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Written on Vols picked 9th, Lady Vols 12th in preseason SEC cross country poll :

Clark is a joke and so will all our running programs be while he is there.

Written on Dave Hart, J.J. Clark want to see Tennessee get back on track:

Get it over with. FIRE CLARK NOW!!!

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the track program is a joke

clark should be fired immediately.

Clark has ruined the track program.It will take years to recover.

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Phil? Is that you?

You are an absolute classless moron. Florida deserves you as a fan!!!

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Lets just give everybody a trophy.

I like that idea...I own a trophy shop

Written on Mike Strange: Win over Missouri brings Vols all the way back:

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Tennessee will be lucky to make the NIT field

Just Saying

You sir, are an idiot!!!

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Everyone knew the win over the Gators was a fluke. This proves it.

Everyone knows you're a moron, this proves it!!

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Attitudes and comments like you gives vols fans a bad name in the SEC. U love the coach then when they leave u hate them.
Luckly there are some nice vols fans
Just a disgrace to see fans like u in the SEC.

You're an idiot. Go skip through the fields spreading rose petals!!

Written on Jay Graham leaving Vols for Florida State:

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Jay, wish u the best in your career. No matter what college u are at. U are such a talented coach.

Hey UT you know Coach Dooley is a running back coach maybe u all can get him back

Caaarrraappppp on wishing these guys good luck on their future endeavors. I hope he rots down there!!!

Written on UT self-reports 10 violations in athletics since August:

The News Sentinel just needs to keep their nose out of things!!!

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Written on Alabama-Notre Dame a tough call for neutral fans:

Not really...I hate them both but I hate Bama's arrogant fans much more. Go Irish!!!

Written on New York City could be nexus of Tennessee's coaching search for next few days :

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No true Vol fan can root for Bama. If the Taliban brought a team over to play Bama I would be wearing a turban sitting with the muslims.

Go Vols......

I agree. How any Tennessee fan can ever pull for Bama, I'll never know. I hate the Irish, but I hate Bama more. GO IRISH!!!!

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It was blacked out, dork, and just came on.

It was not blacked out. The Clemson game ran long so it was put on ESPN News til the game was over.

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If you approved, your house just might get rolled on Halloween!

Written on Peter Okwera runs to sixth place at SEC meet :

It is sad that our cross-country and track programs have fell to this level. There needs to be changes made to get these programs back to national prominence. This is ridiculous!!!

Written on Buying out Derek Dooley and staff could cost as much as $9.3 million over four years :

Just pay the man Aunt Bea, just pay the man!!!

Written on Final: Mississippi State 41, Tennessee 31:

2 words...Jon Gruden.

Written on How many games will the Vols win in September?:

How can anyone be so stupid to waste their time picking 0 or 1 wins? Its hard to know if youre tying to be cute or are just a moron.

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Atlanta travel tips for Vol fans

1. You are not allowed to camp in public parks
2. You must wear shirts and shoes
3. Cooking wild game or road kill is discouraged
4. All that bright orange clothing will confuse people -- they will think you are part of the utility crew or are heading north to go hunting.
5. Stay North of the city it is much cheaper and there are plenty of RV parks, Motel 6 and Waffel House places for you

You're so brilliant you cant even spell waffle but I can spell moron which is what you are.

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Are the Vols playing?...then yes I will be there.

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YOU are irrelevant. Nothing that you do is going to effect anything that happens to Dooley. If youre not for Dooley and the Vols, then youre against the Vols. It amazes me how many morons like you there are that gets on here and wastes their time. We dont need you and we dont want you. Go Vols!!!

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Is it fun being a moron?

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You are a MORON!!!

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Get a Life! You are a complete IDIOT! As someone once said, "what you don't know CAN hurt you"! You are living proof that ignorance is bliss.

Please find another website for your useless diatribe. I've known second graders with more intellect.

All Vols - All the Time - BLEED Big Orange!

You are exactly right. If youre not for us, youre against us. If you dont like Dooley, go pull for the 'dores. VFL

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Why go? You dont deserve to ever go to a game again. We WILL be 8-4 at worst so you might as well go pull for Vandy. We dont want or need you!!!

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Are we supposed to care about lacrosse or gymnastics or any other of that GAYYTOR junk

Written on Phillip Fulmer, Willie Gault, Bobby Majors, Paul Naumoff on College Football Hall of Fame ballot:

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Fulmer???? what a joke.

You are a MORON!!!!!

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Are you stupid or just dumb????

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I didnt see any mention of the all-time record against the Vols. Wonder why!!!

Written on How should the Vols use Jarnell Stokes this season?:

If you said redhirt, then you are a moron!!!

Written on Mike Strange: At least for this week, 'it's a good Christmas to be a Vol' :

Things WILL get better.
Merry Christmas and Happy VOLidays!!!!

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Witch Doctor Bwahhhaaaa(evil laugh) say maybe(Witch Doctor gotta root for the homeys one night a year.) lol.
Bones never lie.

You gotta be all vol all the time...I'm an ETSU graduate...but when the Vols and the Bucs play there is never a question who I am for....GO VOLS!!!!

Written on Vols hope to steal Stokes:

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It's interesting when Kevin O'Neill, Buzz Petersen and Bruce Pearl coached their first season I don't recall the hostility given to them in that first year like what is seen on here towards Coach Martin. Just 10 games in, not even finished recruiting, not even in conference play and people are talking about him on the hot seat or clock. Seriously?. Some of you need to be honest about your hidden agenda.

Bruce beat 4th ranked Texas at Texas like a drum in his 1st few weeks, Coach Martin lost to Austin Peay, Oakland and College of Charleston.

Written on Jarnell Stokes to reveal college choice on Thursday; Vols in the mix :

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I hope I am wrong, but my guess is Cuonzo will be one of those coaches people will have a hard time recalling twenty or thirty years from now when thinking back on how long it took for Tennessee basketball to regain even a fraction of the status it held under Bruce Pearl.

Real quick and don't google it: Who was UT's coach before Mears? Who was the interim coach after Mears and before DeVoe? See what I mean?

John Sines and Cliff Wettig I believe. Not positive about the 1st Wettig was the coach the year after Ernie and Bernie left.

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0 and 0....not a real game.

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Go Bucks

If your talking about ETSU, its BUCS>

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For 1 thing, you're a moron, for another thing, head coach is 2 words.

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Did anyone ever tell you "You're Stupid"?

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Are you kidding me? He is going to ruin the mens program.

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Most likely mama calls you an idiot!!!

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If he wasnt forced to resign, why are we paying him over a million bucks over the next 3 years?

Written on Signee Eddrick Loften not enrolled at Tennessee:

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Written on Vanderbilt hammers Vols, 19-3:

Get rid of this joke of a baseball "coach". Absolutely embarrassing.

Written on Third-ranked South Carolina completes sweep, 2-1:

Phil Garner...Bank on it.

Written on Todd Raleigh: 'We're just in a funk right now', 2-0:

Mark it down.....Phil Garner will be the next coach.

Written on Cuonzo Martin receives Ben Jobe National Coach of the Year Award :

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For real? Hey, have you seen the boy from Science Hill Play? Daniel Norris. He's the #6 ranked player NATIONALLY and #1 ranked pitcher NATIONALLY. A lefty that throws 96mph. Sad thing is he's going to Clemson. CTR has to go!!! 3 top 28 players NATIONALLY (2 from Farragut, 1 from JC) and CTR didn't snag 1 of them.

I have not seen him play but have a friend whos son plays for Science Hill. I've heard of him but really dont know that much about him. Too bad he's not going to wear Tennessee orange. We did all the awards for the collegeinsider tournament and their national awards also. You have to scroll all the way over to the right for our logo or you'll miss it. Thanks, Phil, The Trophy Shop of Johnson City

Written on Cuonzo Martin receives Ben Jobe National Coach of the Year Award :

And the plaque he received was made by me at The Trophy Shop in Johnson City for