too much for you to bare then I don't know what to tell you.

Dooley is doing exactly what he was hired to do.

Surely you can figure that out by your lonesome.

Written on Alabama AD Mal Moore hospitalized for irregular heartbeat:

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Not surprised in the least with the total lack of class from UT fans shown by the posts. Obviously the complete jealousy of Alabama Football is the center focus of some Vol fans.

Disgusting but not a bit surprised after watching the behavior of Vol fans for 20 years.

How about you just quit watching? Nobody really cares about what you think Tower.